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Found 3 results

  1. Menta33 discovered a new emergency EQ puller for people who cannot get an Amex, such as those on the Amex blacklist. In order to keep this active and working, we aren't posting it publicly. If you would like information, send me a PM. If you have fewer than 500 posts or we don't know you, we aren't going to share the information with you at this time. Making these things too accessible and public is what gets them shut down. Thanks again to Menta33 for this discovery!
  2. First, the good news...I must not be blacklisted as they accepted my application (burned them for about $7000 about 7 years ago). However, I did get a denial, so I called for a recon. I spoke with a very polite CSR who was very open and helpful about the reasons for the denial. He said that my EX score was not high enough for them, (624) and he said that in his experience, scores needed to be at least 675 to qualify for the Blue cards. I asked if there was a better card for me to have applied for and he suggested the Green card (if I wanted a charge card) because the criteria was not as high for that card. He also suggested that if I wanted a credit card, that I should apply for the Everyday Card because it would be easier to get than the Blue Card as well. He did mention that they would look at my past history with them as a part of the approval process, but it was not the reason for the decline. He also suggested that I pay down some balances on my cards to get to a better usage percentage (currently at 50%), but I have a $14,000 NFCU card and a $15,000 LOC with NFCU that are not showing yet, so I will lay low for about six months and try again. Also, he answered another question that I have seen batted around here, and that is that there is a 30 day freeze on any new apps with them regardless of the card applied for.
  3. It seems there are degrees of forgiveness in the world of American Express. A little background ... Around 1990 a cousin committed ID theft and opened up a boatload of accounts and then, unsurprisingly, cashed them out and skipped town. Strangely, none of the 15+ creditors called my brother, wrote him or even reported the derogatories to his credit reports. AmEx was amongst the victims. The only clue was when several years later the state police dropped by and asked my brother to make a statement. Apparently they were smart enough to figure out that it wasn't him, but someone else and they had a good idea who that someone else was. They just wanted me to confirm it. Well, he was not going to drop a dime on the relative no matter what. Yet he also did not want to see a felon get away free. The prosecutor agreed that if he went before the grand jury and an indictment was returned, they would offer the relative a chance to make complete restitution to avoid prosecution. The relative made restitution and everybody was happy. Except AmEx. In spite of calls from the state AG and speaking with the police, they still kept my brother blacklisted with the b.s. excuse that "AmEx closed your previous account." Every once in a while he would apply knowing that if blacklisted they wouldn't even pull his credit reports. Finally last November he applied and was approved. The limit on his Blue was only $3,000, but what the hell. He was finally back in with backdating to 1990. Now ... After about four and a half months he tried for a CLI. Denied. "Your American Express account(s) indicates previous delinquencies." So, it seems that AmEx does forgive, just not so much. I suggested he just keep the card open and use it once a month or so for some minor purchase. Anybody with similar experiences?
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