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Found 4 results

  1. I'm a long time lurker and reader of CB for many years and I have finally decided to take the plunge and tackle this credit monster finally. I have been reading reading reading and implementing the preliminary steps to begin this process. Here's where I am so far and I am a bit stuck as to what my next move should be. 1. Ordered all 3 hard copy reports (all 3 in hand and ready to go) 2. Opted out 3. Removed all old addresses from TU & EQ.........Experian is giving me a heck of a time and I need to know if I should move forward or continue to try to get the addresses removed? Experian is currently showing 8 old addresses plus my current address, 3 of the addresses are duplicates of 3 old addresses in different variations. 1 of the addresses is not my address at all, as a matter of fact this 1 address being reported as mine is actually the address of the company/plaintiff that filed a "judgment" against me in 2012 and there is also a Verizon TL attached to this same address opened 1/2012, reporting since 11/2012 & last reported 6/2014. It's a utility bill for $341 and is reporting on EX & EQ and Verizon is the OC. My 1st order of business was the Paid Civil Judgment reporting on all 3 CR's that I looked into public records to see if it was on file and it is not. I was gonna tackle this first using WhyChat's method. Should I still move forward with this even though the address is not cleared from EX? Based on WhyChat's judgment method I strongly believe that if I get this judgment removed then I will be able to get the address removed and dispute the Verizon TL there after. 2nd order of business is my 7 Medical TL's using WhyChats Hippa method. 3rd is to DV 13 baddies and last but not least I'm currently rehabbing my student loans and then there is a Repo I don't know where to even begin with but I'm choosing to work on that last. Any suggestions? Thoughts? Opinions? or Advice? If you need anymore info please let me know and I will be glad to provide. TIA
  2. Seeking information on which business CC lenders utilize business address to mail cards and statements. Want to ensure business is established with its own address.
  3. GF and I moved to Maine for her job. We own a home in Ohio. We put in a forwarding address with USPS, but as we are staying in a temporary corporate apartment, we did this on a short-term basis only while we house hunt here in Maine. Well, I guess creditors have access to forwarding information, and so far, US Bank and CapOne both changed our mailing address to the temporary corporate apartment, and reported that address to the CRAs. Today, I noticed a change on Trans Union when pulling SmartCredit: our primary and permanent address has officially been changed to reflect our NEW address. We absolutely DID NOT want this, as we did not want this temporary housing showing up on our addresses with the CRAs, especially as we have done some serious credit rebuilding but are NOT opted out, and do not want pre-approval junk-mail coming to some anonymous corporate apartment after we are gone. We spent 6 weeks living in a hotel after a fire last year. Should THAT hotel have appeared in our credit files too? So if we apply for credit in the next month or so, what address do we use? Will it create an issue if we put down the Ohio address when the CRAs are showing we live in Maine? Or, if we do use this Maine address, will it create any issue that we have only been here a month as opposed to the 7 years we lived at our home in Ohio? I find it funny that the CRAs cannot keep most information straight no matter how many times you dispute or correct, yet they have no issue updating your personal information with data provided by a creditor who got that second-hand from USPS.
  4. I have a question about former addresses and opting-out, more as it relates to my GF's credit than mine. She has no ongoing disputes, and nothing derogatory in the last few years, so nothing to challenge in her file. And no old charge-offs or debts someone would come after her for. Is there a reason having old addresses removed is a smart thing to do overall, or does it in only apply in the context of trying to clean up a file? Sort of same question about opting-out? With one major and one store card, plus access an AU on another, she needs to add trade-lines to get her score up, even if includes store cards from Comenity or something similar. Simply paying mortgage and student loans every month is not budging the scores. Is opting-out solely designed to keep people from going crazy and accepting every crappy deal that comes online or in the mail, or is there more to it? As always, thanks for the help!
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