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Found 17 results

  1. I have 2 Cap1 credit cards. One has a balance of $8,700. I will soon have to default on that card. The other is a Cap1 Walmart card. Its balance is $125. After I default on the larger balance, will they go ahead and cancel my Walmart card also? Answer Follow Request
  2. I’ve been a USAA member for 22 years and had generally been happy with USAA. However, USAA has recently exhibited mind-boggling incompetence which resulted in all my accounts being closed due to USAA’s error. One day last year, without warning or explanation, I got a letter in the mail from USAA saying that it was closing all of my accounts in 30 days. Figuring this must be a mistake, I called USAA customer service to ask what was going on. I was told that USAA had decided to stop doing business with me, that the decision is final, and that no reason would be given to me. This meant that my children’s college accounts would be closed, my wife’s and my retirement accounts would be closed, and our checking account and credit card would be closed. I pleaded to customer service supervisors for an explanation, knowing this must be a mistake, but they said they did not have access to the reason for the decision. True to their word, USAA closed all my accounts 30 days later. They even charged me a $20 account termination fee for closing one of the accounts. Most of my cost, though, was the hours I had to spend to move all my accounts and business to new banks and to file paperwork to avoid taxes on the closed education savings accounts. I thought long and hard about what could have prompted USAA to want to close my accounts. Then I remembered that about 6 months earlier, I had received a suspicious voicemail from someone claiming to be from USAA wanting to talk to me about activity in my checking account and asking me to call him at an unlisted number. Recognizing this as a possible phishing scam, I had instead called USAA’s main customer service number, told them about the voicemail and the name the caller gave, told them that I’m happy to answer any questions they have, and asked them what I should do. They had said that they had no record of anyone from USAA trying to call me, that it was probably a phishing attempt, and that I should ignore it and forward a transcript of the voicemail to abuse@usaa.com . I did exactly that (and received no response). Now that USAA decided to shut down all my accounts, I began to wonder whether that voicemail actually *was* from USAA and my lack of a return call to the given unlisted number was why USAA was unhappy with me. I wrote to USAA customer service asking whether that voicemail from 6 months ago was in fact from USAA and whether that was related to them closing my accounts. In the letter, I said that if the caller wanting to ask about my account was indeed from USAA, I remain willing to answer any questions they had, since I’ve done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide. USAA did not respond to my letter. Despite all my financial accounts with USAA being closed, I still had car insurance with USAA. When I logged in to USAA’s website a month later to get my latest insurance statement, I found that my online access had been suspended. I called USAA customer service and asked for my account to be unlocked so that I could access my insurance statement. The USAA representative kindly unlocked my account and then, without me asking him to, read me the notes in USAA’s file about me. The notes apparently said that USAA had received a letter from me asking why my account was closed, that letter had been forwarded to the office of the CEO, that they had investigated and found that the voicemail I had received 6 months earlier *was*, in fact, from USAA, and that no response should be given to me. The USAA customer service representative said that he had never seen anything like this in his many years working at USAA. He said USAA would only drop a customer if the customer committed a grave violation and that there would typically be warnings given. He reviewed my account himself and said he saw no record of any warnings nor any suspicious activity. He agreed that my not returning the voicemail probably contributed to USAA’s decision, though he didn’t know the reason. He agreed that I had done the prudent thing by contacting USAA customer service when receiving a call asking me to call back at a non-USAA number. He recommended that I write to the office of the CEO and explain everything. So, as suggested, I wrote to the CEO of USAA and explained how I have only ever acted in good faith to protect USAA, that I have not done anything against USAA’s interests to my knowledge, that USAA seems to have erred in telling me that they had not contacted me when they had, that USAA’s error seems to have led to USAA’s decision to close my accounts, that their account closing fee is unfair since I didn’t *choose* to close the account, and that it was poor customer service for them to not respond to my earlier letter despite the fact that they realized they had erred when they researched the matter. To this, I got a curt response saying that they had a right to stop doing business with me, that they exercised that right, and that they will not be writing to me further on this topic. I wonder what I did to get this treatment from USAA. One one hand, whatever it was must have been very minor, since they only bothered to leave me a voicemail asking about it (no email or letter) and they let me go on using my account for most of a year after that. On the other hand, whatever it was must have been so severe as to justify shutting down all of my family’s accounts without explanation and to get no reconsideration when the matter was escalated to USAA’s CEO. Since then, 9 months have passed. I recently got a personal credit card invitation from USAA offering a $200 introductory bonus. I thought to myself that USAA must have finally come to its senses and removed me from its blacklist. I applied for the card and was accepted by USAA. However, several days after using the card for the first time (to buy baseball tickets for my family), my account was shut down without notice. No bonus was paid to me. I received a letter in the mail saying that my account was shut down “for unacceptable behavior or activity”. I called USAA to ask what the unacceptable behavior or activity was. The USAA representative, after putting me on a long hold, told me that my account was closed for the same reason why my accounts were closed last year. I explained that I’d never gotten a reason last year and this was the first I’d heard of “unacceptable behavior or activity”. I asked if he could share details. He replied that he had no further information for me. Since opening that credit account, I’ve received three more credit card offers from USAA. I won’t bother trying to accept them. It’s sad that a once great company like USAA has such a bad case of organizational schizophrenia and poor customer service. USAA has repeatedly demonstrated that its left hand has no idea what its right hand is doing. It punishes its good, long-term customers for being conscientious and avoiding phishing scams and it is unwilling to acknowledge when it is wrong.
  3. I've got Citi AA Miles card from 2019 still with same credit limit I opened with. Denied again for CLI, reason given was: However, I wonder if that is the full story since they have BK loss with me that is off my credit reports now? Are they obligated to cite that in their reasons if part of their decision making process? My inquiries on Equifax they referred to: Feb 17, 2021 PENTAGON FCU (Denied CLI, max exposure) Feb 17, 2021 DIGITAL FEDERAL CREDIT UN (Denied card) Dec 29, 2020 CORELOGIC CREDCO CORELOGIC for BACHOMELOANSECOMMDMA (Mortgage approved) Apr 20, 2020 CREDCO/QUICKEN CREDCO/QUICKEN for QUICKEN LOANS INC Mar 07, 2020 PENTAGON FCU (Approved CLI) Mar 07, 2020 DIGITAL FEDERAL CREDIT UN (Denied card) Feb 24, 2020 CITIBANK NA CITIBANK NA (Prior Citi CLI that was denied) Experian FICO: 827 (From Wells Fargo Bank) TransUnion FICO: 824 (From Barclays Bank) Equifax FICO: 770 (From DCU older version of score) Thoughts?
  4. Hi Can I get some guidance on how to remove some old paid off charge offs from my CRs? -CAP 1 paid charge off in 2016 -CAP 1 paid charge off closed in 2015 -Santander paid charge off in 2017 -An old student loan that was 120 days late that was closed to transfer in 12/17 Covid hit me hard so I have tons of charge offs and collections for other accounts that are recent that I know I won't be able to do anything with Any advise would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  5. I just wanted to give a heads up to the CB community. Exactly a year ago, I open a Discover Card 9.5 months out of Chapter 7 BK and was given a 12k limit at 0% for the first 14 months. I was surprised at being approved and at the limit. I was honest with my annual income and they did not ask for pay stubs or anything else. Fast forward to this month and in anticipation of my 0% promo ending (and the rate jumping to 16.9%), I applied for a a 10k personal loan from my credit union to refinance the 10k that I had charged on the card over the year. Now maybe it wasn’t the smartest to go over 30% utilization, I was taking advantage of the 0% and I wasn’t balance chased or anything like that. My credit union approved by at 7.9%, cut a check and mailed it directly to Discover this week. Low and behold I try to log in today and am locked out and call their “verifications” team. While they weren’t necessarily rude, the did treat me like I was a criminal and said that they can request a 4056-T anytime they want. I brought up that it’s interesting timing since my CU just sent them a check for refinancing my balance. They acted clueless and said that I have until 1/3/2021 to return the form or my account will be closed. I am expecting almost $500 from their cash back match promo in December so of course I’m an not doing anything until I get that money. Also, while my account is in “verifications” they WILL NOT allow me to have account access, or mail me a statement to pay my bill. So I have to call in and make the payment (free of charge - bless their little hearts) and call in to get the cash back match bonus redeemed. Once my account is closed, they will then restore my online access so I can continue to make any payments due. I don’t think I’m going to participate in their fishing expedition. My tax returns are none of their business. If the would have asked for them when I opened the account, I wouldn’t have provided them. Obviously my tax returns are going to reflect my itemized deductions and I am not going to voluntarily hand that information over to anyone. I think I’ll close the account myself on 1/2/2021. My BK will have been discharge for two years on 2/15/2021, so I’ll apply elsewhere for a credit card to replace it. I have other unsecured credit already established, so I have been successful in rebuilding me credit since discharge. While it was nice to be approved for a high limit so soon after BK discharge, it’s definitely not my highest limit at this time, so I’m ok with saying goodbye to Discover. TL;DR: Be cautious when making a large payment to Discover or you may be facing a FR.
  6. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/12/22/949047358/congress-acts-to-spare-consumers-from-costly-surprise-medical-bills Starting in 2022, when the law goes into effect, consumers won't get balance bills when they seek emergency care, when they are transported by an air ambulance, or when they receive nonemergency care at an in-network hospital but are unknowingly treated by an out-of-network physician or laboratory. Patients will pay only the deductibles and copayment amounts that they would under the in-network terms of their insurance plans.
  7. I am in really bad need of some advice on what to do with two accounts showing up on all 3 credit reports. I realize I made a mistake and somehow I need to fix it but I don’t think I deserve what this place is doing. The two accounts are duplicate accounts and are the same credit card account, but it is not showing that way according to all 3 credit report agencies. In 2019, I was going to be away for 3 months for some important medical treatments and I knew that I would not be able to take care of my payments during this time, so I set up automatic payments from inside my checking account and paid them their payments that way. I had always made my payments on time so I was surprised when they closed my account. My bank said that the payments should have been delivered by the due date, but Merrick Bank said that they were late by two days all three months. So they charged me a late charge of $39, three months in a row and then closed my account by the time I could get a hold of them. Once the account closed, they turned it into a collection agency right away. But now on all three credit reports, it is listed from the credit card company as well as the collection agency and makes it look like I owe $2444 between the two. The card was not maxed out and they inflated the balance big time. What’s worse, is the collection agency somehow updates it as a late payment every month and I get an alert from my credit monitoring website saying that I have a new late payment. The collection agency is also listed as 12 charge-offs. I realize that what is done is done and there’s not much I can do about it. I am planning on paying this off in the next 6-12 months, but in the meantime, I do not think it’s fair that it is listed in duplicate and that the collection agency continues to update it as late every month. It is hurting my credit score considerably because it is renewed as a new late payment every month, as well as two separate accounts. Are they allowed to do this or should it just be listed as one account instead of having it on there in duplication? Can anyone please tell me how I can possibly go about fixing it so that only one account is listed on my report correctly? It seems like something like this should be illegal or be against FCRA rules. I am also surprised that they are able to list it as 12 charge-offs! Unbelievable. Merrick Bank listed me for a bunch of late payments in 2019, but stopped then. CWS/CW NEXUS has continued to list me as late every month and just listed a new late payment for August 2020. The info from the accounts is copied below. The first one is the credit card company, Merrick Bank. The second one is the collection agency, CWS/CW NEXUS. Merrick Bank will not talk to me whatsoever on the phone and will transfer me to the CWS/CW NEXUS if I get through to a live person. The collection agency called me once in the beginning, and the representative was as surprised as I was and I have never received any more calls from them since. My credit is otherwise very good and I have around 20 accounts all reporting good payment history except for this company reporting every month as late with 12 charge-offs. I apologize in advance for the long read, but I wanted to make sure I had the correct information in the post. Thanks for any help! Credit Card Company: MERRICK BANK CORP $1,262 Closed 1 charge-off Account Info Account status Closed Date opened Jun 02, 2015 Account type Credit Card - Revolving Terms Balance on Jul 31, 2019 $1,262 Credit Limit $950 Payment Info Status Charge-off Status date Jul 2019 Past due amount $427 Highest balance - Monthly payment - Collection Agency: CWS/CW NEXUS $1,182 Closed 12 charge-offs Account Info Account status Closed Date opened Jun 02, 2015 Account type Credit Card - Revolving Terms Balance on Aug 01, 2020 $1,182 Credit Limit $950 Payment Info Status Charge-off Status date Aug 2019 Past due amount $1,182 Balance on Aug 01, 2020 $1,182 Credit Limit $950
  8. AndreaP


    I am looking for the section where I put my state, and the type of credit card I would like and it would populate the different cards bureau they pull from and the score they are looking for and the amount they will approve you for. Can anyone help. Thanks
  9. I'll try to keep the back story short. Basically I started a new business venture a couple years ago that didn't pan out like I planned and I increased my DTI and utilization significantly during this time in order to just keep up. About six months ago, I purchased another business (got out of the failing biz) and sold some assets to pay down debt and invest in this hopefully 🤞more successful venture. One of those cards was my Chase Sapphire preferred. Fast forward a month after a large payment towards the balance (not a full balance payoff but about 60%) they chopped my limit substantially!!! This was going to be my preferred personal card going forward for the rewards. I thought maybe I'll finally get to take a vacation some day and use points and this was one of the best cards out there and I already had it my portfolio. My question is, has anyone had any success or have any tips for getting the limit restore or at least increased? From researching CB it sounds like Chase is a real beast to deal with which is unfortunate. They were always really good to me in the past. Other info that might be helpful: I have both my personal and business checking with them I have a Chase Amazon Visa with a super low limit that has been at 0% utilization for at least couple years now My business card is an Amex Blue Business with a $18K limit and 0% utilization. Chase declined me for a business line of credit due to NO CREDIT (for the business that is) and told me to reapply in 6 months My PenFed personal credit card is the only one with a high balance now and I'm working on that one little by little I did establish a pretty good relationship with a business rep at my local branch and I thought about going in to see if he could help (he's reversed some fees for me in the past on the business account) but I don't want to try that first without more research. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  10. My son got a CLI request denial from NFCU after pulling EQ, the reason given: You've reached Navy Federal's maximum unsecured credit limit. He has a Visa at $20K, for which he requested the CLI, and a NavChek overdraft LOC account at $3K. He is also an AU on my card at $80K. Does NFCU include AU accounts when deciding the maximum unsecured credit limit? If so, do I just need to remove him as AU and have him ask for reconsideration? If approved, if he is subsequently re-added as AU, will they take adverse action? Has anyone else seen this in action before? If so, what was your experience?
  11. I signed up with a trainer (foolishly from a google search) for some sessions and he used Square, swiping my credit card. I didn't know him and figured it was safer than cash. Paid him for 10 sessions I signed up for another round $1200. I checked my CC statement and saw he charged me $1200 twice. I figured it was just an oversight and when I asked him to fix it, he apologized and said he would fix it. Instead he charged me an additional $1200 AGAIN for a total of $2400 unauthorized charges. When I called unhappy after it was not fixed the second time , but made worse, instead of refunding immediately, he got very defensive, says he never got it, it was a problem w Square and to dispute it. His story changed multiple times, so I don't believe him, but disputed it. ("you'll have the money in 3 days" then, no "it's easier if you dispute it".etc) It was around Christmas, so I think he figured he'd hit my card because he needed $ and would repay it later and apologize. The CC company gave me an immediate provisional credit of $2400 and say they will have a decision in 90 days after investigating. CC company sent me a letter saying the are requesting info from the vendor, (him) if it's a legitimate charge. I assume Square can track exactly where the money went. Like did square deposit the money to his bank or not. Does anyone know what happens it a situation where the vendor actually tells you to dispute it? I have a hard time believing him, but maybe I am wrong. From what I can tell, Square is reliable and not prone to accidental overcharges. I just want the $2400 back and have moved on. Thank you for any guidance.
  12. Hi, there was a wells fargo account credit card account that was charged off years ago in 2011 but the accounts last payment is showing 2013. here are some more details: Account Status Closed Payment Status Charge-off Status Updated Oct 1, 2013 Usage 125% Balance $1,498 Balance Updated Jan 2, 2019 Last Year I received an IRS letter stating that I didn't report the charged off amount as income for my 2016 taxes. Wells Fargo cancelled the debt and sent it to the IRS on the last day of the year in 2016. As soon as i received the letter i paid the debt in full. Here's where I'm stuck on how to proceed. My credit report still shows the full charged off amount even though I paid it to the IRS when requested and i cant get it removed no matter how many times a dispute it. According to experian the account will be removed from my credit report at the end of this year in 12/2019. I need some more information because I don't want to do anything have the clock be reset on when the account will be removed. ( I'm afraid of a situation where if any new information is inputted resulting to a reset of the 7 year rule) Should I give up and wait for the account to be removed? Or should I press further and keep trying to have it corrected. And if I were to do so, what is the best way of going about it? Thank you so much for the help.
  13. We went to a dealership to purchase a car on Nov 10 2018 my daughter signed for the loan on her own." I10 Auto" finacing guy told me First Credit union offers first time buyers program but I may need to co-sign. On Nov 13 I called the dealer to find out on the status of the loan. Someone at the dealer said everything may be ok if we didnt hear anything so I assumed everything was ok. On Nov 21 2018 received a counter offer IAO $xxxxx=xxxxxxx frontends +xxxx backends (GAP & Warranty only) for 60 months due to LTV not within CU lending policy. I called First Credit Union they advised to talk to the dealer. I emailed the Salesperson and the financing guy at the dealer to have an explanation on the counter offer. Salesperson responded that I may need to Co-sign she was not sure on the counter offer. Co-signing will make a difference on the LTV? The counter offer is $606.23 less than the contract amount $xxxxxx to be financed. I was looking at the itemization page and the dealer is charging $549 just for the doc fee is this a normal charge? Thanks in advance!
  14. Experian has a specialist on my account and will not remove old addresses. I just disputed some items to try to remove the attachments to one of the old address as a test. EX said online when I just checked: This Address was reported to Experian by XXXXxxx and 15 other companies (you can click on the link and get the names). Please contact the company to verify that they have your correct address. Once the new information is reported to Experian, you will be able to submit your dispute online. For further questions, you may contact us at 1-855-414-6048. I informed them that I am now going to also look at the record @LexisNexis.com to see if I could scare them (DID NOT WORK) and also said how can you verify a record that is not complete as per the Bankruptcy Courts and LexisNexis. I will keep writing letters and never give up of course but we will see. I was thinking that holidays time would be best for reps in the USA (mine at Experian would be in the mood to play nice or on holiday so I could find someone new.) I did get TU and EQ to remove all the address attached to bad credit after calling over the last 5 workdays with TU and EQ was Immediate (THIS was DONE BY PHONE). I am now sending the remove letters to TU and EQ that no longer have address attachments. HOW to get the Free credit reports for TU and EQ I get from my CreditKarma.com and pulling up credit report under the bar graph and clicking on the 2 different companies and again clicking on the credit report tab. This is a great tool for verifications of removes once you understand the format (this updates every 4 or 5 days so you have to wait for that). How to get a Free Credit report for Experian is by getting the free account and if you navigate around long enough you can find all of your credit report for verifications as needed. ( this updates quickly most of the time ) 855-414-6048 to dispute on the phone with Experian. Anyone want to call Sam directly at Experian and give him a busy day 469-675-5039 maybe he will quit!
  15. Apparently I'm good at pushing legit business boundaries too far as I keep getting blacklisted for permitted behavior as previously Chase blacklisted me for using their $500 offers too many times a few years ago and Fort Knox CU refuses to let me add an authorized user to my gas credit card. Just got a letter (apparently an ECOA notice since it includes the required small print) from USAA stating that they are going to close my credit card account due to "unacceptable behavior or activity" and stated they will take next steps of: Discontinue my bank access to usaa.com and banking services available through that site. Deny applications for other USAA products and services. This is annoying as I'd like to know what I did wrong so I can avoid repeating it in the future with another institution. I called them up to ask, what exactly was the issue and they had nothing to offer other than "unacceptable behavior or activity" and a supervisor was even less helpful and wanted to get off the phone quickly. I asked how do I know the unacceptable behavior is not the church I attend or due to a bug in your computer systems? They had no useful response. They also had no response to whether this would impact my DW or children. They did say that my home, auto, renters, and umbrella insurance policies are not affected, although I expect my premiums will go up without the banking relationship in the future. It is unclear to me from the letter whether they are closing my banking accounts. It appears to only say online access is to be removed. Letter is dated beginning of October, and I still have online access as of today and my checking/savings (joint with DW) are still open. I also received two letters by overnight FedEx, dated a couple days later, and left on my doorstep with no signature taken that I found recently. These letters, one to me, one to my wife, stated: In keeping with USAA' s core values and our commitment to our membership as a whole we are discontinuing your business relationship with the USAA Investment Management Company (IMCO). Both the brokerage closing letter and the credit card letter are very vague as to what my sins are in their eyes, but I share this here in the hope that others way try be able to avoid a similar fate or may have other advice or suggestions. My USAA membership was opened around 2010 shortly after I joined CreditBoards and my credit card was opened around 2016. I've come up with a list of possible actions I've taken that could possibly be the source of their institutional displeasure, which I've tried to rank using my estimation from highest probability to lowest probability: About 3 months ago I discovered that for my joint checking account I could ACH transfer in $5,000 per login per business day with no hold, so I could do $5K and my DW could do $5K on the same day and I did this about 4 times over the last 3 months to avoid having to do it over two days from just one login. My checking account was my ACH hub, I transferred large amounts of money through USAA between USAA and other banking institutions, using ACH in and ACH out. Other than the transfers, I did not maintain a significant balance in this account. For example, I paid my rent each month by ACH and I used their ACH to create activity at other financial institutions that require ACH for a free account. My daily ACH limit in and out were each $8,000, but for no hold on transfer in, limit was $5,000 with excess amounts having a several day hold, however, it would also allow $5,025 per day with no hold, which I often exercised. About 4 years ago, I used their CCT service they rebranded under the USAA name to bump inquiries from Equifax by pulling my credit report daily using automated web scripting. I know an officer in the military that feels wronged by me for enforcing a contractual relationship in a way they felt was unfair. Could this person have contacted USAA proactively to get them to blacklist me for this auto bump activity? I only used my credit card for balance transfer offers, twice at 0% and never paid them any interest other than the transfer fee. I applied for CLI and got one up to $30K limit about 9 months ago. They even sent a new 0% balance transfer offer on this account about 45 days ago, which I did not utilize. About two years ago, I had an ACH overdraft due to funds held uncleared at the bank it was drawn upon, but it did not pull overdraft from my credit card, so I covered the overdraft within about 5 days. USAA complained that I had a low balance in my brokerage account about a year ago, so I raised the balance to $500 to meet their requirements for non-closure, I never had any trades in the account and maintained it to get additional discounts on my insurance. (This brokerage account is the subject of the overnight FedEx closure letters.) I got an extended fraud alert added to my credit reports about 45 days ago. (Since their adverse action letter made no mention of a credit reporting agency, I imagine this could not be the case. I think I will make sure and get all three reports to see if they soft pulled my credit report and failed to divulge.) My savings account was never really used and was maintained with a small balance. Perhaps it is some combination of the above? Or if none of those seems likely, then could there be some kind of computer glitch I am the unfortunate victim of? Should I be concerned that USAA will be looking to non-renew my insurance policies now despite the CSR saying no impact to insurance? Does it make sense to file complaints with: CFPB OCC For example, I could complain that the 1002.9 regulations require: (2) Statement of specific reasons. The statement of reasons for adverse action required by paragraph (a)(2)(i) of this section must be specific and indicate the principal reason(s) for the adverse action. Statements that the adverse action was based on the creditor's internal standards or policies or that the applicant, joint applicant, or similar party failed to achieve a qualifying score on the creditor's credit scoring system are insufficient. And the "Official interpretation of Paragraph 9(b)(2)" from the same link says: 2. Source of specific reasons. The specific reasons disclosed under §§ 1002.9(a)(2) and (b)(2) must relate to and accurately describe the factors actually considered or scored by a creditor. 3. Description of reasons. A creditor need not describe how or why a factor adversely affected an applicant. For example, the notice may say “length of residence” rather than “too short a period of residence.” 6. Judgmental system. If a creditor uses a judgmental system, the reasons for the denial or other adverse action must relate to those factors in the applicant's record actually reviewed by the person making the decision. I'm not sure USAA has complied as 2) I do not feel like I got an accurate description of the factors actually considered by USAA when they say "unacceptable behavior or activity", but is that covered by 3) their not needing to describe how or why the factor affected me? Would their reasons be considered 6) a judgmental system, in which case, how do I know the adverse action related to factors in my record actually reviewed by the person making the decision? What would be the basis for any complaints to CFPB or OCC? Any other thoughts or ideas?
  16. After lurking here for awhile and soaking up information, I managed to accomplish a pretty impressive credit score turnaround. (My gratitude to you all!) I currently have a pretty thin file, consisting almost entirely of installment (student) loans (oldest 11 years), plus a 6-month-old USAA card, all with perfect payment history. (Additionally, EX and EQ report an old revolver account that will fall off next month.) I brought my FICO scores to over 800 (a little lower for TU). I also consolidated some of my loans in order to lock in a low interest rate, which brought in two new tradelines (dropping me by about 20 points). Wanting to take advantage of the old revolver that was about to fall off, I judged that it was finally time for my first AoR. I had a list of every card that I wanted, plus some fallbacks, and I set out to get them. I got a little carried away. I am normally fairly conservative. I tend to read and research before I act, and these boards saved me from a LOT of mistakes. However, I didn't realize just how intoxicating an app spree can be. I don't like to gamble (I always thought slot machines are dumb), but now I get it. Apping for cards -- even cards that you don't really need -- is a rush. I knew the danger of opening too many tradelines at once, but I justified it by telling myself that statistically speaking, I wouldn't get all the cards I apped for anyway (and in fact, about half of them were not instant approvals). This just fed the flames. I apped for nine (!) cards. It took a week for the smoke to clear. I got callbacks from underwriters. No-one mentioned the inquiries. I got approved for every single card, including two Amices, a Barkleys, CSP, and other prime cards. The first few have already arrived in the mail. This is a problem. After next month when my one 10-yo closed revolver drops off, my oldest revolver will be 6 months old. My revolving credit will increase from $7,000 to over $80,000, and the nine new cards will begin to report (one is already). This will probably upset the banks. Plus, my FICOs will take a beating. Including the installment loans, AAOA will drop from about 9 to a little over 5 years, but AAOOA (to the extent it matters) will be in the toilet. Based on my rough extrapolations from BW's charts, I expect to see the scores drop to around the 720s, possibly worse. I had originally intended to take advantage of the fact that a close relative has an Amex card with an MSD in the early sixties (!), but the proverbial D*oor just closed on that idea literally the very day that the card arrived in the mail. The best laid plans of mice and men, etc. Now I am out of options. What should I do? I know enough to show use on all cards but PIF before statement date on all but one (which will report with 2% util). However, I fear that won't be enough to stop AA, and I really want some of those cards and don't want to lose them. (I don't really care if I get hit with a CLD -- I can build that back later, but I don't want any cards just outright closed.) Should I preemptively close some of the ones that I don't really care that much about (looking at you, Discover)? Should I just wait out the storm and hope for the best? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  17. After doing much research, I am having a hard time completely understanding the rules on this. My SO and I have a joint automobile loan together, since July of 2012. It is being inaccurately reported on my TU and EQ reports, being listed as an individual account, and it is not being reported at all on my SO's. We happened to stumble upon this because she applied for a Mortgage, and was denied based on the fact that she had "insufficient credit." She has a credit score of 637. She has no negative TL on her report, other than a discharged bankruptcy from 2005. She has a current auto loan( since Apr 2012) on her van through her CU, and although they do not report to CRA's, she has been on time with all of her payments. Mortgage company verified with both CU, and finance company as to payment history, etc. Mortgage company told SO to open another TL that would report to CRA such as gas card, store charge, etc, and after 60 days of the new TL reporting to CRA's she would then qualify for mortgage. SO applied for gas card and was also denied, based on "insufficient credit." After contacting our finance company the first time, on May 13, 2013, (I did not realize at this point that it was being reported as an individual account on my reports) they stated that they did not know why it was not reporting to SO's reports, and that they have updated their files, and should start reporting. After 60 days had lapsed, it was still not reporting to SO's reports, and now there was a hard inquiry by the finance company on both her TU and EQ, dated May 13, 2013. I called the finance company again on July 18, 2013, and reiterated the situation. I also explained that they were reporting my account as an individual account, and that it should be reporting as a joint account. I also informed them that they had performed a "hard inquiry" on SO's TU and EQ, and asked them why it was there. The finance company stated that they would correct the TL to reflect a joint account on my reports. They also stated that after looking into the matter, that it should have been updated with the CRA's but they were not sure why it wasn't. They stated that they updated the database in their software program that they use to report to CRA's to reflect joint account on both mine and SO's reports, and that they also sent a hard copy of the updated TL to TU and EQ in regards to reporting to SO's reports. In regards to the "hard inquiry" on SO's reports, they stated that they had to pull in order to be able to report TL to TU and EQ in regards to SO. They also then stated that they would have to pull another one because it was not reported properly the first time that I called back in May. My questions are: 1) I t is my understanding that because we have an open account with the finance company, that it could be construed as permissible purpose to pull her report for something such as account review or to verify continued eligibility, but is it permissible to pull a "hard inquiry" in order to be able to report to the CRA's, and furthermore is it actually required by finance company to do so? 2) Is it possible (and would it be beneficial) for SO to file a dispute with CRA's because the finance company is not accurately reporting her TL to CRA's? If not, is there any verbage under the FCRA that enforces legal requirements for disputing inaccurate information with the finance company? 3) Are there any potential or actual damages incurred by SO, in the form of adverse actions resulting from the finance company not accurately reporting her TL, that could be used as "ammo" to get finance company to accurately report both TL's? (ie, had finance company been accurately reporting to CRA, SO would not have been denied "new credit'") Any and all help would be greatly appreciate on the matter.
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