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Found 15 results

  1. Hi Can I get some guidance on how to remove some old paid off charge offs from my CRs? -CAP 1 paid charge off in 2016 -CAP 1 paid charge off closed in 2015 -Santander paid charge off in 2017 -An old student loan that was 120 days late that was closed to transfer in 12/17 Covid hit me hard so I have tons of charge offs and collections for other accounts that are recent that I know I won't be able to do anything with Any advise would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  2. I just wanted to give a heads up to the CB community. Exactly a year ago, I open a Discover Card 9.5 months out of Chapter 7 BK and was given a 12k limit at 0% for the first 14 months. I was surprised at being approved and at the limit. I was honest with my annual income and they did not ask for pay stubs or anything else. Fast forward to this month and in anticipation of my 0% promo ending (and the rate jumping to 16.9%), I applied for a a 10k personal loan from my credit union to refinance the 10k that I had charged on the card over the year. Now maybe it wasn’t the smartest to g
  3. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/12/22/949047358/congress-acts-to-spare-consumers-from-costly-surprise-medical-bills Starting in 2022, when the law goes into effect, consumers won't get balance bills when they seek emergency care, when they are transported by an air ambulance, or when they receive nonemergency care at an in-network hospital but are unknowingly treated by an out-of-network physician or laboratory. Patients will pay only the deductibles and copayment amounts that they would under the in-network terms of their insurance plans.
  4. I am in really bad need of some advice on what to do with two accounts showing up on all 3 credit reports. I realize I made a mistake and somehow I need to fix it but I don’t think I deserve what this place is doing. The two accounts are duplicate accounts and are the same credit card account, but it is not showing that way according to all 3 credit report agencies. In 2019, I was going to be away for 3 months for some important medical treatments and I knew that I would not be able to take care of my payments during this time, so I set up automatic payments from inside my checking
  5. I’ve been a USAA member for 22 years and had generally been happy with USAA. However, USAA has recently exhibited mind-boggling incompetence which resulted in all my accounts being closed due to USAA’s error. One day last year, without warning or explanation, I got a letter in the mail from USAA saying that it was closing all of my accounts in 30 days. Figuring this must be a mistake, I called USAA customer service to ask what was going on. I was told that USAA had decided to stop doing business with me, that the decision is final, and that no reason would be given to me. This meant tha
  6. AndreaP


    I am looking for the section where I put my state, and the type of credit card I would like and it would populate the different cards bureau they pull from and the score they are looking for and the amount they will approve you for. Can anyone help. Thanks
  7. I'll try to keep the back story short. Basically I started a new business venture a couple years ago that didn't pan out like I planned and I increased my DTI and utilization significantly during this time in order to just keep up. About six months ago, I purchased another business (got out of the failing biz) and sold some assets to pay down debt and invest in this hopefully 🤞more successful venture. One of those cards was my Chase Sapphire preferred. Fast forward a month after a large payment towards the balance (not a full balance payoff but about 60%) they chopped my limit subs
  8. My son got a CLI request denial from NFCU after pulling EQ, the reason given: You've reached Navy Federal's maximum unsecured credit limit. He has a Visa at $20K, for which he requested the CLI, and a NavChek overdraft LOC account at $3K. He is also an AU on my card at $80K. Does NFCU include AU accounts when deciding the maximum unsecured credit limit? If so, do I just need to remove him as AU and have him ask for reconsideration? If approved, if he is subsequently re-added as AU, will they take adverse action? Has anyone else seen this in action before
  9. I signed up with a trainer (foolishly from a google search) for some sessions and he used Square, swiping my credit card. I didn't know him and figured it was safer than cash. Paid him for 10 sessions I signed up for another round $1200. I checked my CC statement and saw he charged me $1200 twice. I figured it was just an oversight and when I asked him to fix it, he apologized and said he would fix it. Instead he charged me an additional $1200 AGAIN for a total of $2400 unauthorized charges. When I called unhappy after it was not fixed the second time , but made worse, inst
  10. Hi, there was a wells fargo account credit card account that was charged off years ago in 2011 but the accounts last payment is showing 2013. here are some more details: Account Status Closed Payment Status Charge-off Status Updated Oct 1, 2013 Usage 125% Balance $1,498
  11. We went to a dealership to purchase a car on Nov 10 2018 my daughter signed for the loan on her own." I10 Auto" finacing guy told me First Credit union offers first time buyers program but I may need to co-sign. On Nov 13 I called the dealer to find out on the status of the loan. Someone at the dealer said everything may be ok if we didnt hear anything so I assumed everything was ok. On Nov 21 2018 received a counter offer IAO $xxxxx=xxxxxxx frontends +xxxx backends (GAP & Warranty only) for 60 months due to LTV not within CU lending policy. I called First Credit Union they
  12. Experian has a specialist on my account and will not remove old addresses. I just disputed some items to try to remove the attachments to one of the old address as a test. EX said online when I just checked: This Address was reported to Experian by XXXXxxx and 15 other companies (you can click on the link and get the names). Please contact the company to verify that they have your correct address. Once the new information is reported to Experian, you will be able to submit your dispute online. For further questions, you may contact us at 1-855-414-6048. I informed them that I am now goi
  13. Apparently I'm good at pushing legit business boundaries too far as I keep getting blacklisted for permitted behavior as previously Chase blacklisted me for using their $500 offers too many times a few years ago and Fort Knox CU refuses to let me add an authorized user to my gas credit card. Just got a letter (apparently an ECOA notice since it includes the required small print) from USAA stating that they are going to close my credit card account due to "unacceptable behavior or activity" and stated they will take next steps of: Discontinue my bank access to usaa.com
  14. After lurking here for awhile and soaking up information, I managed to accomplish a pretty impressive credit score turnaround. (My gratitude to you all!) I currently have a pretty thin file, consisting almost entirely of installment (student) loans (oldest 11 years), plus a 6-month-old USAA card, all with perfect payment history. (Additionally, EX and EQ report an old revolver account that will fall off next month.) I brought my FICO scores to over 800 (a little lower for TU). I also consolidated some of my loans in order to lock in a low interest rate, which brought in two new tradelines (dro
  15. After doing much research, I am having a hard time completely understanding the rules on this. My SO and I have a joint automobile loan together, since July of 2012. It is being inaccurately reported on my TU and EQ reports, being listed as an individual account, and it is not being reported at all on my SO's. We happened to stumble upon this because she applied for a Mortgage, and was denied based on the fact that she had "insufficient credit." She has a credit score of 637. She has no negative TL on her report, other than a discharged bankruptcy from 2005. She has a current auto loan( si
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