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Found 8 results

  1. Long time lurker, first time poster. I've recently had a terrible experience with USAA. I apologize for the long post in advance. The short story: A few days ago I logged into my USAA online and rather than seeing my savings and checking accounts, I was presented with "You currently have no accounts with USAA." The next day I called them and after about a half hour phone call (mostly on hold), the best they could come up with was that I'd have to wait 2 weeks for corporate to determine what happened! No reasoning, terrible service. Please read on for the specifics. The Facts: I've been a USAA member since October of 2011. I have (had?) both a savings and a checking account. I also have a USAA debt card for the checking account. I don't often withdraw from either account, however, I usually get a deposit once every other month. The last deposit notification I received on my phone was on 1/24/2013. I logged in 3 days later and was presented with "You currently have no accounts with USAA." Unlike most banks, USAA doesn't have a 24 hour customer service hotline so I emailed customer service. The response was that they had no record of my accounts! The next day I called the 1-800 customer service number. I spent about 30 minutes on the phone (mostly on hold) as the customer service rep attempted to figure out what happened. During this time I verified my contact info, address, phone, email, social and gave them my debt card number. The rep said that they have no records of either of my accounts and wouldn't go into further details. The rep said that they would have to forward the case to the corporate office and that I would receive a letter in two weeks. The rep declined to give me any kind of call reference number and said that there was nothing else that could be done. Unfortunately I was on a lunch break and didn't have to to ask for a supervisor. I should also note that I've never overdrawn either of my accounts, gone below the minimum balances or imposed any kind of penalties or fees. I only had savings and checking accounts, no credit card, loans or insurance. I am still able to log in to the web interface, but there are no remnants of either of my accounts with one exception: I can see my mobile notifications for the last 2 deposits. I've also read somewhere in this forum people talking about USAA doing background checks. I have no criminal history and a good credit score (high 700 range). I've never filed bankruptcy and I'm in good standing with all of my lines of credit. In conclusion: USAA has no idea what is going on or why my 2 accounts are missing (or they don't want to tell me). USAA's customer service is utterly useless. I couldn't get any kind of confirmation that I will ever see my money again. Even if I do get confirmation, it will be at least 2 weeks before I hear about it. This is the ABSOLUTE WORST BANKING EXPERIENCE I'VE EVER HAD! I am hoping that someone can help me with this situation.
  2. Hello Everyone! I know there have been comments and opinions made on liquidity and where to keep it. Right now Citibank is offering their Citi Gold Checking account with $400 Bonus. I know that many of you have cash sitting in CU's and Banks, just wanted to get your valued opinions on whether this is a good option to put cash in or if there are better options. Mind you, the goal here isn't to see any type of return as I do not want to lock in the cash to any time frame. Again, thank you all for your guidance and help! Have a great day!!
  3. 2.15% on Checking, up to $25,000. .75% on Savings, up to $250,000. I'm not sure how far their reach is, or who can join. Was driving home and saw this advertisement at one of the branches. https://www.firstutahbank.com/personal-banking/personal-deposit-accounts/kasasa-saver Checking rate requires 12 debit transactions, 1 ACH auto pay and e-statements. Completing all of the checking requirements gives the rate for savings, as well. Don't know if it's a hard pull to join and I don't know which bureau they use if there is a hard.
  4. Does anyone have experience opening a Business Checking account at a credit union? I need to open an account in the name of a joint activity for several 501© non-profiits. Can we open a Checking account in the name of the joint group without creating a separate tax id? Can we just use my social or the tax id's of one of the non-profits involved? I'm a member at most of the big credit unions, are any of them particularly good for opening a business checking account, as in they have zero fees on the account with no balance requirements?
  5. Only 9-ish hours left. No DD change required. Just make 5 purchases with your debit card and get $125. Park $500 in savings and get $75. https://home.capitalone360.com/blackfriday?o=1 https://home.capitalone360.com/blackfriday?o=2
  6. I have been lurking in this forum for a while, just signed up because I was to forward this information to you folks who could use it I have two corporations. for the purpose of this post I will call one Corporation A and the other Corporation B Personally I am on chex systems from monthly bank fees adding up after I stopped using the account 3 years ago. Last year in June when I formed Corporation A (a C-Corp) and received an EIN from the IRS, I applied with B of A online for a corporate account. It was approved. They called and asked me to come in to do the signature cards (I sent the articles, etc online by pdf when applying) Three Months Later they closed the accounts after an internal review (was not overdrawn and had a $9,000 balance). Took 21 days to get the money from the account. ****Sneaky feeling it was from a report Wells Fargo made on me personally --This Year I formed Corporation B (a C-Corp) and received an EIN from the IRS, I applied for a Redwood Credit Union account in branch and was approved. They did not ask for my social security number when I went into the branch. Just my license. Have had NO PROBLEMS what so ever and just out of curiosity, I pulled up the pdf application from redwood credit union for business accounts. It says that they Please See Image From my Blog with RCU Application Screen Shot
  7. There hasn't been much discussion about this CU. Figured I'd give a little bit of insight, since I recently joined and they've been good to me. First things first... Checking and Savings: No HP to join. Only chex. And right now they're doing a $200 sign up bonus, if you do $500/mo DD and enroll in estmnt. $200 is deposited into your checking, after the required DD amount goes in. Credit products: They used TU. Definitely BK friendly. Picked up my auto loan and gave me a $10k CC. The CC's are ho-hum... But they have a perma-bt rate, which I figure I'll keep as a back-up, in case I ever need it. Loan docs are signed electronically and they do card printing in branches. They're extremely easy to work with. Always fast and friendly. And they call you back when they say they're going to.
  8. Hello, I wanted to share my experience with DCU to hopefully help others make an educated decision. I applied on Sunday online, became a member by donating to one of their supported organizations. I used AAPD to become eligible within their FOM, AAPD was selected since it was purely online (wanted to avoid the delay with mailing, printing, etc). Once that was out of the way, I immediately applied on DCU's website and was instantly approved. My member number was provided online at the end of the process - very important to write that down since it's not e-mailed and can't be given out over the phone. Also, during the application process you'll be presented with a series of questions that have to be answered correctly - some were very strange - "How tall is <NAME>" - there were 6 of these identity questions. I feel pretty confident that I got every one of them right, which may help explain how I avoided the ROSEFACTOR and was immediately approved. I received a welcome e-mail within about a half hour from DCU and off I went. Next, I applied online member number in hand for one of their credit cards (they aren't all that great, but decent - I opted for the card without rewards). Was instantly approved for $15,000. Strange thing here - I received a phone call the following day asking for a copy of two most recent paystubs. Those were promptly faxed and I received a call again about 2 hours later - you have been approved but your limit was adjusted to $3500.00. That was a bit puzzling since my income is nearly 3 figures. When prompted what triggered the decrease - I received a bit of a cryptic answer - You have sufficient credit and most of it is unused. Considering closing the unused lines and in 6 months we can re-evaluate. I have had 12 INQs this year (not counting the 2 that DCU added), FICO score was 711, no baddies. Fast forward a bit, Wednesday now - PIN is received - you can't customize the PIN (strange) - and it's used for everything - online banking, their IVR, etc. Thursday - debit card arrives ready to go. Again, it too uses the same PIN that I can't change. - very speedy in getting their welcome kit and debit card! - Impressive. I have feeling I'll likely get my DCU credit card tomorrow with the reduced limit. Now that I have the PIN and debit card in hand I login to their website - it has to be one of the better credit union websites I've used. I'm also a member of PenFed and their site didn't impress and neither did their iPhone app. DCU's website and iPhone app is much more robust. PenFed's was all over the place, separate login for their bill pay, etc. In closing - their customer service (DCU's) has been top notch so far, their check card/PIN/welcome kit arrived with lightning speed. I am a little disappointed with their credit line reduction off the bat but we'll see what happens in 6 months. One nice benefit as well - up to 2 day early direct deposit - can't wait to see how that works, as well as their free FICO score if you qualify. All in all - can't wait to see where DCU takes me. It's now my primary "bank". Good luck dodging ROSEFACTOR - I hear that really throws a wrench in the works.
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