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  1. Why is this so hard? Their FAQ notes: Can I request an increase for my PayPal Extras MasterCard credit limit? Yes. You can request an increase for your PayPal Extras MasterCard by clicking the Request an increase link on your View Card Details page or by calling 866-300-6432, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can't find the link to request an increase anywhere. I guess I could call, but jeez... Can anyone explain where the link is? It's been four months since my last increase, so I'm due to ask for another.
  2. As part of my new year app spree, I applied for a new chase as well as a new amex in addition to a few CLIs. While the chase card (united mileage plus club card for 1.5 miles/$ and club access) gave a healthy $33k credit line, the Amex gave a head scratching $7800. As as I plan on using this card, I need to reallocate funds from an existing card. My questions: 1. How early do I have to wait to do this? Do I need to wait the standard 61 (or was it 91 days) to request a reallocation online, or can I do it immediately? 2. If I reallocate the credit lines, I have the option of going over the $25k threshold on the new card. Do the same concerns (FR, increased scrutiny) apply for a reallocation as a standard credit limit increase? 3. Last question, this new card has been linked to a new user ID. Is it possible to have one card showing on two separate online accounts? If not, does anyone have any experience in moving a card from one online account to another? Any light that could be shed in the above is INCREDIBLY appreciated.
  3. Okay, I did an app spree OCT 31 and NOV 1st. During that time, I received double digit credit limits on 4 new credit cards. So, I figured, why not request a CLI on the one Capital One card that I already have. Going through the normal customer service was a joke, as they used my credit report from 2 months prior through an automated program and declined my request. I ended up going through the Capital One Executive Office and requested a $12K limit (up from $550). They asked if I would accept a partial approval. PAUSE. At this point, I'm thinking, they may do $10K or even $5K, so I say Yes. PLAY. It took them 2 weeks to get back to me with an approval for $1500 on a 754 FICO score...WTF!!!??? So, perhaps my advice would be, if you are confident that you should get what you ask for, don't agree to accept a partial approval. Who knows, they may have approved more.
  4. I received a pre-approved offer for a rewards credit card from a bank I use for personal checking and savings, Wells Fargo. I've had a relationship with them for years, get my pay direct deposited, and typically maintain an average monthly combined balance of a couple thousand dollars. Is this a good card/bank for building credit and CLIs? As I've previously posted, I'm rebuilding credit after bankruptcy (Chapter 7, discharged a year and a half ago). I've got two credit cards, accounts opened through mailed offers: credit lines below $1000, have been using them, keeping utilization ratio around 60%, and paying off balance in full each month. Currently, my balance is $0 on both cards, in anticipation of applying for this offer.
  5. I'm still in shock. My BB store card with a toy limit of $400, that was never eligible for CLIs while at Capital One, just got a CLI to $5,000 via the Citi EO. Here's the story: Almost two years ago I opened a BB retail store card thru Cap1. Our family already had two individual RZ MC cards thru Cap1, and this account was opened with high expectations at time of sale inside a local store. Sadly, the approval was for a Plan B $400 account that could not be upgraded or receive limit increases while at Cap1. As we all know, Citi bought the BB card portfolio from Cap1 earlier this year. With the switch to Citi, I tried my luck last month to get a CLI. Although my scores are similar across all bureaus, TU is the only one where a very old paid public record was successfully removed. Citi's system pulls EQ for me every-time, and my CLI in Sept was denied. I called for recon, no luck - Citi told me there are no manual reviews and re-trying would just result in the same decision and an additional hard pull. After reading this morning of others who have had success with Citi's EO, I gave them a call. After providing my card # I was transferred to a very nice lady within the EO who services BB customer issues. I told her that I was requesting that Citi pull TU for a CLI request for my BB store card. The idea seemed foreign to her and she told me that they don't do that at Citi. I explained to her that I read online that other Citi customers have contacted the EO and they had the power to fulfill such a request. My reason for requesting a TU pull was honest and straightforward: that I had EQ on ice as I am trying to limit inquiries to that specific bureau. She told me there wasn't much she thought could be done, but she would go ahead and forward my request on to the appropriate dept. and see what happens. A few hours later she calls me back with the good news. I logged in online and my BB store retail card is now actually useful with a 5K limit. Thank you Citi!!!
  6. For those of you with BOA Secured cards: I have had this card for 11 months, and am pretty familiar with it, including adding additional security deposits to increase the credit line (which I've recently done actually). I expect that it will unsecure after the first of the year considering payment history, reduced util that will report by 1/1/14 and improved scores. Today, I noticed that there is a 'request a credit line increase' button on my login page. I've always called in to do the increases before, so I'm not sure if this is new, or I've just overlooked it before. Do those of you with this card see this option upon login? Thanks in advance.
  7. So yesterday I requested a CLI on my nRewards cc with Navy Federal and got a 3-5 day message. I figured that meant denial but logged in today and saw that my limit was in fact increased. A little background: quite a few inquiries from credit apps (working on rebuilding my credit started about 1 year ago) have brought my score to 626. I have a steady job, haven't had a late payment in 7 years, and on balances I don't pay in full I always pay triple the minimum. I have a few items that are paid off and some that are used for small purchases to keep the accounts active but my nRewards card with a limit of $4.5k had a balance of $4k on it. I've had the account for i think about 8 months and have had several unexpected expenses (this card is reserved for emergency purposes and had to fly my family home due to a medical situation). I requested only a $500 inc. because I didn't want to appear too greedy with a limit that's already borderline maxed out. I don't have anything I need to use that inc. for, it's more or less just to increase my available and for peace of mind purposes. Stated above i got the 3-5 day message and figured it was a dreaded denial letter but surprisingly enough I logged in to make a payment on my cc and it was increased. My question: should i have asked for larger increase instead of wasting an inq. on such a small amount? do any of you have experience having been approved for a small inc. and asking for additional and being approved with the nRewards or any NFCU cc?
  8. I was approved for a Chase Freedom last week. The card came Saturday and I waited until this morning to call to recon the credit limit because I figured I'd have more success reaching someone who could actually help me on a weekday. So I looked up the recon number this morning (888-245-0625) and reached a very pleasant rep, clearly stateside. However, when I told her I was calling because I'd just received my new card in the mail and wanted to see about increasing the credit limit (as I was going to make it my daily card and didn't want to risk high utilization), she asked why I had called her and not Customer Service. I told her I thought it was the number I was supposed to call and she said, "No, you should have called the number on the back of your card." She then transferred me to "Alicia" (heavily accented and clearly Indian) who could only plug my numbers into her computer and give me a canned "we cannot process a credit limit at this time" response. (Just to clarify, I have no problem with Indian/oversees reps per se, simply that in my experience they're used for first-contact calls only and usually don't have the authority to override the computer). Any advice on how to proceed? Did I just get a bad recon rep? Is there a different number I should have called? Should I try again?
  9. Does anyone have any experience (either first or second hand) with what is the highest credit line that Barclays will issue? Said another way, does anyone have experience with credit lines >$20k? I currently have a Priceline card with a 20k limit but would like to have this increased when I hit the one year mark shortly, especially now having access to the TU08 score Barclays uses. I reviewed credit pulls prior to posting this question, generally only saw relatively low (<10k) limits, only saw a few other $20k limits, and did not see any limits higher than this. Any experiences or other information would be greatly appreciated.
  10. So while I was supposed to be gardening, I couldn't help getting sucked into one more application from BofA for a Cash Rewards card. I have no other accounts whatsoever with them. So I applied a couple weeks ago, and was approved for the siggy card and a $5K CL. I received the card in the mail yesterday, and activated it, signed in to see the $5K CL and a love button. Now since I had just activated the card, I figured I probably shouldn't hit the button, but then I thought what do I have to lose? So I hit the button and asked for $7K since I have a few other cards already at that limit. I received the message I would hear back in 7-10 days and figured they would say no since I do not have enough history etc.. Being bored on a Saturday evening, I signed back in to see if I would get the denial letter (as is the usual case on my $1K Cap 1 card I have had for 6 years) and was pleasantly surprised to see the new $7K CL!!
  11. So I decided to ask for a CLI on my BB former Cap1 now Citi 500.00 dollar limit store card and received a little present today in the form of a HP on TU. When I asked for the CLI online, I don't recall if they said there would be a hard pull or not. If they would have said it was a HP I would not have requested the CLI. I got a "we need to review your account" message at first, and then today I got another message letting me know I will know the decision for my CLI by mail in 7-10 days. At least I can B* it but I also wish they would have been more clear.
  12. I had a little Cap1 EO success this afternoon and when I went to record the CLI dates on my spreadsheet I realized I hadn't hit the luv button on my Belk card In over a year. I was at $1500 and I thought I might get $2k or $2500 at the most. It popped back with $4000! I guess absence made the luv button grow fonder!
  13. Oct 7 6 month aniversary of nfcu platinum visa origional credit line $16000.00. Called asked for card change to cash rewards and CLI nice lady asked how much I want was told their Max is 50k for credit cards I said why not I want 50k she told me they would pull equifax I said no problem also gave gross income of 88k 20 seconds later was approved for 30k and card change with lower intrest rate and no yearly fee!
  14. Have had a Citibank Thankyou preferred Signature creidt card since February 2013 and was wanting to ask for a CLI. Went through the online process till the end where it asks you to give them permission to check your credit. Didn't know if this was going to be a soft or Hard pull so wanted to do my due diligence before I leaped, LOL. Thanks for any info.
  15. I was checking balances via Manilla today and noticed that my available credit had increased with Kay Jewelers which I've only used twice since getting the card in December 2012. I went to Kay's website to confirm and sure enough my credit limit had been increased to $6300 from $3900...$2400 CLI . I guess my low overall UTI and PIF habit paid off...can't explain it but I'm happy. I'm assuming it was a SP but will confirm when I remember who they initially pulled. All my reports are frozen but I know that doesn't apply to current creditors.
  16. One that's not even asked for! I opened my email this morning and there it was. An email from discover saying we've raised your CL $2500! from 7500 to 10,000! Yay! Yay! I did the happy dance!
  17. I got my first Chase card 4 months ago. Slate with 2000 limit. Have used it heavily and paid in full every month. Just applied for and was approved instantly for 7000 CL. Called next day for CL recon... increased to 10K, since it was that easy I asked for more... denied. Initially i thought "10K is nice since I only got my first cc 9 months ago (cap1 with 300 limit) then thought about it some more and called back. Felt I should have received a higher limit with my income, payment history on other cards, and 3 loans paid flawlessly for high end cars. Talked to a very nice lady in the lending dprt... instantly approved for 20K. My advice.... pay your cards in full every month or carry a very minimal balance, and take advantage of recon numbers. Talking to a person really helps.
  18. had the Kay card for about a month.... made a purchas and paid in full before due date. They only gave a $400 limit and the downpayment is required at time of purchase as well. Do they do regular reviews for the account type and limit to graduate without a request. I couldnt find anything on this so figured I would check with those that actually have the card.
  19. Hello All! Just got approved last night for a Barclay's Apple Visa! TU 670. Sweet, but wanted to recon underwriter to up that more. Anyone have a good backdoor phone number for them? Thanks to all.
  20. Can anyone remind me which cards will usually give you instant credit approval at checkout? I think Buckle was one? Also, do these report on the credit bureaus as revolving like any other credit card? tahnks in advance. Will they also help to lower utilization?
  21. OMG!! I just asked for a cli for nfcu mc for $10000 online and was approved.... SHOCKED...
  22. After reading everyone's success with credit line increases with the luv button I decided to try Lowe's and I was approved for CLI. I went from $500 to $1250. I know I shouldn't have because I'm closing in three weeks on my house but oh well. Hope it was a soft pull.....THAKS EVERYONE AT CB!!
  23. Anyone have any luck with TARGET CLI? EO contact info? Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  24. Some questions I have seen mixed opinions on - and now that time has passed i wanted to see what the current state is; there were two things I hated about my orchard card that now "appear" possible with cap one: 1. the button for a cli actually works here. by 'work' i mean that i clicked it and i got a 10 day message. i dont know if they will actually hp my reports for it or simply decline saying that orchard cards are not available for cli.. but that is a different message than I was expecting. (currently limit is 1200, which is my lowest card by 4k). 2. It appears that I was able to add my wife as an authorized user. i have like 6 cards and she has none, so i have started doing that in hopes of helping her scores. not sure if it really is helping yet but i'll pull her credit later. has anyone successfully done either of these with their orchard converted cards?
  25. What is the most efficient /best way to increase your available credit (without applying for a new line of credit)? Not counting paying the balance down quickly. Trying to get down to 1% utilization. Thanks.
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