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Found 7 results

  1. Currently listed as "pays as agreed", also listed in the neg accounts section. Thanks for any input. Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2014 * * * * * * * 2013 * * * * * * * * * * * * 2012 * * * * * * * * * * * * 2011 * * * * * * * * * * * * 2010 * * * * * * * * * * * * 2009 * * * * * * * * * * 30 * Payment History Key
  2. Hello Everyone, I hope someone can help me, Im in desperate need. I have a collection/charge off on my credit report that I have disputed a few times over the years but it seems to always update with the incorrect information. I brought a car with Drive Financial in January of 2005, I guess it transfered over to Santander. The car was reposessed in 2007 (not sure of the month) and charged off in March of 2008. This is a lender credit report so maybe the dates will actually show correct on a standard credit report. The Reported date is incorrect and has been incorrect for many years. Are they in violation? Should I DV Santander?? Also, ACCL FIN SOL brought the Santander account (Im assuming) and those dates are also incorrect. Should I DV ACCL FIN SOL?? This is the 2nd collection agency that brought this account, the other agency is no longer showing on my report. What is my best plan of action? I am trying to buy a house, but with this on my credit my FICO is not high enough. I hope someone can chime in on my situation. THANKS!! Creditor RPTD Last Acct Opnd Limit Balance Owning Amount Past Due ACCL FIN SOL 14-May 10/13 9384 9384 9384 Collection 12 Santander Auto Loan Santander Consumer 09/12 09/12 01/05 16225 0 0
  3. Hello, new here. Like many others I am realizing I should have come here a long time ago. Anyway, I have few questions/concerns. Current score: 633 I've read a lot about removing items from your credit report on this site. I have also read about the possibility of sending a letter of goodwill to have certain items removed. In my case, it involves an auto loan with Capitol One. I was 30/60/90 on the very last payment of the loan back in 2010. I talked to a rep there who gave me the fax number of the CBR and gave me a few pointers on what to write (It has a great impact on my credit, I was trying to make arrangements at the time, it was my last payment etc.). I am a little conflicted over what I have read. It looks like some have had luck doing this with Capitol One. However, if I send this letter and it does not work, can they use it against me if I try to dispute the lates? I also paid off loan with Santander that had a 30/30/30/60 at one point about 4 years ago in the middle of the loan. However, I have not heard many success stories regarding sending them goodwill letters. Not sure what I should do here. Another question relates to the 6 CCs I have under a payment plan with a CCCS. I have about $6500 left and none of them were ever late.. even before the payment program. I now have the money to go ahead and just pay these off. I want the balances updated on my reports asap. Would it be a bad idea to immediately dispute them in a way to get the records updated or would this look bad? Maybe there is a better way to go about this. Also, do you think paying these off will have a major impact on my score? Anyone willing to guestimate? In addition to the above I also have a paid collection with Brighthouse a couple years ago. I made the mistake of paying $25 to the debt collector and then paying the rest of the balance to Brighthouse directly. I really wish I would have not done that and would have researched what to do first. The good news is I do not have any late payments in the last few years on any of my CCs and have never been late on my current car and motorcycle loans. Thanks for reading and any help.
  4. I have a loan with Santander that i want to pay off in a few days but I'm not sure if i should. Only Experian is reporting it correctly. negatives are 30 day lates in nov & dec 2009 and one 30 day in oct 2010. I filed for BK in January 08, Santander is showing IIB on TU and Eq even though it was reaffirmed. How are the two different methods of reporting affecting me? Am i better off letting it report as IIB? I thought about doing a GW with them but after searching it doesn't look promising. Would paying them off be positive or negative on GW efforts? Thanks to all for your input.
  5. So a little background. I had a repo in 2010 when I was recovering from job loss from citifinancial which was bought out later by Santander. Enter earlier this year I decided to attempt to clean my credit. First thing I did was opt out and delete as many old addresses as I could. In mid-July I disputed the repo with the CRA's. All 3 came back verified. In August I sent Why Chat's repo letter to Santander, they did not and have not ever responded. They did however sign for it, I sent it CMRRR. At the very end of September I sent Why Chat's followup dispute to the CRA's. I received responses from all 3. Equifax - Deleted TransUnion - Remains. No other information than that. Just investigation completed, entry remains. Experian - Remains. Told me that the OC requested that I contact them. I did, they never responded hence why I sent the dispute. My question is what is my next step? Is it time for CFPB and AG complaints? Thanks for your help!
  6. I had an account with Citi Auto some years ago that was apparently charged off and sold to Santander. I live in Texas and utilized the debt validation under the Texas Finance Code with Santander, they could not provide validation and the account was removed. They have since sold it to Main Street Acquisition who is now reporting. Santander was not to sell the account but obviously did. I have all the original documents to Santander, the removals from the credit bureaus and the green cards from the post office. How do I proceed from here? Do I take this up with Santander for selling the account? Also, they have since provided the original validation documentation from Citi after about 90 days. Do I go after Main Street since they are reporting and claiming to have purchased the account directly from Citi and NOT Santander (which is why all credit disputes come back verified when we dispute). I would also assume (but can't be sure) that Santander provided the validation information to Main Street when they sold the account to them so I'm not sure if I should take the validation approach with them as well. Or do I contact the credit bureaus for being to lazy (of stupid) to realize that this is the SAME account that has already been removed especially since it has the SAME account number as the Santander. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I'm at a loss as to how to proceed concerning this account. THANKS!
  7. Hello, I am looking for advice on getting approved for an auto loan after a repo. My husband and I owned a minivan, financed through Ally Financial, which was repoed at the beginning of December last year. We fell behind on the payments because I have been laid off for over a year, with no luck finding another job, and my unemployment pay ran out in November. I was hoping we would be able to scrape up the money to pay off the past due amount, and get our van back before it was sold, but we couldn't do it. A family member was going to loan us the money to get it back, but he was unable to help us too, and our van ended up being sold at an auction on January 16th. It's been a nightmare for us since our van got repoed. My husband works 25 miles outside of the city, and has been taking 3 busses back and forth to work each way, every day. It takes him 2 1/2-3 hours to get to work, depending on the weather (we're in Ohio, and are having a bad winter here). He can't deal with it much longer. Not to mention that if his shift at work changes (which it does periodically - he works in a factory), and he has to be at work super early, like 6:30AM, there's no possible way he'll be able to make it to work. I've been depending on a neighbor to take me grocery shopping every couple of weeks, and I'm tired of having to ask for her for rides. I don't want to be a burden on anyone. We also have two kids, and not having a vehicle has been extremely hard on them as well, as they're having to ride a bus (public transportation - they don't qualify for school busses) back and forth to work every day in this nasty weather. In any case, we're in desperate need of a "new" vehicle, but keep running into brick walls. We applied for a loan through Roadloans/Santander/Drive a few weeks ago, just under my husband's name, as I have no income right now, and my credit is worse than his - his credit scores are in the high 400's/low 500's. We had a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged in 2004. We got approved for a down right awful loan - 25% interest, with $600 down, maximum 72 months, and $15,000 or less. We talked to a saleman at a dealership a few days ago, that's supposedly a participating dealership with Roadloans. He assured us that we would be able to purchase a vehicle, so we managed to get up to the dealership on Thursday evening. After spending 3 hours there, being told we could buy a particular vehicle, then being told that one wouldn't work (for vague reasons), and going back and forth with various vehicles, having the dealership run applications for us through various lenders, having them tell us that we would have to come up with at least $1,000 for a downpayment (instead of the $600 Roadloans told us), etc., we went home with no vehicle, and promises that we would have some sort of loan approval on Friday. It's now early Saturday evening, and the dealership is supposedly still working to see what we can get approved for. The saleman just says that they are trying to find a vehicle that will "work" with the loan parameters. Is it stupid of me to think that we might actually get approved for a loan? We're not looking for a brand new, $30,000 vehicle. We're looking for something $10,000 or less, that's reliable, not more than about 80,000 miles, not more than about 6 years old, and that has enough room for two adults and two older kids. We're not choosing about the type of vehicle or the make or model. Domestic, foreign, sedan, minivan, whatever. I just don't want a two door vehicle or a gas guzzling SUV. Basically we want something more affordable than the nearly $400 a month payments we had on our van (as it was a newer, certified preowned vehicle), and the interest rate was still rather high, at nearly 14%. When we bought the minivan in early 2011, I was also working full time, and we were in a better situation financially and credit wise than we are now. We also had a trade in then, a paid off minivan. I realize we have the repo and the terrible credit, but my husband has been at his job for over 5 years now, we've lived in our current (rental) house for 7 years, and we have sufficient income to afford a $250-$300 or so car loan payment. Also, my husband was able to work quite a bit of overtime last year when we did have a vehicle, and he can go back to working more overtime, if/when we get another one, which will boost our income a lot. I did read the many posts on Creditboards about Roadloans charging awful fees to dealers, that the dealers don't want to pay. I can understand that, but then why would a dealer agree to be a participating dealer with Roadloans in the first place then, if they don't want to eat the fees? If they can't help us, why not just be upfront with us and say so, instead of wasting any more of ours and their time? I'm sorry for rambling. I'm just frustrated, and am wondering if we have any hope of getting another vehicle. We don't have any savings to tap into to buy a car with cash, nor do we have any family members or friends who can help us out with money for a substantial down payment, or who could co sign for us. There's also no family or friends who can lend us a car, no one my husband can carpool with to and from work, and we can't even rent a car temporarily, as we don't have any credit cards. We could try a buy here pay here lot, maybe, but I'm afraid to go that route. Many years ago, before he established any credit, but desperately needed a vehicle, my husband got a car through a buy here pay here place, and the payments were about $300 a month for a very old car that needed a lot of work. I know he ended up paying way, way more than the car was worth. I figure even if we ended up with a horrible 25% interest rate on a decent vehicle, at least we could refinance elsewhere, after making a year or so of on time payments, and getting our credit cleaned up. We can't afford to wait a few more months, and save up money for a huge downpayment or to buy a car with cash. My husband is losing out on a ton of overtime at work (which is all on weekends, when the busses don't run by his job), and we have critical doctor's appointments, etc., which we've had to put off, as we don't have a vehicle. We need a vehicle pretty much right now. Am I kidding myself in thinking we might qualify for a halfway decent vehicle through a reputable dealer? Should I forget about Roadloans altogether? I'm afraid to try it at another dealer, for fear of the same results. I read here on Creditboards about some people having good luck using Roadloans at Carmax, but unfortunately there's no Carmax dealerships located any where remotely near where I live in Ohio. Any advice for us, from anyone who has bothered to read this very long post? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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