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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. I saw a post a few weeks ago about BBVA Compass regarding EWS I was just curious if anyone has any info on this. I just opened up a checking and savings account and was curious if this account will be closed? Other banks told me no before the account was even opened so I was just curious how this may play out? any help, advice, or comments would be awesome... Thanks
  2. Hi, everyone. I have gone through the master secured cards thread here, and I am thinking that one or two of the three would be my best options. SDFCU (I am a member) Wells Fargo US Bank What I have questions about are: In the thread, it seems like it states that SDFCU is chex sensitive, but I am missing if that is for membership only or for secured app too...it looks like they don't check credit for secured card, but do they run you through chex again? I think I got into chex after I became a member with SDFCU. Am I safe applying for SDFCU Secured Card if I am in Chex but already a SDFCU member? Well Fargo - pulls Experian, but I couldn't see anywhere if it is Chex sensitive or not? And it MAY graduate someday? US Bank - same as Wells Fargo question about Chex? Pro - this one actually should graduate after 12 months....I am leaning in this direction if I can get in ***Capital One doesn't like me right now because of judgement I was never served for and am trying to get vacated, so they are not an option...I know we would all tend to suggest them ;-) Thanks in advance for your advice. I am trying to clean up my chex report, I just got it in the mail and it will take awhile. I would like to get a secured card on my reports asap in the meanwhile.
  3. I had a checking account with Chase that charged off in 2009, and it was due to a bank error. The Chase ATM malfunctioned and never credited my deposit, yet the check I deposited cleared the account it was drawn on (at BOA) in a timely manner. Long story short, I had to fight with Chase for months, and eventually the CO amount was dropped from roughly $217 to $73. It was NOT a settlement – it was the amount they came up with, after they adjusted for THEIR error. I paid the $73 in March 2013, and it was reported as paid to Chex. (I really don’t think I actually owed anything, but I stopped fighting and paid the lower amount.) Fast forward to January 2014 – I requested a copy of my Chex report, since I’d never reviewed it for errors. The Chase item is still listed with the original WRONG amount of $217, and is classified as “paid in full.” I disputed this, since it’s wrong – the CO amount was NOT $217, it was $73. Chase verified and updated nothing. So I sent a 623 investigation to the Chase address listed on my Chex report. It is the exact same address on both my original report (FACTA disclosure in January) and the “updated copy” I received from my Chex dispute in March – nothing changed. My 623 investigation request to the listed Chase address was returned as “undeliverable as addressed” – it was sent CMRR. Since I’ve disputed the info w/Chex, and I followed-up with a 623 request to Chase – mail returned as undeliverable – should I dispute AGAIN with Chex, or should I go to the CFPB or some other regulatory board…?
  4. Hello all, has anyone recently signed up for checking with PNC (say last 6 mos to a year or so)? Just curious if they pulled Chex, EWS, and/or credit for new checking accounts or if there was any account closings weeks in. Thanks in advance.
  5. So, I was looking for another credit union to bromance; hoping for some cool pre-approval on sign up as well I've heard mixed reviews about Justice JFCU. Some bad, some good, and some really really bad. Thought I would give it shot... I went to the NAS website and signed up for their basic membership, like $37.00 (National Association of Sheriffs) Then I waited 24 hours and completed my membership application online with Justice. Got the, "don't call us we'll call you" message. SEVEN days later, I just got a letter in the mail. The letter stated my membership request was DENIED due to "Too many Inquires" on my Chex report!!! This is insane! I just requested a copy of my Chex report last month, and I only have 4 Inquiries in the past 5 years & only 1 from 2013! This is balls crazy. Who do these people think they are fooling. So, apparently I wasted - $37 for nadda! I currently belong to 12 Credit Unions, and I've never flat out been turned down for basic membership. Please share your thoughts and think twice before joining JFCU! They just S%ck!
  6. I was reported to ChexSystems during an unemployment spell for an overdrawn bank account in late 2011. I'm ready and willing to pay the amount to get past this, but I wanted to get a validation from the collection agency proving they have the right to collect (I'm about 99% sure they do). I sent a fairly lengthly letter to the CA that pretty much boils down to: 1) I pay and then they delete (I know it probably won't work, but worth a shot) 2) They validate that they have a right to collect the debt, which I want them to do regardless of whether I get the pay-for-delete I sent the letter by certified mail with return receipt on March 1, 2013. I never heard back from them, though they did send a settlement offer, I think before they ever even got my letter, which I ignored. Worst case scenario, at this point I'd rather be marked paid than settled, and I expected to hear a counteroffer from them at the very least. Most importantly, to get to my question, as I understand credit reporting law, they do have to validate the debt within 30 days, which they did not do. Does this give me grounds to dispute the record with Chex? It has been over six weeks now. I'm fine with paying them, but I'm also fine with washing my hands of the whole matter. Thank you
  7. Hello Everyone, I've come to a complete hault and I am stuck on what i need to do next. I've sent a letter to chexsystems regarding BOA reporting me for "Suspected Fraud". I noted in my dispute that there's no evidence of Debt Owed and No Evidence of Fraudulent Activity. After I sent the letter of Dispute, I recieved a letter from Chex Saying: "Chexsystems has been unable to verify the accuracy of the disputed information submitted by BOA...... If the reporting member does certify the accuracy and completeness of the information, it will be reinserted into you consumer file...." I thought!!! Great!!! This actually worked and I am able to open a bank account without having to worry about a thing! WRONG....! I get a letter back from Chex saying: "...BOA California was deleted from your consumer file due to the length of time that had passed since your original dispute was recieved. Since that time, the source of the information has certified that the information is accurate, therefore, it has been reinserted into your consumer file". Chexsystems enclosed bank statments from BOA the year my account was closed. Closed due to NSF. I feel that the information BOA provided Chexsystems with is inadequate and I'm being wrongfully accused for something I had no intentions of doing. I want to send another Dispute letter, i just don't know what i should put down... Can someone please help me...
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