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Found 13 results

  1. Seeking opinions and advice on last steps to do before 1st App Spree, as well as cards I may not be thinking of but should apply for (by the way AMEX may still have me BL). Pulled myfico.com scores tonite, EQ 691, TU 716, EX 706. Need to correct address on TU, (showing my address as that of Primary on accounts I am AU), on 10/31 EX will update my dispute on 10yo CA, and my TU inq's will be gone by Tuesday 10/28. My file is somewhat thin, AAOA is 4 to 5 yrs depending on CRB, I have personal CLs of $5k, $4k, $3k x2, $700, $600, $500, and $425 reporting, along with my Student loans. Also have 6 AU accounts between $3800 and $1k. After all the success stories re: DC, I am considering applying for the Premier and Professional, any opinion on this? Also, considering the Dillards AMEX, if they are still accepting apps after 11/1. Obviously if my Chase prequals are there, I will app for those. Also going after a Personal and Business US Airways card from Barclay's. Anything that you might recommend is greatly appreciated. Thanks Again.
  2. Up late again reading Creditboards and have a question. I am going to do an app spree in November and want to get a few Chase cards. I am pre-approved currently for their Freedom and Slate, but I also want to app for their Ink w/ the 70k bonus. Yet I don't wanna screw up my potential pre-approvals either, any advice?
  3. Hi Everyone: After reading a lot about Synchrony, as well as other CC's and multiple apps, in various post on CB, I am hoping to get opinions and feedback to a question(s). Do you think Synchrony just chooses to be liberal with Lowe's? I know that there is one # for Recon on ALL Synchrony CC's. And I also know from reading (and personal experience), it seems as though if you app for more than one Synchrony card and call to recon on all of them, Lowe's end up getting the largest CLI. I wonder if this is because most of us see the success others have had and call on that card 1st? Or is it that the Credit Analyst have an extremely liberal underwriting program for Lowe's versus the other cards? Just wondering because as we all know, it is best to plan for a successful app spree than just to app blindly, so to speak Thanks in advance for all your help! Hope everyone has a GREAT WEEK!!!
  4. Hello Everyone: I have not posted to this forum but have been on CB for over a year (Unofficially). Honestly, I have been so focused on my Personal Credit, that I have not given much thought to my Business Credit. However, I had planned to app for a few business cards on my upcoming spree on November 9, 2014 (yes I have a date planned to coincide with TU B*, and updated reports, lol). I would greatly appreciate any and all comments/opinions regarding any pointers on my strategy. I had considered PG anything needed. I definitely want to app for the Barclay's US Airways Biz CC and perhaps the Chase depending on the sign-up bonus at the time. I also wanted to app for the Citi AA Biz CC along with a few store cards (Lowe's, Staples, Dell, and Amazon). However, I don't want to worry about any AA from the Biz apps, as I will have to worry about it on my personal side as it is, lol. If I have to limit myself, I'd probably would want to app for the cards I have the best chance to get approved for and again, I am not opposed to PG, tho I realize that is not in my best interest. My file is particularly thin, I have a Cap1 Sparks Classic reporting for over a year with an orig $1k CL>$1200>$1700>$4k, which showed up this month. My personal FAKOS are TU 768 (TU +) EQ 706 (EQ Complete) EX 700 (EX Direct). Corporation has been in business since 1998, EIN and D&B#. Title of President as W-2 Employee, above avg income, Revenue and Sales are decent (both 7 figures), I do not want to provide Tax Returns, personal nor business (dealing with IRS on back taxes). I have a few small upcoming projects on REI's (approx. $30k - $40k spend) that I have cash for but thought about using a Lowe's or Home Depot Biz CC if it was possible to get approved. So, being that I am gearing up for an App Spree, what recommendations would you have as far as cards to app for?Should I PG any at all? What should I stay away from with such a thin file? Am I being to optimistic or unrealistic about even being ready to apply for cards from the "Big Boys" (Citi, Chase, US Bank)? I thank you all in advance for your help!
  5. Well after reading recent post regarding the various Points Programs, Redemption Value, and Bonus Offers, I have been thinking about a "Strategy". I am gearing up for an App Spree after having completed one for my DW between 8/30/14 and 9/2/14 (yes I know, I went overboard ). I was able to take her from 5 "Toy Cards" with a few decent Store Cards (5) to 14 New CC Accounts (10 of which are non toy, hoping 3 of the new toy cards grow, while Sams Club Store I could care less about ) and 1 New $5k PLOC (NASA). However, my dilemma is that I'd like to know if it is better to have "complimenting cards" (between out respective portfolios) in the event that we have a chance to do that immediately or does it matter to have identical cards in both our portfolios? Of her Rewards Cards, She has the Arrival (20k Bonus already achieved) Barlays MC Rewards (can I combine these rewards with the Arrival?) Chase Freedom (spending met, will probably choose to stockpile UR Points until she can get a CSP), and the Virgin America Visa Sig (I know a hefty AF, but they gave her $11k CL, her 1st 5 figure CL, and we will be using it to fly to Vegas a few times as well as a business trip to FL and NY). She also has a few Cash Back Cards (Discover, QS1(x2), Tobyhanna?). So would I be better off app'ing for completely different cards to "diversify" the HH Portfolio or should I just take what I can get since I am starting out building my CC Portfolio ( I have QS1(x2) CL $4K CL$1200, and a Sparks Biz Classic CL$1700, FAKOS are Credit Sesame 727, EQComp 706, TUPlus 757). EX has 1 Coll Acct in Dispute and 12 INQ, only 1 in '14 10 in '13, and 1 to fall off 12/18, All CB's have multiple State and Fed Tax Liens Showing, which I am working on but won't have completed until sometime late next year. I have already called Cap1 EO this morning and requested CLI's to $20k, $15k, and $20k respectively (I run about $6k-8k, $3k-4k and $5k-6k thru them respectively). Once and if any CLI's go thru (they said by Thursday or Friday) I may wait for them to report to do a CLI w/ Barclay's or just pull the trigger, not sure because I have to do B* (my other post) and would like to get done before the Holidays so I can use that time to help meet spending requirements. Sorry for the long story, hope I didn't put anyone to sleep And as always Thanks for all your advice!!
  6. Just wondering if anyone has ever app'd with BofA and had it take the full 30 days that they say it may take. Just app'd with them on the 1st day of the app spree for DW (8/30) and they still say it is under review. Wondering if she should call and try talking to the UW dept, any suggestions? Thanks, BD
  7. Hey CBers! Back 2x in same day for more advice. Since I have just completed the App Spree for DW. I am going to continue with mine after I complete B*. My question is, I just helped her get a couple of 5 digit approvals, but I am worried if I ad myself as an AU they will affect the potential of me getting approved for certain cards during my App Spree since they will be recently opened and also bring down my AAOA. Any advice? I kinda want to ad them since "Higher Limits beget Higher Limits!" Thanks, BD
  8. Hey CBers! I am in need of advice. Just completed an App Spree for DW. (I am still waiting on a few things, then I will post the whole shabang!) Nonetheless, at the end of the App Spree I decided to do a few last apps for some CU's (lesson learned, All Newbies, PLEASE READ CB BEFORE ATTEMPTING ON YOUR OWN!!). Alliant pulled a soft and DCU pulled a hard. The dilemmas are that 1) DCU approved her as a "Limited Member" due to balances on open accounts and current accounts less than 2 yrs old and are saying that they must pull another hard for any other apps (i.e. CC and LOC). So should I allow them to pull a hard, the new CR will show the app spree (inquiries and new accounts) and I am worried this could adversely affect her membership. OR is there anyone I can talk to that may be able to change the decision to do another hard pull? 2) Alliant says they would need to pull a hard since they only pulled a soft to join. Hence I am worried about the app spree showing up with all the new accounts and inquiries, is it worth a try? Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks, BD
  9. Hi guys, First time/long time... wondering if you had any advice as I consider my next moves. I'm 25, make about $43k a year before taxes, and have investment assets and income I could include if needed. Had credit since 2010, no missed payments, baddies, or anything like that. Oldest account is 3 yrs 8 months, newest is 7 months, and AAOA is about 1 year 10 months. These are my cards: AMEX Blue Sky, $10,500 limit AMEX Blue Cash Everyday, $2,000 limit BofA BankAmericard $5,000 limit Barclaycard Rewards $2,000 limit (newest, opened 1/2014) Barclaycard Financing (Apple) $2,350 Chase Slate $3,300 limit Chase Sapphire $5,000 limit Chase Freedom $4,000 limit Citi Dividend Platinum Select $5,900 limit (oldest, opened 12/2010) Citi Simplicity $3,000 limit Citi AAdvantage Bronze MasterCard $6,500 limit Discover IT $4,500 limit FNB Omaha $6,000 limit Comenity/JCrew $1,000 limit Comenity/Express $500 limit Utilization is around 23%. I have roughly $14k spread across several accounts with long-term (>12 months) 0% offers, otherwise I pay everything in full and do not carry a balance. If needed I could pay off the $14k immediately but since it's at 0% and I'm earning more in my investments I don't see a need to do that while the offers are still in effect unless you have better advice. Is it worth applying for more cards (if so, which)? Should I focus on CLIs (again, where should I prioritize and how much to ask for)? Both? Neither? Is it time to garden? I have an inquiry scheduled to drop off in November, by which point my AAOA should be over 2 years. I appreciate your guidance. Thanks in advance!
  10. From anyone out there who has completed a successful app spree lately - how substantial was the negative effect (if any) on your score? I'm waiting on zero balances to report to app for a few select cards to thicken my file.
  11. Looking to do a app spree Equifax is my worst with 12 16 month old auto finance inquiries. Experian and Transunion only have 2 each about 16 months old. I'm already going to apply to usaa and pennfed both pull Equifax so I would like to apply to a couple cards that don't pull Equifax thanks.
  12. Hello all. I've been patiently plugging along but once again need some advice. I think it's about time to try for more credit, but I don't know where to go from here. Perhaps an app spree is in order, but I'm worried about a bunch of inquiries affecting my chances of obtaining a mortgage within the next two years. Maybe it's just a couple apps and otherwise concentrate on cleaning up reports. Help? Ch7 BK filed 3.14.11, discharged 6.20.11. Included PenFed , Citi, Barclay, CapOne, Chase, and HSBC. So far I have the following accounts, at 0% utilization at the moment: NFCU Secured Visa $1,000 Cash Rewards Visa Signature $15,000 (12.1.11) [WOO-HOO!] UMe FCU Secured Visa $1000 (6.1.12) [Eligible to apply to un-secure at 1 year] NFCU Auto Refi (6.1.12) NFCU LoC $1,000 (6.1.12) Dell Preferred $2,000 (6.1.12) Current scores, according to USAA/Experian CreditCheck Monitoring: EX 672 EQ 672 TU 643 Many thanks to anyone who'd like to chime in.
  13. TUC is currently pristine, and EFX will be in a matter of weeks. That includes ZERO inquiries on both. I'll pull the trigger when the last derog on EFX drops. I already have a stable of four or five "decent" V/MC/AE cards, so my goal is to maximize my ongoing rewards/cash back, round out my credit profile and get back in Citi's good graces. I am NOT focused on maximizing sign-up bonuses this time around... that will be for next time. The signup bonuses are mentioned here only as a point of interest. The numbers before the card name indicate relative priority and sequence for applying. I will stop at five approvals and garden for at least six months. Note that I do not want to apply for anything the hits EXP at this point... that'll be the last one to be free of crap. 1) Pen Fed Premium Travel Rewards American Express [EFX] - 5x on airfare (I spend ~$7,000/year on airfare for work) - First in app spree due to inquiry sensitivity 2) Nordstrom Store or Visa [EFX] - Upscale retail tradeline for future benefit - Also inquiry sensitive, which is why it's #2, but I’d rather have the Pen Fed card if I had to choose between the two 3) JCB Murakai Premium [unknown bureau] - ~3% cash back on everything - I live in CA, so the card is definitely available to me - Not enough data to know which bureau they’ll pull. This will be my daily card, and I’ll use it for everything except airfare. 4) Barclays Priceline Rewards Visa (conditional) [TUC] - 2% cash back on everything - 5,000 bonus points upon signup - Will apply for this card if I get declined for the JCB. - This will be my daily card for everything except airfare. 5) Barclays US Air Dividend Miles MasterCard [TUC] - 40,000 US Air miles after spend - Will merge programs with AA post-merger (bulk of my existing miles are AA) - > 7 months since my last Barclays. If I get declined I can try to recon and split the limit on my existing Barclays card 6) Best Buy Store Card [EFX] - Need an “in” with Citi after letting a card CO 7.5 years ago - Will transfer ownership to Citi 7) Neiman Marcus or Tiffany (conditional) [EFX] - Backup plan for upscale retail tradeline - Will only apply if I get declined for Nordstrom - More likely to use Neiman Marcus. I shop there occasionally.
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