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Found 13 results

  1. I have read strategies about app'ing for 2 Citi Cards. Does or has anyone have/had experience/success with Citi and multiple apps? Trying to see if it actually is feasible to accomplish this. As always, thanks!
  2. I am thinking ahead in making my game plan. I burned AMEX and Chase for a lot (20K & 55K), and B of A for 2K. I am currently shut out of Barclay's because I IIB'd them for about $800 on an Apple card. I really want a decent mileage card in the future. I redeemed over 1 million miles on my (old version) Diners, AMEX and Chase United Visa. So I am considering opening a 5K secured card with Citibank to see if I can get in with them. It appears that they are normally an automatic decline for unsecured with a BK reporting. They will let you do a secured card 24 months post BK for up to 5K max. You have to apply in a branch. So I would be eligible in 10 months. Any thoughts on using this as a way to get in with them? I feel like I'm going to be stuck with Cap 1 and credit unions and store cards (which I won't get) going forward.
  3. Hello Everyone! I know there have been comments and opinions made on liquidity and where to keep it. Right now Citibank is offering their Citi Gold Checking account with $400 Bonus. I know that many of you have cash sitting in CU's and Banks, just wanted to get your valued opinions on whether this is a good option to put cash in or if there are better options. Mind you, the goal here isn't to see any type of return as I do not want to lock in the cash to any time frame. Again, thank you all for your guidance and help! Have a great day!!
  4. I paid this debt off in settlement before I knew about the wonderful creditboards. I was bullied by Rubin & Rothman LLC associate that they will sue blah bah blah, that kept calling my phone, and eventually I agreed to pay $10,000 on $20.000/50% debt over a 6 months term. I paid the debt off as agreed. but Citi Card still reporting negative on CRA account... To add insult to injury I was hit with a Forgive Fed. Debt by the IRS ($7,600) for both NYC Federal ($1,212.58 paid) & NYC State ($1,000.3 still pending just received it last week). Collectively I paid more than half. If I knew what I knew now I would have just negotiated a deal with Citi Bank and paid for deletion... Any input will be greatly appreciated.... DOFD: 2008 SEP 80 Citi Card/CitiBank Address Identification number: Blank Status: Piad in Settlement. $20,339 written off. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until June 2015. Date Opened: 06/2004 Reported Since 06/204 Last Reported: 03/2010 Credit Limit/Original Amount: $18,210 High Balance: $20,339 Status Details: This account to continue or record until June 2015 Comment: Account paid in full or less than full balance -RealMcKoy
  5. Please advise.... Today (5/22/2014) I received a letter from NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance claiming I owe them $1000.03 (Tax amount assessed $793.00 + Interest amount assessed $207.03) Payment due day date: 06/09/14. The letter claims I owed the NYS Tax dept. because of Forgive Fed. Debt $7,600.00 CITIBANK SOUTH DAKOTA NA. They claim I was sent notification from IRS on 04/09/2012 of the above charges to my 2010 federal income tax return. I remember back in 2009 I settled a debt with Rubin and Rothman LLC for $10,000 on a $20.000 debt that was before I knew about Creditboards. I kick myself everyday that I paid them so much on a debt they paid pennies on the dollars for. I know dealing with the IRS is like dealing with KGB, and maybe I am shooting in the dark for a resolution, but I never was notified about this debt. My question is will I be able to dispute the interest that was assessed on the money?? I never received a letter. Why wait two years again to send me another notification strong arming me to pay within two weeks. Any insight will be greatly appreciated -RealMckoy
  6. Okay here it is in a nutshell.... This is the baddies that are haunting me. My question is where should I start? What would you do? 5 charged-off and paid student loan collections from Citibank last reported activity on all these was back in 2008. (I have sent a GW letter regarding their removal) Midland Funding is reporting to all three credit bureaus a debt for a JCPENNEY card (see #5). They are reporting to TU $1174, to EQ $1182, and to EX $0. (I disputed these debts a long time ago) It also appears they are double dipping on my credit report, but I won't know till I receive the actual hard copied reports from the 3 CB's I have a total of 14 separate medical collection through Paramount Recovery for Questcare. These total over $5000. I did try PFD and they refused they instead were willing to list it as PAID. I did pay one to see what would happen. They did report it as PAID and it removed the derogatory remark and the date didn't change. (I am not sure if I should touch many of these....they will fall off in the next 3 years). RJM Acquisition LLC collecting for Compass Bank in the amount of $911 and reporting only to TU and EX. This one should fall of next year they did offer me a settlement for PFD, but they are falling off next year. JCPENNEY's is showing up on my EQ report only showing an open date of 08/01/2001; a credit limit of $0, a monthly payment of $34; a balance of $693; a last reported date of 07/01/2009; it shows closed, and amount past due of $242??????? This is also being collected by Midland Funding (see #2) This is only on EQ, but shouldn't it be removed since Midland is trying to collect it. It is due to fall off next year. I think??? Commonwealth Financial collecting for I believe Questcare in the amount of $350. Reporting to TU and EQ. This one is a recent debt from 2013. OHHHHH and last, but not least I owe $41,000 in defaulted student loans through Texas Guaranteed OC is Citibank see #1. (I just started the rehabilitation program and will be completed with it in December 2014). So this is it. What should I do with all this? You all give the best advice so I know I have come to the right place. I can use some help. Thank you.
  7. Wow. I just got off the phone with Citi Best Buy. I have two accounts, 1 with a 600 limit and no annual fee and the other with a 300 limit and a 29 dollar a year fee. I was asking about getting the fee removed from the smaller account. The rep I spoke with informed me that BOTH of the accounts would now have the fee, and ALL Citi BB accounts would now have the 59 annual fees. So, my oldest good account will be closed in June after 4 years of perfect payments.
  8. Hello Everyone! Been lurking this forum for the past year and finally decided its time to fix my credit. I am still young and would like to raise my score to the 700's over the next 18 months before I settle down and all that jazz. My current score is 624 and all of my debt is relatively small the biggest one being $3,800 from citibank. The citibank one has been taken to collections. The other two are $600 and $200 from medical bills which both are in collections. I am rounding up grad school and just got a job and I believe I can easily pay these off aggressively. I am wondering if I should go with a non profit counselor agency that can help me reduce the interest rate of my citibank amount and help me pay off the others or should try to go on this journey on my own. Also one of the debts is like $83 with a Macy card. I want to pay them off but I am trying to figure out a way to do this and they do not just close and charge off my account like the VS card. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
  9. Has anyone had any luck recently getting CITI to pull Transunion with EXP on the Freeze? I know some have had luck calling or emailing Donna in the Citi Exc. offices. Not sure if this method still works??? Can anyone provide an update?
  10. Have had a Citibank Thankyou preferred Signature creidt card since February 2013 and was wanting to ask for a CLI. Went through the online process till the end where it asks you to give them permission to check your credit. Didn't know if this was going to be a soft or Hard pull so wanted to do my due diligence before I leaped, LOL. Thanks for any info.
  11. Hi Everyone! First, Thank you CB'ers for all your help over the years! I've finally got clean files and good scores thanks to you!! Now I'm still having a problem obtaining my, "white whale" of sorts! I really want to have a Citi card again.... but Citi must have a note on my name, Do Not Approve no matter what!!! I applied for the Diamond Preferred Card recently; allegedly the easiest one to get approved.... I have a 715 EX score according to PSECU. However, I was denied by Citi for this card. Citi claims I had a 605 EX Fico!! This is crazy!! What kind of scoring model are they using to come up this crap! Their denial reason was - "Too low fico & prior negative account with Citi.... I included Citi in my BK7 back in 2001 = Yes 11 years ago and I'm still being Blacklisted!! I just don't know what to do... I have No Baddies, No Lates, Very low UTIL at 22% - AOA around 9 years. I feel like I've tried just about everything possible... I've even sent Recon letters to both Mr. Michael Cardace, and a letter to Donna Pearson in their Exc.Services Office. Still Denied !! Citi just hates me!! What do I do now? I really want a Citi Card - are they really worth all this aggravation ?? Rod
  12. Hi...I just received the news that I have two civil judgments...one from Citibank, one from Capital One. What are the chances of being able to get a settlement on these? And who do I call to start the process of settling/starting a payment plan/whatever? The original creditor? Help! Thanks!
  13. and it's picked up by Citibank. I wonder what happens to my BBRZ mastercard now... http://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2013/02/21/citi-cards-is-back-and-snaps-up-capital-ones-best-buy-card-portfolio/
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