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  1. OCCU is so amateur that they take pull your credit when you apply for a credit card, then reject you for not being a member. Couldn't they check their membership records first? http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=524066&p=4977008
  2. A "backdoor number" is one that gets you past frontline CSR's directly to Credit Analysts / Credit Departments / Account Managers / Account Specialists (different lenders call 'em different things) - these people/departments have decision-making abilities far beyond frontline CSR's; they can take and review requests for reconsideration of denied CC apps or CLI requests, APR reductions, etc. and implement their decisions. I can continuously update this first post with the latest information if everyone will post to this thread. I'll make the change and acknowledge. We deeply appre
  3. I got some help previously about opening new accounts, but I was curious more about the impact and possible ramifications. I only have 1 credit card in my name, and it only reports on Experian and TransUnion. The rest are AU cards. I have 8 accounts on Experian and TransUnion and AAoA of about 21 years. My Equifax report is a bit thinner. I pulled CCT, and I'm at 777 EX, 782 TU, and 789 EQ. I have been thinking about about a PenFed credit card and an AMEX revolver. I also may be cosigning a small student loan. I'm not certain on this yet, but it's a possibility. I know that this will cause a s
  4. I recently have been working on getting my credit score higher and also want to have $100k in available credit (maybe a dumb thing to do). In doing so I have gotten about 6 new credit cards in the past 6 months. All of them have zero balance, about $30000 in available credit, I recently noticed my equifax dropped 16 points. I assume this is from the inquiries and new accounts? avg account age is 2yrs 8 months. Should I close any of the new accounts to increase my credit age? Or just be patient and wait for the accounts to age and the inquiries to age. I am looking to buy a ca
  5. I'm looking for input on what cards to app for. My bk7 is off of my EQ and EX, and should be off TU any day now. I'm trying to accomplish several things with this app spree. 1. Maximize my rewards on my spending. 2. Establish/reestablish positive relationships with lenders that may be of benefit me in the future. 3. Broaden my base of cards so that, once these are aged, getting a new card here or there will have little to no impact on my AAoA. I am planning to nearly double my current number of credit cards(10). This will hurt my scores significantly in the short term, but shoul
  6. First, thank you Credit Boards. It has been a long road for me. Not proud of my previous credit history, I messed up with most of the big financial guys and for pretty large amounts (60k plus in cc debt) around the same time as many on this board in 2008-2009. Including a 300k foreclosure. I never did file a BK. I was only sued once. I have learned valuable lessons through all of this. Today I did my first app spree, decent cards. I applied for only what I wanted and some of these were on my list of charge offs way back when. Low initial limits here, but hopefully will see some CLI in the
  7. Hello, I have 8 credit cards right now. total avail credit line is $6650. Looking to grow Came from high 500s to just a tad over 700 in a little over two years. Kindly read on , please read on, if interested!!!! (This stuff gets me jazzed up, lol and feels good!) Id like to increase the number of cards/lower credit utilization and get some sign on bonuses, by adding some top shelf credit cards and CLIs Below are my scores, after BK7 was discharged on 3/2016 CREDIT KARMA 8.4.2018. Shows 7
  8. Has anyone gotten one yet? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Need easiest to get credit cards with a 754 fico (transunion), followed by the more difficult to get CC's and so on: Goal is to get as many credit cards as possible with the highest credit limits possible. Stipulations: 1) Must have no annual fee. 2) Only non-secured cards/cards that do not require a deposit. 3) We want the cards with the highest credit limit, but will take anything. 4) Store cards/gas cards etc. ok. The reason why i want the easiest to get first, followed by the more difficult and so on is i don't wa
  10. Link: https://www.petalcard.com/ It's been popping up in my Facebook feed. It has no annual fee and isn't a secured card but looks to be open for individuals with lower credit scores since you give them login information to your bank account. They can then keep tabs over there in approving and maintaining your account. Of course if you open a credit card, let's say with Bank of America, and you already have your primary checking account with them, they already know what's going on over there. I have no plans on applying but it could be an option for others.
  11. So I was approved and opened a CapOne Secured back in Feb, $849 deposit for 1k limit (max allowed). The first statement cut 3/15. I have two questions: I would like to get the QS1 card and I've been waiting the 6 months to apply as people have mentioned. Do we know if its 6 months from the date opened, or is it after the 6th statement has been cut? Next question: Does anyone have an idea of which FICO scoring model they use when applying? Reason being is my FICO scores vary a lot between the different FICO models (as we all are aware) For exa
  12. I've just recently joined both credit unions. My goal is to pad my high utilization and eventually use their balance transfer offers if it makes sense to do that. Credit is about 685 and utilization is about 85%. I don't have any inquiries for a couple years so don't want to do any hard pulls. Which of their products only use soft pulls? I've read conflicting info. How should I go about using both these CUs? Since I just joined, I figured I would wait at least a few months to do anything and then I was hoping to apply for any of their products that only require soft
  13. I had been receiving offers in the mail from U.S. Bank for the past year but I just blew them off even though they are my main bank and they are just down the street. Also, because I hear that they are conservative and offer low limits. So I was using the US Bank pre-selected site this weekend even though I knew even my FAKO's were still not good (my best was EQ with about a 640). I sent off my information and it gave me a screen with three pre-approved cards, the FlexperksSelect+ AMEX, Cash+ Visa Signature, and the Visa Platinum. All were listed with a fixed interest rate offers a
  14. Wells fargo personal LOC 20k approved! Wohoo! Anybody with any experience with Wells fargo LOC?
  15. Ptrap01

    Hard Pull

    I think I made a mistake applied for Pen Fed Bank account and they did a hard pull.Is this a big mistake or not to bad.Got the account Thanks
  16. My younger brother is a senior in college and now that he’s facing the adult world when he graduates next year, he’s looking to start getting his credit in order. He has one student Chase card that he got a couple years back, but ideally he’s looking to app for a mix of some regular, albeit no annual fee, cards. He has tax returns for 2016 and 2017, but they only show a few thousand in gross income from when he worked at a bar over the Summer. Would it be worth it for him to apply for non-student cards with such a low income, or should he app for the student cards exclu
  17. Within the next two weeks (give or take a few days), I'll be relocating from NYC to Las Vegas for a new job. Gross salary increase is ~25K. Right now my credit is okay (TU FICO 8 is 769 as of 7/27). Before some balances hit because of the relocation, I'd like to take advantage of it. namely a car, which is almost require there, and a liability here. I've been window shopping at Carmax and am pretty much set with what I want, so I'm tempted to start the pre-qualify process through them, but I'm wondering if it would be a mistake to represent my life a couple of weeks ahead of reality.
  18. Has anyone applied for financing/lease with direct Capital for Apple products? If so, how long did it take to get approved and what did your credit file look like? Thank you in advance for your insight!
  19. Hi Folks! looking for a small personal loan around $5,000 based on scores alone. No income verification. Anybody have any advice? My scores are around 740. I could probably just do a BOA deposit from my card and then just pay it off before the term for zero interest, but not sure that's a great idea? It's for a camper. Want to pay half and finance half from private seller not a dealership. Don't want to have to verify income.
  20. Thanks to this board, I got in with NFCU just over one year ago. I was told to be patient, and my measly $1,700 Cash Rewards approval became $5,000 less than six months later. Two months ago, I was approved for a $7,000 Platinum card. Through all of this, I have been denied 3-4 times for a CLOC. Never a counteroffer. I never understood why. Never a problem with any of my accounts--I cherish those puppies! A few months ago, I even switched my direct deposit, making Navy Federal my primary account. Was still denied! Yesterday, I decided to call and try for a CLOC. I was asked how much I wan
  21. Hi all...I just moved to Charlotte, anyone know of any good credit unions around here? I saw something about the state union credit union but I don’t come anywhere close to meeting their requirements. thanks
  22. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/the-amex-offers-multi-tab-trick-is-dead/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  23. It has been more then 91 days since I have asked for a cli on my wifes Amex but she just got a $3k boost in her cl yesterday. My question is can I and should I ask for 3x ($25k max) cli as well?
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