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  1. When I got auto-approved for Chase Freedom, the message said: Your new account has a credit line of $5,000. If this does not meet your needs, please discuss available credit line options with our Customer Service Specialist when you call to confirm receipt of your card. I activated it, but didn't speak to anyone or ask for a CLI. When is the best time to do it?
  2. Sent and email to Cap One executive customer service last week requesting a CLI. Was a little disappointed it took a week, but just got raised from the $300 limit I thought it would be stuck at forever to $1000. No hard pulls either, from what I can see. Had been denied CLI through their website at 6 months and 12 months despite perfect history and 3% utilization. Both the $2000 Barclay Card I was approved for last week, and this Cap One CLI, are the direct result of things I learned here and wonderful responses to my questions. For example: I would have listed my expected purchases with Apple at a LOWER amount, thinking that would make me easier to approve. I was advised to go for $2,000, and that was spot-on. I would not have known there was such a thing as executive customer service, and would have kept getting denied a CLI with Cap One every 6 months. I would not have known to insist, and clarify a second time, that my CLI request be handled through a 'soft pull' only. I appreciate everyone's advice and expertise, and hope one day I will have the experience to be able to help others on here. Dave
  3. I would assume that higher income means greater opportunity for credit, higher limits, etc. Other factors matter too, of course. My reason for asking is my GF has had a pretty meteoric rise in income the last 5 years, going from around $40K to just shy of $100K. My question is, how do creditors KNOW that other than you entering the information on applications? How would current creditors know so they might consider CLIs? Is this sort of like a tree falling in the forest, if no one knows or hears, does it really make a difference? Thanks!
  4. Scored a nice CLI from Discover. Last jump was from $34 to $6k in November, followed by an auto CLI to $6750 in late January or early February. Asked for an increase today... approved to $10k -- woot! I appreciate this more than normal because my credit portfolio is SO heavy with GECRB that I need the diversification.
  5. OMG! I almost fell on the floor when I logged in to my Captial One account today. I was honestly sitting around thinking about the tiny $300 limit I have on the card and just before logging in had been searching about CLI's and if I should ask for one soon. (I opened it in October of last year and was very happy to have it as it was my first rebuilder card). To my surprise and thought I was seeing something wrong - My new limit is $3300!!!!! That's a $3000 increase without asking. I'm very happy to say the least. I just got a $5000 Visa from a local credit union last week and was floored on that one as well. So six months into my credit repair journey, I can't thank everyone here enough. BTW, I used the card quite a bit. The first day I got it, I charged 250 on it - not knowing that it would totally affect my score with until. Didn't learn that tidbit until a couple of months later. But I have used it - usually keeping it under 50% each month - sometimes paying in full - sometimes not. Happy dance! Thanks Capital One!
  6. I have an array of questions involving my Barclay's Airtran card. First, some background: Got the card in '08 at a $1500 limit. Got a couple CLI's to $3900, then, earlier this month, the luv button was very kind to me and gave me a CLI to $6000. My initial intent was to see if I could do a PC within Barclays, but after discovering that was all but impossible, I applied, the same day, for a Priceline Visa. I got approved on Recon, and they took part of my CL from the Airtran card, leaving me with $2000...and approving me for the Priceline for $5k. This was on March 6. Then a few days later, I got a letter confirming what I had read on CB...which said that, due to the Airtran-Southwest merger, Chase would be taking over the Airtran accounts from Barclays. I have a Chase Freedom card, that was originally WaMu, but Chase ain't none too happy about it since I have a BK on my reports. Still, this month I was able, upon recon, to get a CLI on the Chase card from $2600 to $5000. So now I'll have 2 Chase cards. Once the Airtran card switches to Chase, I want to see if Chase will reallocate the CL from the Airtran card to my Freedom, which would now give me a $7k limit, which I could live with until my BK falls off in 2015 and they'll be more willing to give the luv. However...my questions are: 1. How sensitive would Barclays be if I asked for another CLI on the Airtran card just three weeks after the first one? My first was a soft pull I think, or possibly, a HP that they also used for the Priceline app since I only have one IQ from Barclays from that timeframe. Would I have to worry about possible AA on either card if I click the luv button again? My thought was to ask for another $3k to eventually end up with a $10k Freedom card. 2. As another alternative, since I don't fly Airtran much anymore anyway, instead of reallocating the credit line to the Freedom once Chase takes over, would Chase PC to another product? How willing is Chase to PC on a "partner" card like this?
  7. I currently have a security freeze on Experian. If I call two of my CC issuers (both of whom seem to favor Experian) for CLIs, can they still do a hard pull on my Experian file? There seems to be a vague exception for existing creditors being able to access your credit file, even with a freeze in place. Is this just for soft inquiries? That's how I read between the lines from Experian's web site, but I want to be sure. . I really don't want to take two hards on Experian for two cards I almost never use. I don't care however, if the CLI requests end up costing me a couple of hards on either of the other bureaus (or one of each, for that matter). From http://www.experian.com/consumer/security_freeze.html: A security freeze generally does not apply to circumstances in which you have an existing account relationship and a copy of your report is requested by your existing creditor or its agents or affiliates for certain types of account review, collection, fraud control or similar activities.
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