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Found 19 results

  1. It looks like the Barclays 50,000 mile promo is coming to an end, so I bit the bullet. I am running 60% credit card usage and my TU Fico score is 650. Was willing tp give up one of my 2 other Barclay cards going backdoor BUT I hit the ONline app and 30 seconds later got $3000. I now have 3 Barclay Cards 21 months out of BK. Thank You Credit Board
  2. Scores all right around 700. Would like to add some cards to continue lowering utilization and to provide a cushion as I will be keeping two homes the next 6 months so utilization will rise. First question would be Amex. Requested a CLI two weeks ago after being assured they would use a fresh pull (I had paid down nearly $15K in balances in October, including nearly paying off my Amex). Denial letter had a pull from early October and reason was overall utilization and Amex balance, both of which were wildly different by the time of CLI request. I know there is a time-wait if you GET a
  3. I got my denial letters in the mail today, had applied for Barclay Rewards card and US AIr (didn't have any belief my scores supported this, but they have been pushing it, so I figured why not) First off, I thought these were going to pull TU, but they pulled Experian. I should have had Experian frozen, but a few months ago when I went to freeze it, it wouldnt let me online, said I had to mail it in. Never got around to it. My fault on that. EX score from the denial letter- 640 Their denial reasons for US Air: High number of recent credit inquiries Insufficient number of accou
  4. If I call backdoor will it be a hard on TU and EX, I have EQ frozen
  5. I have Sallie Mae and Rewards Plus, but I really want the US Air 40,000 mile Bonus. The limit of Rewards Plus is only $1500, and i am not using it. Should I cancel Rewards Plus and apply for US Air, or is 3 cards possible with Barclays. 679 FICO and 19 months out of BK
  6. Just activated my NEW Sallie Mae Master with $2100 Line. I want to match my CAP 1 $6000 line. If I do online asking for a credit line increase, will they do another hard pull or If I call backdoor tomorrow will they NOT do a hard pull.
  7. Credit Line/Authorized Usage...Your credit line is shown on the folder containing your card. (BOLD PRINT) "We may change your revolving credit line from time to time-either increase or DECREASE it-in our sole discretion. YOU agree that we may change or cancel your revolving credit line or cash advance at any time for any reason without affecting your obligation to pay amounts that you owe...." Is this standard on new credit card approvals?
  8. Froze Equifax and Experian, and searched for TU Credit Pulls for BK Friendly.Cards. Chose US Air with 40000 Bonus Miles. Got approved for $2000, then called the credit analyst number you guys suggested here at CreditBoards. The credit analyst answered on the 1st ring. Asked a few questions, then said he needed to review credit report. Came back and asked how much I wanted. I said $5000 and he approved it that second
  9. Just Got Instant approval on Barclay's Sallie Mae Master. My FICO 685, 19 months out of BK. I have stated income that's hard to prove. I am nervous calling "Backdoor" if they start asking lot's of questions. Can I request a CLI thru the online account, can I expect a positive result. Or do I have to call backdoor in opes of getting a higher limit
  10. 11 PM Pacific Got US Air Approved with Transunion at 700 FAKO... Should I call recon to get higher limit.
  11. Just logged in to make sure my payment posted. 6th statement just cut and I see an auto CLI from 1500 to 3k. Been waiting for this one, looking forward to the next one. Working so hard to get across that 700 FICO line. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be there. About 20 points to go. Almost 2 years post BK. I've been running the card up almost to the max and paying it off almost in full every month before the statement cuts. Usually letting a few hundred report on each statement. About 2% utilization with about 25k in credit lines currently across the board.
  12. Hey Everybody! I've got my eyes on a Barclay card and Im determined but I cant waste another inquiry on them until i think my chances are pretty good, so I need some feedback. I was denied last November with a horrible report and a TU fico of around 560, but i see where people are being approved with low scores on creditpulls and my uncle got one with 26 negative TL's so I know it cant be that hard, but unfortunately TU is my worst report, but heres what it reads. My TU-VT is 720, not sure about FICO but last month my Fico8 bankcard score was 648. I have 14 negative TL's most of which
  13. ok, thnx again all for your suggestions in previous posts. I might need to make another success story, for our journey but that's later. On to my question App for Barclay rewards (high credit) card was denied so i called the recon line (approved after call). As the rep was asking a few q's he "overheard" my wife ask about 2 of our other cards. He then asked if i had heard about their ring card? said its 8% ("fixed"?) APR with no BT fee. It seemed like a good idea. The funny part is that the cards my wife was asking about are "builder cards" with around 22% APR. Would it be a good idea to
  14. So I currently have Barclays and receive my updated FICO every so often. Today I went to enroll in e statements for my Walmart card and sign up for their free FICO as well and received a message that they are unable to provide my FICO due to my security freeze. No big deal I'll stick with Barclays as I am not removing the freeze. But does anyone know why Barclays would be able to provide the FICO through the freeze and not Walmart? As I understand they both pull TU. Thanks
  15. Instant approval online for $1500.00. This is the last card I wanted to round out my rebuilding efforts since Ch 7 Bk discharged back in Oct 2012. Off to the garden officially until 2015 since I know barclays is known to be inquiry sensitive.
  16. Wondering if anyone can share if they have more then three cards issued/serviced by Barclays. Thanks for the input.
  17. Found an offer for 24 months 0% BT. BT fee is 4%... To be expected with this long of an offer. https://www.barclaycardus.com/apply/Landing.action?campaignId=1654&cellNumber=28&referrerid=CKA0913024495654211
  18. Hello you beautiful people, I have a barclay appl card that has grown to one of my highest cl over the past 2 years. I am starting to use it more and more often. It has a very high interest rate. Has anyone had any success with getting barclay to lower the interest rate?
  19. Going to finally pull the trigger on applying for a Barclay card today. TU FICO is 675. I have seen some different opinions on here of which is best to go for as a first card? Seems like Apple through the store is a frequent suggestion. Is there any better chance of getting approved if I say I will likely send $500 vs I will likely spend $2500? Any other one that would be a great first card with them? Any that are really hard to get and I should avoid? Yes, have looked in the database, but clearly there are a lot more approvals and denials than people are reporting. Th
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