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  1. I remembered reading here not too long ago that there was some confusion between HSBC and Cap1 as to which bank owned the old, closed charged off CCs that were closed prior to the Cap1 purchase of HSBC CCs. If I could find the thread, I would post it. I had an HSBC charged of CC that was closed prior to the purchase that was set to fall off in 10/2015, and I decided to take a chance and dispute it as obsolete with TU, along with a couple other accounts I am disputing. This account was reporting only on EX and TU, and all prior attempts to dispute it off had failed. To my surprise, it w
  2. I received a Form 1099- Cancellation of Debt. I paid the the tax to the IRS on this account. Chase is still reporting this on EX as a charge off with a recent balance of $7,713. This same account has been deleted by TU and EQ. What is the best way to get this remove from EX? EX keeps confirming that this account has been verified as accurate. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. Hi there, I am looking for help on what to do for a Bank of America credit card account that was charged off in December 2012. If I remember correctly, I actually paid this account off in full, but I don't remember for sure as I had a number of credit cards in bad states at that time, so one may have actually been charged off. The status is "Closed. $1,992 written off." The comment says, "Purchased by another lender." I do not recall ever being contacted by a JDB for this account, but it may have been them that I eventually paid off in full. Though I would have thought that would have
  4. In my second year of graduate school, I let seven credit cards charge off. The charge off dates are all between April and June 2013. I had no income at the time other than student loans and, with everything on my plate, I let them go without much thought to the consequences. I'm now done with school and will finally have an income for the first time in three years starting in mid-September. All of my loans are in good standing as well as nine other revolving accounts with low utilizations and low limits (six of those opened since May 2014). I would appreciate advice on how to approach t
  5. Is there a way to get the CRAs to remove/delete a charge-off from my file if the OC has updated it from a balance owed to $0 and transferred? I have tried to get it updated or deleted and only one CRA has changed it from a charge-off. This is the only neg reporting thing on my report but it's still there and it has cost me nearly 175 points. So, the cliff notes version of my backstory goes a little something like this: I had an account that I chose to close because they wouldn't give me a CLI. I was told I could set-up autopays for the remainder of my account balance until satisfied
  6. Hello, if a similar post exists, please let me know and discard my post. Thank you. Three years ago, I had a lengthy short sale. At the end of the process, I settled with the bank by paying as much as we can on the loan with a balance as debt forgiveness. In the after settlement letter, the bank said the debt forgiveness will be reported as "account paid in full for less than the full balance". As little as I understood back then, I didn't think this would be a problem for getting a mortgage in the future when we rebuild our life. Now we are trying to buy a home and getting a mortg
  7. I have been trying to deal with two old HSBC accounts that were charged off. Long story short, I had 2 HSBC cards charged off before Cap1 bought their US credit card business. They went to Cap1 and I battled them for removal by disputes, EO action, and a CFBP complaint. Nothing came of any of those attempts. They have now been assigned back to HSBC from what i can tell because they now list the po box 9 address in Buffalo instead of the Cap1 Carol Springs, IL address. I have done recent CRA disputes about these accounts and here's how they are reporting (and came back as verified): Exp
  8. This may provide some ammo to fight charge-off status still reporting on discharged debt. I just saw where one of my discharged debts had been sold after my BK 7. Couldn't figure out why. This is probably the reason. http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2014/11/12/debts-canceled-by-bankruptcy-still-mar-consumer-credit-scores/?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news
  9. Hey Everyone, Like a lot of people I have seen on Credit Boards, i am making my own thread to document my own journey, and hopefully receive some excellent advice from all these fine people on the board. I have made multiple threads, mostly in the Canadian section, in regards to questions that pop up, but i will try to ask them here, and hopefully someone will be kind enough to reply. (there is absolutely no action in the Canadian section!) So I began my journey to repair my HORRENDOUS credit at the beginning of july by ordering hard copies of my report. (Canada only has TU and EQ). My st
  10. Hi all! As someone who has recently found creditboards and has started my repair journey, i am in need of some guidance because i'm feeling really lost. I posted a topic in the Canadian finance section as I am from Ontario, and it has gotten no replies I have 2 credit card charge off's. Charge off 1 DOLA is 06/26/09. Charge off 2 is 09/23/10. In Canada I believe accounts fall off in 6 years from these dates. My idea is to report as obsolete early 2015 for charge off 1, but i need advice for charge off 2. I, like most people have started this journey to get approved for certain things com
  11. I need some advice with 3 charge offs that are due to age off in approx 10 months. Let me first explain that my goal is to get my scores up so I can apply for a conventional mortgage. Currently I am at 600 and need to be at a min of 620. For the past year I have been working hard to repair my credit. I hired an attorney who helped me get 4 judgments vacated; 2 of the judgments were paid in full and the other 2 he arranged payment plans. I also paid off a few collections and hired a credit repair agency to delete any remaining neg marks. During this period I had an auto loan th
  12. PLEASE HELP! Brief summation: I had an account that I have not paid, was charged off and sold by HSBC to Cavalry. It was purchased by Capital One before it was sold I assume. I have been disputing this account since May for various reasons mainly because the reporting was sloppy and I thought I could get it removed. For every credit bureau dispute Capital One has updated the account but has never deleted. Recently, I filed a second dispute with the CFPB against Capital One because after the last update, the comments posted by Capital One stated "payment after charge off" but the stat
  13. Hello All, I took a break from writing, just reading daily. The last update was that I had 3 CO... Since then First Premier gave me the option to re-apply for a new card and transfer the balance, which I did. Was that a wrong move? I also received my Capital One Secured Card in the mail. Two things maybe three things I need help with... 1. I opened an account with my local credit union and they informed me that my score is a 640 TU score... However, CK is stating 577.. Which one is accurate? I will be pulling my scores and reports to see how First Premier is reporting. 2. As I ment
  14. Hi guys, I went through a rough patch a few years ago. I now have a good job and I'm trying to do something with my life, but we all know credit can help with that. My credit score is in the high 600's, which is surprising to me considering I have two charged off Bank of America credit cards. I had a failed business and got a bit in over my head in my late 20's. Anyway, a couple of years later (now) I'm trying to simply figure out who to contact to see if I can negotiation whatever type of settlement might get them to delete the charge off from my credit report (or whatever other b
  15. I presently have two charge off's on my credit file that I want to address- goal is to become mortgageable in about 10 months. Capital One- $1600: On this one, I presently have two open cards with Cap 1 as part of my rebuilding process, a secured that I put $500 into and they CLI'd me up to $800 a couple months ago and a Quicksilver with a measly $300 limit. I will have the money to pay this in full next month, but from my research Cap 1 is apparently not very willing to PFD. Anyone have success as a current customer? Or I've read a bit about having them reopen the account but from wh
  16. Ok, I am getting down to the brass knuckles.. Have three stubborn OC chargeoffs from 2008/9, one paid in settlement to a CA, the other 2 no DoV from Collector/JDB... I believe that prior validation to the CRA Experian was cursory, at best. I know that one account originated from an early 2000's purchase of Wells Fargo credit card that I would doubt that they have a copy of ten years after the bulk purchase. My question is, what are the total lines of information in an experian CRA TL and which lines are they required to fill out- ALL??? for example, it does not list a line for date of f
  17. I pulled a 3-in-1 credit report provided by Experian. I can't believe it! Citi Auto keeps moving back the dates on my loan so it will never fall off my credit! The truck I bought was charged off and repossessed. My best guess is that I stopped paying around 2005, it was charged off in 2006, and was repossessed in 2009. I *think* that the history is based on the last payment I made in 2005 or the charge-off in 2006. I don't have any of the paperwork on the truck or a payment register. As far as I can tell, Citi Auto and CitiFinancial Auto are the same company. Whatever the name, t
  18. Hi CB. I need some help with Green Tree. So far, I've opted out and removed all old addresses from the 3 CRAs. Then I DV'd Green Tree over a foreclosed property I owned. Green Tree responded by sending me a copy of the OC's contract. I then proceeded to DV them again and enclosed a copy of my complaint with their State's AG's office. Now, I'm just planning my next move if this doesn't work out in my favor. Some additional facts are: 1. Past SOL for CA 2. C/O only shows on EQ and TU 3. The original loan was acquired by GT 4. OC does not show on any CRs 5. DOFD does not refle
  19. FHA greenhorn here in the midst of credit repair. I'm curious if my wife and I should start the FHA loan process or sit tight a year and give it a go next spring. Here's my scenario: -applying alone (wife only makes $20k a year and has signif. student loan debt) -fico: equifax 600 trans 594 experian 624 - my income 50k/yr ( have made this steadily for 4 years but recently was offered a new job that paid a little better so I took it. I've been employed for 4 months at new job. have bachelors degree) - my DTI 16% (fed loans of 60k and 1.5k in cc debt at about 8% util. Just paid all off t
  20. Hey Everyone, I could really use your help on my DH's report. He finally realized that avoidance doesn't solve problems. So we are tying to get things in order and fortunately, it's not as bad as I thought. I've sent in and called to get all the old addresses removed. Because he was in the Navy, it was a LOT! I got a copy of the reports and this is what is listed. I also diputed them after getting address removed and they were verified, so what's next? I've read through the info and i'm thinking I should send a verification letter to the CA, but I wanted to get some thoughts on what I sho
  21. Hello, Newbie here and excited to find such a helpful and vast forum site on all things credit! Anyway, I've recently decided its time to start fixing my poor credit that has largely been caused by credit cards used in my early 20's and a private student loan balance that ended up going to collections. My private loan debt is $19k and credit cards are $7k (recently paid down from 12k) I'm a recent college graduate (2010) and was lucky enough to get a good job right out of college. I just got a new job 3 months ago that pays even better than my old one which coupled with having a newborn son, h
  22. Hello All, I am new to the boards. I have 3 charge offs (First Premier, Macys and Victorias Secret) that are less than $1000 and my credit score is about a 570. On my credit report they are not listed under collections; but as the original creditor. I'm confused, I've been really researching, should I send a debt validation letter or a pay for delete? Because they are charged off, who should I call or write?... The CC company or collection agency? Also do you think I should get a secured Capital One credit card in the mean time to help build my credit back up? I'm trying to app
  23. Long story short I foreclosed was finallized and sold in 2008. I had 2 mortgages one from US bank and the other from Bank of America. They were both listed as charged off in 2008 and are set to fall off this year as sol in my state is 6 years. Will I see a bump in my score at all once both of these mortgages fall off? These are not my oldest tradelines either. I understand that 35% of a fico score is made up of making payments on time. Once these fall off that only leaves 1 thing negative on my credit to clean up yet.
  24. Hello All, I am new to this forum. I need some help, I've had Lexington Law for a couple months and seen no improvements on my charge offs...Time to take matters in my own hands. I have 3 charge offs that are less than $1000 and my credit score is about a 530. People with car repossessions and bankruptcies probably have a higher score than me. Why are three little things destroying my score?????? I need help on what to do about the charge offs and also if I should get a secured Capital One credit card in the mean time to help build my credit back up. I appreciate your help!
  25. Hello from a newbie, I was unemployed last year for almost half a year, and let a Kay Jeweler's account go delinquent after November. First off, I take full responsibility for this, and it should never have gotten this far. However, it was a $2500 debt that, with interest, is higher. Today, I received a credit monitoring alert that it went into chargeoff status. I have not received any communication from them (and don't expect any until the mid-end of the week?), but... What are the odds of a settlement offer from them? I want to pay it, but need to make payments. At this
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