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Found 15 results

  1. Verified 3/8/2012, 4:27PM EST 800-955-1455 This number gets you DIRECTLY to their executive office level.
  2. High utility rate, just got 10 month statement. Have not asked before nor was there an auto at 6 months.
  3. Got this antique Orchard Bank card that got schlepped off on Cap One. At the time I was not thrilled at the prospects of being adopted by Cap One since from what I read online they were worse than HSBC. But Cap One gave me a CLI to $10k so I was happy. Every couple of months I try the LUV button more for the free FICO than anything else. And, expectedly, I always get shot down usually for insufficient use. But I get my FICO, which was my original goal. So two days ago I figure I'll go for another FICO and got the usual "under review" message. The past three months I've used my Cap One card a lot, but still had no expectation of getting a CLI. Today get the message than they increased to $15k. I'm shocked! But no FICO. I'm not sure if it's just because of holiday season or maybe Cap One really does like to see usage. Still, even though $15k is below average, considering it is from Cap One I will take it with gratitude. One thing I noticed that's changed with the LUV button is that now it asks for your usual monthly CC spending. I wonder what effect that has in their decision.
  4. Scores all right around 700. Would like to add some cards to continue lowering utilization and to provide a cushion as I will be keeping two homes the next 6 months so utilization will rise. First question would be Amex. Requested a CLI two weeks ago after being assured they would use a fresh pull (I had paid down nearly $15K in balances in October, including nearly paying off my Amex). Denial letter had a pull from early October and reason was overall utilization and Amex balance, both of which were wildly different by the time of CLI request. I know there is a time-wait if you GET a CLI, but can I ask again now that the pull would show the new picture, or still must wait? Second, I would like to add with Amex, even though as I have expressed in other posts, I hate them right now. I was thinking EveryDay, and then maybe piggyback a PIF? Third, I would like to add another Barclay. As my new home will have US Air (for as long as they exist), I was thinking the Barclay US Air. I considered Arrival World but seems like not a lot of approvals at 700 or below. Fourth, I like the approvals and limits I see with Venture on here, especially if I can freeze EX and do a TU/EQ pull instead of a triple. Any recommendations or warnings?
  5. I was preparing to send a FOAD letter to Midland regarding an old HSBC account. The DOFD was May 2009. What worries me is I currently reside in Maine, where SOL is 6 years. HSBC account was Nevada (4 Years). HSBC accounts were acquired by CapOne in Virginia (3 years). I was living in Pennsylvania when the account was opened (4 years). Surely moving to a state with a longer SOL, after the SOL had already passed, does not suddenly reopen the window for litigation? How do I know what applies?
  6. I am seeing an attorney tomorrow re three old chargeoffs -0- balance on EX. although these are paid of no VoD c/offs. Although NY 5 yr purge requires their deletion, EX does not enforce or follow this state law. There is no way to pay the original OC's as they were sold to CA/JDB and have been resolved with those parties. All are past SOL due to NY SOL and the home state ruling here in NYC of the CC's SOL. These will be on my TL's with EX until early 2016. They are all off my other CRA's. My reports, excepting my mortgage which is in court, is clean but for these. It also rules out re-upping with AmEx on my own with a 1992 date. I have frozen EX. I am in "special Handling' with a Jennifer King who handles difficult credit files such as me who report them to the NYAG and CFPB. She affirmed this suspicion. Except for Verizon and Cap One, I have no inquiries with EX in the last year. Bank of A Visa, who has all of their records, has the DoFD wrong and the contract date is in question. My contract date was with Fleet bank whose portfolio was bought out in early 2004. I doubt that they have it because they supplied all of my statements but did not include the contract, which I requested. I sent them a re-investigation letter request and they have NOT responded. I sent the same letter to Chase and Cap One, who responded immediately. This is for about $5K.-0- bal. EX removal date 2/16. My old Bank of A mortgage -0- balance, and very in arrears, was sold, -0- balance reported and all reports say that this old TL has very little impact on my credit scores. DoFD there was 4/09. Chase Visa , who has claimed to have NO statements or NOTHING, twice (yes, I have the names and numbers, etc), has responded to my letter requesting the information used to affirm this listing, asking me to contact the JDB, Midland, who also claims to have NOTHING except my last statement, which they sent to me. EX Removal date 4/16. I have some statements and I believe that I signed up over the phone for this huge $790 amount owed. I can confirm amounts paid through my bank statements. I was hitting the skids when I got this CC so payments were few and far between. Cap One, whose debt, $8500, was sold to PRA, was settled with PRA in 2010. EX removal 6/16 but my last payment in full was 11/08 and I have just received old bank statements which would affirm this which would result in a changed DoFD. They also claim to have purged their files and have nothing except the month and year of sale to Portfolio, not even the amount. They have referred me to Portfolio which also claims to have nothing. I paid through a law firm. Ex has removed the PRA account. I was a total rube when I went to court with them and when the judge told me that the payment would put this all behind me, i believed him. I had no idea re credit reports and CRA's and OC's and CA/JDB, I knew nothing. Unfortunately, my records re this settlement so far as the statements,which I had, are in deep storage and it would require an act of God to find them. Question: I have requested initial investigation and 'reinvestigation" with EX who has re-affirmed the reports as submitted to the CRA by the OC's. I then wrote a request for the information backing the OC affirmation and got the responses above. A little more paper work and I will see the attorney who got my huge Citibank debt resolved/settled due to their technical faults in billing and interest in violation of the CARD act. So he is pretty fabulous. BUT, in having disputed them, and showing them as disputed accounts, and given that they are all in early 2009, is the damage to my score by dealing with the OC's re a 623 going to ding my score more if they yet again re-report or is the risk worth it? How much effect does these old OC ChargeOffs's have on my EX score. If I remove one or two through a 623, will it be worth it apart from improving the report? Has anyone else pushed the envelope this far to see what the ding so many years ago really amounts to? I want clean reports and I don't want to get declines after I clean up my mortgage as much as possible. Also, does anyone know if a mortgage reports on the same basis year-wise on a CRA? i realize that this is involved and long but would welcome any insight possible into this as I may be shooting myself in my foot. Thanks so much if anyone can assist prior to my meeting with the attorney.
  7. So I get this offer int mail for Capital One, for the Quicksilver. On the outside of the envelope, on the enclosed letter, on the website, it says PRE-APPROVED. But then it states that in Capital One speak, 'pre-approved' means you meet the initial criteria and are LIKELY to be approved. So is this not simply PRE-QUALIFIED and not pre-approved? Yes, it has the opt-out language. I have a CapOne with a $1,000 limit, basically the lowest of my cards. It only has that as the EO got it raised from $300 after two years of no increases. The enclosure states the minimum credit, if approved, would be $500. I see in CreditPulls they may try to pull all three, but even with EX frozen, they will absolutely pull TU and EQ. Look, if they are going to give me, say $3,000-$5,000 (which is where most of my limits are), then I am game even if just to keep utilization low. But I sure do not need several pulls, a lowering of my AAOA, and then I get a $500 limit. Hell, I get offers from Victoria's Secret every day higher than that. So anyone have any experience with these? Should I bite or should I throw it in the trash?
  8. So every month, it seems that Cap One has been reporting to Equifax faithfully on the day my new statement cuts... except this month. The past 6 months or so, I had been carrying a balance on the card. I paid it down a couple of weeks ago, and am hoping for a decent bump in my EQ score. My statement cut yesterday, but they still haven't reported. Grrrrr! Is there anything I can do to prod them along, or do I just (impatiently) wait?
  9. Hi everyone. I'm in the process of paying down/off my Capital One Accounts (3 accounts total) that have had high utilization (including 100% and some overlimits) for the past 24 months. The accounts are as follows: $320 limit, opened Dec 2011 (former HSBC) $850 limit, opened May 2011 $2300 limit, opened Aug 2010 (secured) I'm going to ask EO that they unsecure the highest limit/oldest card and consolidate limits. My question for those who've done it is, how long do I need to let these sit with minimal balances before approaching the EO for this unsecure/consolidation request? Also, is there any point in adding deposit to the secured card before asking for them to unsecure it? Thanks in advance
  10. Some questions I have seen mixed opinions on - and now that time has passed i wanted to see what the current state is; there were two things I hated about my orchard card that now "appear" possible with cap one: 1. the button for a cli actually works here. by 'work' i mean that i clicked it and i got a 10 day message. i dont know if they will actually hp my reports for it or simply decline saying that orchard cards are not available for cli.. but that is a different message than I was expecting. (currently limit is 1200, which is my lowest card by 4k). 2. It appears that I was able to add my wife as an authorized user. i have like 6 cards and she has none, so i have started doing that in hopes of helping her scores. not sure if it really is helping yet but i'll pull her credit later. has anyone successfully done either of these with their orchard converted cards?
  11. Sent and email to Cap One executive customer service last week requesting a CLI. Was a little disappointed it took a week, but just got raised from the $300 limit I thought it would be stuck at forever to $1000. No hard pulls either, from what I can see. Had been denied CLI through their website at 6 months and 12 months despite perfect history and 3% utilization. Both the $2000 Barclay Card I was approved for last week, and this Cap One CLI, are the direct result of things I learned here and wonderful responses to my questions. For example: I would have listed my expected purchases with Apple at a LOWER amount, thinking that would make me easier to approve. I was advised to go for $2,000, and that was spot-on. I would not have known there was such a thing as executive customer service, and would have kept getting denied a CLI with Cap One every 6 months. I would not have known to insist, and clarify a second time, that my CLI request be handled through a 'soft pull' only. I appreciate everyone's advice and expertise, and hope one day I will have the experience to be able to help others on here. Dave
  12. So, a few days ago I stumbled upon the wondrous information in the credit pulls section of this site and started researching various cards. Based on this research, and recent looks at FAKO scores, I applied for and was approved for an Amex Green account. Then yesterday an Amex DSM with a 2k limit, I don't know which CRA they pulled though. I currently have 4 accounts with Cap one with low limits and since I haven't requested a CLI recently on any of them I decided to check. I was denied so I started checking through the posts here and I've gone through the sea of posts about backdoor s and see mixed posts in regard to cap one. It seems they changed there policies some time ago and was wondering if anyone has recently gotten results with any of the following numbers: Cap1: 800-625-7866 (Account Specialist) Cap1: 800-951-6951 (cust. relations) Cap1: 800-548-4593 (application status - automated only) Cap1: 800-889-9939 or 800-625-7866.(Account Specialist) Cap1: 877-513-9959 (Account Retention?) Cap 1: 800-707-0489 (Senior Escalation Account Mgrs.)
  13. Like a few others, I've always referred to Capital One as CrapOne. Not, mind you, because they've ever done anything terrible to me, but more because of what I have seen them do with others. Those with Cap One cards that have a ten year history at a $300 limit should understand. I've also not been too kind with HSBC USA or Orchard Bank. Many years ago on a day that I probably forgot to take my meds, I tried the OB pre-approval tool and ended up with an OB card. I guess I was lucky in that there was no AF and the APR was under 9%, but the CL was only $300 and on that is was stuck forever. And ever. A while ago I decided to close the card as not only was a $300 limit pretty much embarrassing as well as useless, but also I had no expectations of Cap One treating the account any better once they took over. I called, closed the account and felt pretty good about it. I sent an e-mail after that telling them that they might want to start looking at their cardholders individually instead of as a giant group of misfits if they ever wanted to gain the same respect that HSBC has outside of the US. I did not ask or otherwise indicate that I wanted my account back. About two days later I was surprised by a call from the Cap One Executive Resolutions Unit. The guy was extremely nice and said he understood my concerns and they were seriously looking at handling accounts on a case-by-case basis instead if lumping them into unmodifiable groups. Meanwhile, he asked, what would it take for me to accept an account reopening. I told him that I had too many accounts as it was so for the moment reopening the account was not something that appealed to me. He asked about rewards, but I mentioned that rewards didn't interest me and with a $300 limit the rewards would need to be at least 50% to make it meaningful. We both chuckled over that and it was suggested that they could raise the CL. I admired the guy's attitude, tenacity and desire to go the extra mile so I figured I'd end things on a positive note and let him reopen the account. When he stated they'd probably have to place an inquiry on my credit report, I started thinking lucidly again and started to object, but thought I'd try being kind and magnanimous for a change and said ok. A few days later I get a call that my account was reopened. Although I kept thinking of a $100 CLI costing me a hard inquiry, I struggled to remain gracious. Then about two days after that they call and said they got an approval on raising my limit to $10k. Holy sheet! I'll try never to refer to Cap One was anything other than Cap One again. Ever. I adore them! After I get my new Cap One card this summer I will PC to Venture or something.
  14. I wanted to post this here instead of in the main forum. Short version: We had a Capital One repo in Feb 2011 that left a $143.00 deficiency chargeoff balance after the vehicle sold at auction. Believe it or not, we were in no shape to even pay $143.00 at the time. Our goal was to keep the other Cap One auto loan we also had (and still have) through them that is nearly paid off and has been current for two years now. Midland took the deficiency and racked up over $1000 in fees. I've emailed Capital One executive offices and asked them to work with me to recall the account so I can pay the $143.00 (on the $30,000 loan) in exchange for a different/better status because I have an existing, good standing, loan with them at present. I'm currently waiting for a written reply, which they emailed to me and said was on the way. My question is should I DV Midland while waiting for the response from Cap One or just sit and wait? Update: I received an email from CapOne that they'd be mailing something to me shortly but noticed today that my *existing* car loan had a credit issued for ALL the late fees (over $600.00 from around the time of the repo on the other loan) the day I after I received that email. This isn't something I asked for necessarily but is a nice bonus, still no change to my reports though. Thoughts?
  15. and it's picked up by Citibank. I wonder what happens to my BBRZ mastercard now... http://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2013/02/21/citi-cards-is-back-and-snaps-up-capital-ones-best-buy-card-portfolio/
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