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  1. A few weeks ago I started the initial dispute process for 3 medical collections that I discovered on my CBR from 2009 and 2013. Although I have not received an official response via mail from TU, I just logged in to my Credit Karma account and saw that one collection (reported by Central Financial Control) was updated on 12-26-14 as CLOSED. At this point, should I patiently wait for the mailed response to my dispute from TU or should I proceed with the next step and send the dispute letter to Central Financial Control now? I know for a fact the account reported by CFC is invalid because a
  2. So, first of all, hello! I've been reading up on things here for a while now and just recently decided to join and start posting. You seem like a great bunch and I am excited to get started with using all the knowledge everyone here has provided. My name is Amanda, I am 28 years old and live in New Hampshire. I have been married for 6 years to my husband Jason. Due to being young and niave and overly trusting of my ex my credit was trashed. Prior to meeting me, my husband didn't have any credit. The only thing on his report was an old Cap One card that his mother put him as an Authorized U
  3. Good afternoon, I have just posted my current situation and plan of attack over in the credit section [HERE]. Being as all but one of my collections is medical, it was suggested that I make a post over here for your advice on the situation. I have read your plan for dealing with medical debt, but being as from what I see, it involves paying the full amount owed, my plan did not include your method. Although I know for many people $3000 isn't much to be able to clean up your report but for us it simply isn't possible, at least not in a lump sum. Since I became unable to work 3 years ago, we
  4. Is there a way to get the CRAs to remove/delete a charge-off from my file if the OC has updated it from a balance owed to $0 and transferred? I have tried to get it updated or deleted and only one CRA has changed it from a charge-off. This is the only neg reporting thing on my report but it's still there and it has cost me nearly 175 points. So, the cliff notes version of my backstory goes a little something like this: I had an account that I chose to close because they wouldn't give me a CLI. I was told I could set-up autopays for the remainder of my account balance until satisfied
  5. Hi, all. I've been following CB for a few months now and have made some major cleanups to all my reports thanks to the awesome advice here. Now I have just two baddies in each report, which I'd like to tackle somehow. One is a series of ten 30-day-lates in 2012 and 2013 on my American Honda Finance auto loan, and I've read many people say goodwill letters won't work with them, but here's the situation I feel sure I can clean up somehow, with your advice: I left an apartment in late 2009 to move to another complex from the same owners and ended up owing them $1443 for carpet replacement
  6. Has anyone had an encounters with integrity solution services? Were you able to create an agreement that was favorable for you?
  7. Hi all, I have an account open with Portfolio Recovery Associates from 2012 that I have been disputing and I just noticed it's reporting as a revolving account but says it's collection in the comments with Equifax- is this allowed? The report says I have 0 accounts in collection so I know it's not registering as a collection but I didn't think CA could identify as a revolving account? It's a small amount from Capital One that quite honestly, I don't remember being associated with. They offered me a settlement but I turned it down. I was going to attempt for a PFD but wanted to chec
  8. I have two collection accts. with Midland. One is for $870 and the other for $940 or so. I have disputed (the original amounts were incorrect) and they came back corrected and verified. Should I attempt PFD? If that's a no-go, should I PIF or just try to settle for a lesser amount. They send me offers every few months to settle for around $540 each. It's another 3 years before they SOL is up and I'd like to get them off/paid before then so I can get my credit back in order.
  9. Hi everyone - sorry if this is the wrong sub forum for this I'm brand new here but was told this was an amazing place with some great people to ask for advice on a topic like this. I own and run a business that is just myself pretty much (no other full time employees but hire full time contractors from time to time). It's an S-corp registered in NV and I also live in NV. About 3 months ago I started getting calls from a collection agency. I never answered but on the VM it was a message saying to call them back pretty much. Ignored it. A week or so after that they sent me a letter
  10. Good Evening. First, I'd like to say how thankful I am that I found this site. All this time, I've thought the SOL for Tennessee is 7 years. I have been patiently awaiting January 2015 to file a dispute to have 2 medical accounts removed from my CBR. However, I just found out the SOL is actually 6 years in TN. A few years ago, I disputed them a few years ago with the CA and they never responded. I forgot about them until I recently received copies of my reports. Does anyone advise that I go directly to the EQ and TU website to dispute the accounts or is it imperative that I follow the
  11. I recently did a credit check and noticed that Verizon Wireless has a collection for $145. I called to resolve this and they gave me the number for Diversified Consultants. I called them and told them that I would pay the debt in full if they could remove the collection from my credit report. They proceeded to tell me that they cannot do this since they did not buy the debt from Verizon. They stated that Verizon contracted them to recover the debt. They are saying that I owe $175. The extra amount is for their collection fee. I was wondering if there was any route I could take to have this pa
  12. Had a collection with Midland pop up for an old Orchard Bank card. Account was outside SOL, sent FOAD letter. Below is the response I received: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear David, The purpose of this letter is to advise you that you did not provide sufficient information to investigate your dispute of the credit reporting of your above-referenced account pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We understand you are disputing the accuracy of our records concerning the above refer
  13. Hi everyone. I had a score of 727 and after a Verizon FIOS bill went to collection I dropped to 642. The bill in question was from 2.5 yrs ago. I had to walk away from my home but I did pay wells fargo $32,000 cash t relieve a $130,000 debt on a second so my credit score did not take a huge hit. When I walked away from the house I called Verizon and cancelled my account and asked them to send boxes for the three cable boxes including one DVR. They never sent the boxes and I received no bill for almost a year. The first bill was about a $1000. I must admit I ignored the bill. Now the bill has
  14. I called Van Ru to schedule repayment. They had previously sent me documentation regarding my debt, but I missed placed it. Everything was going well until they asked for a "good faith" payment. Actually he called it an "involuntary" payment. He told me I wouldn't be able to receive any more documentation or begin the rehabilitation unless I submitted a payment. Thanks to CB I knew there was no legal obligation to pay so I told him that. He agreed and sent me to his SMOOTH talking manager. (I mean like butter) These professionals are so hypnotic. He gave me the run around with all this pseudo-
  15. Today I received a letter from Allied trying to collect on a student loan original amount $5000. I know there isn't a SOL on student loans. However, they mentioned if it is not resolved, they can do 1. Wage Garnishment by ED 2. Fed tax refund to ED 3. Negative reporting MAY be posted by ED. They provided a 2 line very generic original amount, interest and collection fees. totaling $19,000. Here is a background: Another collection agency during the past 24 years including ED tried to collect this, they have put it on the credit report various time. It has all disappeared many years back fr
  16. First, I would like to thank everyone here for sharing your wealth of information. I just signed up a few days ago and have been lurking for about 2 weeks. A little about me. I walked away from everything approximately 6 years ago in order to leave an abusive relationship. I had a house, a car, a few credit cards and a few other outstanding bills. I knew my credit was going to be trashed, but I didn't much care. I have essentially been living without any credit since then. A few weeks ago, I decided to try and rebuild my credit and that is how I ended up here. I have been reading the
  17. Hello, yall. I have a few questions that I cannot solve for long time about collections. I had two collections from my apartments; one was already paid through collection agency, but the other one is a mess. I have rented this apartment for 12 months, but moved out around 7 months after and sub-leased to my friend. However, I checked my credit report and saw a collection that I believe that he didn't pay the last month or something else. That means I didn't get any paper to prove that this debt is real or mine. I cannot contact to him anymore. This collection is posted about 2 year
  18. I just got a collection notice for a water bill. (I moved recently and this appears to be the closing bill - I thought it had been paid but I apparently missed it in the move - grr.) The CA has not yet reported this to the CRAs' - and I really want to prevent that from happening. One thought I had was to write essentially a preemptive PFD ("I agree to pay if you agree to not report") and just pay it off but I'm not sure this is the best approach. What would you guys recommend I do to keep this off my credit reports?
  19. Hey Everyone, Like a lot of people I have seen on Credit Boards, i am making my own thread to document my own journey, and hopefully receive some excellent advice from all these fine people on the board. I have made multiple threads, mostly in the Canadian section, in regards to questions that pop up, but i will try to ask them here, and hopefully someone will be kind enough to reply. (there is absolutely no action in the Canadian section!) So I began my journey to repair my HORRENDOUS credit at the beginning of july by ordering hard copies of my report. (Canada only has TU and EQ). My st
  20. As some of you, I have achieved tremendous amount of success here from help of many. I cant thank them enough. Now, my FICO is at 795 and no baddies. I have 2 leaches (CA) chasing me. #1 problem stands is with RPM, I owed Tmobile, due to ETF, and handset partial subsidy and they shut off my phone and continue to add monthly charges while they shut off my monthly services. CA says the balance is $3200. I get a call from RPM, and with usual blah blah, intimidation, rudeness... I kept my cool and welcomed her call, and was very polite, she got more upset because I was not rattled up by t
  21. A friend of mine has one baddie and only on TransUnion, a small collection account: GILA CORPORATION #xxxxxxxxx00000000000000000**** 8325 TUSCANY WAY BUILDING 4 AUSTIN, TX 787543614 (800) 568-7004 x3208 Placed for Collection: 10/21/2010 Responsibility: Individual Account Account Type: Open Account Loan Type: COLLECTION AGENCY/ATTORNEY Balance: $0 Date Updated: 10/08/2013 Last Payment Made: 09/09/2013 Original Amount: $198 Original Creditor: HAWAII 1ST JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Pay Status: >Account Paid in Full; was a Collection< Date Closed: 09/09/2013 Date Paid: 09/09/2
  22. I have a couple collections and i have called them to get a paid for delete which they wouldn't. i know i should've sent letters first but this is before i knew that. I also asked them to validate the debt and they have also done that to. I have the money to pay them, but my question is do I do a paid in full or a settle. Also if i settle can i ask them to mark it as paid in full. Should i ask them for a letter first. or i heard from some that there was paid in satisfactory. last question is i have been seeing a lot of these things on forums and youtube about a letter you can send them and the
  23. Hello and thank you in advance, I entered into an agreement with Accelerated Financial to repay a debt. The agreement was for $100 a month to be taken out of my bank account on the 13th of each month. This started in September of 2013 and I was told that they would send me a letter stating this agreement. I never received the letter and I noticed that they had been taking the money out of my bank earlier every month until I called them in march of 2014 to ask why I had not received my letter and why they are taking money out early. I did receive a letter via email that day, but they changed t
  24. I received a response to my DV from IC System Inc stating that they are unable to locate my account. They are asking for account and reference numbers, my full name, the oc, etc. I have no correspondence or anything from them. The only info I have was from my CR which I provided. I know that the collection is from Kindercare but I do not believe I owe them anything. Either way if anything was owed, I would not be responsible for payment but my husband would. I originally disputed this bill with Kindercare when they informed me months after I had already taken my kids out of their daycare. How
  25. Hi All- New at this. Had a very small collection account with them. I contacted them and agreed to a PFD. I didn't get it in writing- FEELING LIKE AN salamander. I followed up with them as soon as the cc payment cleared. They said they would delete it immediately. They have not deleted it. The collection account is still reporting to the bureaus. I've already contacted the BBB and the State of Florida's Office of Financial regulations because of the bait and switch tactics and their retaliation for calling for accountability. But the issue is still on my credit. What do you suggest? I haven't
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