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Found 3 results

  1. I had a medical emergency in 2009 and was in Hospital 3 times in one month, for the 1st time in my life. I almost hemorraghed to death. Dr put me on 30 days bedrest to heal. During that time I could not work and spent my savings surviving. I rented a Condo for 6 years. First years rent was $700 mo. This medical emergency happened at beginning of 7th year (2010) and rent was jacked up to $995 mo. I notified Management Company I was going to be late with rent, they requested medical documents. I provided documents, got email saying they understood, would give me more time and reduce rent back down to $750 for the coming year. I waited, waited. No new lease in mail as promised. I emailed Mgmt Co got reply "Out of Office" I waited. Instead I got served with eviction notice. Realizing they were playing dirty, I took them to Court and won 1st round, staying in my Condo. Went back to work. I was almost 1 mo behind. I dropped off rent and they would not accept it. Got another eviction notice. Went to Court and lost.They lied in Court. I was forced to leave on short notice, put my stuff in storage and lived in my car temporarily. I still had key to mailbox so got my mail from the outside box because I didnt know what to do or where to go. 3 months later I found a room to rent in a private Home. My new address was on my credit report since 2010. I never got any further mail from Management Company.They could have easily found me by doing a websearch or credit check. I read lawbooks for my state, they had 6 months to provide me a final accounting after inspecting the place or for any charges due. For 6 years I kept that place in model home condition. It was same when I left. I noticed Condo was vacant for 6 months. I have copies of my credit reports every 6 months for the past 8 years. Guess what I found today? A $10,000 Collection Agency acct from Management Company, BACKDATED to 2010. I'm about to have a nervous breakdown....how can they do this 4 years later and post it like its been on there all along? Now what do I do?
  2. A little background: I got an Amex Delta gold card in 2006, and then got unemployed and it charged off in 2008. I paid off the chargeoff in January of 2012, and was finally approved two weeks ago for the Delta Gold again (after applying FOUR times). When I got my card, it said "13". On the website, it said "Member since 05". Ebuddog: Hi, my member since date is incorrect on my card. Rep: It sure is! Let me get with the printing department to see what the issue is. (puts me on hold for 5 mins. I'm kind of getting nervous) Rep: Okay, looks like they printed up a whole bunch of cards at once, that's why there was an error. We'll get your new card with the '05 date in the mail to you today Me: Thanks! So, does this mean when it reports it will report back to '05?
  3. Hi. I have been an Amex member since 2012.....AFAIK. On my account homepage, under my name in the upper right area, it says "Thank you for being a cardmember since 1993". I think this suddenly changed when I regsitered my Gold Biz Card the other day. I had never noticed it before. Thing is, my Gold Biz Card says member since 2012. Now, I just got my new SPG Biz Amex in the mail today. It says cardmember since 1993!!! Just like the website! Wow.Something obviously happened here. I was just on the phone with the rep about this card (unrelated matter) when I suddenly noticed it and began to fumble my words and hesitate. I was about to ask her about it and decided to not say anything. Anyone ever had this happen before? I'm quite confused here. I'd LOVE to be backdated to 1993 but don't remember having a card back then. I would love to call and ask to have my other two Amex's remailed with the backdating to 1993 but I don't know if that would work or if it would raise red flags and get corrected.....mainly because I don't know how clear, concise and organized backdating is. I mean, do the reps just see my 1993 backdating and go off that without verifying it? My ultimate goal would be, if I can really keep the 1993 date, to get a personal card...which I still don't have...and give my AAOA a serious jolt in age.
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