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Found 5 results

  1. I've been scouring the web for three hours trying to find an answer to this question, but my Google-Freedom Unlimited must be particularly weak tonight because I haven't even been able to find anywhere the question was asked, much less answered. Since I managed to wander through life without any credit until my late 20s, and then proceeded to screw it up royally, only finally getting to a decent report now that I'm in my mid-40s I've vowed to do everything I can to set my daughter on the right path. Obviously, education has been the primary component of that assistance, but I also added her as an AU to my CapOne card (best I had at the time) two years ago. Now that my credit is solid I've opened a Joint BofA card with her as well, which sets her up pretty well (how many 18 year olds do you know with a non-AU $9000 MC?). This gives her an AAOA today of two years (my CapOne is four years old). But the CapOne no longer serves any purpose for me, and they can't/refuse to waive or remove the AF so I'm looking to close it. But I don't want to hurt DD's AAOA, and it's worth $36 a year to keep that there until she's comfortable opening her own individual lines of credit. So, if I close the CapOne account while she's still listed as an AU will the card and its history continue on her recordfor seven years just as it will on mine? Or will it poof "overnight" dropping her to a zero month AAOA?
  2. Thanks to all who've contributed to this site! The wealth of information has buried me for a few months now, and I've only begun my own process. I have read the PsychDoc transcripts and Jen23514's "Credit 101 Index," along with countless posts and threads on this site. Now that I'm acquainted, I'm more than overwhelmed, and I'd like to ask for a little help from those with experience. Background: I took on credit cards in college, and after graduating I tried to bury my head instead of dealing with the creditors. Now I've found myself with some negatives I'd like to remove far before the SOL. My positives and open accounts are firmly under control, and I'm not in debt. I'm also upping my credit lines on each open card to keep bumping up my score. Also, I currently live and have always lived in Texas for the life of my credit history. I'm not sure if the state laws will determine any specific course of action, but if you believe so please share your input! What I've Done: - Pulled all 3 reports (separately) - Triaged per PsychDoc's transcript - Removed all old addresses from EQ & TU, and I've removed all except 2 old addresses from EX - I am working on the 2 EX addresses per nysbadmk8's "MASTER" plan (sounds promising) Once my personal information is updated, I will attempt to delete my negative TL's and pay down credit. Here's my current situation: Credit Reports: Experian BANK OF AMERICA (Status: Open) - 30 day late 01/2010 CAP1/BSTBY (Status: Closed, $____ written off) - DOFD 10/2010 - Charged off in Oct. 2011 - "Purchased by another lender." COMENITY BANK/BUCKLE (Status: Closed on 08/13) - 30 day late 01/2010 - 30 day late 08/2010 Medical Collection (Status: Paid, Closed) - I paid this when they called before I knew anything about the Unintended Consequences. - WhyChat's method, correct? CITIBANK (Status: Paid in settlement. $____ written off.) - Closed 02/2012 - CO 10/2011 - I had not learned about credit repair or CreditBoards before I paid on this outstanding balance - "This account is scheduled to continue on record until Jan 2018) Transunion BANK OF AMERICA (Status: Current) - 30 day late 12/2009 CAPITAL ONE/BEST BUY (Status: Charged Off) - DOFD 10/2010 - Closed 11/28/2010 - "Purchased by another lender; Transferred to another office." COMENITY BANK/BUCKLE (Status: Current) - 30 day late 01/2010 - 30 day late 08/2010 - Closed 8/26/2013 Medical Collection (Status: Paid in full, Collection) - I paid this when they called before I knew anything about the Unintended Consequences. - WhyChat's method, correct? ZALE/CBNA (Status: Account Paid In Full; was a Charge-off) - Closed 12/18/2009 - CO 10/2011 - I had not learned about credit repair or CreditBoards before I paid on this outstanding balance - Remarks: Settled Equifax BANK OF AMERICA (Status: Pays as agreed) - 30 day late 12/2009 CAPITAL ONE/BEST B (Status: Charge-off) - DOFD 02/2011 - Closed _______ - "Transfer/Sold" COMENITY BANK/THE BUCKLE (Status: Pays as agrees) - 30 day late 02/2010 - 30 day late 09/2010 - "Account closed by grantor" Medical Collection - DOFD: 05/2010 - I paid this when they called before I knew anything about the Unintended Consequences. - WhyChat's method, correct? ZALE/CBNA (Status: Charge-off) - DOFD: 04/2011 - Closed ______ - CO 10/2011 - "Account paid for less than full balance, charge off account" - I had not learned about credit repair or CreditBoards before I paid on this outstanding balance - Remarks: Settled ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ My initial plan is to send GW letters to BOA and Comenity Bank/Buckle. - Should GW only be handled through the mail, or is it worth a shot to call them? Could there be harm in calling? Possible success? - Should I start with GW, or should I automatically DV? Then, I plan to Validate/Verify the CAPITAL ONE/BEST BUY, CITIBANK, and ZALE/CBNA. - I should go to the OC's on this, correct? Or should I start with the CRA's? - Any specific tips for these entities? - Any specific advice for dealing with a CO account? Any hope? - Any specific advice for a CO & Settled account? Any hope? Lastly, I'll handle the Medical Collection on the Medical Board. Thanks in advance to any and all comments offering help and advice! This is a daunting task, but I'm looking forward to success! -Griz
  3. Hello all, hopefully someone can help me with this. I opened a Fingerhut "Fresh Start" back in August of this year and purchased a small item and paid it off. Recently, on Nov 11 they sent me an email stating that I have graduated from Fresh Start program to a regular credit card with $250 limit. So I was getting excited thinking that this account would be considered "revolving" and not "installment" on my credit reports. I checked my Equifax today and it says that my Fingerhut account is "Closed" by me, which is untrue. Should I dispute this or call Fingerhut and tell them?? Thank you for your help.
  4. Wife had mortgage with a credit union and has since refinanced. Is it possible to be added to the closed mortgage account? or maybe auto loan?
  5. I am just starting to work to repair my credit and have a charge on my credit report from Central FINL Control in Anaheim CA for $450.00 from 2007. What are my steps in having this taken off my report or settling without a negative impact? I am completely lost, any help or assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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