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Found 6 results

  1. I will use this as my running thread for my home buying attempt. My BK7 will be 2 years old on 1/22/15. I am attempting to get a pre-approval now. let us see what happens!
  2. It's a long story and I can't get into it all right now, but I will explain later. In the meantime, I just wanted to say I am back. I thought we had this, but not enough income from working and looking like we will loose our home for good this time. Worst part. No place to go, and my 11 yr old was just dx with Type 1 diabetes. (not Type 2) T1 is a life threatening auto immune disease, when the pancreas stops all together producing insulin. He is on insulin (insulin shots everytime he eats anything over 5-10 carbs, plus one long acting at night) blood checks about 10 times a day. He can eat what he wants (unlike diet restrictions of T2), but we have to count carbs and give an injection for it. It's scary enough to adjust to this disease, but now to be loosing our home of 16 years. It's just devastating. I don't know what we will do or where we will go. I am running out of options with PNC. I am for the record not that far behind. I owe August and Sept. I have to make a decision by Monday do I pay one payment that day, then what? Not much income coming in after November. Again, I will explain it all later. Just wanted to give an update. If any of you remember me.. that is. Thanks. PS: Anyone hear from Doodlebugger? She also had PNC, same issues with them as me with loan mod Chap7. etc..
  3. Hello, Just wanted to share my approval. So excited. I was discharged November 2013. I have received a few decent cards since then, Quicksilver with a 2.5k limit, and some other fee-free cards. Really surprised to get approved, and for 10k!!! Maybe it's because I charge everything on my Quicksilver. Anyways very happy. My Equifax FICO is 682, Experian 656.
  4. I applied for a Personal Loan (somewhat payday) today. My BK was discharged on 6/30. My credit score is 577. They approved me for a $3600 personal loan. They report all payments to TU and EX. . The rate is kinda high, but I will keep the loan for only 6 months. I am using the funds to open secured credit cards.
  5. I have been doing a lot of reading, but not sure exactly on the answer here. I know I have to wait 2 year post CH7 to get financing, however, haven't seen any discussion on if i can start the "pre-approval" process before that 2 years is up? Is there any reason I can't? or would they just want to wait til the 2 year mark to be sure?
  6. My husband and I filed a Chapter 7 in May 2011 and received our discharge October 2011. We will eventually be doing a VA loan and I know we have to wait until our 2 year anniversary before we can obtain that. We've reestablished credit history since the BK with one new auto loan and a few new credit cards. Utilization on our cards is pretty good, but I plan to have those paid in full prior to buying a home. We have another auto that we reaffirmed during the bankruptcy and we owe about $14K on that. My question is, what kind of experience has anyone on here had obtaining a construction loan? I'm a little naive to this process, but we plan on building a new home rather than buying an existing. Do I have to do a lot/land loan for the property first and then obtain a construction loan? Will it be much more difficult to get a construction loan than it would be to just do a VA mortgage loan? Thanks in advance for the advice!
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