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  1. After quite a few months of research on credit repair I've decided to begin my quest to clean-up/correct my own credit reports. Below is a history of what I've completed, as well as a list of the steps that I have ahead of me. If anyone has any additional information for me along my path I'd certainly appreciate it! Steps Completed: 1) Request copy of my Credit Report directly form the CRA with corresponding report number 2) Opt Out 3) Clean up old/outdated/incorrect address data Next Step: 4) Send Initial Dispute Letter to all 3 CRAs (hand written and addressed, certified mail onl
  2. Hello, I am just starting out. I have opted out and requested paper reports. I am waiting for them now. I will dispute all old addresses when they arrive. I've read the whychat hippa method many times. I'm just wondering if it would be OK to dispute all 14 all at once or if I should break hem up? Thank you!!
  3. I wanted to post my two medical collections for organization sake, and to easily reference any questions and answers that may come up during the process. I have two medical collections: Collector A- $330.00 Collector B- $70.00 Opted out Deleted as many old addresses that I could, EX is being a pain with one EOMB- Jives with the amount due I sent the Pre HIPPA dispute letter (hand written on the sheet from whychat credit confusion site) to all three CRA's on 8/20/14 via certified mail only, no return receipt, they were received 8/21, 8/23, and 8/24. I figured a date of
  4. So here is our timeline... OC: Cap One 3/6/2008 opened 5/2008 DOFD 11/2008 C/O <Account opened, used, charged off in FL. SOL went past while a resident of FL (4y)> <Moved to in AFTER all the above and SOL is still past in IN (6y)> 10/08/14 Sent the first letter to CRAs mentioning the OC and the CA account ( http://whychat.5u.com/initdispltrsol.html ) 10/16/14 TU deleted everything (yay) 10/17/14 EX removed only the OC 10/27/14 EQ removed only the OC 10/27/14 Sent the letter to the CA ( http://whychat.5u.com/nottoca.html ) 10/30/14 It was received
  5. Hello - I would really appreciate some guidance with this. I have looked at all of Whychat's guides and prepared DV letters for the CA's, however looking closer, I read if DV's are sent within the SOL, then I could be sued. How do I go about getting this taken care of while within SOL? Does SOL start with the date of delinquency or with date of when it went into collections? We are in Florida, so I think SOL is 5 years for written contracts. I have one medical bill for $260, I honestly don't know what it was for exactly. I never got bills for it that I know of, though I did move aroun
  6. Hello Everyone, I hope someone can help me, Im in desperate need. I have a collection/charge off on my credit report that I have disputed a few times over the years but it seems to always update with the incorrect information. I brought a car with Drive Financial in January of 2005, I guess it transfered over to Santander. The car was reposessed in 2007 (not sure of the month) and charged off in March of 2008. This is a lender credit report so maybe the dates will actually show correct on a standard credit report. The Reported date is incorrect and has been incorrect for many years.
  7. I hope someone can help me. I'm just not sure what to do now. I am fairly new to all if this and have cleared almost all of my collections. I have 2 with transunion that o just can't seem to get rid of... I gave disputed several times this year and they come back as updated. Finally I sent a letter (taken from Whychat) sent certified mail last week asking for documentation of my signature. I don't know if I'm doing it right by asking for return reciept, but I did and it has been confirmed as delivered. (They Were JUST Delivered This week) (for my return address I used purple ink and all caps)
  8. I have a medical collection account on my credit reports to the tune of $330. It is out of the statute of limitations. PFD letters go unanswered. So I began emailing the owner of the collection company back in February. Flash forward to three weeks ago. I get an invitation to connect with the owner of the collection company of LinkedIn. I have not accepted the invitation yet. Its not quite 5 years old. My ultimate goal is get a mortgage in a year. This is one of two collection accounts that I have not been able to get rid of. I'm wondering if I should start over with him on the
  9. Hi Everyone, Thanks to everyone's help here at CB, I'm down to the last few neg items on my CR. I have the following medical collections on my EQ report, and would love the get them taken care of. They are only on EQ, not TU or EFX. I'd love to hear some advice from Whychat on getting these removed. MERCHANTS CREDIT Agency Address: 2245 152nd Ave NE Redmond, WA 980525519 (425) 643-2613 Date Reported: 01/2014 Date Assigned: 11/2008 Creditor Classification: Medical/Health Care Creditor Name: MULTICARE MEDICAL GROUP Account Number: 167XXXX Account Owner: Individual Account. Orig
  10. Hi WhyChat – I’m still “on break” with my own TLs, as you suggested. But I am working on my Significant Other’s medicals while I wait. And I’m at a sticky point and need guidance. I’ll try to make this as clear as possible. He had NO INSURANCE at the time of care for any of them. (He has been covered for a year now, though.) We’ve done all the initial steps: · opted out · obtained hardcopy reports directly from the CRAs · deleted all old addresses and incorrect name spellings and one SSN variation · sent the Pre-HIPAA Dispute (handwritten, using your form)
  11. I followed whychats program. oped out, deleted addresses. Sent first letter to OC. Waited. Sent letters to CRAs. CRA just informed me that the debt is valid. Now I have a voice mail from OC (auto loan company) for them to call back. I called and the service states it's OC's recovery department. I'm in Illinois, the debt is still with OC and the loan is about 5 years old.
  12. I'm sorry to be such a PAIN IN THE A**. Quick question: I deleted old addresses and received my Experian report and it states "We have completed the processing of your Dispute. Here are the Results: Residence- Deleted"- but after reviewing the credit report that I received in the main- it looks the same- no addresses are deleted off this one. How do I know if they were truly deleted??
  13. Hi, My auto was repo'd back in Jan 2010 due to no job during the financial crisis. Fast forward I would like to get that removed from my report, so I disputed with all 3 agencies and they all came back verified. My next step is to fire-up the why chat's letters, please critique my letter below and let me know if this is the right method. I'm in California LA county and the auto loan was with a local Credit Union. By the way, the CU never attempted to collect on the deficiency. To whom it may concern; I am writing in regard to the above referenced accounts and transactions. This acc
  14. 2 weeks ago I sent initial HIPPA letter to CRA's and yesterday I received a letter from a CA offering a PFD for several small collections(<$200.00). I'm not sure if I should wait to hear from the CRA's to see what the investigation results are, DV letter or agree to the PFD. Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. Today I received a call from my daughters pediatric office (it was NOT a CA) about past due bills and setting up payment arrangements before they go into collections. The amount is $180 and it was for times when we had lapses in insurance so I know that I owe them. The dates of services are 6/30/09 and 6/14/12. I know for a fact that the 2009 DOS had already gone to collections but was removed with my 1st set of Disputes and DV. The 2012 DOS is not yet reporting. Is this appropriate to pay both of these? I feel lied to and not sure if I can trust what she tells me because she made it sound lik
  16. I'm fairly new to these boards and have been working on cleaning up my credit for about 4 months now. I just learned about the HIPPA process a week ago, on another board where it is very taboo/almost forbidden to discuss the HIPPA process. So going on previous advice I had received elsewhere, I began disputing with CRA's, sending DV letters to CA's and hoping they didnt respond, so I would get a deletion. I got nowhere. I tried the Pay for Delete method. One worked, just mailed that out yesterday. In the course of this process, one the medical collection agencies responded to my validati
  17. Question on a repo, Gm financial repo 11/2011 so beyond the 2 year, but all bureaus state only c/o - no repo notes. Definitely not timely or organized with notices. No CA involved yet. How shall I proceed. 26000 loan they auctioned for 9,000 2010 Lincoln MKZ? Commercially reasonable? I think not.
  18. I sent a dispute letter to TransUnion certified mail only and today when I checked the status online it states"Notice Left- Business Closed" this just means that it was not able to be delivered because the office was closed today? Will they try to re-deliver the letter? Just trying to figure out where I stand....
  19. I apologize ahead of time for the long post.... (Gulp) finally getting the courage to deal with a few medical collections. I have read Whychat's method over and over and over again over the last few months and it's just not getting through my thick skull. I am going to try my luck at addressing my DH's medical collections first he has two medical collections showing up. Paramount Recovery systems (shows on all 3 credit reports) Quantum Financial Bus (shows on Experian only) ( For this PARAMOUNT RECOVERY SYSTM collection I don't think they submitted it to our insurance, my husband sa
  20. I received a letter dated 1/28/14 from CMRE Financial stating confirmation that the request for deletion has been submitted to the credit bureaus. I checked Experian online and it is still there. I'm planning on sending out a letter tomorrow with a copy of the CMRE letter via certified mail to see if I can speed up the deletion. This was my only collection account, so I am pretty excited! I followed WhyChat's HIPAA Letter Program and it took just under 60 days to get this deleted. The trade line was from 2009, with an open date of 2008. It was opened in California while i was in NY.
  21. I'm starting to research they Whychat method of repo deletion. I've opted out. I've disputed addresses (not much luck) and now researching state laws etc. Purchased my Carfax report today and I do not see an auction for my car. Background: Car was repo'd 4 years ago in Illinois in Febuary or March of 2010. My credit reports show CO in April. I am 99.9% confident I did not recieve any notices of auction. I did not know where they took it. I did not have the ability to get my articles out of the car. I was so upset/embarrased that I ignored it (SMH) and just figured I had no chance of ge
  22. I'm hoping Whychat can help me. I sent the delete judgment letter to all 3 CRAs and got Eq's letter back first saying they verified the data. I'm surprised given that I was successful in removing the address attached to the judgment. They did NOT indicate who furnished them with the data but listed the court address and to contact the court with any questions. What is my next step? FYI...I have a printout from the court online recorded judgment search that shows that my docket # and even name to turn up any results for a recorded judgment. (Although when I called the court at one p
  23. I'm in the process of fixing my wife's credit. Two separate medical accounts remain, let's call them A & B A: Medical business bureau. The starting date per NJ law is May 2007. The account was placed for collections in Sep 2007. B: Commonwealth Financial. the starting date per NJ law is June 2010. The account was placed for collections in June 2013. C: Northeast Credit & Collections. Same as B, but showed up with a different (invalid) address and different CA name. Prior to about 2 weeks ago the CRA showed the following: TU: B EX: B & A (listed twice, one with account
  24. So I have my old addresses deleted. I received a reply from the last bureau yesterday (took them long enough). I opted out also. Now I know I'm supposed to send Debt Verification letters to the bureau. I'm scared to send them. What happens if I send them, they verify....are they going to put the old addresses back onto my credit report? If I send these letters, will the collection agencies start calling me again (for the ones that aren't paid) or will the ones that are paid be renewed? I'm terribly nervous. My goal is the move my score up about 50 pts by the time all this is completed.
  25. Whychat, I've taken some time off from credit repair but still need to delete a false judgment. All but EX have deleted the address that correlates to the judgment. Should I send to all three including EX? Also, am I correct to send it with handwritten addie, teal/purple stationary and ink, and NOT RR? Just want to make sure.
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