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Found 9 results

  1. Please contribute how long you had to wait to get off a Blacklist. e.g. American Express = 10 yrs Chase = 6 yrs Citi = 10 yrs Discover = 5 yrs GECRB = 2yrs
  2. Several years ago, I was once listed as an authorized user on one of my parent's American Express Blue Sky account; it was a revolving account. Anyway, my parent allowed the account to charge-off and it was closed. The account used to report to my file at the CRAs, but several years ago I disputed it as a "not mine" and it was removed; it no longer reports. I was wondering if this situation would have caused me to have been put on the Amex black list? I believe the charge-off happened about 8 years ago. As for another question, what type of baddies, if any, will result in automatic denials for any Amex card? Bankruptcy? Public Records?
  3. So I'm about 1 year post discharge Ch. 7. I'm now back in with Synch and Cap 1 but apparently I'm on Barclay's blacklist. I burned them for only like $800 on an Apple card, probably the smallest amount on my filing matrix. (I wanted to pay them but of course the attorney said no. What is odd is that when I applied with them in August, I got a HP on TU and got denied. I think it listed BK as the reason. Now this month I apply again and there is no HP at all and someone else on CB said they had the same thing and it means you're on BL. That cool. I appreciate not getting a HP if it's an automatic decline at this point. I sort of thought Barclay's was like Cap 1 where they only stay mad at you for like 30 seconds. Can anyone give me an idea of how long they were locked out of Barclay's following IIB them? I realize the whole YMMV thing. I'm just curious. I assume this isn't going to be like Chase or AMEX (10 years to forever). I hope to get a Sallie Mae eventually and maybe some other CL's so I can combine and get another higher limit card. Anyone?
  4. I received my denial letter from AMEX today and was curious about the reasons they have listed. Number of trades (Experian) Your FICO Score (680) Our evaluation of the inquiries on your credit report based on the number, type, and recency. (Experian) Too many new accounts. (Experian) Unlike my Chase letter that specifically said I had a bad history with them, does this mean I'm off AMEX's BL? And I just need to clean my report up?
  5. Applied for the regular old Gold Card...BK about 4 years old, no Amex included, but that was the reason given in the denial. My EX score is 720 last I checked, and I did default on them back in the 90's, so maybe I'm off the blacklist but still on the BK list Back to the freezer EX!
  6. Because of D* Amex can be an excellent TL to have. So, Just a question about what gets a person on the Amex blacklist. I understand that if you have a card directly through Amex and default without any settlement, that will get you on the Amex blacklist. But what of the store branded Amex cards, such as Macy's or Costco, or even the airline Amex's. Will a default on any of those put you on the Amex blacklist?
  7. Hi All, I envy the Amex Gold Delta. I would like to pick one up sometime soon but a very long time ago I had a CO from Amex for about 5k. It was about 20/21 ears ago at this point. I can settle it all nup and of course it doesn't report but I wonder if I would still be blacklisted right now before it is settled up. What do the gurus know?
  8. I burned Citi, BofA and Amex almost 7 years ago. My spouse tried to add me as an AU to AMEX and it was a no go. (No shock but worth a try.) Can I be added as an AU to our BofA AMEX or will I be declined because of BofA and/or AMEX? Same question with citi. Do they blacklist AUs like AMEX or only primary account holders. I tried multiple searches for the answer to these questions but it is impossible to search for AU. TIA
  9. Wondering if anyone has experience with CC authorized user blacklists. I burned Chase, Amex and Citi in BK. I tried to get added as an AU with Amex and got denied confirming the blacklisting. I know chase and citi blacklist on new apps, but have no idea what they do for AUs. If anyone has experience, do share. Thanks
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