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  1. Two-part blog article from Barclaycard... http://www.barclaycardring.com/t5/Barclaycard-Ring-Public-Blog/A-Case-Study-of-a-Credit-Line-Increase-and-Decrease/ba-p/5742 http://www.barclaycardring.com/t5/Barclaycard-Ring-Public-Blog/A-Case-Study-of-a-Credit-Line-Increase-and-Decrease-Part-II/ba-p/5840
  2. I’ve been getting ready to do some CLI’s and such, and have been compiling information on BofA - jotting down my own personal dealings (not feelings), combing through threads, sending PM’s, making phone calls to BofA CSR’s and having others try things in their phone dealings as well (thanks Uber). I started to put together a repository of sorts and figured what the hell, I’ll just post it for everyone- present and future. Hopefully this can be a wiki-type post and people can add to or correct any of the below info. This is an objective post, not subjective. I didn’t put this together
  3. Does anybody know if Synchrony Bank policy on maximum credit limits for PayPal MasterCard has changed? I could have sworn people were calling the underwriters and getting $25k. I tried the telephone luv button and got nowhere so tried submitting a normal CLI request. I don't remember if it asked me for the desired CL, but if it did I would have asked for $25k. Today I get a letter stating my request for CLI is declined because "the amount requested exceeds the amount of increase our bank policy allows." WTF does that mean now?
  4. I thought I've seen here where Navy had a three-card limit with combined maximum exposure at $50k unless one of your cards was the Flagship Rewards and then it was $80k. Can anybody confirm or deny that?
  5. Hello, I already had one $5000 Cash Rewards Visa with BofA and a $300 limit Signature Visa as well. The $300 Visa was open since 2007. The $5000 limit one has been open since 2011. I also have a $2500 Amazon store card since about 2011 and a Capital One Quicksilver Visa with an $800 limit, and a Capital One Platinum MasterCard with a $700 limit. Have had both of those since 2010. The $5000 BofA Cash Rewards card, Amazon Store Card, and both Capital One cards have all been as the limit since last summer. I never had any late payments. I have had my checking account with BofA since 2007. I a
  6. Since I've seen the light from this board and MyFico.com I now understand that to really help your chances in the future to increase one's current credit line limits it's best to try to run as much through your CC's as possible everyday instead of just using your bank debit card, cash or writing checks. One poster on this board or Myfico (i forgot which one( stated he was running $10-$15K a month on a $5K limit card using this strategy without the cash advances though I think. My question is two fold. To help with mass usage of my credit cards (on all my personal and differen
  7. OMG! Can't believe it worked! DW applied for 3x CLI, from $9,400 to $28,200, instant approval! It was on her Amex Blue everyday card. Her FICO scores: Exp : 789 TU : 798 Eq : 806 Card used lightly over last 61 days, PIF always. She wants to achieve credit pimp status in the next year!! Thank you fellow CB'ers for all the great advice! (special shout out to BobWang, Ubercat, mendlesshon, HoustonLynne, CV91915, SecretAgentWoman)
  8. Applied last night and got the app pending notice. Called this morning and the security dept needed to verify me. Then she said she needed to transfer me because my card limit wasn't enough to cover the requested balance transfers. Got to the other analyst and she really didn't want to budge, so I thanked her and let it go. I called back and chatted with a different analyst about paying down balances, lower APR, blahdy, blahdy, blah, and she bumped it to cover all my requested transfers and to still have credit available!!!! So stinkin excited!!!!!!
  9. Check your account, if you haven't. They're in the holiday spirit. 2 x Auto CLIs in 3 months time. $3,000 > $4,500 > $6,000 Just checked mom's account and dad's account - They were auto CLI'd, as well.
  10. Got this antique Orchard Bank card that got schlepped off on Cap One. At the time I was not thrilled at the prospects of being adopted by Cap One since from what I read online they were worse than HSBC. But Cap One gave me a CLI to $10k so I was happy. Every couple of months I try the LUV button more for the free FICO than anything else. And, expectedly, I always get shot down usually for insufficient use. But I get my FICO, which was my original goal. So two days ago I figure I'll go for another FICO and got the usual "under review" message. The past three months I've used my Ca
  11. So, I logged into my Walmart account today to check my balance as my statement cuts soon. I saw a late payment fee. I'd let $2 report and was completely sure that I'd paid it the day after, but I apparently did not. I just got done setting alerts in my calendar for all payment due dates (should have done that already.) Lesson learned. I just received an auto cli from $400->$1000, so I was going to click the luv button in March. How bad have I shot myself in the foot here? Might I be better calling the UW when the time comes, and explaining myself? Feel kind of ill about it. But on t
  12. Emboldened by my recent and successful app spree, but disappointed I did not top my existing high limits, I am ready to start aggressively tackling CLIs. Start with Synchrony: I have a Home Design Furniture account. CL is $6,800. As of Friday, balance will be zero. I have a Care Credit. CL is $2,500. By next week, balance will be zero. I have a Lowe's. CL is $5,600. By next week, balance will be $2,500 (no interest). I see many posts on here to go for $35,000. My highest CL is $8,000. Should I go for $35,000 on all three and just let them make counters if that is not feasible? A
  13. What is the best way to get a CLI without a hard pull? I heard calling and threatening to cancel will get you an increase without a hard pull.
  14. This weekend will mark the one-year anniversary on my Gold Delta Amex, CL $5000. Never had an increase, and never requested one due to my overall utilization being off the charts this year. So once all my massive payments to Amex and other finish cycling through this week, and my utilization plunges, I was going to finally try for a CLI. Of course, no decision is that easy, right? Do I simply go for a CLI, or do I try to PC from Delta Gold to Delta Platinum? If I do decide to PC, will there automatically be a consideration of a new limit, or will I have to also ask for that? Basically,
  15. Got hit with a FR from Amex at end of July. Everything checked out fine (employment, income, bank statements). Does the fact that they got a much better look at my finances than just my word make me more likely to get a CLI? Does the fact that they had doubts due to high utilization and spending patterns make me less likely to be granted an increase, even though I turned out OK? Or does one have nothing to do with the other? They will run my report, filter it through their secret system, and decide based on that regardless of the FR?
  16. I received my Bank of America travel rewards card on Monday, called Tuesday for a CLI from 2500 to 5000, approved. Called today and asked to get bumped to 7500, put on hold for a few minutes, asked some income and employment info, approved. Bank OF America is awesome seems they are very generous with CLI's 2 in 2 days and just got the card Monday.
  17. My last CLI spree around September 22-24 resulted in CLI's on 4 or 5 cards but got the 7-10 day notice from CHASE. After I got the letter I recon'ed it. They totally screwed me up by doing this. Got a secure message from them early today saying "Per your request" we have decreased your Credit Limit Got on the phone with them and had to tell my story to 3 different CSR's and literally waited on the phone with them for over 45 minutes just to get my Credit Limit back to what it WAS because they screwed up. Telling them I NEVER requested a CLD and that THEY made the mistake on
  18. So, what's the current state of requesting a CLI on a Macy's store card? Are they hard pulling, soft pulling, or it depends on the whimsy and abilities of who you talk to on the phone?
  19. I know this is a baby step, but I wanted to let EVERYONE know that all their sharing of wisdom and knowledge does not go in vain, and as frustrating as it may get EXPLAINING and REPEATING things over and over again, as a NEWBIE (barely here over a year) I would like to thank ALL OF YOU! Getting ready for upcoming App Spree, so contacted Cap1 EO Tuesday Morning for CLI's (after last PIF payment went thru). Had QS1 at $4k, Cap1 Sparks Classic $1700, QS1 $1200 and Barclay's MC Rewarsd $500. Have been rebuilding credit since Spring 2013, and thanks to CB have all 3 FAKOS in low 700's. Have bee
  20. A friend of mine has a $50K limit from Discover for an account from 2004, but has a promotional balance at a very low interest rate, causing his utilization to be at around 60% on that card, so I was suggesting he apply for a CLI, but wonder if he is already at the maximum they will give anyone. Does Discover have a maximum credit limit above which you cannot go beyond, if so, what is the maximum exposure they will allow?
  21. Hello is it a good idea to ask for a CLI before or while activating your new card? Or is it better to wait a few months. Sometime when the credit app is approved it says if you'd like to inquire about the limit, you can do so when activating.
  22. Hi guys, First time/long time... wondering if you had any advice as I consider my next moves. I'm 25, make about $43k a year before taxes, and have investment assets and income I could include if needed. Had credit since 2010, no missed payments, baddies, or anything like that. Oldest account is 3 yrs 8 months, newest is 7 months, and AAOA is about 1 year 10 months. These are my cards: AMEX Blue Sky, $10,500 limit AMEX Blue Cash Everyday, $2,000 limit BofA BankAmericard $5,000 limit Barclaycard Rewards $2,000 limit (newest, opened 1/2014) Barclaycard Financing (Apple) $2,
  23. Apped for Lowes after reading about generous CLIs from them. (not to mention TU pull). Got the, call 800 number for additional review, message and initially approved for $1300. bleh. Called backdoor a couple hours later and spoke to some very nice lady from overseas about increasing to $25k. After a few minutes of reviewing my CR, "Unfortunately, we can ONLY approve you for $12k." Darn! haha Next goal, get back in with AMEX.
  24. Hi everyone, It's been a while - since mid-2009 to be exact and I've missed being here. Long story short, I lost 90% of my self-employment income in a 3-day period, which led to losing my car, credit, and eventually my house, which I loved. It was my first house. I had just peaked 700 on my mid-score too, but had no savings. It's been incredibly humbling. So, I'm taking baby steps back into re-establishing credit after five years of being pretty much cash-only and off the grid. I got a preapproved CapOne invitation in the mail and thought, why not? All they can say is no. Yay, I go
  25. So, I decided to try for a CLI on my NFCU Visa Platinum last week and was a little shy about asking for much so I just asked for a CLI from $13k to $15k. I clicked on the Increase My Credit Limit link inside my Visa account details screen, input my info in the the first screen, put how much I wanted and hit the submit button. It came back instant approval, so I was like GREAT! That's the first CLI I've received from them on the card I've had since 2008. After I did that I was searching the interwebs about CLI from NFCU since I couldn't find specifics on the forum here. I found a master
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