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  1. Long time lurker, first time poster. I've recently had a terrible experience with USAA. I apologize for the long post in advance. The short story: A few days ago I logged into my USAA online and rather than seeing my savings and checking accounts, I was presented with "You currently have no accounts with USAA." The next day I called them and after about a half hour phone call (mostly on hold), the best they could come up with was that I'd have to wait 2 weeks for corporate to determine what happened! No reasoning, terrible service. Please read on for the specifics. The Facts: I've been a USAA member since October of 2011. I have (had?) both a savings and a checking account. I also have a USAA debt card for the checking account. I don't often withdraw from either account, however, I usually get a deposit once every other month. The last deposit notification I received on my phone was on 1/24/2013. I logged in 3 days later and was presented with "You currently have no accounts with USAA." Unlike most banks, USAA doesn't have a 24 hour customer service hotline so I emailed customer service. The response was that they had no record of my accounts! The next day I called the 1-800 customer service number. I spent about 30 minutes on the phone (mostly on hold) as the customer service rep attempted to figure out what happened. During this time I verified my contact info, address, phone, email, social and gave them my debt card number. The rep said that they have no records of either of my accounts and wouldn't go into further details. The rep said that they would have to forward the case to the corporate office and that I would receive a letter in two weeks. The rep declined to give me any kind of call reference number and said that there was nothing else that could be done. Unfortunately I was on a lunch break and didn't have to to ask for a supervisor. I should also note that I've never overdrawn either of my accounts, gone below the minimum balances or imposed any kind of penalties or fees. I only had savings and checking accounts, no credit card, loans or insurance. I am still able to log in to the web interface, but there are no remnants of either of my accounts with one exception: I can see my mobile notifications for the last 2 deposits. I've also read somewhere in this forum people talking about USAA doing background checks. I have no criminal history and a good credit score (high 700 range). I've never filed bankruptcy and I'm in good standing with all of my lines of credit. In conclusion: USAA has no idea what is going on or why my 2 accounts are missing (or they don't want to tell me). USAA's customer service is utterly useless. I couldn't get any kind of confirmation that I will ever see my money again. Even if I do get confirmation, it will be at least 2 weeks before I hear about it. This is the ABSOLUTE WORST BANKING EXPERIENCE I'VE EVER HAD! I am hoping that someone can help me with this situation.
  2. This is for non-members. Members, just login and add CCMP to your services. For non-members: Go to www.usaa.com URL will be https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_logon/Logon?redirectjsp=true Click on Our Products dropdown, Choose Credit Monitoring & ID Protection Scroll down to “Sign Up Today” and click on Sign Up for CreditCheck Monitoring Premium (CCMP) In the Not a member? Box, choose Get Started Answer No to “Are you already a USAA member?” If you get eligibility checkboxes, start over again If you get the “Tell us about your military affiliation” checkboxes, And you answer no, You’ll get the “Sorry, we can’t open this account for you” message. If you get that message, you were trying to sign up for something other than CCMP. You should now get the eligibility form: https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_membereligibility/CpModularPersonalInfo?action=executeTask&target=ModularPersonalInfoTask&operationName=INIT Complete it and you should be able to access CCMP
  3. So, when I signed up for MyFICO recently I didn't actually read , so didn't realize I'd only be getting one 3-in-1 report per year. Not acceptable, but totally on me So, I poke around CB per usual when I have a credit related question and eventually stumble across BW's Master How to Sign up for USAA CreditCheck Monitoring Premium (CCMP) Thread. Cool. I follow along his steps and, after entering my SSN the site returns a message asking me to confirm that I am [NAME REDACTED]. Now here's the "funny" part - the name they showed was my birth name, which I haven't used (and hasn't been on my Social Security card, credit reports or ANYthing else) in over two decades! Clearly, I think, they're connecting to some bizarre, totally outdated database. But I soldier on (so to speak), confirming that I am, indeed this person and managed to get signed up. After checking out my reports and learning my way around the CCMP site I return to the USAA site and notice that I actually entered my address wrong. So, I go to change it and, after entering the correct info and clicking next, the site informs me that it can't change info for MY MOTHER because we live at a different addresses. Now, I haven't spoken to my mother almost a decade and I certainly didn't enter her name anywhere at USAA or CCMP, (other than her maiden name as requested, but the name they posted back to me was her (third) married name) so I'm compleely flumoxed. I poke around a little more and it seems I not only signed up for CCMP, but also managed to join USAA, which I thought was impossible for me. My father was in the Air Force and the Navy, but I haven't spoken him since the day I graduated from high school in 1987, so I would have no idea any of his relevant required info. My maternal grandfather was also in the Navy, but he died over 20 years ago, so again, I have no access to his info. Yet, alas, I've somehow not only (literally) stumbled into USAA membership, but my account has somehow been created under a name that is no longer legally mine and been connected to my estranged mother's account. DO things get any more bizarre?
  4. Well, one more step for the DW. Approved for $16K on their Rate Advantage Platinum MasterCard, HP on EQ. Her Scores: Exp : 789 TU : 798 Eq : 806 Over the last twelve days, she's scored: AMEX EDC - $9,400 to $28,200 NFCU Flagship - $10,000 NASA Visa - $13,000 BECU - $25,000 BOA - $8,200 > $16,400 USAA - $16,000 For a total of $91,000 in new credit! I think this evening she'll apply for a second NFCU and a Citi card, then off to the garden!
  5. the last two inquiries shown on this report have long been B* from Equifax Complete. Does USAA not report updated Inquiries (hard) on a timely basis or do I have a problem? and it doesn't show a legit HI from Oct. 9th... May I assume that USAA is not at its finest on the latest and greates of HI reporting? Also, it is showing a CA that was removed almost immediately as the entry was in error... but it is still zinging my experian score...it is dated 9/15 and was removed by CA almost immediately after call from my lawyer... Alert Date 09/06/2014 THIS HAS BEEN BUMPED Business Name NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Inquiry Date 09/04/2014 Alert Date 08/31/2014 Business Name NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION THIS HAS BEEN BUMPED Inquiry Date 08/11/2014 Alert Date 08/31/2014 THIS HAS BEEN BUMPED Business Name PENTAGON FCU Inquiry Date 07/26/2014
  6. Has any one else noticed CCMP's questionable math? I get that they are counting all revolving accounts as both Retail and Bank cards, but how does 5+1=7 or 1+4=6? Any ideas? Any one else with similar results? Edit: grammar &c.
  7. Well after trying to freeze my EX report online I finally broke down and called them. Only took a couple of minutes but I just despise talking on the phone to "credit people". Maybe not "credit people" but it just amps my blood pressure up, LOL. Anyway, after I got my EXP frozen I applied online for a Bank of America credit limit increase. Had it over a year in June of 2013 and they started me off at $10,000. I left the amount I wanted out an applied, but it came back stating I had to put an amount in the CLI box so I put $25K. Came back with it increased to $18,000. I'll take that. Then called into USAA (they have always been super nice btw) and asked for an increase on my AMEX CASH card that they issued me at $13,000. I also had a Visa with them that was at $3,000 that I never use, but they said they would have to pull 2 reports seeing that one was AMEX and one was Visa. So I opted for the AMEX increase. Came back doubled to $26,000. HAPPY, I'll take that too. Then went to my PNC which is my main bank besides NAVY. Started at $10,800 and they raised me to $25,000. I'm happy with that also. Decided to try CHASE which was about 20 months old. Started at $12,000 and asked for $25,000. Had to call in for that one and the lady said that a underwriter had to look at it and I would be getting a letter in 7-10 days. BUMMER...............My CLI high was shot down So I said WTH and applied online for a CLI on my USAA Visa at $3,000 and it came back approved for $9,000 So I can go to bed HAPPY and content that I'm still in Garden mode with CLI's of $41,200.
  8. Sometime in the last year, USAA upped my transfer limit from $5,000 to $9,000. I'm wondering if this is for all members or only some? However, it always says I have $344 in transfers that are scheduled or have been processed, even though that is not the case. I do have monthly automatic transfers in place which perhaps in aggregate are around $344 going in and out. Here is their wording: Does anyone else have this issue? I've never called them about it since I've never needed to get the full $9,000, but am curious none the less. Before the increase, to $9,000, I always had access to the full $5,000, so this issue appears to have come with the increased limit.
  9. burghdude


    Good morning All. In multiple threads, I have seen people post the benefits of USAA membership and that there are ways that anybody can get membership. I have tried several times and have been denied because I am not active military and am not a veteran. My dad and grandfather were veterans, but did not have USAA membership. Are there other ways to qualify, such as NMFA membership or anything? I am a member now for the credit monitoring product, but would like to get auto insurance and open a bank account with them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Something someone posted on "that other forum". USAA Offering EMV Chip and PIN ‎01-31-2013 02:05 PM I just got off the phone with USAA. They're converting my USAA Platinum MasterCard to a Chip and PIN card (actual Chip and PIN, mind you, with an... actual PIN). I didn't really get any details on whether it was available for Visa or Amex cards (likely not?), but I was told a) it will only come in the black design b ) it will have a PIN c) I get one PIN for my account, including AUs/additional cards d) I can't change the PIN myself e) card number/rates/rewards will not change The CSR was not aware of Chip/Sig (she confused it with Visa Signature, which she said "we're beginning to offer to qualified accounts"). I commented that perhaps it was because a large part of their customer base is deployed in Europe and needs maximum compatibility - she agreed this makes sense.
  11. I was approved last week for the Rate Advantage card and was going to try for the AMEX but didn't want another inquiry on EQ since it took so long for me to B* the 28 I had on there off. So, I called them this morning to ask and the guy said any new app would result in another hard inquiry and they couldn't use the pull from last week. Has anyone been able to get them to use a recent pull for a new app instead of pulling EQ again?
  12. I'm pretty new to the credit card game, so bear with me please.... I have a new USAA AmEx (5k limit) and USAA World MC (6k), as well as a new NFCU Visa Sig card (17.5k). All of these are currently in their first billing period - no statements have cut yet. I've been using the AmEx as a daily driver - groceries and gas (2x points) as well as daily dining out, and then every 3 or 4 days transferring enough funds into my USAA checking acct to cover the balance. When the time comes to pay it I'll use the transferred funds to PIF. I understand that AmEx is big on PIF and heavy use, and I want to look good for a CLI in 61 days. The Visa has the highest limit and I plan to use it for "large" purchases (tires, emergencies, etc) that I might prefer to spread over 2 pay checks to avoid overextending cashflow. It'll occasionally mis a PIF by a half amount depending on timing (statement cuts the day I get paid or similar, I'll pay at least half of any major purchase per paycheck) - but I gave myself a ceiling of $1500 on balance so even if it does report it's sub 10% with some cushion, and it's one of the 1-2 cards I'll have to let report anyhow. The World MC is really only for use if I'm resting the AmEx or Visa for a few days prior to statements cutting for balance reporting purposes, such as to keep a pending charge from reporting unexpectedly. I'll pay it off as soon as charges post as I don't really care about CLIs so much on it - if I can get them great but if they disapprove of multiple payments or light use it's really just a filler card for me and the current 6k is more than adequate. My questions are these: 1- I understand that if I let the statement cut on AmEx then they will report the balance. However, I've also read that PIF just before the statement cuts nullifies any points/rewards for that period (if they don't post they don't count for rewards). If so, It seems I have to choose between accruing rewards or preventing the reporting of a balance? Is this the case or have I misunderstood one/both of the above points. 2- Any glaring problems with this overall plan? Keep in mind I'm a total CC noob - these are my first cards other than toy cards in my entire life. I'm still in a rebuilding stage so I'm watching the scores pretty closely while I clear out my last couple of baddies (scores now ranging from 675-700). That being said I'm not looking to app for anything or make any major purchases in the near future so they're more for my own edification and accountability than real world impact. The only significant implication is that I do want to look responsible to AmEx on any softs as I understand they keep an eye in new accounts. I will eventually want another AmEx which will allow me to use C$ for B* (My EQ has about 9 on it and I'm C* due to not knowing about ScoreWatch putting me on the list back when I started out), and the USAA AmEx doesn't offer the service. Thoughts? Advice?
  13. HUGE shock yesterday. Did another mortgage pull to see if I can move things along a bit quicker, and there were TWO collection tradelines from the same garbage collector reporting. They were on EX only, and according to CREDCO, have been reporting since August. I've been pulling daily since July to *B EQ, and these TL's had never appeared before. One collection for $151, and another paid collection reporting as zero, and disputed. You can guess how the bank felt about that. Referred to manual U/W, and put everything on hold. I pulled CCMP again this morning, and one of the two that were missing yesterday appeared ($151). I received an email alert last night about the new pull, but still no alert regarding the new account. This is extremely upsetting to say the least. Neither of the debts are mine BTW, which really chaps me to no end but that's for another post. Has anyone else experienced entire TL's missing from CCMP vs. mortgage or other types of pulls?
  14. USAA offers it's members a product called "Credit Monitoring Premium" that allows you to view all 3 credit bureau reports monthly. Unfortunately, they locked the door on non-military members before I could sign up. I am hoping that someone can recommend an alternative product that will let me do this. Thanks in advance!
  15. Back in 2010 I applied for USAA AMEX Cash rewards card and sadly wasn't approved for that but they did offer me a USAA Classic Credit the with a limit of $1500. Fast forward 1 year and I call in for a Credit Limit increase and was told that THIS particular card was not available to receive a CLI and would NEVER be given a CLI. I then applied for the AMEX Cash Rewards card again and thankfully I was approved this time. I just sock drawered the Visa only using it every 6 months for gas. Last week they sent my replacement cards for the VISA and I seriously was considering canceling it. Haven't even activated the cards yet when I got a letter from USAA yesterday. In NUT SHELL they said, CONGRATS, based on your excellent payment history USAA is pleased to upgrade your card ending in XXXX to the following features: No annual fee (didn't have one to begin with) USAA Cash Rewards program (That was new) Low variable Annual Percentage Rate of 12.900% (I like it, I like it a lot) Ability to make Cash Advances and Balance Transfers with your account (That's new) You have a USAA checking account, you can use your card for overdraft protection (new) We've increased your credit limit from $1,500.00 to $14,000 (Holy Cow, I'm speehless) Your account number is the same, This upgrade doesn't require that you activate a new card, so go ahead, take advantage of these great features and your new credit limit today! So, that was all out of the blue and totally unexpected. I NEVER thought they would upgrade this card because as you know when you get a secured credit card wtih them it will NEVER be upgraded. Wife has had one for 4 years and her scores are higher than mine and I just made the 800 club last week and they've NEVER upgraded her card. Of course we KNEW this when she got the secured card. I just figured they would not upgrade this one. for those of you out there that apply for a product and they offer yo a lessor one, "TAKE IT".
  16. So I signed up for the National Military Family Association to get into PenFed. They sent me a letter in the mail ( I dont know how to attach a screenshot), but they said members of the NMFA are now eligible for USAA memberships. I am not sure how limited the membership is though. www.usaa.com/nationalmilitaryfamilyassn
  17. Just in the last week I've had all kinds of weirdness happen with my credit monitoring/ daily puller accounts. MyPrivacyMatters through EliminateIDTheft has locked me out of my account because they can't figure out how to charge certain credit cards. I called customer service and was told, very nonchalantly, that their system has problems processing MasterCard, AMEX, and/or anyone with Hotmail accounts. So, I gave them a VISA card, they said thanks, hung up and I'm still locked out. And they don't seem to answer ANY emails. Worst customer service ever. Call 'em and see. USAA errored out continuously over the last couple of days. No explanation; no one knows why. CITI charged me twice for an account that they can't seem to locate. All my cards and accounts check out fine. I'm not sure what kinda karma backlash this is. And no, I'm not a hardcore puller, I don't pull for *B* or anything similar, and I don't have a lot going on with my reports. Anyone experiencing anything similar??
  18. So for the last couple of days doing b*, I've noticed that all of sudden each day I'm seeing a different number of inquiries for TU. As of tonight, it is showing 4 inquiries on MPM and 2 inquiries on USAA. Anyone have any idea why?
  19. After reading around the forum for a bit, I realize I've been very conservative in my timetable to improve my credit. So I decided to try for a couple of cards, either Visa or MC. This past Wednesday, i joined credit sesame and was recommended to go for a couple of cards, but chose the Capital One for Newcomers MC and got an instant $1000 approval. Yay! Then I read more on here only to learn that my husband does not need to be an NFCU member in order for me to join. He is an Army reservist currently, but has refused to join NFCU (can't get past the Navy name, I guess). I've wanted to join a while ago since I am a USAA member and wanted to compare being a member of both since I want to buy a car some time next year. Anyway, after reading here, I called in to NFCU on Friday morning and was indeed able to join without him being a member. I also applied for the goRewards Visa card while on the same phone call. I was told that they would need to review and it could take 3-5 days. Well, I log in the account Saturday and see a new account next to the savings I opened (did not open checking), and I see an nRewards Visa card. I click on it and it shows a limit of $5000... Whoo hooo! Thing is, I asked for a different card, so I'm wondering if it was a mistake and if I should give a call in to see what the reason is for the different card. At the very least, I would want the Cash rewards card. Additionally, I didn't open a checking account with them since I just opened an account with PNC recently and also have a checking,savings, and CD with USAA. Now that NFCU has given me so much love, I am thinking of moving much the money I have in USAA to NFCU. I am also considering going to USAA and asking them what the deal is with not giving me more than secured card offers since other companies are seeing me as a good risk now. I have a Ch 7 BK discharged Jan 09 so this could possibly be seen as a negative despite scores being in the 663-690 range and utilization is 13% (before the new approvals). So my questions: 1) Should I keep the CapOne card for utilization, if nothing else? Or simply say thanks, but I got a better offer and close it. 2) I plan on calling NFCU tomorrow to ask why I didn't get the card I asked for. I will also see about opening a checking account and at the same time ask if it will make a difference in the card I get and if a better initial limit goes along with it. Is there any way to approach this conversation or do I simply speak matter-of-factly in the manner of which I opened the account? Is this considered a recon? 3) Would it be worth it to ask USAA what's going on with being moved out of a secured card into a regular card? I know there will be a pull on the credit and I don't think I want another now unless a benefit came out of it. Any other thoughts here? Again, thanks for the help!
  20. Ok... so Dear Neighbor has open loan with USAA never late on it as well as a mortgage which had a series of lates, however paid all on time for the last year. She has no other positive credit.. probably about 13-15 mediclal baddies however with collection agencies. I am going to coach her through handling them, however, she is interested in trying to at least open one account in the meantime to start it aging. My questions here are... 1 - Since the relationship with USAA has been ongoing with the loan for about 2 years, should i have her inquire about an unsecured product that may be weighted on with her flawless payment history on their other product... 2 - If denied, is she automatically offered the secured card option without having to do another pull for this? She is military retired therefore i would assume full member as well. Just didnt want to route her to Cap One secured or straight to the USAA secured if the history may work in her favor to get USAA unsecured having already established a relationship with them. Your thoughts here?
  21. gca


    I have been paying $11.12 for USAA-CMP for the last few months. I guess my 6 months is over so they raised my rate to $22.24. Does threatening to cancel the product get you the old rate of $11.12?
  22. Being in the middle of a refi, I'm looking to keep daily tabs on my credit. After some research here, it looked like I could get USAA credit monitoring, as a Limited Member. I called today about joining to get their credit monitoring premium and was told that it was not available to limited members and even if one were a full member, they do not allow daily pulls without an additional charge per pull... Was the info I was given but the USAA rep wrong or was he right? Thanks!!
  23. Hi CBers! I was wondering if anyone knows if USAA gives initial cc limits like NFCU? I'm developing my strategy to get my white whales in 2014 and beyond. I'm not a full member yet as I'm trying to convince my father who is retired military to join.
  24. Is USAA a good secured credit card to go far? And are they available for non-military? I need another positive trade line reporting. What about Capital One secured? Do they report as secured? How are both of these companies in terms of graduating to unsecured?
  25. Does anyone know how I can cancel USAA CPM without talking to them? I tried to do it over email and they're not cooperating. Earlier today I sent this to creditcheckhelp@experiandirect.com: They responded with this: So I just sent this, and I'm sure they'll tell me to bug off again: I really don't want to talk to them. They annoy the crap out of me trying to get me to not cancel and going on and on for 10 minutes...they force me to be rude. I'll never sign up for their service again because I know what I'd have to go through to cancel. Really this is my fault for signing up again Yes, maybe I'm being unreasonably anxious about a simple phone call...but there is also the principle that I signed up without talking to them, they shouldn't force me to go through this discomfort to cancel. It's an offensive ploy.
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