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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Everyone! Looking at buying a car in the next 30 days. The world is pretty much back open. Well...it never closed here in Atlanta, GA where I'm at but still lol. With things opening back up I am back in the office working and need to get a vehicle. I was able to hold off with working from home when my last clunker gave out on me. I got a pre-approval from Capital One. They verified my info via pay stubs and pre-approved me for a car up to $55k. Of course, I don't need anything that expensive. I have a charge-off/repo from over 24 months ago now. No late pays or other derogs since then. Cap1 has a variable interest rate for me depending on the car price and age. Ranging from as low as 10.75% for a new car or 15% for older cars...For some, I know this is super high but my FICO 8 is barely 600 right now last I saw. Is there any other good placed to get a prequalification to try and find a better rate via a soft pull? Also, does anyone know the typical FICO to qualify with NFCU for an auto loan? I have them for checking, savings, and a credit card right now. More details on my credit profile can be found here... My Credit Profile & Updates
  2. http://www.autodealermonthly.com/channel/dps-office/news/story/2018/10/edmunds-auto-loan-interest-rates-climb-back-to-pre-recession-levels.aspx?utm_source=email&utm_medium=enewsletter&utm_campaign=20181006-NL-ADT-Enews-BOBCD180930003&omdt=NL-ADT-Enews&omid=1000693576&ajs_uid=7122G8705801J8B&oly_enc_id=7122G8705801J8B&ajs_trait_oebid=3671F9146356B0M No Paywall. Auto finance/purchase related.
  3. http://www.autodealermonthly.com/channel/dps-office/news/story/2018/09/fed-reserve-approves-third-rate-hike-of-2018.aspx?utm_source=email&utm_medium=enewsletter&utm_campaign=20181006-NL-ADT-Enews-BOBCD180930003&omdt=NL-ADT-Enews&omid=1000693576&ajs_uid=7122G8705801J8B&oly_enc_id=7122G8705801J8B&ajs_trait_oebid=3671F9146356B0M No paywall. Automobile purchase/finance related.
  4. Hello Everyone, I have not posted here in a while, and wanted to see if you can provide some input. Currently. 3.75% for an FHA 30 fixed with $290 a/month MIP remaining balance about $285k House worth about $350K Refinance estimations 4.125% APR on a conventional, NO MIP Refi Loan either for the balance, or with a $15k cashout will this be worth it? I have not applied yet, but my goal is to remove my MIP, and save those $290 a month on my monthly payment. and wondering is also getting the cashout is a good option.. please advise, thanks..
  5. Haven't been late on a revolving acct in >2 decades except by a couple of days on rare occassion, just a small handful of times (can't say the same for SLs). As it turned out, glad the oversights were with PSECU and PenFed, neither of who responded with a nose dive on internal (read: Amex) score, late fee or requirement to request a reversal of it- due to a standard grace period. Luv me some majors, but diversity is king and CU can take the bite out of a slip up, give some good product with great CLs/rates/ member relations and warm fuzzies. They're not for the feint of heart necessarily but offer more than amateurish displays for so many of us, to be fair. Our fav big banks don't always have the staying power we had imagined when an economic downturn hits either. The mini panick attack, when reviewing accounts and realizing, doh! PSECU was somehow not set up for auto-pay and already 12 hours late vs the relief felt after called in to see it wasn't going to be an issue is still fresh in my mind How has your local, regional or major CU been a player for you? Please post CUmbaya moments here
  6. Does anyone have any idea what FICO score NFCU is looking for to lower your interest rate to their best 9.9% for their signature VISA card? I currently have 16.99% and would be interested in any antidotal evidence of others getting lower rates for a given FICO score. The credit pulls database doesn't seem to have any data on this topic. I asked the NFCU CC representative and they told me they could not state so given that they believe they are held to a federal law that requires that they do not influence my decision as to whether to apply or not for the reduction as telling me the guidelines could influence my decision to apply since they knew I was considering applying. This seems like a really lame federal law, I wonder what it is and if all lenders interpret it this way? I mistakenly suggested I should call back to ask and they said they would notate my account so that the representative would not abide.
  7. Back in 2010 I applied for USAA AMEX Cash rewards card and sadly wasn't approved for that but they did offer me a USAA Classic Credit the with a limit of $1500. Fast forward 1 year and I call in for a Credit Limit increase and was told that THIS particular card was not available to receive a CLI and would NEVER be given a CLI. I then applied for the AMEX Cash Rewards card again and thankfully I was approved this time. I just sock drawered the Visa only using it every 6 months for gas. Last week they sent my replacement cards for the VISA and I seriously was considering canceling it. Haven't even activated the cards yet when I got a letter from USAA yesterday. In NUT SHELL they said, CONGRATS, based on your excellent payment history USAA is pleased to upgrade your card ending in XXXX to the following features: No annual fee (didn't have one to begin with) USAA Cash Rewards program (That was new) Low variable Annual Percentage Rate of 12.900% (I like it, I like it a lot) Ability to make Cash Advances and Balance Transfers with your account (That's new) You have a USAA checking account, you can use your card for overdraft protection (new) We've increased your credit limit from $1,500.00 to $14,000 (Holy Cow, I'm speehless) Your account number is the same, This upgrade doesn't require that you activate a new card, so go ahead, take advantage of these great features and your new credit limit today! So, that was all out of the blue and totally unexpected. I NEVER thought they would upgrade this card because as you know when you get a secured credit card wtih them it will NEVER be upgraded. Wife has had one for 4 years and her scores are higher than mine and I just made the 800 club last week and they've NEVER upgraded her card. Of course we KNEW this when she got the secured card. I just figured they would not upgrade this one. for those of you out there that apply for a product and they offer yo a lessor one, "TAKE IT".
  8. Hello, First off I'm glad I found this site. I've been at my job for about 2months now. And I'm earning a steady income. I've been thinking of purchasing a new car (2011) or (2012). Depends if I get a good APR% and my loans stay between 300-400. What would ve the first step. My credit score is about 540-560 on all three Credit Bureaus. I know what car I want, and I know how much it costs. (Advertised price only) Can ve lower through the power of negotiation. Hopefully someone can really help me out. Thanks in advance.
  9. Las week I ran the annual credit score from equifax and says that I have 683 and its seen as an Average/Good credit score. So yesterday I went to a dealer to buy a Nissan CPO and they run a fico score and I obtained a 638 score. they approve me for an amount $19,500 an interest rate of 8.49 for 60 months. I believe that interest will match with a 72 months term intead of the 60 months term, but they said that the problem is my "poor" trasunion credit score. I need Advice please.... 8.9% APR is a good rate for a CPO car ???
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