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  1. It's been more than 60 days with Amex so I'd like to get a CLI. I know that they will 3x automatically. However, I'm making much more money this year than I did last year, but how do I verify that income when it's not coming from pay stubs? Should I put it down and risk F/R or just put in what I earned last year, and take the 3x?
  2. After 1 1/2 years I was finally approved by barclays it's the frontier card with a 1500 CL. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on if I should call an recon for a higher limit.
  3. So I've had my AMEX Green for about 3 months now. I regularly go to the AMEX site to check my purchasing power with the card. I'm sure most are aware of how to do this. My limit has always stopped at $5K. However, last week I called AMEX and asked if I could let my GF take my Green to Las Vegas for a week and use it for "emergencies". They made a note and said it would be ok to let her use the card. This weekend as I checked to see if my GF had been a good girl via the purchases page, I checked the limit and it had gone from $5K to $10K. Is this normal? Has anyone seen a sudden jump in available credit like this? It doubled in a matter of a few days. Just checking if somebody could explain it.
  4. Check this out. I applied for a new Macy's account while trying to remove 6 old lates from them on another account. That worked and I let the dust settle in regards to Macy's and my CRs. So today, I tried to make a purchase online at Macy's, but my card didn't work. When I received my new card I was notified that my CL was $400 and that my old account had been closed. I started with the online chat explaining that I was being declined on a small purchase with my new card. Macy's called me a few moments later and told me that they needed to activate my account. Then the nice young girl told me that I had a CL of $800. WOW! What a friend. But I was already prepared for this. I told the CSR that I had been looking at a sectional and it was on sale for $2000K and would it be possible to make this happen today. She put me on hold. Then she came back on the phone and said that I now had a CL of $2500K. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I make myself laugh. Now for a drink in celebration. *insert sound of Grey Goose being poured over ice*
  5. I opened a Chevron gas card during an app spree in April. My hope was to get a visa with them, but I only qualified for a store card. No worries because they were giving me a 30 cent rebate on gas. I PIF every month and when I checked my account just now, I noticed that my CL went from $650 to $1K. I didn't even ask for a CLI. Who knew Chevron wanted to celebrate the 4th with me?
  6. So long story short, I was trying to find out if Comenity black list me.I had a few accounts with Wfnnb That Where included in my Chap 13 years ago Was shopping at the Mall I stopped by a NY and Co so I stop and talked To the cashier. She said she could run a soft to see if I was pre approved asked her 9 times would this be a soft not a hard! she ran my info and said they had trouble verifying me. Lo and behold the next morning hard inquiry on EQ I was pissed! 😠 Currently attempting Rehab my credit... I'm going to contact EO Cap1 so I could try for cli on both cards. Just PC Quicksilver one on both... Score was 602 now sitting at 596.Because the lady lead me to believe it would. be a soft! So naturally am worried about anything that appears negative on my report. So I very adamantly inquired to the sales associate if this would be hard inquiry or soft. I explained my credit situation just as I did above to the sales associate. I told her I simply cannot have a hard inquiry on my report with the plans I have for the near future. I asked her about ten times to make sure that it was not a hard inquiry, because if so, I did not want to apply for the card. Then she assured us it was only a soft inquiry, about ten times. So I went ahead and applied. I got the "thanks for applying, we need to verify so things well contact you within two weeks". Of course. Well I go to my email account and have tons of credit alerts that a hard inquiry was pulled by Comenity bank/new York and Co. I was so furious. That sales associate had no business misinformed customers. I called another store to try and see how to go about getting this hard pull off my credit. I plan to speak with the district manager tomorrow. I already called Comenity bank, but they didn't seem helpful. This is just wrong. They said to file a dispute . Well I don't want to wait 30 freaking days New York and Co /comenity bank pulled the hard inquiry from EQ Guess I'll see what the district manager has to say. Buy I'll be furious I'd all my hard work rehabbing my credit wasn't worth it because of some teenager at the mall giving me the wrong information. Anyway, any ideas of how to go about getting this deleted in days! Sick of these toy cards! Regular platinum now Quiksilver 1 perfect payments for 3yrs Hsbc now Quiksilver 1 had one 30 day late over a year ago just had my 2 BIRTHDAY. JUST WANT $600cli and $700 Thought EO was the way... TU 496/618 EQ 523/596 EX 487/637 FICO'S
  7. I applied for an AMEX Delta Basic over 2 months ago. Was instantly approved for $1K. Two weeks later applied for the AMEX Green and was once again approved. Called AMEX soon after the approval and got my membership backdated on both cards to 2002. But when I called today, I was denied a CLI on the revolver. I PIF this card every week. I charge close to $3K every month and I pay $3K to the card. I use it heavely. I had a $200 balance this am when I called. Here's what I did: 1. Called the automated CLI number: denied 2. Talked to a CSR: denied 3. Called an AMEX underwriter: transferred to CSR 4. CSR transferred me to another CSR 5. CSR took a statement from me to be sent to an underwriter and a decision will be reviewed within 24 to 48 hours. Right before the last CSR hung up with me, he said "GOOD THINGS WILL COME YOUR WAY" (odd). What am I doing wrong with AMEX?
  8. Perhaps someone can advise on how to proceed? A little background for those who do not know: Purchased a major-fixer-upper house last October. Had waited to pull trigger on new credit cards as did not want it to hurt mortgage approval. With repairs to home, utilization went through the roof, maybe to 85-90%. Currently have 10 credit cards or revolving accounts, 7 of which have balances, 3 do not. Another 3 have balances under $200, which could be cleared next cycle if it makes a difference. Basically, it would make a difference on number of cards with balances, but barely 1% on utilization. Overall utilization is now 48% and steadily dropping each month. Now here is the tricky part: The two accounts I would most like to see have CLI's are GECRB (Lowe's and Home Furniture) and AMEX (Delta). The issue is those have some of my higher remaining balances. The furniture was $5,000 of no interest for 24 months. So I have been paying that $200 per month for the last 7 months, but obviously that still leaves a $3,600 balance against $5,000 limit. Lowe's is a little better, as the limit is $5,200 (and I have hit it several times) but currently have it paid down to $2,2000. Amex has a $5,000 limit and a $3,000 balance. Overall, have $34,000 in revolving credit and $16,000 in balances. Credit scores in mid-to-high 600's. As noted, opened several new cards in October after mortgage closed, and two in 2014. Would GECRB and AMEX consider CLI's or should I just use what I have and wait until all the October 2013 accounts are a full year old? Also, with several other cards having no balances, I could balance-transfer the AMEX and Lowe's balances to to other cards if that would help somehow? Thanks all
  9. I started rebuilding with no baddies and got a Capital One Quicksilver One with a $300 CLI. Then I got an ERC baddie with a four year old DOFD after I got the credit card. My FAKOs went from medium to poor immediately. I'd like to get a modest CLI increase so my card will be useful for car, truck and equipment rentals. Increasing the limit to $400 would be all I need, $500 would be perfect. How do I go about increasing my CLI? Should I not bother until my baddie is removed? What is an EO?
  10. So, I was brave and asked DCU for a CLI on my credit card, Knowing it would be a hard on EQ... Well, to my surprise, they hit TU as well, and TRIED to hit EX. When I was talking to the LO, It didn't dawn on me at the time that she mentioned my freeze on EX, and she also mentioned that I judgements in one place and not the other... IN any case. moral of the story, DCU might pull all three.
  11. So far I haven't found a master list, so if there's already a link to a list that specifically addresses this, please point me in that direction. And now down to business. I've been reading several posts where peeps are getting an approval for a CC and immediately requesting a CLI and getting that as well. If you've been able to do this, please post your results here. List the CC, the original CL amount, and the amount and method (recon call with an UW or love button) of any CLI you were able to get. It would also be helpful if you listed your FICO at the time you apped.
  12. First, I know that Chase is INQ happy in regard to customer initiated requests so I expect a hard INQ. They pulled both EQ and EX when I got the card last July but only SP EX for AR (last one 05/01/14). I've received tons of ITA for Slate since January but have ignored them. At this time, all reports are frozen. So, I have the following questions: Would contacting EO improve my chances of CLI and is the process similar to CapOne? Email and wait for phone call? Does Chase determine the amount of CLI automatically? Want to ask for $7.5k but hope to get $5k...currently have TLs over 5k (8k, 6.3k, and 11k) that are over a year old. Does Chase ask for PIN to EX if frozen? Are they INQ sensitive? Currently EX has 9, EQ has 17, and TU has 10 (just started using CCMP for EQ *B ) Is it wise to ask now or wait until it reaches one year old in July? Stats: 27k salary, 53k avail credit, AAOA: 5 yrs., 7-8% util, FICO: EX - 735, TU - 765, EQ -??? TIA for the feedback. BI
  13. For those of you who were under the impression that CapOne doesn't offer a CLI on secured cards, I just spoke with Bobby at the Exec. Office and they honored my request for a CLI of $1,000. Super happy! The card was originally secured for $300. Then I got the auto CLI to $500. Two year perfect payment history on this card. A couple of weeks ago I hit the love button but received the response that I had a recent neg on my CR. This wasn't the case so I called the EO and we've been going back and forth a bit. Today I spoke to Bobby and he told me they were honoring my request. I'm so happy that in the last week I've increased my overall available credit by $2,600 (This includes new CapOne Classic Platinum for $1k and new Walmart for $600). Yiiiiip! Finally, the cleanup is done and the rebuilding begins!
  14. As you might know from previous posts, I bought a major fixer-upper late last year. I had only two credit cards (CapOne ($1,000), Barclays ($2,000). Once the mortgage closed I added Delta Amex ($5,000), Chase Marriott ($8,000), GECRB Lowes ($5,000) and GECRB Ashley Furniture ($5,000). Overnight, with the furniture purchases and the massive home repairs, my utilization went from nearly 0% to nearly 90%. That is fine, I knew scores would take a hit, but the work had to happen to be able to occupy the home, and I knew that I would get it paid down over 2014. 5 months later, my utilization in now under 65%, and still falling every month. When Chase posts at end of the week, I should be under 60%. So here is my question: How low do I need to get my utilization before I go asking for CLIs? Other than the CapOne which got a raise last June through EO, and the Lowe's which got a $200 increase out of the blue, none have seen a limit increase. No doubt, all that new credit and 90% utilization played a factor? Also, when considering increases, does utilization matter overall, or individually, or both? For example, Lowe's has a $5,200 limit and I am down to a $1,500 balance (30%) from having been at or near limit several times and paying it down. Is that an easier target for a CLI that say Delta Amex, where my balance is $2,700 with a $5,000 limit (54%), or would both be the same chance given they are the same age and my overall utilization is what matters? It is a hard situation. I can wait and continue paying each paycheck, and by late fall my utilization will be under 30%. But at the same time, if my credit limits raise from the cumulative $26,000 to perhaps $36,000, my utilization would be in the low 40's today. Thanks for any input! Dave
  15. I want to hear your experience with Logix CLIs -- the good, the bad and the ugly. I know Logix seems to have lost its steam with high limits, which is a bummer. My CC was approved at $2500 and is still very new (12/2013), so I don't plan to ask for a CLI this soon. But I can't find a whole lot of data on here about the best way to get the limit up...it would be closer to my NFCU limit, if it were a perfect world. (BTW, my vehicle refi was approved a few days after my CC was approved, so I assume it's not that they just don't like Texans. All transactions, including membership approval, were done with SPs, too. YMMV.) If you've received a CLI or been denied one, please share. (And if this thread already exists somewhere on CB...feel free to point me there!) Stats -- starting limit, FICO, Baddies, util? How did you apply? Phone? Online? Carrier pigeon? Anyone get auto-CLIs? How old was the account? Recon...? Receive any "insider tips" from Logix reps along the way? Have any other credit products with them? Thanks for playing!
  16. Experian does not listen, we asked for a security freeze for my DW and they added a fraud alert in November. Then after 90 days and the the other bureaus removing the alert, it was still there, we asked them to remove it and they removed the security freeze, wrote again, and the reinstated both the security freeze and the fraud alert for another 90 days. We wanted to apply for the JCB discover 3% card, but after speaking to them by phone they made it sound like that would be a denial and a wasted Experian inquiry. Now I'm wondering if we can request CLI increase with NFCU on a CC with the fraud alert showing and not have the fraud alert be an issue. Also, wondering about doing a Capital One Executive Office CLI request since it has been six months since the last increase. Should we wait for the next 90 days (which does not seem to be sufficient time for Experian to remove anyway) or go ahead and apply for CLIs?
  17. I obtained a J.Crew Credit Card Account pre-approval through the shopping cart method on 01/13/14. On 02/14/14 I hit the luv button requesting a CLI. I got the 7-10 day message and later received a decline letter giving me my internal Equifax credit score as of 01/13/14. So I hit the luv button again on 03/23/14 and got the 7-10 day message. Today I received the decline letter and it again gave me my internal Equifax credit score as of 01/13/14. So, on neither of my luv button presses was a new inquiry made to the CRA. They went back and used the same report/score from the original soft pull they made on 01/13/14. There have been several significant changes made to my Equifax report in the past two months, so the fact they do not look at a new report is disappointing. Anyway, I thought I'd pass this data point along to the board.
  18. Got something very interesting in the mail recently (unfortunately by the time I got around to opening the letter, the offer had expired). Personal code: 8038128 I tried typing various random numbers in and some of them went through as well, 8058128 for example. But so far all of them are expired. If anyone figures out a non-expired code, please post it.
  19. So, I'm planning to refi my mortgage in about June. I've been bringing my utilization down over the last few months since that and new accounts is what is hurting the most right now (I did an app spree at the end of May last year that this card was part of). I've been pulling FAKO scores in the mid 600's for TU and low 600's for EQ (I haven't bothered checking EX in a few months). Today I decided to ask Cap One for an increase and got a 33% on one of my cards with them putting it up to 2k. Then I searched around for Discover to see if they do a hard or soft pull. I found that they do a soft and tried that. No love. I called back for a recon and talked to a wonderful lady in their SLC office, which on a side note is not far from where I live. We talked for a few minutes and she said that they would have to do a hard pull and for a CLI she said they must pull TU. Since TU is usually my highest I was silently jumping for joy while I pretended to be deep in thought about having another hard pull. I let her pull my credit and we talked about the old bad item showing (TU shows an old judgement that is paid and I have been too lazy to dispute properly b/c I've only disputed it online). So, I asked for an increase to 5k, the account started with 3 and I have over a 90% util on that card. She asked why I wanted the CLI and what I would use it for. I told her I didn't plan to use it as I just want to lower my utilization so I can have an easier time with a refi. She ran the numbers and didn't even ask about income directly, which when you take just my income instead of mine combined with my GF my debt looks higher than it is. She instead wanted to know that my employment was stable, asked about layoffs, my company is a software company and they do really well so that isn't an issue here. After placing me on hold a few times she came back and said they approved me for 10K. I've never had anyone give me more than I asked for until today. So, when I got the card it had the highest limit (although only for a few days when I got one from Matress Firm but I'm not really counting store cards). And now there is no question since it is so much higher than my other cards.
  20. Can anyone enlighten me on the 'Check Spending Ability' button on my AMEX account page? Do they pull credit? If so, soft or hard? Is there any correlation between being told that a purchase which would put you $2,000 over your credit limit would be approved and actually asking for and getting a CLI? I have not done anything yet, just making an example. Does it raise any eyebrows that you are looking to exceed your credit limit, such as make them look more closely at you for a F/R? Thanks! Dave
  21. Wow. I can really hardly believe it. I've had my Cap 1 card for three years now. Never late. It started at 300, and after 5 months (credit steps) went to 500, and there it sat. I've been reading and reading about changes at Cap 1, so I decided to call them, not for an increase, which I was sure would never happen, but to see if I could get the annual fee removed. The CSR I spoke with was incredibly friendly and helpful. She was looking into my account and asked me if I wanted her to check for any offers at the same time. I said yes. She came back and stated that while I didn't qualify for removal of the fee, she could upgrade me to Quicksilver cash rewards. I took it. I asked her about a CLI then, and she recommended I apply on the website. She assured me there would be no inquiry. Because she was so helpful, I did. Instant result-Congratulations! Your new credit limit is 1000.00! I was literally stunned. My first 4 figure limit in years! Capital One really does seem different. If anyone is wavering, I say give it a try! Another month or two and I'll be ready to apply for a card with Navy. These boards are great. I get so much useful information. Hope this helps someone else here.
  22. So last month I had my secured card through Bank of America unsecured early.. at the 10 month mark and they increase my credit from $1,000 to $2,000... This resulted in a hard pull.... I was bored and decided to hit that luv button again 1 month later and ask for a credit limit increase again to $5,000 just to see if they would raise it... resulted in a hard pull and the dreaded 7-10 day message. I log in today and I now have a $5,000 limit! woohoo! guess I should have asked for more! This is still with several student loan late payments from a couple of years ago... and don't worry I will update the credit pulls database when I get the official letter in the mail next week
  23. Here is sort of a chicken/egg question: Currently, my overall utilization is around 75%. I have around $20K in limits, with $15K in balances. By April 1, the balances will total closer to $12K, still leaving utilization around 60%. This is not crazy, unrestrained spending. I bought a major fixer-upper 6 months ago, and had to make it habitable. While I do not need new credit right now, and with the progress I am making will have the balances paid down to nothing by year end, it would absolutely help my scores (currently in 650's) if my credit limits were increased as my utilization would fall more quickly. That said, would anyone really raise my limits with 75% utilization? So, am I correct that I absolutely should wait until balances decrease before requesting any CLIs? How low should I wait for my utilization to get? In case it matters: Cap One - 2.5 years old, last CLI 9 months ago through EO Barclays - 9 months old, never a CLI Delta Amex, Lowes (GECRB), Chase Marriott, Homestore (GECRB) - all 6 months old, never a CLI Thanks! Dave
  24. After getting another four statements, my DW asked for a CLI on her Wal-Mart discover card and was raised from $5,800 to $6,000. Further, I had to wait five months this time as at four months they declined with: Previously, she had gone from $2,800 -> $3.300 -> $5,800. Any ideas on why the small CLI? She does have one card at 100% Util, but I don't think that was showing, unless they soft pull at the point of application. Her FICO was at 709 on TU before the Utilization went to 100% on one card, overall she is at around 30%. Is there some magic threshold at $6K? Her NFCU cards are at $50K and $22K.
  25. I just clicked CLI button for BOA cash rewards card. Earlier limit was 2k. I entered 6k and it was approved instantly. I opened a secured platinum card in 2010(with an AF of $39) with a 500 limit---> got converted it to unsecured platinum plus with 2k limit in 2011(still annual fee of $39) --> converted it to a cash rewards(123 card) in Dec 2013(I got this idea of asking for conversion after joining CB) --> apped for CLI today for 6k approved yippee Should I have asked for more? When can I click the CLI button again? I never had any late payments. Always paid in full. I have very avg credit with a collection on EQ and TU. My EX is freezed. I am not sure what they pulled. I will update the creditpulls
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