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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, all. I've been following CB for a few months now and have made some major cleanups to all my reports thanks to the awesome advice here. Now I have just two baddies in each report, which I'd like to tackle somehow. One is a series of ten 30-day-lates in 2012 and 2013 on my American Honda Finance auto loan, and I've read many people say goodwill letters won't work with them, but here's the situation I feel sure I can clean up somehow, with your advice: I left an apartment in late 2009 to move to another complex from the same owners and ended up owing them $1443 for carpet replacement and leaving the lease early. In 2010, they turned it over to a local collection agency here in Vegas called Sentry Recovery & Collections, whom I've heard are real a-holes. They've tacked on fees bringing my total up to $1627 but have not tried to contact me for quite a while (March 2014 was the last time they updated my credit reports). I'm not completely convinced I should wake a sleeping dragon, but I'd love to see this collection disappear. Should I: A — Try to PFD with the CA for less than I owe? B — Try to pay the apartment complex either in full or a lesser amount *if* they'll clear up my record in whatever tenant tracking system they use AND ask the CA to delete the collection from my reports? C — Something else? Thanks for your help! Cory
  2. Hello all, newbie here: I thought I was out of luck about my situation until I found this site. Maybe someone can help me. I lived in an apartment complex for about 2 years and paid my rent on time every month. I got a new job offer making more in another city which I took and my company even paid for relocation. I told the apartments a few months in advance and was told that I would have to pay a cancellation fee, as well as any other fees that may arise. I agreed, and like I stated before my company gave me a lump sum to cover relocation costs. So I paid my fees using money orders in person, and had one more payment, which we agreed I would send through the mail. They were calling asking about the payment and I told them in 3 days I will send the payment, they said okay, and 3 days later I sent the money order to them. Immediately after sending the money order for the last amount I owed ~$500 I called them and told them I just sent the money order. That was the last time I spoke to them. About a year later, I checked my credit report and noticed a creditor amount of $2500. I called the apartments immediately and asked about it. They said I never paid them ANY money and they sent me to the collection agency. I told them I never received any contact at all from them for almost an entire year saying I didn't pay or they didn't get the money or anything. The 2500 was for "creditor fees" they tacked on. They asked if I had the money order receipts and I said it's been a year and I had no contact so I assumed everything was good, so I didn't pay much attention to the receipts and lost them. I filed a dispute through experian.com and within a month received a response saying the debt is validated and that's it. I am so furious, I've worked so hard to pay off all my bad credit and money owed from a while back when I was in financial trouble, and I was just paying off my very last creditor then this comes up! I know I paid most with money order IN PERSON and the last payment through mail with consistent contact. They are saying they never got any money. Can anyone help??
  3. Hey Everyone, I could really use your help on my DH's report. He finally realized that avoidance doesn't solve problems. So we are tying to get things in order and fortunately, it's not as bad as I thought. I've sent in and called to get all the old addresses removed. Because he was in the Navy, it was a LOT! I got a copy of the reports and this is what is listed. I also diputed them after getting address removed and they were verified, so what's next? I've read through the info and i'm thinking I should send a verification letter to the CA, but I wanted to get some thoughts on what I should do before I proceed. Experian: 2 collections less than 300 from about 3 years ago. (old Comcast utilitlies before we got married) 1 apartment collection almost 5000 from about 3 years ago - He says this is inacurrate because he had finished the lease, so there's no way he owes them that much for repairs (no pets and very clean) Equifax - most intense 1 Auto Charge Off $6000 1st delinquency is 03/09 which is inaccurate, he said he never paid after the first month because the motor blew after the first month (some buy here pay here place) 3 Ga Power Collections each less than 200 2 apartment collections - 1 Is on Experian, the other is from 2 years ago right before we moved together, someone broke into the apt and the landlord told him he could move if he'd like 2 Comcast Utitlities 1 Medical Collection - going to attempt Why Chat's method TransUnion 2 Comcast collections 1 medical collection $300 (same as Equifax) 1 apartment that's on the other 2
  4. Hi co-signed a lease with an ex boyfriend 6 years ago. He was abusive and one day I left and never came back. I never thought about telling the leasing agency that I left. It was a rough time in my life. My life is on track and I was looking over my credit report and I have debt of $10,000 from that apartment. It has now been sent to a collection agency. I have no clue why or how. It's very possible that my ex boyfriend squatted without paying the rent. I've tried to locate the rental agency but they are no longer where they use to be and I can't remember the name. I have no clue what my next step is. I understand that my name was on the lease and I can be held responsible. Who do I talk to? I'm feeling over-whelmed. Michelle
  5. Hello, I searched the forum, but did not readiliy find the answer to my question. Does anyone know of how I can request a copy (personal) of what shows up when a prospective landlord runs a tenant screen? I've seen sites that you can order, but they all have pretty strict "terms" that you can not purchase for yourself, family, or friends. I'ld like to know before hand what all a prospective landlord may see. I have access to all of my major credit bureau files so I know what's on those, but unfotunately in college I had some very poor choices in room mates. I have not had to rent since then, but am currently in the market to rent a new place. Just trying to see if those poor choices and decisions will effect/affect (which one is it, UGH) my chances of getting an apartment. And if they may, I'd like to be able to look for a potential co-signee for the apartment now before it's a last minute thing. Any assisstance that you may be able to offer would be great! ~J~
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