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Found 16 results

  1. So when I was 18, I had a bank account with Wells Fargo for school, that my Grant went into. I was young and careless, and I spent beyond my means. Overdrafting several times. When I stopped going to school I never made another payment and now I'm stuck. I have this Wells fargo account in collections, it's been that way for 4 years, I have a Victoria's secret account that I've made a payment on in the past but can't find the information for seeing as I've moved since that's been there for 4 years as well, and as of 2013 I've got a 12k medical bill from being sent to the hospital and held there
  2. I am so happy I found this board. Background - I am 27 years old, I live in the USA (midwest), and I have suffered from severe depression for most of my life which hit particularly hard in my early 20s. During my 20s I screwed my credit up royally. Suffering from depression and anxiety, I just never paid bills (credit cards, loans, etc) and have let my debt rack up to the point where I have creditors calling my cell phone and my parent's house daily and I receive mail that I just throw away because I already know it's a debt collection letter. I have about $40K in student loans and I never g
  3. I am currently trying to improve my credit score. I have made some mistakes in the past and am paying for it now. My credit score is currently 550, up from 510 in July. I currently have 3 accounts in collections, none of which will do pay for delete. 2 of them are hospital bills, one for 1330.00 and one for 470.00. I am currently disputing them, hoping that they will not reply back to transunion. The 3rd is a bill to Sprint that is also in collections. I owe 1200.00 and have negotiated them to do a settled in full amount of 517.00.... Is this a good amount and idea. I have other negative marks
  4. Hi, I'm a Newbie and this site was reco'd by my BF bc I need to work on my credit. I wrote down my credit score goal as 750. I was told once, if it's written its real. That kept me on top of goals in life and has been a successful tool in my life thus far. It's pretty much a twist on a vision board. Anywho, with all that said, I would love opinions and recos on what, how, and when I should do certain things to reach this goal. I have read difft posts, but there is so much info that helps, but also pushes me one more step away from achieving my goal bc I just don't understand certain thi
  5. In need of purchasing a new car, quick question about revolving balances before I submit one of the ubiquitous "App for Marv". I have 3 revolving major credit cards ($2000, $1000 secured, $600 limits) and 2 revolving store cards (charge accounts, $5500 and $800 limits). I vary between 10-30% credit usage on my revolving lines. No other loans, a number of baddies. My question: if I pay off all my consumer credit / revolving credit balances off immediately, will the 0% credit usage have a positive effect on my auto loan application in ~1-2 months? Or do lenders care more about average cr
  6. Here's how I use the LAW to fairly and legally dispute anything off your credit report: Many have asked, “ How is your credit repair method different from the rest”? Well here’s how, keep reading: Here’s the truth, over 70% of credit reports have errors in them . The vast majority of negative items on a typical credit report are in fact VALID. Therefore, simply disputing all the negatives on your report using a traditional disputing process, will be “verified” by the credit reporting agencies and remain on your credit file. Nothing will change. For this reason, many people falsely believe th
  7. Hello all! This has been a rough few years for me, but I'm finally in a position to start fixing some of the mistakes I've made. I've cleaned up a lot of things in my personal life, now it is time to really tackle my financial. As far as debt, I'm really not in a bad off position. I recently got married and with our combined efforts my debts could be paid off relatively quickly. However my credit is terrible. We were recently getting a new car, and were going to put it in both of our names to help my score. It is at a horrendous 516. We decided not to since with my husband's super high c
  8. Who do I call or write an obsolete letter too? Also how do I write the letter?
  9. My brother had a stroke in August. He is totally disabled (can't even sign his name). I have gone to court to get a conservatorship so I can direct his care, file for SSI etc. In applying for SSI today, I learned he needed a checking account in his name to receive the benefits. I also found out he has such bad credit that the credit union I normally bank with won't even open an account for him with me as conservator (I have excellent credit). Does anyone know of a bank/credit union that is legit that I can open an account with for him? Social Security is all electronic now so I must hav
  10. Hello everyone, I was told that I could get some good help from experts on this board, hence why I signed up. My Dilemma: I recently checked my annual credit score and I seen that it is a 495. I know that is terrible. Yes, I am aware that I made some bad decisions credit wise when I was younger and now it's catching up to me. I am trying to help rebuild my credit. I have 4 negative inquiries and a load of student loans. Can anyone help me as far as where to start? What to do? Is there someone I should contact? Thanks in advance and your help is greatly appreciated.
  11. In February 2011 I went to the ER with what ended up being kidney stones and they had to be surgically removed. I went through with the procedure and my insurance covered a good portion of it but not all of it. Because I went to the ER, then a urologist, then had outpatient surgery at another facility I received at least 10 different bills for everything. I wasn't making much money at the time so I paid all the smaller bills I could afford and ignored the larger bills. They have been in collections as of October 2011. Currently in collections: 1. $1,185.00 - ER visit 2. $91.00 - Anest
  12. Backstory, current situation, and question regarding my approach: I am 27 years old. When I was 21, I had a legal issue come up that caused me to lose my job. In the aftermath of this, I received a 20k judgement, had a brand new car repo'd (5 months after buying it), and my credit went to hell. I stopped paying on everything. Student loans, small 20 dollar store credits, etc. I ignored all of it. I started making pretty decent money as a web applications architect.. bought everything for cash (cars, motorcycles, boats). I sold them off. My terrible lifestyle finally came to a halt 12 month
  13. Hello, I have had some very unfortunate series of events happen to me in the last few years. I just moved to New York City a few years ago, and I immediately went into the shelter system, I was having domestic violence problems at the time and needed a place to stay fast. My daughter was in Connecticut at the moment working at Walmart living with a friend. I asked that she pay the insurance that month, but instead she spent it on clothes with her friend. Just my luck, the very next week, my car was stolen, along with most of my valuables including my cat. My credit took a very hard hit becaus
  14. Hi everyone I hope someone can direct me and offer me some advice here. I am 26 years old. My transunion score currently is 581. Majority of the negative accounts on my credit report are medical bills. 15 of them are scheduled to fall off 2015. I believe i have about about 21. The most recent medical bill is 2 years old..... I have 3 unsecured credit cards on file with a 100% paid on time payment history. My father added me on that is the only reason it is being reported to the credit bureaus. i tried to apply for a capital one secured credit card and i was denied. why? and is there any hope
  15. Hello! Long time creeper, first time poster! I'm starting to get really fed up, frustrated and embarrassed of my situation and have no idea how to fix it. Back when I first turned 18, I applied for a credit card ($500 limit) and was approved straight away. I lost my job about a year later and was unable to make even the minimum payment on my balance (it was completely maxed out because I was an salamander with spending) and it went into collections. This credit card that went to collections still pops up as an "active card" with every place I've applied to get a credit card (including my
  16. I am 26 years old. Recently married (May 2011) and a financial mess! Ok, so I might not be in as bad of a situation as some....but poor enough for my own liking. I have over $15,000 worth of debt and I have no clue how to tackle it. Oh and there is a plus, my newlywed husband is in the same situation. Most of the debt is from hospital bills, and miscellaneous things left unpaid as an irresponsible teen and young adult. The major (most expensive) things are a auto loan, ONE credit card that was put in my name when I was about 17 by a family member, and an unjust court judgement placed against m
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