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  1. Several years ago, I was once listed as an authorized user on one of my parent's American Express Blue Sky account; it was a revolving account. Anyway, my parent allowed the account to charge-off and it was closed. The account used to report to my file at the CRAs, but several years ago I disputed it as a "not mine" and it was removed; it no longer reports. I was wondering if this situation would have caused me to have been put on the Amex black list? I believe the charge-off happened about 8 years ago. As for another question, what type of baddies, if any, will result in automatic denials for any Amex card? Bankruptcy? Public Records?
  2. How long did it take to complete your upgrade from the store card to the Amex? I talked to Macy's about a week ago about upgrading my store card to a Macy's American Express after a botched CLI request (I took a hard inquiry for an increase from $800 -> $1500). I was told that there was nothing in my credit profile that should prevent approval, and that it would take 7-10 days for a decision. I logged into my account as recently as two minutes ago and my account is still showing the store (red) card. What was your experience with the upgrade?
  3. Hi everyone! I'm excited because I was approved for first AMEX (Everyday Card) but my limit was only for $6500. My score are 690, 701, 720 so I was hoping to get a higher limit. With that being said what is the best strategy to getting my limit increased?
  4. For anyone still wondering if this card/program still exists, it does. Long story short, I hit the skids about two years ago, sort of the perfect storm in life, job change, more babies, and less income. Burned AMEX for about $14K. I have since paid back ~$12K. Got the letter from AMEX today to regain card membership as long as I pay the remaining balance. I called to verify and all is well, the gentlemen asked what went bad after so many years of good. I explained, apologized, and he verified the offer and that the account is still in house. I will pay the remainder next month and get back in the boat with AMEX and pray for the magic "bad-to-positive" tradeline. I just wish most credit companies operated this way, to me its win-win for all parties. Just wanted to share for those mystified by the Optima/Oasis program.
  5. There are usually a lot of questions about why to apply for new Amex cards in January, particularly this time of year. Below is a brief explanation. When you have an Amex log in, you have a "Member Since" date. For example, here is what mine looks like when I log in to my account. Once you have established a "Member Since" date, every new Amex you open will show as being opened in the MS year. For example, every Amex I open reports as being opened in 1992. A new Amex will report the month that it was opened with the MS date as the year. For example, let's assume a MS date of 2013 and two different scenarios for opening a second card. MS date 2013 Amex 2 opened December 2014 Amex 2 reports as opened December 2013 reports as 1 year old MS date 2013 Amex 2 opened January 2015 Amex 2 reports as opened January 2013 reports as 2 years old If you have a really young MS date, you can see why applying in January can help you boost your AAOA over time. Waiting 1 month in this example nets another year of account age. If you don't have an Amex, it is wise to get one before the year ends to lock in a MS date. If you have a young MS date, it is wise to wait until January to take advantage of the account age as much as possible.
  6. So my Amex reported upon refresh of USAA today. I have read that letting a balance report may, or may not, aid in the first reporting cycle. Here are my results: Two cards, approved same day, 30 days ago. PRG no balance/did not report first cycle. ED had a balance/reported first cycle, 30 days after acct opening, 3 days after statement close. If we can get more data on this we can establish how much the balance reporting method has on reporting the new accounts. Whether or not it is more common with revolvers opposed to charge cards. There must be a method to the madness that is Amex. Please share your recent results or add to this thread when your new accounts report, with the basic information.
  7. Happy New Year's to all my fellow CBers: Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. I had a quick question, I have read threads on D* and in everything I got a little confused. With regards to an AU card, IF the AU had their OWN AMEX in say 1993 would they be able to use that as a D* date if added on as an AU? I know that it is said AU D* is dead, however, I kinda got turned around in my readings, I think that it is dead with regards to the MAIN CC Acct Holder having D* and the AU trying to get the SAME D* that really wasn't theirs. I am assuming that if the AU had a potential D* of 1993, that AMEX would honor it regardless of the date on the new acct, am I completely off here? Also, if AMEX did allow it, what might the impact be on the AU's AAOA. would it truly effect it? Or since it's only an AU card does it factor differently? As always, thanks for all your help and guidance, I have some success stories to share as soon as I get caught up with school.
  8. Trying to keep it short ... I have been away for a while. Came back this week to say hi in GD. Started reading around in CF and saw this thread: The Master Blacklist Black List Thread – Work In Progress, Help Needed Now, I haven't applied for an Amex since 2007. Back then, the CO was no longer on my reports. Only denied because of internal blacklist. Not sure when it actually CO'd. So, I thought WTH. I'll try. Applied for the Everyday card because it looked kind of cool. FACO on TU is 721. The rest are unknown. I do have quite a few other cards at this point with about $50k total in CLs ranging from $500 (Target) up to $25k (USAA). I was approved for $2k. Eh. Not great. But, I am back in. Don't know if that is good or bad yet. Then I start reading about D*. Hmmm. Better check that out. Click the chat button and ask if I can get my Member Since date set back to my original. Sure Mr. D. Let me look that up for you. Is **** correct? Yes sir, that sounds about right. New date shows online before we finish the chat. Boom, a brand new CL from 1998. Once again, thanks CB. You guys are awesome as usual
  9. AMEX Platinum Charge Card 100k MR points after $3k spend in 3 months AMEX Premier Rewards Gold 50k MR points after $1k spend in 3 months Apply through Cardmatch tool without initial hard pull to pre-qualify - must be opted in - may be targeted https://www.creditcards.com/cardmatch/?aid=e9b5845b&bid=5cf9de14a9f94cb0 More about the deal: http://thepointsguy.com/2015/01/amex-platinum-100000-point-offer-back-targeted/
  10. You can use this link to apply for the AMEX HHonors Surpass and get an extra 20k in points with no additional spend (still $3k in 3 months) until Feb 28, 2015. This may be a good option for those going to apply in Jan or for those doing the AMEX end of year experiment or if you just want to be safe and apply now to establish a 2014 date with AMEX. This card also gives you GOLD status for great upgrades and free Wifi, which can sometimes be $20/night. AF is the same as the 60k link on the main AMEX page ($75) and is also not waived the first year. https://www262.americanexpress.com/dapply/web/applycard/us/personal-card/api/hil/hilton-hhonors-surpass-card/hhsc-024?wt.mc_id=CMEM_BUfyV3B89yK-nY If you recently got this card with the 60k bonus, go on AMEX chat and ask for the extra 20k. Provide this link to them, if they need proof that the offer is out there. Usually <90 days from the time your account was opened. Good luck and happy applying!!
  11. I have been thinking about this since learning about Amex backdating and how it helps AAofA. I have really two thoughts. One is I'm surprised that AMEX isn't pressured not to backdate new accounts since the rules say if you report (you don't have to report), you have to report accurately. I'm glad they do it, but they are kind of fudging there. But what I really don't get is why some of their competitors don't do the same thing. That would be a huge benefit to members and would draw lots of new business and wouldn't cost a dime. I am just surprised that AMEX seems to have a lock on this perk and is able to gain a competitive advantage over their peers.
  12. This is an academic question for me since I burned AMEX in my BK 7. That said, are people gaming carefully managing their AAOA by periodically opening and closing AMEX cards? Since you get D* for each AMEX card (open or closed), wouldn't it make sense to have as many of these reporting as possible -- open or closed? Obviously you don't want to pay a bunch of fees, but couldn't you churn the no AF products? Maybe this has been addressed before but I have been thinking about it. If people open and close various CC accounts regularly to churn bonus miles, why not churn Amices to heavily impact your AAofA?
  13. Other than D* and "prestige" what advantages are there to an AMEX Charge card, when compared to top-tier Visas or MasterCards, that justify AMEX's Annual Fees?
  14. Hey guys, been awhile aimce I'm posted, but I've still been lurking in the dark reading. My question is this, Im looking to get another revolver, to continue to buildout my arsenal, it's been about 10 months or so since my last addition. I'd like to get one of the AMEX Revolvers. Got my wife the AMEX Everyday earlier this week, I'm not sure which one would be best for me. Are there any that anyone favors more than others? I was also looking at the Everyday card, no AF, good rates, etc. I currently only have a Corporate Card with them. My scores are all excellent and income is great, no negative info whatsoever. I planned on getting a revolver now, the apping for a charge in Jan. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance guys
  15. So it is the time of year where we all want to grab some more Amex's. BUT, what else do you plan to app for, for 2015? Or your CLI strategy ? I plan to do 3x CLI, w/ Amex + go for two more cards, undecided on which ones yet. I also plan to try for : PenFed, BOA, and Possibly DCU. I'm looking to add to this. It isn't a huge grab, but I did a lot of that last year. What's your plans ?? I may add to mine from yours.
  16. OMG! Can't believe it worked! DW applied for 3x CLI, from $9,400 to $28,200, instant approval! It was on her Amex Blue everyday card. Her FICO scores: Exp : 789 TU : 798 Eq : 806 Card used lightly over last 61 days, PIF always. She wants to achieve credit pimp status in the next year!! Thank you fellow CB'ers for all the great advice! (special shout out to BobWang, Ubercat, mendlesshon, HoustonLynne, CV91915, SecretAgentWoman)
  17. I received my denial letter from AMEX today and was curious about the reasons they have listed. Number of trades (Experian) Your FICO Score (680) Our evaluation of the inquiries on your credit report based on the number, type, and recency. (Experian) Too many new accounts. (Experian) Unlike my Chase letter that specifically said I had a bad history with them, does this mean I'm off AMEX's BL? And I just need to clean my report up?
  18. Again- The Website says it's for Ameriprise Financial clients. No MR bonus for signing up but the $450 AF is waived the first year and also waived for AUs for the first year. Includes the $200 airline fee credit and the $100 credit for Global Entry or TSA Pre Check. READ the T&C before applying but it is very similar to the regular offer. It's issued by AMEX Bank, FSB. I'm not sure about D* for this card. Someone weigh in on this if you know. https://www.ameriprise.com/cash-cards-and-lending/cards/platinum-card-from-american-express.asp Gold card is also $0 AF the first year https://www.ameriprise.com/cash-cards-and-lending/cards/?link=nav
  19. I currently have: BCE PRG HHonors Surpass I was wanting to upgrade my BCE to BCP. You can upgrade from the BCE to the BCP (per an Amex rep I spoke to after opening the BCE) after having the BCE for a year with no pull. I was thinking to max the situation I would transfer as much of the CL as I can to my Hilton card, instead of just transferring the CL directly to the BCP, and then call back and then close the BCE. Then go online and apply for the BCP and get a new CL and do a 2-for-1 and get the no fee Everyday card. Anyone see any flaws in this or see a better way to max the benefits?
  20. http://thepointsguy.com/2014/12/earn-double-amex-membership-rewards-points-at-small-businesses/
  21. Hi new the forum, i been reading alot of posts and really help me, so i wanted to share back.thanks to you all for the help i app for amex 11-4 after 20 years of not having the card, i said let try for the amex blue.pulled ex. i called recon they said since you had a card and it was in your bk you can not get one. i said after 20 years i cant come back the rep said no, i called again two hours later same answer, i was blown away. the same day i went for the barclays arrival got the message will let you know 7-10 days, i called recon they asked a few questions,approved 5,000 pulled trans i went also for the discover it card approved 800.00 pulled EQ, so i said let me try one more pulled the trigger went for the apple barclays card 1000 pulled EX fico -710
  22. Scores all right around 700. Would like to add some cards to continue lowering utilization and to provide a cushion as I will be keeping two homes the next 6 months so utilization will rise. First question would be Amex. Requested a CLI two weeks ago after being assured they would use a fresh pull (I had paid down nearly $15K in balances in October, including nearly paying off my Amex). Denial letter had a pull from early October and reason was overall utilization and Amex balance, both of which were wildly different by the time of CLI request. I know there is a time-wait if you GET a CLI, but can I ask again now that the pull would show the new picture, or still must wait? Second, I would like to add with Amex, even though as I have expressed in other posts, I hate them right now. I was thinking EveryDay, and then maybe piggyback a PIF? Third, I would like to add another Barclay. As my new home will have US Air (for as long as they exist), I was thinking the Barclay US Air. I considered Arrival World but seems like not a lot of approvals at 700 or below. Fourth, I like the approvals and limits I see with Venture on here, especially if I can freeze EX and do a TU/EQ pull instead of a triple. Any recommendations or warnings?
  23. Hi. Anyone ever had any luck offsetting an AMEX annual fee or getting some kind of a retention bonus? I recently called the main line with regard to an annual fee on my BCP, and both the CSR and a supervisor told me that there was nothing they could do or offer me, despite my suggestion that I was seriously considering cancelling or at least downgrading the card to the no-annual-fee version. Just wondering if I should try my luck again with a different CSR or if there is a different number that I should call that would be more successful. As always, any feedback and help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Hi, I have a Amex Business Gold card and wanted to know if it is possible to ask for the personal guarantee to be removed?
  25. I hate to talk on the phone to customer service, even more so when I am pissed off. I guess Amex is leaving no choice anymore? There used to be a chat feature on the website. Now there is not. You used to be able to email them. Now you can not. Now you have to Tweet your question/concerns to @askAmex. It was a treat to try to condense my issue into 140 characters. And it was even more of a treat to get a reply that covers 6 (YES, SIX) separate Tweets. That make more sense to them than chat, or email? I used to hear great things about Amex, but in the year I have been a member, I have only seen things go from fair to poor. Maybe I am being too harsh or expecting too much? Maybe there just is no such thing as good customer service anymore?
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