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Found 7 results

  1. So here is my situation: -My checking account was closed after an overdraft and that amount plus fees (~$700 with fees) were put into Chexsystem -I have a closed, charged off credit card account where I owe ~$3500, with Capital One -Capital One merged with my old bank so both accounts are with Cap1 I have no checking account. I use Serve, and cash. I also have a ReadyDebit prepaid account that I dont actively use anymore (Serve is better) I am about to receive a large check for helping some relatives renovate and sell some property. Next week I will be receiving a 4 or low-5 figure check. How and where can I deposit it? I have not tried to open a checking account and have not had the funds to payoff the accounts until now. I would like to negotiate my settlements in good faith and start a checking account somewhere without Capitol One just taking it off the top.
  2. Hi all, im a newbie here but let me explain my story. About 2 1/2 years ago i got an overdraft of $500 dollars at my credit union that i was in (San Mateo Credit Union to be exact). Around the same time i lost my job and was unable to pay my bank back, after a certain time they sent me a letter saying that they reported me to the collections agency, and a few weeks later i got a letter from the collection agency asking to pay up but to my luck i was still un employed and had no job or money whatsoever. I recently got employed again and wanted somewhere i could deposit my money, so today i opened and account at BBVA compass bank. To my suprise it went fairly well, i was able to open a checking and savings account. But now im reading online that theres a possibility i could be shut down by somethimg called the EWS? If i was reported to a collection agency is there a possibility i was also reported to them? I deposited a fair amount of money, so im kind of worried something will go wrong, had anyone had similar problems? How can i know if i was reported to the ews?
  3. My brother had a stroke in August. He is totally disabled (can't even sign his name). I have gone to court to get a conservatorship so I can direct his care, file for SSI etc. In applying for SSI today, I learned he needed a checking account in his name to receive the benefits. I also found out he has such bad credit that the credit union I normally bank with won't even open an account for him with me as conservator (I have excellent credit). Does anyone know of a bank/credit union that is legit that I can open an account with for him? Social Security is all electronic now so I must have this for him. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  4. I had an old (well not that old) bank account from 2012 that charged off in January of 2013. I haven't heard hide nor hair from anyone and I haven't moved, so I called BBVA today to find out where my account was at. I spoke with the 800# for BBVA and was told that my account was charged off in January of 2013 and sold to a company called CBCA, then I was given a number for the collection agency. After reading up on the number provided by BBVA it sounds like this CA are real psychos. So, I called the branch that I used to bank at and the teller looked up my account and informed me that I was still able to come in and make payments at the branch until the account was paid off and I would be taken out of collections. What course of action should I take? Should I just make payments to the bank in person or should I attempt to contact the CA? By the way, I've been checking my Chex and credit reports and there is no reference to my BBVA account.
  5. Needed to see if anyone can offer some good advice on what my next step should be. Here's what happened: a few months ago an unauthorized debit of $30 (I know. nothing crazy, but it's now matter of principle) was drafted out of my checking account. So I immediately contacted the bank who had me come down fill out an affidavit stating I didn't authorize this debit and had never heard of nor associated with the company that did it. I also had to change my account number ,order new checks, just the basic things anyone would need to do. Long story short, my bank said that "they would do what they could on the backside of things to go after these people but you;ve done all you can do." Really? So I then I filled a report with BBB in the state this company is supposedly in as well as the state attorney general, and filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Of course I contacted the company multiple times only to be told I had to have done this or they wouldn't have my information. Strange thing is the account number they used was my checking account number not my debit card number, which is what I do use when shopping online. Other than a utility now and then do I ever write paper checks. I doubt there is anything I could do further, but I thought I would ask cause this site has been incredibly helpful with other matters. Thanks in advance Keith
  6. I just left WF to open an account with PNC and I like it already. I went with Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend. I noticed there are changes coming in December to the various accounts, but those were disclosed to me upfront and my direct deposit will allow for the account to remain free to me. I admit the main offering that made me choose PNC was being able to track my spending online in a really easy format. I did some research and saw mostly good reviews. So I went for it. I have banked with Citibank, Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo in my lifetime. All relationships started off great and then extra fees, poor customer service, or that feeling of "you should be grateful we're holding your money" led me to leave. Actually, WF was okay. It started as a small business relationship, which was great, but when that ended, using them for regular personal checking/savings was a pain due my nearest branch being out in the suburbs. I needed to go there just often enough to where I decided enough was enough. Anyway, I would like to settle in with PNC as my brick and mortar of choice. (I am also with USAA) So far, I really like them, but wonder how long it will last. Unpredictable, I know, but past experience can indicate future sometimes. So, my questions are primarily for those who have been with PNC for a while or even were with PNC and left. What have you found to change over time? What do you find lacking? What have you found better? Besides the Virtual Wallet accounts, how are their other product offerings such as credit cards and loans? PNC presents themselves as if they are interested in really having a relationship with you and helping you manage money to your benefit. Just curious on the experience of others.
  7. I have been searching and calling usaa I have been a member since 1998 with usaa and my history hasn't been the best with them like not paying my insurance or overdrawing my checking account. I has auto insurance paid in full add some other options and didn't send my payment in time and the next thing I knew I was receiving a letter in the mail with a refund check call the number and asked why did I get a refund and my insurance was cancelled and they said because you didn't pay the extra money for the additional add-ons onto your insurance and I that she didn't think I could reopen my account I have called several time and the c/s has said we can do anything for you right now. back then I had a low paying job and was going to school and I paid what needed to be paid now that I have a better job and credit is in a better place can I get any opions on what I should do or can do to reopen my checking account with usaa sorry the post is long HELP!!!
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