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  1. I will use this as my running thread for my home buying attempt. My BK7 will be 2 years old on 1/22/15. I am attempting to get a pre-approval now. let us see what happens!
  2. Hello everyone. I'm a new member here and have been reading topics on here for about 2 or 3 days prior to starting this topic. I didn't find anything quite like what I'm looking for beforehand, so here I am making a new topic to try to get some advice. I started paying for Experian Credit Watch a couple days ago so I can try to fix everything wrong with my credit. However, upon inspection of my credit report I found a few things that made me rethink my entire situation, Just so you guys have a little back-story, I'm young (22) and made some very poor decisions resulting in me not being able to
  3. Hello all! I'm excited to be a part of CB. I have been reading and reading and reading, and I'm ready to ask for help. Here's my story. I have a discharged Chapter 7 - DECEMBER 5, 2014!!! Yay me! TU and Exp scores are about the same (628). The site I use is down so I can't give the exact number of negative accounts reporting. My question is this. Where do I start? I feel so overwhelmed with all the info I've read in the PsychDoc transcripts and member posts, and I'm just not sure where to start. Will someone please give me some help? My goal is home ownership. I'm not in a major rush and w
  4. I'm one year post-discharge Chapter 7 and my three actual FICO scores are all around 670. My utilization is 2%. 10 new accounts. Two inquiries left on each CRA. I am curious what kinds of true FICO scores are possible with a BK 7 still reporting (10 years). Can people indicate what their scores are and how fmany years post-discharge? I do realize that part of this is based on average age of accounts and whether or not you have a mortgage for credit mix, so the maximum will of course vary. I am thinking that high scores are likely to cap around 720 - 730, but I don't know.
  5. I just got an alert that negative information was reporting. It is this company, Statebridge, who purchased our mortgage from Bank of America recently. We filed Ch7 BK in 2009 and included the mortgage. This is how it is reporting: Date Opened: 11/2006 Date of Status: 11/2014 Reported Since: 11/2014 Last Reported Date: 11/2014 Account History: Filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on Nov 30, 2014 It also shows a zero balance and zero payment. I am afraid my current creditors, especially Barclay, will see this and close my accounts! I did not file BK last month; it was 5 years ago! An
  6. I am in the process of divorce, and I have racked up a lot of debt. I am not sure how much information I should give, so I will start with some basic information. I have a mortgage, car loan, lending club consolidation loan and 11 credit cards. I want to try to keep from filing bankruptcy, but not sure if it is even possible. My plan is to close several if not all of the credit card accounts. I want to call each company and explain my situation and see if they will allow me to close the account, adjust the balance and/or APR My wife owes me her share of the marital debt and is giving me
  7. Hoping someone can assist here with getting my bankruptcy removed early. My ch 13 is due to fall off in December 2014/Jan 2015. So far I have been able to get TU to remove early, as a result, I received a nice jump in my CS as a result. I've tried to call Experian to have it removed no success with the rep, same with Equifax. Both basically are saying I need to ride it out until the fall off date. Any suggestions as to how to proceed next with an early removal?
  8. I posted this already in the bankruptcy forum: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=534860 I have student loans with Nelnet. that were not discharged in bk7. Bk7 was discharged about a month ago. The loans show admin forbearance until the year 0001. I called them to try to get the loan status and find out when I can re-apply for the income based repayment plan. I was on the IBR plan until I filed bk7 and my payment was $0. They told me that it was valid until January 2015, but that I need to reapply in October or November. However, the rep I spoke to last night said I
  9. Hi. I am new and have been lurking and ready for about a month. I finally decided to pull my reports and post here. I have been in a battered women's shelter for 5 months. I now have my own apartment a great job starting at $13.94 an hour with a trucking company as a dispatcher and an opportunity for tons of overtime this holidau season. Here is my situation. I was with my crazy ex for 12 years. He handled all fiances. I pulled my trans report and score faco was 589 and $16k in collections. Lots of medical 3-5 years old and some of his credit cards where I was on them that are 5 year
  10. Hi all, This is my first post, as I am new here. My husband and I recently filed Chapter 7 BK and it has been discharged since September 2014, we are now wanting to rebuild our credit, our scores are both just shy of 600, (my husbands score shot up 87 points AFTER BK was filed...mine went up by 1 point...weird huh) We are thinking we will need to get a secured credit card, which is fine, but do not know who to go with? We currently bank at a local credit union and thought of going through them, but wanted to make sure it was reported to all 3 credit bureaus, So should we go for a MAJOR co
  11. Hi I recently started fixing my credit to buy a house. I have read, read, and read a lot of information on this forum and thanks to everyone I have learned ALOT!! I sneaked peaked my Experian dispute online and saw 2 deletes and several updates (not sure what that means, hopefully something good). They are the only CRA I have done thus far. I do have a few questions. I had a BK Chap 7 back in 2010 and have a couple TL that were paid through the BK and I would like to get those removed. Any suggestions? Also would love to get 2 public records (one is BK and other is civil judgment for a CA
  12. I apologize if this has been answered. I have searched for 3 days now trying to see if I could find a specific answer, I have found similar but not exact. 10/13 I was in an auto accident (which is the reason for the BK now) I was the middle car in the three car accident, my insurance had to pay for my medical bills. There is one bill for 84$ that was not paid. I notified the OC in March 2014 that I intended to file bankruptcy, they made note of it, April 3rd I filed, and the stay letters from BK court were sent out. Fast forward to June 9, 2014 a collection shows up on my credit report for
  13. My Chapter 7 is being filed by an attorney electronically this weekend. I will not reaffirm my car, but plan on paying to retain with the balance discharged. I'm upside down by about $4,000 on a 2011 Corolla, but have never been late on payments. My attorney has suggested I not reaffirm, and I can't redeem and a 722 redemption is not in my best interest. I was referred to a loan broker who specializes in pre-discharge and post-discharge auto loans. I think If I went on my own to a dealership the best I could do is 14 to 18 percent apr on a new car (just want a Honda Civic). I s
  14. I am starting a KickStarter campaign to fund an art project. (I am an artist). I have credit card judgments as a result of prolonged unemployment, also one judgment from a past eviction. When my high paying corporate job went bad, and I couldnt find any work, I decided to pursue my passion in art. Assuming my project is fully funded for $10,000.00 and that money gets wired into my account, is it at risk for seizure from my credit card judgements? That would be a problem, since the backers of the KickStarter are expecting original pieces of work in return for a contribution. I know there is
  15. If you were able to opt out of Lexis Nexis, does this really increase your chances of getting a public record removed from your CR?
  16. I'm almost done my chapter 13 plan and my mortgage guy thinks he will be able to get me approved for conventional financing. My credit has bounced back, I've got a steady job and income as well as a decent down payment. Has anyone here been able to qualify for conventional financing soon after a 13 discharge?
  17. I'm in the midst of rebuilding my credit after getting my defaulted student loans discharged and cleaning up my credit report, and I've got a quick question about authorized users, bankruptcy, and card utilization for some of the more expert folks here on CB. In 2012/2013 I was an authorized user on a relative's (not spouse) Capital One card which had a $500 CL. She declared bankruptcy in early 2013 and of course the Capital One card was closed and discharged in that bankruptcy. Even so, the card is still showing up on my credit report, although as a Satisfactory account which is sho
  18. I have a question. I have bankruptcy protection under a chapter 13 bankruptcy and I have been making my payments on time but I think that Chase has me a month behind. I could make my payments much easier if I could get rid of the PMI. I already have 20% down and am wanting to know if the bankruptcy will keep me from getting the PMI taken off if I either get caught up or find out that I am not really behind? It is only a few hundred dollars a month but I could apply that to the principle or other bills. Thanks ahead of time.
  19. Does anyone know if these vampires are still in business? (I know, they sold their portfolio to Ocwen a few months ago, but if I dispute a TL, will anyone respond, or will it quietly drop from my CR?)
  20. Well I decided to apply with logix. Mainly because I have been recently hearing good things about them though that information may not be 100% correct. I applied for the regular savings. Then I decided to apply for the credit card. After the application it said I was pre approved for the following: Platinum Rewards: 15K 13% Platinum :15K 12% I selected the rewards card since the interest rate does not matter to me. If approved for that rate it would be my lowest. If approved for that limit it would be my highest. Blowing Navy's out of the water at 12K I have a disch
  21. I have been doing a lot of reading, but not sure exactly on the answer here. I know I have to wait 2 year post CH7 to get financing, however, haven't seen any discussion on if i can start the "pre-approval" process before that 2 years is up? Is there any reason I can't? or would they just want to wait til the 2 year mark to be sure?
  22. So after reading about all the people on here about Logix, I decided to give it a shot. A bit about me first. I filed for BK7 (thank you ex-wife) in January of 2012. At the time, my FICO scores were in the 530 range. In June of 2012, Cap One approved me for a Platinum Card for $2000 (currently upgraded to Quicksilver and $3500 limit). After waiting a year, I apped for a few more cards in June of 2013. I was approved for a second Cap One Quicksilver One card ($750 limit). I was also approved for a Merrick Card ($700 limit), a Barclays reward ($1500 limit), and a DCU Visa ($500 limit). I als
  23. I'm back! Been gone a while, living live, working, letting things age. The 2 scores I can see are both well into the mid 700s at this point, 8 years and 1 month after filing a Chapter 7, which discharged in Feb. 06. Amex wasn't IIB, but I was poison to them for years due to it being on my reports. I've been an AU on my DW's acct since she got her card in '07. So last week for S & G's, I applied for a BCE card. APPROVED - for a limit of $9700!!!!!! Not my highest but better than the $1000 toy card I was expecting. Next question...when will this show up on my reports most
  24. I filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in June 2008. The bankruptcy was discharged March 2013. Experian has some of my my accounts listed as the following: Account History: Charge Off as of Sep 2012 Debt included in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy on Mar 18, 2013 They have my account being eligible for fall off in 2019, which means that its been reaged as well. Ive disputed this info numerous of times. Is this info being reported correctly, or would I be able to prove violations of the FCRA AND Federal Bankruptcy violations. Thanks, Art
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