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Found 23 results

  1. I got another call from my friends at Premium Asset today. I didn't answer. This is the voicemail message they left: "Hi, this message is for bikrtrsh. This is David Webber from P.A. and associates. I see that you called a couple of days ago asking for me in reference to the situation concerning yourself. I'm not sure if you're aware of what's going on here, but we have verified employment there at bikrtrsh's employer and we have already talked to the employer and the payroll department. If you wish to manage this matter voluntarily, you need to call me today. My number is: 855-895-9005 and my extension is 883. Thanks and good luck." Again, no judgment has been filed or obtained, unless they did it out of state, which I seriously doubt. I kept the voicemail. I'm waiting on a return call from my attorney.
  2. Cach is reporting an old debt on my CR and I am currently in the process of writing a TX DV letter as I am a resident here. My question is about the bonding company section in the letter. Cach, per the TXSoS site, does not have an active bond anymore; however, square two financial, the parent company, does. Would you include the fact that Cach, LLC is in violation because they are the ones reporting and don't have the active surety bond, or should I just include it as Square two financial and send their active bond company a copy? Thanks.
  3. My finances took a nose dive during my divorce back in 2008, and for a long time, I was happy to have my head in the sand. But then reality set in. I wanted to be able to buy a new car, own a home, and gain access to credit. So over the last 2 years, I've made sporadic attempts at rebuilding my credit. In that time, I've managed to achieve 7 deletions, have seen a 50-80 point increase in my scores, have refinanced my car at 12% (down from 17.5%), and have obtained 1 AU credit card account, 1 secured credit card account, 3 department store cards, and 1 unsecured Visa. Now that I've regained my footing, I'm ready to dive in to serious repair and restoration mode. I've stashed $3000 away for emergency savings, and I'm in a position to earn an additional $3000/mo in freelance income to supplement my regular salary. This is just my little personal credit restoration journal. Major Goals to Achieve by Dec. 31, 2015: 700+ credit score across all 3 bureaus Credit reports free of collection accounts No late payments within last 18 months Auto loan paid off Qualify for home purchase Stepping Stone Goals to Achieve by Oct. 31, 2014: Pay all existing credit cards down to <50% of credit line Dispute 3 charge-offs (2 First Premier cards and 1 HSBC card) as obsolete Pay off 1 medical collection and initiate HIPAA dispute Follow up on prior dispute of 2 student loan lates from March/April 2014 (loans were in deferment prior to lates being reported). Send Texas DV letters on 4 collection accounts (Sentry Credit, NCO Financial, Enhanced Acquisition & General Revenue Corp) Pull EQ Complete every day to check progress
  4. Even though an OC has a debt being collected on by a CA, if I send a DV letter to the OC to find information on the account doesn't the OC have to respond to my request per TFC law?
  5. I received a letter from a company D.C.I. the letter head states that they are located at 9090 Skillman St. Suite 182-A Unit 290 Dallas. TX 75243. Here is how it reads: This letter is not signed by any one in particular and the phone number by the letter head is 972-814-6867. I can't find any information on the company, the phone number reverses back to no one. And the address goes to a UPS store, I can't find a unit number for any of the surrounding stores. Further, the most I've ever done was payday loans that I am slowly repaying - I've never ever written a check to someone. Can someone help me understand who these people are? What should I do?
  6. Applied for a Cabela's card about a week and a half ago - got a "can't make a decision now" online due to a fraud alert.... called them when I got a letter in the mail last Saturday. Answered some info questions and got approved. Was pretty shocked. They pulled my best one (did this intentionally) - have a repo that's about 16 months out along with one charge off from Verizon... Still fighting to get those off, but anyway. Got the letter in the mail welcoming me yesterday - according to it my score was 630. Just checked USAA credit puller today and it's reporting on Experian with a $1,000.00 limit. Hopefully I'll get the card this week. Plan on using it to pay my bills with and just immediately paying the card to rack up Cabela's gift cards. Plan to start picking up some rifles/ammo/camping gear. Hopefully I can clean the reports a little more by tax time next year so I can trade my SUV in for something cheaper with a decent down payment. Interest is killing me (10.4%). Maybe this second revolving line being positive for almost a year will help!
  7. I emailed both Texas Senators through their respective websites, and the response from Senator Cornyn's Office was replete with "politician speak" that sounds like it boils down to this: "Not on your life, kiddo, will I support the SECURE Act if it were to, by some wild miracle, make it through the current committee review and come to a vote...you silly female." What was I thinking...? If you want more info on this proposed legislation, you can read about it here: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/s2224/text
  8. I'd really like to hear from the FCRA gurus, particularly those familiar with Texas law. I’m down to the final baddie, a paid charge-off for utilities, and it’s sticking like a fresh strip of Velcro. So I’m making it a game, of sorts, to learn as much as possible while trying to get rid of it. I disputed early w/TU as obsolete, and it's gone. Beyond that, it looks like I may only shave a month off the reporting time elsewhere, but when you’re down to the last 6 months…that helps. And since I’ve tried everything I can try WITHOUT going to the CFPB, they may be the key to an even earlier delete. But I need to know if that's warranted. Questions: 1. The deposit was made in July 2007, and the “current balance” was never brought to $0 after the first statement, as is required for such an account. a. What is the DOFD? August 31, 2007…? b. However, I’ve read that Texas is a DOLA state, so any payment would reset the clock. What is considered “activity”…? The $19 payment on September 28th…? So DOFD is October 28th? They report my DOFD as November 2007, using my deposit funds as a “payment” 10/17/07. Does that conflict with the following info from the provider’s Glossary of Billing Terms? Billed Deposit A deposit that is sometimes required when you set up new service, or if your service has been interrupted due to TXU Energy not receiving payment. It is not prepayment of your bill. You must still pay each month for the energy you use. This deposit is held until twelve consecutive months of timely payments have been made, or until the account is closed. 2. NEVER has the OC listed this TL as “disputed by customer”…shouldn't they?? Many things have been amiss on this TL over the years, and I have disputed at least 3 times through the CRAs, including one Jack Attack; I disputed w/OC in June 2013 via 623 method; I filed a PUC complaint online last month. FCRA Section 623(a)(3) Duty to provide notice of dispute. If the completeness or accuracy of any information furnished by any person to any consumer reporting agency is disputed to such person by a consumer, the person may not furnish the information to any consumer reporting agency without notice that such information is disputed by the consumer. Again, I'm just hoping the pros here can help me pick this apart, because I'm sure I'm either off base on this and have no valid complaint, or I've overlooked something that's in my favor.
  9. I see this come up a lot with medical collections, and other states may have a similar statue in place. This is probably already posted somewhere on CB, but I just ran across a Texas law that indicates a patient cannot be billed if the provider fails to file a claim with their insurance provider in accordance with said law. (See last subsection, § 146.003. Certain Claims Barred) Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 146.001 (2000) § 146.001. Definitions In this chapter: (1) "Health benefit plan" means a plan or arrangement under which medical or surgical expenses are paid for or reimbursed or health care services are arranged for or provided. The term includes: (A) an individual, group, blanket, or franchise insurance policy, insurance agreement, or group hospital service contract; (b ) an evidence of coverage or group subscriber contract issued by a health maintenance organization or an approved nonprofit health corporation; (C ) a benefit plan provided by a multiple employer welfare arrangement or another analogous benefit arrangement; (D) a workers' compensation insurance policy; or (E) a motor vehicle insurance policy, to the extent the policy provides personal injury protection or medical payments coverage. (2) "Health care service provider" means a person who, under a license or other grant of authority issued by this state, provides health care services the costs of which may be paid for or reimbursed under a health benefit plan. § 146.002. Timely Billing Required (a) Except as provided by Subsection (b ) or ©, a health care service provider shall bill a patient or other responsible person for services provided to the patient not later than the first day of the 11th month after the date the services are provided. (b ) If the health care service provider is required or authorized to directly bill the issuer of a health benefit plan for services provided to a patient, the health care service provider shall bill the issuer of the plan not later than: (1) the date required under any contract between the health care service provider and the issuer of the health benefit plan; or (2) if there is no contract between the health care service provider and the issuer of the health benefit plan, the first day of the 11th month after the date the services are provided. (c ) If the health care service provider is required or authorized to directly bill a third party payor operating under federal or state law, including Medicare and the state Medicaid program, the health care service provider shall bill the third party payor not later than: (1) the date required under any contract between the health care service provider and the third party payor or the date required by federal regulation or state rule, as applicable; or (2) if there is no contract between the health care service provider and the third party payor and there is no applicable federal regulation or state rule, the first day of the 11th month after the date the services are provided. (d) For purposes of this section, the date of billing is the date on which the health care service provider's bill is: (1) mailed to the patient or responsible person, postage prepaid, at the address of the patient or responsible person as shown on the health care service provider's records; or (2) mailed or otherwise submitted to the issuer of the health benefit plan or third party payor as required by the health benefit plan or third party payor. § 146.003. Certain Claims Barred (a) A health care service provider who violates Section 146.002 may not recover from the patient any amount that the patient would have been entitled to receive as payment or reimbursement under a health benefit plan or that the patient would not otherwise have been obligated to pay had the provider complied with Section 146.002. (b ) If recovery from a patient is barred under this section, the health care service provider may not recover from any other individual who, because of a family or other personal relationship with the patient, would otherwise be responsible for the debt.
  10. Guess I’ll break that last one down into smaller bites: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=526986 So if I’ve disputed this paid CO for TXU Energy every which way to Sunday, and the OC has always verified but never noted it as “consumer disputes this information” – to whom should I complain (other than you guys)…? The AG…? I don’t see anything in the CFPB Complaints Database to suggest they field complaints regarding a utility company. And BBB complaints for these guys don't seem to be effective, although I need to read through a few more to see if ANY were resolved in the customer's favor. I already filed a complaint with the Public Utilities Commission in March, but I didn’t mention this FCRA violation in my complaint, which focused on the accounting info I received from TXU after my 623 investigation, as it differed from the CO amount they charged me. And based on all my experience with these peeps, if I complain about the violation to the PUC, TXU will simply add the notation to the TL. Whatever you guys suggest, I will do it after TXU responds to my latest maneuver. Yesterday, I realized they should have applied the low-income discount and waived all late fees on service for all months the account was open in 2007, because I was receiving SNAP benefits that summer (times were tough!) I fired off a friendly request to their head PR person, asking her how I can get that remedied, and I got a voicemail from her within the hour. Then a guy from the EO left a message a couple of hours later. They’re “looking into it”…lol. They’re always quick to “respond” – and just as quick to come back and tell me why they’re right and I’m screwed. We’ll see how this one plays out. Like I said in my other thread, it’s become a game now. It’ll be obsolete in a few months, and I am working the "early obsolete" angle with each CRA as the months tick by. I’m just experimenting on these jokers to entertain myself while I wait.
  11. I recevied a call from (214) 382-9496 around 4:40 today and I returned the call to a man who answered stating that he was calling on behalf of E-Z Money, in regards to a payday loan that I had defaulted on in October of 2011 and that E-Z sold me to a collection agency failing to recoupe that money E-Z Money had decided to pursue legal action to try and get the money owed to them -- they were willing to settle the debt as well. This guy knew my social, phone number (obviously), full name, and address. But he stated that the debt was $655. It's not the debt was $348. I paid off 3 different payday loans at the end of last year, I was pretty sure I paid of E-Z Money but it turns out it was three completely seperate companies. So, I told this guy that I would give him a call back in about 15 minutes but I would need to contact the original creditor about this debt to see if they could verify that I had paid that debt. He was silent, and I swear I heard him say okay and so I hung up. 15 seconds later he calls back madder than a wet hornet and he went on about how this is how this works blah blah blah and he wanted to remind me that the call was being recorded that I was refusing to pay.... mind you there was no refusal to pay, I simply wanted to validate. How is that a refusal? He then said that he was going to file papers and I said okay... then as I hung up I told him to f off. Immature I know, but seriously. So, he calls back 3x and I ignore each one - one the 3rd call he decides to leave me a long old message about how I'm going to regret swearing at him and I was going to pay for it by beign charged court fees and all kinds of mess - so I call E-Z Money to verify what was going on with the debt. Apparently, the debt was sold to National Credit Adjusters and the amount was $348 - so I called NCA and the debt was sold from their office to a place called Debt Management LLC. unforutnately that company was not answering their phones. I won't sit here and say that I wasn't a little rattled - in fact I was seeing red I was angry and nervous and all other kinds of things. But the more I think about it, it feels like a bogus call? My big question is: how do they get that sort of information? The number that I missed before I called back was the 214#, yet the number he called from was a (410) 402-1073 and he said it was a company by the name of Premier Litigation. There's no such company that I can find on the internet. I do wish I had recorded my conversation with him, I did get to record my conversation with E-Z and NCA though.
  12. So I'm in a dilemma. Here are the facts: 1. The CA is ACS Education Services 2. The company is not bonded in TX according to the debt collector search site - I tried all variations and other names the company goes by 3. After I disputed the account with Experian (after calling ACS directly, they said they no longer handle the debt. They gave me no further info) a few months ago, the status was changed from collection to "paid, was in collection ..." 4. However, I never paid anything on this account 5. I wanted the account removed completely from my credit report and so I sent a letter to Experian requesting that it be removed because the company was in violation of the TX Fin. Code. 6. The investigation was completed by Experian and they told me that the creditor verified the account - thus it is still being reported as "paid collection." When I asked Experian whether the CA even verified that it was bonded, they said that they report what the CA tells them to, and that the specific question regarding TX law should be directed to the CA directly. Needless to say, I was frustrated b/c the CRA did nothing verify the veracity of what the CA reported. My question is, what should I do if I want this account completely removed? On one hand, an account which I didn't pay anything on is now being reported as "paid collection." On the other hand, if I move forward with an ITS to the CA and invoke the TX Fin. Code, I'm afraid they may retract the "paid collection" and then come after me for the debt. Should I go forward with the ITS anyway? Has anyone had experience in dealing with ACS? Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. Hello all, We have been fighting a big problem. I will try to lay the timeline out, but am in need of a good lawyer recommendation to handle this one. I have proof of cancelled checks for each and every monthly payment, never missing one. An escrow account dispute caused this to happen, where we had a 3-4 month lapse in insurance coverage. To date I have called numerous times with no resolution. Any help would be appreciated. I am owed the overpayment for insurance not needed, late fees, a clean pay history, and damages. This account caused my entire credit portfolio to crumble, all lines tightened up and cards cancelled. Rates went up, etc. 1/2008 - Refi with GMAC 9/2008 - Ike went through my neighborhood 12/2008 - received cancellation notice from homeowners. We began looking for coverage options. Due to Ike, nobody was writing down here. 1/1/2009 - Nationstar began servicing my loan 03/26/2009 - Nationstar sent notice that I had not renewed my homeowners policy and force placed escrow with new policy. 9,196.41 premium for one year. 4/20/2009 - New coverage went into effect with a state pool product. To qualify, you need to seek other options for a period of time. Provided proof to Nationstar of coverage. 5/1/2009 - Escrow balance of -9,398 5/5/2009 - Called Nationstar to explain this could not be right. We had lapse in coverage for 4 months, and the policy should be cancelled. They said not to worry they will fix the account. 8/1/2009 - Escrow balance of -7,147. Statement also said to disregard late notice sent, and account was in good standing. 11/1/09 - 1/1/10 - Escrow balance varies from -7,000 to -9,300 11/1/2009 - According to them, loan is past due 15,444.65. Called and discussed with M. Castillo and he said they would clear it up. 1/1/2010 - According to them, loan is past due 21,711.08. Called and talked again to them, they promised they would fix. 1/29/2010- Received foreclosure notice from lawyer, served at door by process server 1/29/2010 - Called Nationstar and discussed again with them and was forced to make payment to keep the house from foreclosing($6800) 2/1/10 - Now they say I am behind 7,096 3/1/10 - Escrow balance at -123.12. Statement says I am past due by 12,177.68. 8/5/10 - Claim I am behind 8,761 11/4/10 - Claim I am behind 3,180 11/5/10 - Claim I am behind 8,432(yes in one day) 12/3/10 - Claim I am behind 3180 12/4/10 - Claim I am behind 8100 2/2011 - 4/2011 - Claims I am behind 3,100. Another threat of foreclosure so I just stopped fighting and paid the balance to save the house.
  14. I received a response back from Cavalry, and they acknowledge my request, along with balance due. Attached is their validation, which consists of a BofA statement from 2009. Would a statement hold up in court as debt validation? Any recommendations of what to do next?
  15. I had an account with Citi Auto some years ago that was apparently charged off and sold to Santander. I live in Texas and utilized the debt validation under the Texas Finance Code with Santander, they could not provide validation and the account was removed. They have since sold it to Main Street Acquisition who is now reporting. Santander was not to sell the account but obviously did. I have all the original documents to Santander, the removals from the credit bureaus and the green cards from the post office. How do I proceed from here? Do I take this up with Santander for selling the account? Also, they have since provided the original validation documentation from Citi after about 90 days. Do I go after Main Street since they are reporting and claiming to have purchased the account directly from Citi and NOT Santander (which is why all credit disputes come back verified when we dispute). I would also assume (but can't be sure) that Santander provided the validation information to Main Street when they sold the account to them so I'm not sure if I should take the validation approach with them as well. Or do I contact the credit bureaus for being to lazy (of stupid) to realize that this is the SAME account that has already been removed especially since it has the SAME account number as the Santander. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I'm at a loss as to how to proceed concerning this account. THANKS!
  16. After my interesting phone conversation with these lovely people yesterday, I decided to do some digging. I am in Texas, so I looked to see if they were bonded here. I can't find anything on them or Worldwide Recoveries, which I understand to be their parent company. So, I'm wondering if there are other Texas folks who have dealt with them, or have been able to unearth any additional information about them. Interestingly, I read in another post about these guys that someone else had nearly the identical conversation that I had. Why does this not surprise me? At any rate, if anyone has any information, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  17. Hello! I know this is A LOT of info but I really really appreciate those that take the time to read it I am in Texas and trying desperately to rebuild my credit. I wish I had found this site sooner but oh well...hopefully with the help of the knowledge base here I can make up for some of the mistakes I made so far! I starting trying to repair my crdie on my own after talking to credit repair companies that seemed like scam artists. I have made a alot of progress so far and I am hoping to leap over the last few hurdles and be on my way to home ownership in about a year (fingers crossed) Where I started... 22 CA, 1 PR, i Repo, 1 Auto loan in good standing for 12 months, 2 Student Loans in good standing for 3 months TU 487 EQ 503 EX 485 I know, I know that is sooooo sad. I never really paid attention to my credit. I had family members that used my name for utility bills, bills that I let fall through the crack and didn't tend to and never opened a credit card in my life. Then one day I woke up and decided it is time to take control. My verifiable gross income is about 90k annually and I can't even get a decent car loan....smh! So irresponsible. Where I am... 5 Unpaid medical collections past SOL total $3800, 2 Utility bills one with CA $230 and one with OC $975 (CA is past SOL), University of Phoenix $655 past SOL,1 PR $4300 due to fall off 11/2013 Cap1 secured $300 10% util, Car Loan $18,700 54% util (reported by two different companies so it looks like I have two loans???), WalMart Card $600 just approved, Credit One (application in process for over three weeks!), Victoria's Secret (got 7-10 day response), Student Loans totalling $2900 payments start 07/13 Barclay denied (tried recin and they said try in 6 mo after building up payment history with new lines of credit CAP1 starting reporting in May) TU FICO 637 EQ FICO 587 EX FICO 580 My ROADBLOCKS I have 5 unpaid medical collections with Central Financial Control (OC is the same hospital for all). I wish I had seen the HIPPA dispute info before contacting them but I have already disputed with CRA's as not my account came back verified. Wrote a letter to CFC for DV and explained that they are reporting incorrectly and to verify the debt they would have to access my personal information. Requested that they have the original creditor contact me to resolve the matter and stop reporting to CRA immediately. Referenced HIPPA and Texas Medical Privacy Act in the letter. They responded that the debt is valid and I had to send a copy of my DL and SS card to them before they would release DV details to me. What should I do? The debt is past SOL and comes off reports in 12 - 18 months. Utility billl from ACCI (CA) for $230. Debt verified to CRA's and they respoded to DV with a copy of the bill from the original creditor. Past SOL should I offer a PFD? Utility bill from TXU (OC) for $975. Debt verified to CRA's and they responded to DV with a usage summary and description of charges. Part of the balance I recognize as mine but there is a charge for $730 that says "Migrated Balance previously written off profit/loss". It looks to me like they added an old balance to a new debt? Should the DOFD be the date the "migrated debt" became due? There is no detail for this balance...is the DV request valid without this info? I will pay the balance due less the "migrated debt" but the debt is from 2010 according to the credit report so still inside SOL. Next step? University of Phoenix claims that I owe $655 for a dropped class. I disagree. They will not go for PFD...tried to very nice letters and nope. They respond pay what you owe and we will update as paid off collection. Past SOL but will be on reports for the next three years. Any advice here? I have a HORRIBLE AAOA! I do not know anyone that I can ask to add me as an AU so there is not much I can do about that. Could I still get a decent interest rate on a mortgage if I garden for about a year? Should I add anything to my positive TL or just let things mature? My GOALS! Refinance this dang car and stop paying 18.99%! I would like to do this ASAP but the current car loan is my oldest positive at about 18 months old. Increase my current limits...I hear this is impossible for Cap1 secured unless I want to give them more $$ as a deposit Get a Care Credit approval for $5,000. Two kids in need of braces Buy a house next summer....everything else can be put aside to meet this goal. Any advice that the creditboards memebers can give me is much appreciated! I want to try the Whychat HIPPA process but I might be too late!
  18. So, I am up to renew my security clearance and even though the item falls off in 2015 I had to go ahead and make payments to show that I am attempting to make good on my debt. Section 16.065 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code provides the following: An acknowledgment of the justness of a claim that appears to be barred by limitations is not admissible in evidence to defeat the law of limitations if made after the time that the claim is due unless the acknowledgment is in writing and is signed by the party to be charged. I wriote a "goodwill" letter BUT DID NOT SIGN IT to start making payments in exchange for updating my accout to "pays as agrees" status and removing the late payments and charge offs. My question is at the bottom of the post. Well this is the email correspondence between a representative and I: Ms., Lenders are not required to send monthly updates to credit bureaus about accounts that have been charged off. Our method of reporting is in full compliance with all applicable statutes and regulations. I am sorry if you are dissatisfied with this response, but unfortunately that does not change the situation. We will update your credit report after you have repaid the balance in full. Respectfully, Calvin Copeland Recovery Accounts Manager Pioneer Services A Division of MidCountry Bank 4700 Belleview Avenue, Suite 300 Kansas City MO 64112 Phone 800-335-1955 ext 2296 Fax 816-448-2248 Free from Germany 800-181-5325 Free from Korea 00-308-131-128 Free from Japan 00-531-13-0597 ccopeland@pioneerservices.com From: Dinah Sent: Monday, April 29, 2013 5:55 PM To: Calvin Copeland Subject: Re: Private Correspondence: Your attention is required I am paying pioneer on the loan now and if it is not reported as payments being made that is inaccurate reporting to the credit bureaus and a direct violation of Texas Finance Code 392, FCRA. Sent from my iPhone On Apr 29, 2013, at 1:07 PM, Calvin Copeland <ccopeland@pioneerservices.com> wrote: Ms. , Once you have finished paying the loan in full we will notify the credit bureaus accordingly. The charged-off status is permanent and cannot be changed on the credit report. Best Regards, Calvin Copeland Recovery Accounts Manager Pioneer Services A Division of MidCountry Bank 4700 Belleview Avenue, Suite 300 Kansas City MO 64112 Phone 800-335-1955 ext 2296 Fax 816-448-2248 Free from Germany 0800-181-5325 Free from Korea 00-308-131-128 Free from Japan 00-531-13-0597 ccopeland@pioneerservices.com From: DINAH Sent: Monday, April 29, 2013 11:49 AM To: Calvin Copeland Subject: Re: Private Correspondence: Your attention is required Good morning, I noticed that the first payment was debited from my account already. Now that I am making payments with Pioneer and will continue to do so until the loan is paid off can Pioneer update my credit reports to reflect that information. This loan is still showing as charged off and it is still with Pioneer and I am now paying on it. Also I was wondering if the status could be changed to pays as agreed instead of charged off? Thank you for your time. From: Calvin Copeland <ccopeland@pioneerservices.com> To: 'DINAH Sent: Tuesday, April 9, 2013 2:41 PM Subject: RE: Private Correspondence: Your attention is required Ms. , This email is to confirm the terms of payment arrangement we reached today. You have agreed to pay $300 per month until your Pioneer Services loan account is paid in full, and have indicated that you plan to increase the monthly payment amount when you have finished paying off some other debt(s).The first payment will be withdrawn on 26 April in the amount of $300. Thereafter, payments will be $150 on the 1st and 15th of each month. Payments will be withdrawn from the Bank of America checking account you provided today unless you contact us to have payments withdrawn from a different bank account. Please note that we need a minimum of two business days advance notice prior to a scheduled payment date to make a change to the payment account. Calvin Copeland Recovery Accounts Manager Pioneer Services A Division of MidCountry Bank 4700 Belleview Avenue, Suite 300 Kansas City MO 64112 Phone 800-335-1955 ext 2296 Fax 816-448-2248 Free from Germany 0800-181-5325 Free from Korea 00-308-131-128 Free from Japan 00-531-13-0597 ccopeland@pioneerservices.com This is what was written by centex on a previos thread Post #9 http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=422851&hl= : No, a payment in Texas does not restart the clock except and unless there is a written agreement between the parties. Surely your classes at St Mary's covered the Civil Practice and Remedies Code (specifically Section 16.065)... While some States ARE a last-payment jurisdiction, Texas is NOT one of them unless the aforementioned section of CPRC is satisfied. While it was a 2002 3rdCoA (Austin) case instead of 4thCoA, I figured you probably would have seen Rambo and some if its progeny. Quote forgot to include (also from Rambo): Quote So my question is... Have I restarted the SOL on this debt. I have no intentions of not paying but they have no intentions of removing the charge off status and I really want that gone off my report in 2015 which is when it is due to fall off. I did write an agreement but did not sign it and they did not accept my offer just payment. Since they are not agreeing to the terms I asked for in my goodwill letter can I say that the SOL was not restarted because they did not agree to my terms? I have no choice at this point but to pay on the debt because I really want to keep my job.
  19. Hello folks, I have been working over the past 90 days to repair credit. (i'll spare you my #1 Country Music Song sob story). With this board's help, I've managed to do the following: - 90 day late removed with Target, goodwill letter - JJill (CITI) charge off removed with Texas DV letter - Midland Collection removed with Texas DV letter - delinquient authorized user account removed, CITI STILL THERE: - EX, TU, EQ- Chase Charge off, 0 balance, DOFD 4/2010 - EX, TU, EQ- Gap charge off, $120, DOFD, 10/2009 - EX, TU, EQ- Midland collection for Gap charge-off, $420 (previously disputed 6/2012, no response from Midland, was waiting for SOL to pass... it has, now what?) - EX and TU - CITI Charge off- reporting a balance of 2448, limit of 5500, (collection agency assigned Credit Control LLC but not reporting) - EX and TU- Collection account, Sky Recovery Services, 894, for old apartment lease (2010) (previously disputed 6/2012, agency sent me a final bill) POSITIVE TRADE LINES: - Navy Federal Visa, limit 8k, balance 2k (working to reduce this further) - Target Visa, limit 1k, balance $50 - Navy Federal autoloan, pif, august 2011 - Nelnet student loans, never late, $37K So where's the question: I need some advice on how to handle the final 5 baddies. Here's what I am thinking: 1) Although I previously disputed with Midland and Sky, I can redispute using the Texas DV letter and see what happens? This time, following through with 1-2 punch? 2) Now that Gap/Midland is outside of statute of limitations, redispute using the Texas DV letter and see what happens? This time following through with 1-2 punch? 3) What to do with CHASE? It's a zero balance and the collection agency who purchased it, I already had deleted off. 4) What to do with CITI? (this one was my biggest error. I entered into a repayment plan to pay down the balance in 11/2010, which I did by $4000. That reset SOL, so I am well within SOL on this 2448 remaining.) My FICO scores are at 655 Equifax, 630 Transunion, and 562 Experian. I am trying to improve my scores and rebuild strongly. Can someone offer assistance with the game plan from here on out? Repairing the first round was easy, now I need some of the expert's honing skills, advice, and expertise on where to start on these final baddies. Also, best way to rebuild and increase scores? By the way, I live in the great state of Texas and use the TFC to the fullest!
  20. Hello Credit Board experts, I have been working on my credit now since December and have had some moderate success. However, I need advice on the next step. I was listed as an authorized user on my ex-husband's business Citi Card. We divorced in 2009. I pulled my credit report in November and am still listed as an authorized user. There is a 60-day late on the account and it is maxed out. I sent a CMRR letter to CITI Jan. 7. It is still reporting on all reports. Can I get some advice on what your next course of action would be? I live in Texas, but am not sure that gives me any more teeth in this situation. Thank you for any assistance, advice you can provide. These boards have been incredibly helpful to me as I work to repair items.
  21. DV'ed Bank of America back in November, disputed this account several times. Not only did they refuse to respond, broke TFC 392, but they turned around and sold it to some "J.A Cambece Law Firm" who's been doing collections for Cach, LLC, on January 31st!!! JA Cambece is asking for documentation to show that this was disputed. I told them they purchased a debt that was being disputed and BOA refused to validate. I explained that no one could provide documentation that this is even my account, and that's what I was looking for from BOA. Where do I go from here? I've had moderate success removing other things, but I've never had this happen. I'm getting down to the last few baddies, so I figured it would be a complete sh*tstorm.
  22. Hey all, So I have a really old charge off with First Premier that is still showing a balance due. This debt is well beyond the SOL and has only about 8 months left to report. So out of the blue Istart to get phone calls from First National Collection Bureau out of Nevada. I received two phone calls initially, they were both automated messages, not a real person. The first call I just hung up, the second call I waited to see if I can get someone on the line ( I know not advised ) I found it funny that they have been trying to get a hold of me forever as the recording stated. I finally get someone on the line, they state the debt, I say nothing, then they verify my address, then I say you are not allowed to contact me via any phone number listed and that you need to send any correspondence through US Mail. That was the extent of the phone call. Now I need to say that I have never received any dunning letter or any other form of communication except via the automated calls. It has been 10 days since the initial contact. Here are my questions on violations. Are the automated phone calls a violation? I though I read that somewhere. ( calls were made to my cell ) Don't they have to provide a dunning letter 5 days after initial contact? It's been 10. Since that initial phone call there have been no letters or other attempted phone calls I also I live in Texas. Thanks, D
  23. Is there anyway I can use a Texas DV if I have a rental property in Texas? Trying to get Midland off my back on debts they refuse to validate.
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