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  1. Many moons ago I was part of CB (can’t for the life of me remember my screen name) and did a lot of credit report removing baddies and re-establishing credit. In February 2007 I opened a National City Credit card (secured that did not report as secured) and worked like crazy get all the baddies (judgments, collections, lates…you name it). By 2008 I had been approved for a Wal-Mart, Target, and Chevron cards. These were followed by two CitiCards and an HSBC card. I moved from California to NYC in late 2008 just as the financial crisis hit and did my best to stay afloat. Unfortunately, I got behind with the IRS and they filed a tax lien in 2009. This tanked my scores. I also had two unpaid items, one medical collection and on AAA that weren’t helping me out much either. I did my best to not lose too much ground while I was getting back on my financial feet. I had some savings, but initially no income, so things were a bit rocky here and there. I came back to CB in December of 2013 and decided to give it a go once again. I must say I am so inspired by all the stories and am grateful for a community that shares advice and lessons learned. Whoo-whooo! Here is where I started: December 2013 ScoreSense (FAKOs) Equifax 649 Experian 625 Transunion 667 Here is what needed improvement: Removal of tax lien Removal of Medical Collection Removal of 11 late payments from 2010/2011 spread across three different private student loans Removal of late payment from Target Removal of late payments from CitiCard (on a closed account) Increase in limits on Walmart, Chevron, Target, Paypal, Capital One (former HSBC Union Plus Card), Barclays Upromise Card (former Citicard, then BofA) New credit lines with higher limits Getting Barclays to report my account to all three CRAs, as it is my highest limit ($6,000) January 2014 I was able to successfully remove the medical collection using WhyChat’s method and some rules related to NYC residents (Debt Collection Agency license). Submitted documentation to the IRS requesting my lien be withdrawn. Decreased my credit card utilization by 10% by making payments on all my cards. Sent a request to Barlays to report my account to all 3 CRAs Disputed my lates on the Sallie Mae private loans. Reports updated to REMOVE ALL lates on three trade lines. Miracles really do exist! January FAKOs (ScoreSense) Equifax 689 Experian 664 TransUnion 700 February 2014 With my higher (FAKO) scores in hand, I called PayPal and asked for CLI and they gave me one for $1500. Raising my limit to $1600. (Many CLDs after the lien posted in 2009) Also called Walmart and got a $200 CLI, Chevron increase to $450. Not impressive overall, but helped my utilization. Using 41% of my overall available (reporting) credit. (Barclays still not on my credit report. Requested a CLI increase from Cap1, hard pull on all three (ouch), declined for no report (Equifax, but still shows a hard pull. WTH?) and no explanation as to why they pulled THREE. Grrr. Sent letter. On Feb 26th the IRS sent me a letter approving my lien withdrawal. Sent me form 10916 on the 28th. Checked online and it had not been recorded with the NYC city register. Barclays responded to my request to report agreeing they would report my account to all three CRAs and to allow at least 30 days for an update. Applied for Roaman’s card, approved for $750. No hard. Got a little excited and applied for DCU CC, Discover and re-opening of Citi. Declined on all five hard pulls on EQ. One hard pull on TU. I normally am not app happy, but I got a bit caught up in the thread that SuperCreditMan has going on…apparently unpaid tax liens are more frowned upon than discharged bankruptcy. Who knew??? (Someone on CB, I’m sure.) February FAKOs (ScoreSense) Equifax 689 Experian 692 Transunion 692 March 2014 Baddies remaining on report are: 1 Federal Tax Lien (2009, unpaid) Target - 1 30 day late from 9/13 Citi (closed) - 1 30 day late, 1 60 late from 10/13 and 11/13 Started work to get b* on Transunion to remove the one inquiry. Using MPM and SCP, should see results by 3/31/14. My Citi AA letter cited “no installment loans” on my Equifax as part of the reason for the decline. Submitted a request to SallieMae to report my student loan to Equifax. Also sent a CFPB complaint requesting it be reported. Sent a second letter to Barclays to see when the credit line would report. Also filed a CFPB complaint to speed things up. Sent a letter to all 3 CRA with a copy of the Withdrawal of Lien document and requested deletion. Also submitted an online dispute with Equifax, using the online document upload feature. Sent letter to Discover for recon. Lien was cited as reason fro denial, since proof of lien withdrawal. Sending recon letter to Citi showing removal of lien and proof of a revolving account (which was also listed as reason for denial) Target and Citi responded to my GW request for late removals with a firm “NO”….Target did refund the late fee though and agreed to remove any lates that were more than 24 months old…there are none. Applied Bill Me Later credit (Comenity), hard pull on Eq and denied due to “too many inquiries”…OUCH. March FAKOs (Equifax Complete) Equifax 688 Experian 688 TransUnion 701 Expecting Transunion b* within the next two days. Plans for April Follow up on the removal of the liens from my report. Follow up on the Barclay reporting Follow up on the Sallie Mae reporting Resist the urge to apply for new credit Wrap my head around Equifax B* Lower my utilization Pay my bills on time! :-) Request a reduced interest rate on my CCs once my utilization is lower and the lien is not reporting. My goals are to get the most favorable terms on my existing lines, increase my available credit (CLIs and paying down balances), get my scores to as close to 800 as possible within the next 8-9 months to app for a mortgage. I’ll pull my FICO once the liens are gone from all reports. Any input, advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks to BobWang, shifter, SCM and others for providing valuable input and updates. I LOVE CB!
  2. So I'm about 1 year post discharge Ch. 7. I'm now back in with Synch and Cap 1 but apparently I'm on Barclay's blacklist. I burned them for only like $800 on an Apple card, probably the smallest amount on my filing matrix. (I wanted to pay them but of course the attorney said no. What is odd is that when I applied with them in August, I got a HP on TU and got denied. I think it listed BK as the reason. Now this month I apply again and there is no HP at all and someone else on CB said they had the same thing and it means you're on BL. That cool. I appreciate not getting a HP if it's an automatic decline at this point. I sort of thought Barclay's was like Cap 1 where they only stay mad at you for like 30 seconds. Can anyone give me an idea of how long they were locked out of Barclay's following IIB them? I realize the whole YMMV thing. I'm just curious. I assume this isn't going to be like Chase or AMEX (10 years to forever). I hope to get a Sallie Mae eventually and maybe some other CL's so I can combine and get another higher limit card. Anyone?
  3. Hi all. If you are looking to apply for the Barclays US Airways card and wish to help a brother or sister out by allowing them to refer you for the card, they will benefit from some bonus miles and you will benefit from 50k in miles. The offer is only good until January 18, 2015 so you would need to apply by then and get approved for the referring person to get the bonus miles. If interested, just PM the next person on the list with your email address as the thread moves along. If you are on the list and get a referral, please post and let people know who is next up for a referral. If someone has received a referral, please move to the next person on the list. I will also update the current order and other can help with that too. So if you apply, please show some love for the following people: Captivated nolanryan FromBadtoGood mizliz1011 funkiehouse If you want to offer a referral to a specific person because they helped you with credit repair or you just want to because you want to, then that's okay too. If you want to keep it private, just do it by PM and don't worry about posting in the thread. If you received the referral email from Barclays and want to be added to the list, please let us know and I will update the order and add you. If you are not ready to apply now, it looks like the card will be around until March 31, 2015. Happy apping!!
  4. I'm very new to posting to this forum but have been using it for reference over the last month and wanted to share my recon story. I already had a Barclay's Reward Mastercard that I've had for over 7 months now and recently hit the CLI button. When asked how much I wanted, I was rather conservative and only asked for $250 which was granted after about an hour. So then I thought, perhaps I could have asked for more? So after reading on here about people calling the recon line to ask for more, I took a chance. After going over my account and answering a few questions, they granted me another $250! So I decided to apply for the Barclays Apple Visa card. After submitting I got the denial message and told me that I would get a letter within 7-10 days stating why. I submitted that application on Friday right before 5pm. I decided to call the recon line to see if I could get it overturned but by then it was already after 5 and they were closed. So I gave them a call today and talked to a very nice lady about reconsidering the application. She looked at my history with them and asked about my recent new inquiries which are all because I'm still rebuilding my credit history after completing BK13 a few years back. She also asked about my limited credit history gap which was because of the BK. I answered all her questions and she said since I have a good history with them and have been managing all my accounts well, that she would approve my application. I was stoked! This couldn't have been possible without the help and information that y'all provide on this forum. I can't thank y'all enough!
  5. I made a mistake and BT into a New Barclays world master card with "0" interest for 15 months by doing the same amount twice. The 2nd BT request just popped on my Barclays transaction and showed me $2000 over my limit. I spoke to Barclays and was told that since BT went thru, my credit line when the new statement is cut will be the amount that I am over the limit. She said there was no overlimit fee om World Master Card. I am a little stunned since when I got the card 7 days ago and I called back door for a higher CL they said NO!
  6. Noticed this on the Barclays site. Any thoughts on this? Is there a BOA US Air product I don't know about? I think there use to be a BOA US Air debit card...
  7. I have had a Barclays Dividend Miles for 4 Months and got 40,000 miles. Is there a 2nd shot at getting another Barclays Dividend Miles and get the 50,000 Bonus
  8. Hey Everyone. Happy holidays. Barclays gave me a credit line increase on there own for 650.00. I have had the card for 7 months. Started at 1,000. I called and asked for 10k and was declined. I have no baddies on my TU. Can I call to recon that decision? Let me know.
  9. Hello everyone. Happy holidays. Received an automatic credit line increase from Barclays today. (Got that card thanks to the info on this site) I was waiting for my sixth month anniversary to call and ask for an increase. I started with 1,000 and they increased it by 650.00 Can I still call to see if they will give me more? Let me know.
  10. Applied last night and got the app pending notice. Called this morning and the security dept needed to verify me. Then she said she needed to transfer me because my card limit wasn't enough to cover the requested balance transfers. Got to the other analyst and she really didn't want to budge, so I thanked her and let it go. I called back and chatted with a different analyst about paying down balances, lower APR, blahdy, blahdy, blah, and she bumped it to cover all my requested transfers and to still have credit available!!!! So stinkin excited!!!!!!
  11. $5000 limit PIF every month Heavy Use. How long to wait for CLI?
  12. Hi CBers, I have a question for you. DW app'd for the SYNC Home Design CC w/ EX frozen, after numerous calls to finally get to the correct UW department, and getting the right UW, we had them pull TU and she was approved (and on the 2nd call got a CLI, gotta luv SYNC!!! ). So we wanted to each get the Barclay's US Airways CC, she app'd and was Declined. NOW NORMALLY, I'd have her recon. BUT, as she has many new accts in the last 90 days, I am weary of having her call and have an UW look at her file as I have read that Barclay's is very new acct "sensitive". I remember a comment left for me once by someone on here, something about a farm animal getting slaughtered, lol. So I am thinking of letting this one go as to not bring any unwanted attention to her that might result in AA or a CLD. Am I thinking logically? Thanks again for your input! Have a great rest of your week!!!
  13. Hi new the forum, i been reading alot of posts and really help me, so i wanted to share back.thanks to you all for the help i app for amex 11-4 after 20 years of not having the card, i said let try for the amex blue.pulled ex. i called recon they said since you had a card and it was in your bk you can not get one. i said after 20 years i cant come back the rep said no, i called again two hours later same answer, i was blown away. the same day i went for the barclays arrival got the message will let you know 7-10 days, i called recon they asked a few questions,approved 5,000 pulled trans i went also for the discover it card approved 800.00 pulled EQ, so i said let me try one more pulled the trigger went for the apple barclays card 1000 pulled EX fico -710
  14. Hi Folks, Thank you for all the great information. After my BK (2009) we started to rebuild our credit based on the advice here. We later received "decent" auto loan rates with Alliant CU, Toyota, and Nissan. Anyways, I recently Paid off/Closed our Capital One and Merrick Cards!!! Limits were small, highest being $1600. Our AOAA took a huge hit but it was AWESOME to get rid of those cards!!!! Capital One EO would not waive the annual fees PERMANENTLY! We waited a month and applied/approved for the following: Wife: Capital One Venture 15K (Couldn't believe it! Her highest is a Barclay Apple at 3K) Barclay Sallie Mae $1200 TU Score: 690 (per Barclay) Me: Barclay Arrival+ Elite MasterCard 5K (Shocked because my highest was Barclay Apple 2K. I had high UTL and never saw a auto CLI, so really didn't do it right) TU Score: 686 (per Barclay) I will probably move Apples over to new Barclay cards and close Apples. Both have been open for more than 2 years. At this point I don't really see the need for 200,000K in revolving credit and honestly how would I ever pay that back While the BK wasn't my fault and more job loss/life event, I have realized carrying credit card balances and paying interest is a modern form of indentured servitude. I haven't followed all the advice and did things backwards, like B* but it worked out because I needed those 10 points to get 1.9% @ 72 mo with Nissan. My credit reports still show BK and IIB accounts and because I get a little compulsive, I decided to leave that alone, ha! Anyways, I have some older cards since 2009: Firestone $1800 CB/Express $300 BB Rewards $300 Besides hurting my AOAA, will it really hurt my chances of getting to 750?? Oh and we already qualified for a mortgage but haven't found the right house. Honestly, we're not in a rush! We owned a "fixer" and that totally sucked so we're being more selective this time around. I may also try to refi my auto loans with DCU but a bit skeptical with them. I hate their website! Thoughts????
  15. Barclay Reward after 7 months no auto CLI, applied on-line, did NOT get instant. Called Backdoor. Answer 3 questions, put on hold and got a nice $3500 CLI. Then asked to close Barclay Sallie Me and add Credit Line to Rewards and Backdoor said "YES" It's a Great Monday Morning
  16. I searched high and low here and elsewhere and couldn't find what I was looking for. In simplest terms, will Barclays upgrade traditional cards to Siggy cards? When I apped with Barclays a couple of years ago my approval was for only $1,000 and so obviously I was awarded the Platinum version (no annual fee) and not the Signature Visa card. Now my limit with them is $10K after a couple of CLIs and I am wondering if I should ask them for an upgrade to the Signature version.
  17. Activate your RBoost account to earn up to 4X the rewards Did you know that you can earn even more rewards with your B credit card? Your Barclaycard features the RewardsBoost Online Mall, where hundreds of your favorite merchants now offer even more rewards. When you shop the mall with your B Rewards card, you can receive up to 4X the rewards, plus, you'll get access to exclusive discounts and deals. Want to get started? Log in at the B------card RBoost Mall to activate your account!
  18. Needed to Spend $3000 in 3 months for 40,000 mile bonus. Lots of previous manufactured spending doors are closing every day. After a week of research, came up with AMEX Serve at $200 a day Total $1,000 a month ADD money as a purchase on credit card and Paypal Debt Master Card funded with Credit Card for $1,000 than uploaded to Serve at $200 a day, Total $1,000 a month. Paid a different Master Card bill from Serve and it all worked.
  19. Just Got a 10 Day Notice on App for Barclays US Air Mastercard. I have another Barclays Arrival Card with a $7000 Credit Line. I want the US Air Card. Would it Help if I surrendered the Barclays Arrival to Get the US Air
  20. I know this is a baby step, but I wanted to let EVERYONE know that all their sharing of wisdom and knowledge does not go in vain, and as frustrating as it may get EXPLAINING and REPEATING things over and over again, as a NEWBIE (barely here over a year) I would like to thank ALL OF YOU! Getting ready for upcoming App Spree, so contacted Cap1 EO Tuesday Morning for CLI's (after last PIF payment went thru). Had QS1 at $4k, Cap1 Sparks Classic $1700, QS1 $1200 and Barclay's MC Rewarsd $500. Have been rebuilding credit since Spring 2013, and thanks to CB have all 3 FAKOS in low 700's. Have been putting alot of spend thru cards and PIF every month. SO I requested CLI's of $20k, $20k, and $15k, explaining that based on current spend and paying off ea card multiple times every month, I'd like to be able to use card and not worry about getting near 100% Utilization. Well they came back in 48 hrs with QS1 $4k>$5k, Sparks $1700>$4k, and QS1 $1200>$3k. Not what I wanted but not bad, gives me a decent base and am gearing up to hopefully get a few 5 figure cards during spree. So, now I debate whether or not to call Barclay's BD back after being declined 3 weeks ago for a CLI. Negative has been removed on TU since then and 3 weeks have passed, I have had card 1 yr w/ NO CLI EVER, declined 2x, but i decide to call and got a CLI $500>$3k. Not bad for a Thursday morning. Again, Thanks to EVERYONE! One day I will be able to share what I know with others too and pay it forward!!
  21. Well after trying to freeze my EX report online I finally broke down and called them. Only took a couple of minutes but I just despise talking on the phone to "credit people". Maybe not "credit people" but it just amps my blood pressure up, LOL. Anyway, after I got my EXP frozen I applied online for a Bank of America credit limit increase. Had it over a year in June of 2013 and they started me off at $10,000. I left the amount I wanted out an applied, but it came back stating I had to put an amount in the CLI box so I put $25K. Came back with it increased to $18,000. I'll take that. Then called into USAA (they have always been super nice btw) and asked for an increase on my AMEX CASH card that they issued me at $13,000. I also had a Visa with them that was at $3,000 that I never use, but they said they would have to pull 2 reports seeing that one was AMEX and one was Visa. So I opted for the AMEX increase. Came back doubled to $26,000. HAPPY, I'll take that too. Then went to my PNC which is my main bank besides NAVY. Started at $10,800 and they raised me to $25,000. I'm happy with that also. Decided to try CHASE which was about 20 months old. Started at $12,000 and asked for $25,000. Had to call in for that one and the lady said that a underwriter had to look at it and I would be getting a letter in 7-10 days. BUMMER...............My CLI high was shot down So I said WTH and applied online for a CLI on my USAA Visa at $3,000 and it came back approved for $9,000 So I can go to bed HAPPY and content that I'm still in Garden mode with CLI's of $41,200.
  22. I am currently rebuilding my credit and recently got approved by Barclays with a small limit. I need a larger limit but how do I increase my chances that they will comply and how long do I need to wait before asking?
  23. Just Hit my $3000 spending requirement to get 40,000 sign up bonus miles by Buying US Air Miles at 50% off, 17.5 cents vs 35.0 cents per mile. Can book AA thru US Air. Barclay is BK Friendly. Never thought I would ever get back a mileage card only 19 months out of BK. Thank You, CreditBoard
  24. Not sure if this is specific to certain lines or across-the-board at Barclays - I received this on my Apple iTunes card The Changes: BT is now the greater of $5 or 4% whichever is greater (think it was 3% before) Late Payment Fee is now $26 for the first late in 6 months, $37 for each successive late Bounced Payment Fee is $26 for the first, $37 for each successive in 6 months Penalty APR is no longer in effect (one positive) Minimum Interest Change is decreased to $.50 (okay another positive)
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