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Found 10 results

  1. I remembered reading here not too long ago that there was some confusion between HSBC and Cap1 as to which bank owned the old, closed charged off CCs that were closed prior to the Cap1 purchase of HSBC CCs. If I could find the thread, I would post it. I had an HSBC charged of CC that was closed prior to the purchase that was set to fall off in 10/2015, and I decided to take a chance and dispute it as obsolete with TU, along with a couple other accounts I am disputing. This account was reporting only on EX and TU, and all prior attempts to dispute it off had failed. To my surprise, it was deleted from EX a few days later! I didn't even dispute it with EX. Yesterday, it was also deleted from TU. This leads me to believe that TU did actually submit a dispute to verify with HSBC, and that HSBC submitted a request to all CRAs to have it removed. My guess is that it has to do with the ownership issue. If you have one of these old HSBC charged off CCs reporting, it might be a good time to try and dispute it, even if you have already tried in the past. Good luck!
  2. Got this antique Orchard Bank card that got schlepped off on Cap One. At the time I was not thrilled at the prospects of being adopted by Cap One since from what I read online they were worse than HSBC. But Cap One gave me a CLI to $10k so I was happy. Every couple of months I try the LUV button more for the free FICO than anything else. And, expectedly, I always get shot down usually for insufficient use. But I get my FICO, which was my original goal. So two days ago I figure I'll go for another FICO and got the usual "under review" message. The past three months I've used my Cap One card a lot, but still had no expectation of getting a CLI. Today get the message than they increased to $15k. I'm shocked! But no FICO. I'm not sure if it's just because of holiday season or maybe Cap One really does like to see usage. Still, even though $15k is below average, considering it is from Cap One I will take it with gratitude. One thing I noticed that's changed with the LUV button is that now it asks for your usual monthly CC spending. I wonder what effect that has in their decision.
  4. Hi everyone, It's been a while - since mid-2009 to be exact and I've missed being here. Long story short, I lost 90% of my self-employment income in a 3-day period, which led to losing my car, credit, and eventually my house, which I loved. It was my first house. I had just peaked 700 on my mid-score too, but had no savings. It's been incredibly humbling. So, I'm taking baby steps back into re-establishing credit after five years of being pretty much cash-only and off the grid. I got a preapproved CapOne invitation in the mail and thought, why not? All they can say is no. Yay, I got the usual $300 CL, same as when I was re-establishing myself after my divorce. After 5 months of on-time payments, they'll do a CLI. It won't be a problem, but I was wondering what the current CLI is for these types of starter cards. I'm sure the landscape has changed since the last time I was here. Thanks, everyone, and it's really nice to be back.
  5. I need some help from the expert CBers. DH has a year old collection from a Cap1 that had a limit of 300. I'm not sure about the DOFD. The balance being reported to the CRAs is $555 (late fees in all). We are trying to buy a house this year and I want to take care of this in the best way possible. Should a DV letter be sent to Cap1? I'm pretty sure I read on here that Cap1 doesn't PFD. Please help.
  6. So, I had 2 30 day lates and 1 60 day late from 06/13,07/13, 08/13. I emailed EO and they called me. I told them I never received a statement for those months and that I had moved and may be they got lost in the mail. (I did move during that time btw). But I was receiving electronic statements (I thought bc of this they would deny my request). Evan from the EO called me today and said they approved my request!!!! This is a secured card and they recently approved me for an unsecured one. Idk if that has anyhting to with their decision or not.
  7. Only 9-ish hours left. No DD change required. Just make 5 purchases with your debit card and get $125. Park $500 in savings and get $75. https://home.capitalone360.com/blackfriday?o=1 https://home.capitalone360.com/blackfriday?o=2
  8. Background: Three of my CCs were CO after I was laid off. I am working to rehabilitate my credit with a slim savings account. After successfully applying for a secured CC, I awakened the Cap1/Northland mutuant by giving the CRAs some positive activity and my current mailing address. Naturally, Northland sent me settlement offer a few days ago. Why this is an issue: Thanks to the contributors here, I know Cap1 keeps great records and dilligently wrecks my CR on a monthly basis. Therefore, getting this "baddie" off my CR is on the to-do list. However, I can't afford Northland's settlement offer. Where I could use your advice: Should I '1-2' Northland/CRAs before requesting a lower settlement offer or would doing so push this settlement offer, and any potential lower offer, off the cliff of reality? The economics: -CO Balance: $2,500 -Settlement Offer: $1,250 -What I can afford to settle: $600-$800 Thank you in advance. This board is the definition of community in the 21st century. Tunnel vision is blinding and I am prone to it. If there are better plans of action I sincerely hope you'll share them. -The Indignant Kitten "Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens" - K.G.
  9. Has anyone had any luck or heard of Capital One merging two accounts into one? I have two of their Platinum MC's both with low limits, one $1500 and one $1000, and would find them much more useful if it was one card for $2500.
  10. Anyone notice an account credit lately on their accounts from that settlement that made them refund the payment protection charged to a customer's accounts? I noticed a $200 credit on one of my accounts but nothing on the other one so far.
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