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Found 15 results

  1. This thread is to track and predict NFCU and other balance transfer offers. Some of these offers are targeted, and some are open to everyone. They also seem to offer both 0% APR offers and low APR transfers at various times. If you do a balance transfer outside of any of these special offers, it is treated as a cash advance. As many have posted before, NFCU seems to do the general 0% balance transfer offers about twice year. Many of us are speculating that the next 0% offer will be at the end of August or early September. Please add your own data to this thread, and we can continue to
  2. Hi, I have no debt, and have built up a large credit line from a history of AoRs (to earn signup bonuses), currently around $280k. I am interested now in creating relationships with credit issuers that have a history of giving out 0% APR offers to current cardholders. I plan to leverage the 0% offers (with low BT fees) to invest in the market in mutual funds that I consider to be a reasonable risk tolerance for me. I understand that I could lose money, but in the long run if I do this every year and have a stable income that I can repay back on down years, I should make money. I al
  3. Hello All, As I do every January, I am currently tweaking my credit reports. I recently applied for a Discover Card and got turned down for High balance ratios. I have this Visa Card from my credit union where I have a $10,500 balance on a $12,000 balance. The interest rate is 14%. My FICO score is 680. Naturally, the obvious answer is pay down the balance dummy! However, can I pay it down with another credit card company where I can transfer the balance to and not be paying a high rate of interest? I am looking for somewhat of a sure thing (based on my FICO score) where I am not applying
  4. Was just in my local DCU branch and they had signage all over about this offer, though I have not yet received any direct messaging from them about it. https://www.dcu.org/whats-new/zero-percent-balance-transfer.html
  5. Wanting to transfer my balance from Credit One to Chase Freedom (when it gets here and activated) and close out Credit One. They do offer 0% for 15 months on Balance transfers, but is it that easy to do?
  6. Howdy All, Does anyone have any experience transferring balances between cards owned by the same issuer? I was just approved for a Chase Sapphire Preferred. I do have a large purchase to make, so I should have no trouble meeting the 3K minimum spending limit to get the bonus. I don't really feel like shelling out 3K at the end of the statement cycle however, and had the idea that I might find a nice balance transfer card and pay it off at my leisure. This may qualify me as a money grubbing, penny pinching so-and-so, which would delight me to no end. Trouble is, the card
  7. ok, thnx again all for your suggestions in previous posts. I might need to make another success story, for our journey but that's later. On to my question App for Barclay rewards (high credit) card was denied so i called the recon line (approved after call). As the rep was asking a few q's he "overheard" my wife ask about 2 of our other cards. He then asked if i had heard about their ring card? said its 8% ("fixed"?) APR with no BT fee. It seemed like a good idea. The funny part is that the cards my wife was asking about are "builder cards" with around 22% APR. Would it be a good idea to
  8. I just got a credit limit increase on a high interest rate cc ( CC-A). I have an account that was closed that has a higher interest rate (CC-V) than the cc (CC-A) interest listed above by 9%. I am currently making monthly payments until it is paid off. I could pay the account off but have no great advantage, except to save the high interest charges. * Don't know how it would affect my credit score. Which action would be best for my credit score? a. Pay off the closed cc (CC-V) with the new lower interest cc (CC-V)? Be about 95% utilized on the lower interest cc (CC-A) b. Continu
  9. Capital One Platinum Prestige is Offering 0% Balance Transfer thru Jan 2015. I applied for this but got approved for Cap One Platinum with 24.95% Balance Transfer Interest from Day 1. I am just starting rebuilding and this my first unsecured card. FICO Score around 660. Is it worth calling EO?
  10. I am considering a BT to my recently opened Barclay card, CL of $2k. I've never done a BT before but it may be worth it for a couple of reasons. 1) I cannot open another Barclay card until I build a positive payment history with them. So that will also go with CLI's, I can only figure. I don't want to buy things on this card and still need to pay off other cards in the meantime. Overall utilization on all cards is approx 26%. 2) I have three Capital One cards, one with a current total at $900, other two total $600. The $900 is the one I'd like to transfer. The other two cards wi
  11. Hey CreditBoards! I'd first like to thank all the people here for all the great insight and advice that you all provide here. I've gone from sub 600 rico scores to now having a 780 in equifax, a 750 experian and a 670 transition (they still report a default that was paid off from 2001 - any help with that would be great too, but it's not the reason for my question). So i've done well at getting my credit back on track, but now I would like to buy a house this summer, but first I need to clear away some consumer debt. I have about 10K I've spent over the years on equipment. My questi
  12. Greetings, I have been with NFCU around 8 months. I have carried a balance between $2000 and $3000 for about 6 months. I have 13 trade lines and NFCU is the only one I carry a balance on. We hope to use NFCU for our mortgage soon and figure perhaps I should treat them with kid gloves until we get it (by PIF every month until mortgage is secured or doing a balance transfer). I just got approved for the OCCU beaver card (20K) and apped for the Duck yesterday as the rep said if I got one, I'd likely get the other. I am considering using one of the OCCU cards to do a 0% balance transfer from th
  13. Had a question about balance transfers, for those in the know. I know you cannot BT from one card to another card issued by the same bank. But is there anything that prevents them from approving a BT if you go from one bank to another bank and later go back to the first bank (different card)? For example. Imagine I have $2,000 on a Chase credit card. I also have an opened AmEx BFP. I would like to BT the $2,000 from Chase to BFP. Then, down the line, I want to open Chase Slate (to take advantage of their 0% APR and $0 BT fee). Would I be able to BT from AmEx to Slate? Would it m
  14. One of my cards, the BOA visa signature currently runs an offer on balance transfer and I wanted to move about $7000 to that card. The credit limit is not reported by BOA (Currently 15K) but card reports maximum past balance and minimum payment amount. The question is - how my FICO is going to be affected if I transfer balance to this Visa Signature card. Will new balance become "hidden" from FICO algorithms or total utilization is going to be calculated based on maximum past balance that is reported (that would be strange). Anybody can help and clarify? Thank you!
  15. augie

    Capital One

    Hello All, Anyone know if it is possible to consolidate your capital one cards into just one cap one card with one balance? Anyone ever able to do this at all?
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