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  1. So you’ve read about the “security-related” CRA(s) that lurk in the data-collection bushes, one of which can thwart our efforts with select lenders and undermine our hard work on the B* Battlefield. If you’re not familiar with ARS, it has been mentioned in a couple of threads recently, but both of those recent threads offer links to older ones with more details to chew: From 2009 -- http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=405187 From 2007 -- http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=239752 I received my ARS report in today’s mail. While it isn’t a total disaster
  2. If you think you have made a B* Discovery, keep it quiet, because backdoors are often slammed shut once the "secret" gets out. PM one of the Scroll Keepers, and they can tell you if your discovery is already in the Scroll. If not, and it's a good one, you'll be granted a BI Title. Then you'll be in charge of who gets to know the new B* trick. Happy Hunting! * = Keeper of the Scroll Scroll Keepers: *Bump Influence IV = foeplay *Bump Influence Scroll Keeper II = qwerty4 *Bump Influence Scroll Keeper III = Bad Debt King *Bump Influence Scroll Keeper = Occam Bump Influence = BobWang Bum
  3. My DW seems to have been dropped from the Equifax Choppage block. She was not chopped in September, and now again not chopped in October. Presently, she is pulling both EIDT and Alert Plus and just B* today an inquiry dated 9/23/14 on her second pull of the day which makes sense being around 42.5 days ago. Has anyone else had the experience of getting off the choppage list? Should she stop pulling twice a day and go down to just one puller, EIDT? She did back door twice in September to confirm no choppage, but has not since.
  4. I have been getting a CreditKarma update weekly for a while now, just by logging in, and a week after my last update it would automatically just repopulate with a new report. Today, I should have gotten an update, my last one was Oct 15, but the website is different and there is not the usual wording on the landing page like this (still showing for my DW): Any ideas what might be going on here? Anyone else seeing this issue? I also notice that my DW's login landing page is: https://www.creditkarma.com/dashboard whereas mine is now: https://www.creditkarma.com/myfinances/sco
  5. the last two inquiries shown on this report have long been B* from Equifax Complete. Does USAA not report updated Inquiries (hard) on a timely basis or do I have a problem? and it doesn't show a legit HI from Oct. 9th... May I assume that USAA is not at its finest on the latest and greates of HI reporting? Also, it is showing a CA that was removed almost immediately as the entry was in error... but it is still zinging my experian score...it is dated 9/15 and was removed by CA almost immediately after call from my lawyer... Alert Date 09/06/2014 THIS HAS BEEN BUMPED
  6. I just needed to ask a question for clarification. In all my reading I see that is is advised to avoid Backdoor and Disputes while involved in B*. Now I would think from a technical standpoint that an additional SP would assist in your journey of B*, though I don't know what a dispute would do and for that matter what an additional SP does during B* via BD, please advise. Thnaks
  7. Menta33 discovered a new emergency EQ puller for people who cannot get an Amex, such as those on the Amex blacklist. In order to keep this active and working, we aren't posting it publicly. If you would like information, send me a PM. If you have fewer than 500 posts or we don't know you, we aren't going to share the information with you at this time. Making these things too accessible and public is what gets them shut down. Thanks again to Menta33 for this discovery!
  8. Thanks if anyone can sort me out. I know that EDIT-MPM soft pulls show as TRUECREDIT/VERTRUE USAA-CCMP soft pulls show as CREDITEXPERT1-866-673-0140 Quizzle Pro shows as Quizzle, LLC WITH NO PERIOD However, AMEX Credit Smart could be any of the following... CIC/EXPERIAN ALRTS ??? dates are ok but incomplete on pull records CIC/EXPERIAN RPTS ??? same CONSUMERINFO>COM ??? this must be another service because the dates are from way before C$ but do they count? and is Equifax INFO SVCS =Equifax Complete which instigates C*- which does NOT B* I know th
  9. I have credit check monitoring through USAA and I wanted to start working on B*, but as I understand it, you need daily pulls to accomplish B* effectively. With my monitoring through USAA, it only allows me one report refresh per 30 days. Do I have a different product than others?
  10. I see posts every week wherein a CBer laments over their INQs after allegedly being denied credit for having too many HPs. I say "allegedly" because this is almost never the real reason. It's just the "on-the-record" or "official" reason the lender slaps onto the AA (adverse action) Letter to explain the decision -- a decision based entirely upon different info that isn't listed in their drop-down menu of excuses reasons. I think of it like the world of dating. When s/he says, "It's not you...it's me," that's my cue to read between the lines and take a hard look at reality. When a lender s
  11. I started B* on July 15th. My EQ hards started falling off on Aug 1. I was able to B* 38 of my 40 inq in 18 days! I had just two more but was C* sometime today...oh well I did extraordinarily well. On a brighter note, I was able to B* TU clean at the end of last week. My objective was not to gain points (although I did gain 23 pts. on EQ; haven't checked Myfico TU) but to rid myself of pointless inq and get a fresh start. I learned my lesson and will app more judiciously moving forward. For those interested, this is what I used: EQ = MPM (EIDT), Quizzle, and USAA TU = Smartcredit, TUP (fre
  12. My daily Credit Secure pull failed today, when I look, it says: After pressing Start Purchasing: Called the number, first QSR said I needed to manually enroll, but never looked at my account. Tried again and second CSR said they are having site problems and to delete cookies and try again in a few hours. Still no luck. When I enrolled about a month ago, it required manual intervention on their part and it seems to have never charged my card, so I suspect my account is screwed up and not the site in general. Anyone else having trouble, or are they just confused? Sug
  13. I've almost bumped all of Equifax, but have 12 inq stuck on TU... they haven't budged in 4 days. Any reasons why? They were going down every day and then stopped! I'm still pulling my daily pullers, nothing has really changed on my end. Good news is all 12 are from one day of auto loan shopping, all other inquries are gone so FICO should only score them as one. But I still want them gone!
  14. I need some serious guidance from the pros, so I listed Bob Wang in my tags, and this is a plea to all BIs out there! I'm facing some of those Unintended Consequences. I'm losing closed, positive TLs -- they're dropping like flies. I use EQ's monitoring service, and I've read a ton about B* and C*, and I've got a pretty good grasp on the how and why. I am one of those who has not (for some unknown reason) ended up on the C* block, but I really wish they'd PUT me on it! I actually used that service, alone, to B* 13 INQs off of EQ last year. That's wonderful...right? Except that later in 201
  15. hello everyone , I'm new here , after reading on this forum as a guest I want to join and to introduce my self and my report my question is how long do you think I will start get b* on my EQ base on this report form today? I pull daily with MPM , SCP , TUP , ECP. and I have also pulls form CK. I don't how to find my TU soft , after reading here still can't find. :-/ Inquiries that may impact your credit rating: AMERICAN EXPRESS TRS CO, INC 03/08/14, 09/24/13, 09/16/13, 08/21/13 CAPITAL ONE BANK USA NA 09/16/13 Comenity Bank/ANNTYLR 09/11/13 DISCOVER FINANCIAL SER
  16. ...you finally get around to reading the whole Master B* thread after being away from CB for a few years and find out these 3 months of daily pulls with USAA aren't even counting for TU. Shoot me now!
  17. I am starting my TU B* journey. I've read many, many threads and feel like I'm ready to get started. There is only 1 inquiry on here, but I figure I'd start with TU get the skills down and then move on to EQ, which has a whopping 7 inquiries. Here is what I have. Last hard was on 2/14/14 Pulling softs since 2/20 using * MPM (daily) * SCP (daily) Random Softs * Credit Karma (2/12, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14) * Walmart Fico (3/5) I *believe* I’ll hit 65 on 3/31/14 (Based on a spreadsheet and some hope) Does that sound right? Any other daily pullers I could use. Wasn’t sure if it made
  18. (If you don't know what B* means start here) Experian aka EX: Only time can remove inquiries. Equifax aka EQ: USAA Credit Check Monitoring Premium aka CCMP. You can pull daily anytime after 12:00am Pacific Time $22.94 Equifax Complete aka EC. You can pull daily anytime after 12:00am Pacific Time $12.95 via NFCU discount link MyPrivacy Matters aka MPM (need to sign up through EliminateIDTheft) $12.95/mo. Must wait 24 hours plus one minute to pull each day American Express Credit Secure aka CS (must have an Amex card to enroll) $14.99/mo. From the four options above you need a min
  19. PRA Reinserted a TL on TU that was deleted and I have a letter from them stating they were deleting and have submitted a Universal Data form online! What should I do? I am trying to B* so I am unsure if I should call TU, dispute online, or wait until I have inquires off so that I won't interfere with anything?
  20. What is the best service to use for B*? I have tried TransUnion, but they charge for every time the 3-bureau report is pulled. PG only allows 1 pull per month. Therefore, any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  21. So I signed up for Smart Credit and have been updating daily. I started with 12 inquiries and saw them begin to drop off. Sure gets to be fun when you see a lower number by 1 every day for a little while. So now I am showing 1 inquiry on SC, checked my Credit Karma, also showing only 1 inquiry, pulled my report from TU and all the inquiries are still there! What the?? Am I missing something?
  22. Today on my Equifax report I got a new inquiry: Business Name: COMCAST-BAY AREA Inquiry Date: 8/15/2013 Business Type: Miscellaneous Utilities I did get service back in August, but why does this show up for the first time almost two months later? Is this somehow related to B*?
  23. Im working on my B* primarily on EQ, I have been monitoring with USAA and Equifax Complete Advantage for a while and it shows soft inquiries all the way back to late 2012, how do I know if I've been chopped? Bit new to the B* Spent the last 8 months clearing up my credit and now all that is left is one 7 year old minor charge off thats paid in full and a plethera of inquiries due to having fought to remove all the negatives on my credit...please advise oh gurus of the credit world
  24. In my pursuit of CRA counter-intelligence my suspicion is triggered by MPM's EliminateIDtheft. From my contacts, I know for a fact that there are CRA agents that will attempt to jack-ur-credit-file-up(within percieved legal limitations) if they think you're taking advantage of the system without permission, (There are so who have permission to manipulate system). With that being said...Why does MPM have to request logins?...If you got your report locked after you used MPM do you think it was a coincidence?
  25. So for the last couple of days doing b*, I've noticed that all of sudden each day I'm seeing a different number of inquiries for TU. As of tonight, it is showing 4 inquiries on MPM and 2 inquiries on USAA. Anyone have any idea why?
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