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Found 25 results

  1. *Disclaimer: typing with my iPad, so I apologize for errors! Today while doing my daily pulls I noticed something Imtersting. A little back story first. I received a letter stating that Navient who I never heard of was buying my loans, but nothing else would change. I received that letter probably six months before the switch. Well, soon after the switch, I log on to my new navient account only to find that half of my loans are gone. I then get another letter a week later stating the Nelnet has purchased half of my loans. I was pretty mad considering Sallie Mae said nothing else would change, so did Navient. I didn't know anything of this until after it happened. So after being aggravated, I just decided to deal with it, set them all up for auto pay again, and forget about them. Well, today I login to find that during the switch my Navient loans were closed and new Nelnet loans were reporting, but the new Nelnet loans were reporting with my original loan date, so it added 10 months to my AAOA and also 10 months to my credit length history. Raised my score to the tune of 8 points on my EQ. so essentially it added four new accounts with old 2006-2008 dates The second odd thing was my capital one card that I got during college (my first cc) which only had a limit of $500 was bumped to $2000. I asked for a CLI last year and they said no, so I called and asked and they said they wouldn't give me one since I didn't use the car, I complanined saying that I have credit lines of well over 10k and i would never use it with that low of a limit, they still said no. I never login and even check that account, but just so happened to check and boom the AUTO CLI, which seemed odd to me. I may have to use it now a couple times to show them I still care 👍😀 Anyone else have a similar experience with their Student Loans. I'm on the downside and hoping to pay them off this year, but thought that it was interesting how it took place on my CRs. Didn't think they would process like that. My old loans show (Transferred/Sold/Closed.) INPUT PLEASE?
  2. HI! i just found this site , i use myfico forums to , from the little reading i have done it looks like you two dont get along lol. REGARDLESS i have a question that they have not really helped me answer over there so i figured i would sign up here and post it here and see what you guys and girls say. I recently started credit repair and have almost maxed myself out on it. everything negative has been removed or adjusted or fixed expect this last issue. in 2011 i didnt recieve the notice that i needed to pay my student loans. So they feel into unpaid and i caught them up went through rehab and have paid them ever since. BUT. the mark is still there for the 9 months that i fell behind. this is 2 years ago this month that it was first reported and its hurting me and my credit score. What can i do ? ive tried everything else i could find debt validations challenged it on the CA's until they will no longer let me challenge it and last week i even sent in the good will letter to see if that would help change what im dealing with. So do i have any other options ? the amount is to stupid high to pay off in full for a few years. but is there anything else i can try to get these bad marks fixed removed adjusted what eve's if i didnt search and miss something please link me to it ill read , thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all. I defaulted on Nelnet & Sallie Mae loans. I never once made a payment to Sallie Mae or Nelnet. I went to default and eventually consoliated. (3+ years in good standing) My report for Nelnet shows "OK" marks for a few months. Then turns to "90s" "120s" "C/Os" etc. Makes sense because I was not paying. (long story + ignorance) However, my Sallie Mae shows "OKs" then 90s, 120s, then goes back to OK status for a few months then back to 90 day and 120 day lates. This does not make sense to me. I had been graduated by this point. Again, I never made a payment to them. Why did they randomly start reporting timely payments? The nelnet loans fall off 3/2016 and sallie mae 3/2016. Is it an error from Sallie Mae to give me the OK marks for a few months after grad when I KNOW I did not pay a dime? Do insurance payments or sending my loans around count as a "payment"? I'm confused. Not sure if that would even be legal/Nelnet did not do this. I'm asking because I'm wondering if they can turn the "OK" payments into 90s/120s, then it would change the fall off date for my tradelines. However, I'm a bit afraid to bring this up to Sallie Mae in the event they change my status, I get a score drop, and I still cant get 2015 deletions. Thanks a lot!
  4. This is an exceptionally long story, even with me trying to cull unimportant details. If I end up leaving out anything pertinent, PLEASE ask me questions - this is urgent and the stakes are very high for me. I decided to cut all of the backstory, because while it may help mitigate the situation during my eval, I'd rather have the tough talk now. I have been referred for a position requiring a security clearance - Public Trust, Secret, or Top Secret depending on the location. I unfortunately don't know at this stage where I would be going, so I assume I have to plan as though I require Top Secret clearance. Also unfortunately, I just discovered that I have much larger problems with my credit than I knew. It is shameful that I have not checked my credit before now, but I received a collections notice for $164 without much info and immediately ordered a credit report. The $144 is the least of my worries - regarding Comcast charging me for cable equipment I returned - and I will happily / easily pay it to make the entry go away. I don't know if I have that ability for my big problem. I had been operating under the impression that my student loans had all been paid off out of my father's life insurance policy. It appears that only my Wells Fargo loans were paid off, and I still have one Direct federal loan and several Sallie Mae loans totaling over $80,000. They have all been charged off - since 2011, when the other loans were satisfied. I do not understand how this happened - though I have a fuzzy idea so far that makes me ill to think about - but I'm trying to focus on what options I have available to me now. As I understand it, security clearance doesn't require great credit and large debts are fine - as long as you are attempting / have a viable plan for getting it paid. Given the situation, I don't anticipate this being easy. I do not currently have a well paying job - I make less than $1600 per month and can really only afford about $500 per month in payments. The fact that the loans are with Sallie Mae is also unfortunate, because they don't appear to be known for setting up reasonable payment plans for folks who have been in default. I don't yet know if the loans are federally guaranteed or not, though possibly not because they've never garnished my wages. I will obviously be making a lot of phone calls Monday to figure out where I stand. Anyway, what options do I have available to me? What questions do I need to ask? I'll post tomorrow in the light of day with any details I think might be important, as well as the options I'm aware of now. I appreciate any help anyone can offer.
  5. I was hospitalized with a neurological condition in Jan 2013. I was placed on medical leave from school, and received state disability payments. I was told that the school would transmit paperwork to Sallie Mae to place my loans on "medical hold." Recently, my health has begun to improve, and I am triaging my finances. Turns out, there is no such "medical hold" process between the school and lender, and my loans have been "transferred back to the lender." They are showing on my credit as 180-day lates. Sallie Mae shows a closed account "transferred to another office" on CR. Sallie Mae's offices and website both show $0 balances on my accounts. Sallie Mae's internal collections department shows the loan as paid and transferred to Dept. of Ed. Dept. of Ed (guarantor) has no record of my loan except it being held by Sallie Mae. I have contacted the default department. I have contacted the number listed on my credit report. I have contacted the number provided by Sallie Mae as the guarantor's direct line. I have contacted the National Student Loan Database (dept. of ed division) They all have no record of my loan beyond Sallie Mae servicing the loan. They have no record of the loan balance, and direct me to Sallie Mae for details. I was trying to get a retroactive deferrment based on my medical disability, but it looks like I won't be able to get any information without disputing. I'm cautious about disputing, because I've read that it makes it more difficult to obtain debt relief once the account is verified, because it is "flagged" as someone trying to avoid repayment; a common nusance occurance for loan providers. So, I'm stuck here. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. EQ just notified that all my SL lates are now deleted!!! I had several loans from SM reported as max 120 days late on some, 90 days on others, etc. There was also a loan listed in default that I completed a rehab on, and ALL of them are gone!! That means all my student loan tradelines are now positive! I'm so excited I could scream! I owe it all to CB! For the record, my last true late payment to SM was two years ago, it was really confusing when my loans entered repayment. I had so many individual loans with SM that I missed some that I thought were in forbearance, when in actuality they were in repayment. I have been on time every month since September 2012. It definitely gives me motivation to keep plugging away!!
  7. Have a private student loan with Sallie Mae out of California, been working with them on payment plans but my options of run out and now they are in final stages before going to collections and they file in court. They've offered two settlement plans, which is great but I don't have the money. I've moved to Canada, I'm Canadian not American and don't plan on returning to work in the US. If I don't pay and they file against me, can they collect if I'm in Canada?
  8. I've recently returned to CB, I was an avid reader/contributor back in 2007 and 2008. I'm looking to buy a house in the next 12 months, so I'd thought I get re-acquainted. Thanks to everyone who posts here. As always, truly amazing bunch of folks on these boards. I have three private student loans from Sallie Mae that were all reporting lates beginning in September of 2010 through April of 2011. One had 180 days late, three times, the other two 150 days late three times. I entered a payment agreement in February and they agreed to not report any additional lates if I made three payments on time. Well all those lates were killing my credit score and don't look too pretty on manual review. I disputed two of the three private loans online with Experian. I also disputed 3 other Sallie Mae loans that had been closed, due to a consolidation of all my subsidized loans (and unsubsidized) loans. I disputed the last three because they read "Closed/Transferred, payment deferred." Payment isn't deferred...the balance was paid in full and moved to another loan, new terms, etc. Well the results came in yesterday (Wednesday) and all the lates were removed from the two private loans that I had disputed. WOW. Now, I am worried, because I had sent a CM letter on Tuesday to the Consumer Advocate asking for these loans to be reported correctly. Specifically the lates jump from 60 days in November 2010 to 120 days in December 2010. I was thinking at the very least get that fixed and then those 150 and 180 will be reduced. HOWEVER armed with my letter, can the advocate put the late payments BACK on my report? I cannot see my Transunion and Equifax report to know what is reporting there. I use ScoreSense and I can pull the tri-report in 10 days. Freaking out and hoping I haven't shot myself in the foot here. Patience, patience, patience. Why didn't I just wait one more day?
  9. I need help. I am trying to do the right thing and get things, financially, back in order and under control. I seem to be having some success resolving some issues, but I need guidance. I need your help. I was young. I was dumb. I am paying for it now. I have recently decided that I can overcome my mistakes, and finally picked up the phone and set up some payment arrangements. It wasn't easy (for me), but I did it. I think what had stopped me from doing it sooner was really my pride and my embarrassment rolled into one. I bit the bullet, and the parties were willing to work with me, to my surprise. So, according to my credit report, I now have one thing holding me back from accomplishing things that I want to do, and that is student loans. I defaulted on three student loans through Sallie Mae, and one through the Dept. of Education. I put the one through the DOE into rehab, and have successfully pulled it out of default, and it will be paid off in full within the next 4-5 months. The Sallie Mae loans I took out were in the amounts of $8,392, $16,000, and $17,500. A total of $41,892. Honestly, don't know exactly when the loans "defaulted" but on my credit report it shows that each were "open" in 08/05, 05/06, and 08/06. I know that my debt from Sallie Mae was sold/charged off/handed off to a collection agency. The balances on my credit report shows I now owe a total of $88,641, and that is also what the collection agency told me I owed. It also shows that the "past due" amounts on the loans are $12,291, $12,273, and $6,161. I'll come back to these loans. Several months ago I decided I needed to get my life together (from past mistakes, foolishness), and start thinking about the big picture, instead of today and today only. In addition to the student loans, I had a judgement that was filed against me in 2008, from an old credit card when I was about 20, and an account from T-Mobile in collections. The student loans, a judgement, and an account in collections were what was showing negatively on my credit report. I bit the bullet, and it hurt, went to the bank and pulled cash out. I went to the courthouse and paid the judgement off in full. I then turned around and contacted the collection agency that had the T-Mobile account and paid it off. My credit report still shows the judgement that was filed against me in 08/08, and now the T-Mobile account shows it has been paid. I applied for a mortgage in April 2014, and like I assumed, I was denied. I honestly just wanted to see where i stood, and if I could get any information on what I could do to get myself qualified to purchase a home. To my surprise, the lender that run my info told me that my score was a 654. Then the lender told me that was my score was not what disqualified for me loan, it was that judgement against me that threw up the biggest "red flag" (this was the week before I paid the judgement off in full). As a matter of fact, I was told that they have people with scores lower than that do get approved, but I needed to take care of the judgement ASAP and could reapply with them in 90 days. I was told that a lot of people with absurd amounts of student loans get approved. I knew I wasn't the only person in the world who defaulted on student loans, but didn't know how it would affect me. Like I said, I was told from the bank the biggest thing against me in their eyes was the judgement. So, I went and took care of the judgement the next week, and also paid off the T-Mobile account as I mentioned earlier. So I'm thinking to myself, that's two down, time to tackle the big student loan(s). Like it was an omen, or something of the like, a couple days after I had paid off the judgement and T-Mobile account, I got a letter from the company that now holds my Sallie Mae student loan debt. So I called them that day, as I really didn't even honestly know who even held the debt. I figured since I was getting old things squared away, just keep rolling with it. I called and they told me they wanted the loan paid in full, I told them unfortunately I had just went grocery shopping and wouldn't be able to stroke the nearly $90k check. I was then informed that I could settle the debt for $25k, and I informed them that I also could not stroke that check at the moment. So, then they say well, "What can you pay?" I told them I'd pay them $100 a month and they said that was fine. I set it up on auto draft and have made the first two payments, and figure at least making and showing an attempt to pay on it should reflect on my credit report in the future. So, in my mind I was fairly pleased by myself for at least "trying" to get things back on track. So, in the matter of a week or so, I had paid off a judgement in full, paid off the only negative collection account showing on my credit report, and at least started making a monthly payment on the student loans. So I figured, now that I'd done that, I'll go try again to get pre approved to buy a house (mid May, 2014). So, in I went and explained my situation, and was told well lets run your credit and see what we can do. I was told my three scores were (I believe these are right, but I'm trying to remember from memory) 654, 629, and 597 (I don't remember what the names of the reports were, but I know they weren't the typical Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). I don't remember which was what score but those were the three scores. I was told they'd have to go by the 629, and needed it to be a 640 before continuing. After quickly scanning my credit report, I was told more than likely just paying my three credit cards to around 20% of their limits would probably be enough to boost that score over the 640 mark. Then the student loans were noticed on the credit report. It then quickly turned to, I see where you just started paying these back as it had updated to a "1" instead of a "9" showing on my credit report. I was then informed that regardless of my score, I could hang up getting a loan for a home until I had 24 consecutive "1's" for my student loans. I was told that it is possible if your loans are set up on auto draft, which mine are, that sometimes the underwriters will pre approve someone for a house with twelve consecutive "1's". I was told though that even if I were not paying the loans and they had slipped by the initial credit report, right before the closing of the house they re-check credit and it would have definitely caught old student loans, and then right before closing, they'd shut down the process. So, at least I didn't get that far and get crushed by that blow. Speaking of credit scores, and I already know that these are not the gospel, but I have accounts on www.creditkarma.com (TransUnion) and www.creditsesame.com (Experian). I am currently showing a 673 on Credit Sesame, and a 636 on Credit Karma. I'm not exactly sure what a "Vantage Score" is but mine on Credit Karma is a 723. I am adamant now, that I am little older and wiser, that all my bills are 100% on time. I have actually been that way for at least a few years, problem I suppose is I just recently started trying to "fix" what I'd screwed up years ago. I work hard, and make pretty decent money, and I want to have something to show for it. I know I cannot possibly be the only person that is dealing with something like this at the moment. Here are some questions that I have, and any advice, guidance, information would be most beneficial. I appreciate you taking time to read my situation. It is much appreciated, thanks in advance. 1. Would going to/hiring a credit advisor/ credit repair agency help me in any way? 2. Should I send all the bureaus a copy of the receipt showing that the judgement was indeed paid in full? If so, will this help my score by the bureaus knowing it has been paid? 3. Would it do me any good to contact the collection agency that holds the debt and tell them I'm wanting to buy a house? I doubt they care, but... 4. Do I need to take out any other loans that I know I can repay on time or early to show different types of payments on my credit report? i.e. auto loan, personal loan, etc? All I have now, are credit cards. * Also a quick note, on my credit report it shows the the three Sallie Mae loans separately, and when I receive the letter from the collection agency that they are about to auto draft my account for payment, they have the sum all lumped together. Does this matter? Could it be adjusted to show one lump sum on my credit report with one row of "9's" instead of three individual loans with rows of "9's"? 5. Are there any lenders that specialize in situations like mine? If so, who? 6. Should I re-apply (in 90 days) with the bank that I initially tried with in April 2014, who seemed more worried about the judgement than the student loans? Thanks again. If I need to move this post to another thread, please let me know.
  10. Thought I post it here assuming vets would still visit this forum first for Student loan help. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/14/your-money/sallie-mae-to-pay-fine-over-loans-to-troops.html?hp&_r=0
  11. Recently, I set up forbearance with Sallie Mae recently. I have a mailing from them saying that it was approved for 3 months. I started getting calls today wondering why they were calling me so much. They said who ever the rep that approved the forbearance was not authorized to do that. I don't have any forbearance left and basically I have to start paying. I am now past due since the forbearance didn't count. This is also the first time in my life I have found myself unemployed as well. I have been looking hard for a job but nothing yet. I do feel like I am getting closer to getting something. Do I have any recourse with Sallie Mae? They sent me a document saying that I was approved. This is a huge blow for me right now.
  12. 2 days ago, after reading about the Ombudsman Group on this forum, I decided to try for myself. I did the online e-mail form to the group and crossed my fingers. The VERY NEXT DAY, I received a phone call/voicemail from someone at the Ombudsman Group who gave me a number to call him back and suggested that he "thinks we will be able to fix some of [my] your problems." He told me I might need to fax in a current copy of my credit report and some other documents, but that we should talk first to figure out the best way to proceed to get everything resolved. Wow! I was delightfully surprised. Issues I pointed out in my email were duplicated Student Loan accounts on my credit report, incorrect payment history, etc...all the stuff we complain about on here everyday. I will keep you guys updated on the progress and plan to call today to see what the Ombudsman Group has to say. On a separate note, Sallie Mae responded to my CMRRR dispute sent to the Wilkes-Barre, PA address through my online Sallie Mae account. They sent me two documents: one said that they could not make any changes to my credit report because everything was reporting accurately; the other was a payment history that only showed each account being paid off (likely when they were sold off to the next organization/office). So, I'm wondering if I can use this latter letter in a dispute to the CRAs to get that crappy payment history fixed on my CR. Again, I'll keep the board posted.
  13. SM is still reporting to the CRAs, there is no CA reporting the TL. However, I did receive notice from a CA re the SL several months ago. The TL is reporting incorrectly on my reports, DOLA doesn't match, payment history doesn't match, etc... This is a private loan. What has been your experience with trying to settle this type of loan? I am still within the SOL, I think...I believe its 10 yrs in WV, loan was opened 8/2006...so 2 yrs left. It actually should be off my reports but SM obviously re-aged the acct and it's "due to fall off" next yr. Should I call SM or the CA? Who should I offer a settlement to? Anyone ever settle for less then the original loan amount? If I go to SM's website and nose around trying to find account information, will they be able to track me? I really want to handle this, but I don't have the money to pay in full. The amount is now double....14K. I did send a dispute to CRA that the acct was obsolete, DOLA was incorrect and payment history was wrong, awaiting results.
  14. I have a student loan which was originally with Sallie Mae, now with LOSFA (Louisiana) for the amount of $2711. I have other debt I am currently in the process of taking care of, mostly CC Debt. From what I have been reading Student Loan debt is a separate monster. I recently received a letter stated they garnished my State income tax refund. I am unsure if I should save, pay off the student loan first, then finish knocking down the CC debt. I don't know much about the Student Loan details. Also, I don't know if this matters, but I have been hearing from people that there may be other options for me since I am a police officer. I don't know really. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. I hope someone can help explain this I had a couple Sallie Mae loans go into deferment in 2011. Sallie Mae sold the debt to Great Lakes Higher Education, who then sold the loan to Action Financial (Action Financial was actually great to work with, they helped me consolidate the loans over to FedLoan Services) In January of this year, I tried to ask Sallie Mae and Great Lakes Higher Education to combine the 10 listings on my credit reports into one each, and of course they declined, hence the 'date reported' being 1/21/14 as opposed to what it used to be 3/2011. Do they all appear to be reporting as the same type of accounts? Even though the verbage is somewhat different for each one? That's what my main question is. Equifax has Great Lakes Higher Education listed as CONDITION: derogatory PAY STATUS: late 120 days TYPE: Collection TU has Great Lakes Higher Education listed as CONDITION: paid PAY STATUS: collection/chargeoff TYPE: educational Experian has Great Lakes Higher Education listed as CONDITION: paid PAY STATUS: collection/chargeoff TYPE: educational Great Lakes Higher Education - Closed, Paid, was a collection account, insurance claim or government claim or was terminated for default, but Experian still reports monthly payment status to this day for Great Lakes Higher Education - is that standard procedure? I'm confused because the loan was consolidated and has been in good standing with FedLoan since March 2013 but Great Lakes is still reporting monthly KD on Experian? GLHEGC Current Closed No Phone Provided Mailing Address: PO BOX 7860 MADISON, WI 53707 Account Name GLHEGC Account # 11XXXXXXXXXXX Account Type Education Loan Balance Date Opened 8/1/2011 Account Status Closed Mo. Payment Close Account Details Past Due Payment Status Paid, was a collection account, insurance claim or government claim or was terminated for default High Balance Limit Terms 1 Month Comments 24-Month Payment History 2012 2013 2014 FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN KD KD KD KD KD KD KD KD KD KD KD KD KD KD KD ND ND ND ND ND ND ND KD KD Here is how Great Lakes Higher Education appears on my Equifax report as of 3/1/14 - paid collection (consolidated the Sallie Mae---Great Lakes loans on in March 2013 (Sallie Mae shows up 5 times on all credit reports, and Great Lakes shows up 5 times on all credit reports) GREAT LAKES HIGHER EDUCATI2401 International Ln Madison, WI-537043121 (608) 246-1700 Account Number: 1XXXXXXXXXXXX Status: COLLECTION ACCOUNT Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $319 Type of Account : Installment Credit Limit: Term Duration: 1 Months Terms Frequency: Single Payment Loan Date Opened: N/A Balance: $0 Date Reported: 01/29/2014 Amount Past Due: Date of Last Payment: 03/2013 Actual Payment Amount: Scheduled Payment Amount: Date of Last Activity: N/A Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 02/2012 Months Reviewed: 15 Creditor Classification: Educational Activity Designator: N/A Charge Off Amount: Deferred Payment Start Date: Balloon Payment Amount: Balloon Payment Date: Date Closed: Type of Loan: Education Loan Date of First Delinquency: 05/2010 Comments: Paid collection 81-Month Payment History Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2013 CA CA CA * * * * * * * * * 2012 CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA 2011 CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA 2010 * * * CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA 2009 * * * * * * * * * * * * 2008 * * * * * * * * * * * * 2007 * * * * * * * * * Here is how Great Lakes Higher Education appears on TU report as of 3/1/14 Account Name Balance Balance Date Monthly Payment Term ▼ GLHEC $0 01/21/2014 $0 0 How to Dispute Account Details Payment Status Creditor Contact Payment Status CO Past Due Amount $0 Late Payments (Last 7 Years) 30 Days 0 60 Days 0 90 Days 0 Payment History DefinitionsMore Current 60 Days Late 30 Days Late 90 Days Late 24 Month Payment History Payment history not available for this account. ▼ GLHEC $0 01/21/2014 $0 0 How to Dispute Account Details Payment Status Creditor Contact Account Name GLHEC Account Number 1230072446488**** Condition Paid Responsibility Individual Current Balance $0 Original Balance $892 Limit $0 Monthly Payment $0 Last Payment 03/28/2013 Status Collection / Charge-Off Term 0 months Loan Type Educational Opened 08/22/2011 Reported 03/28/2013 Remarks Payment after charge off/collection|Paid collection
  16. So my wife had student loans with the Department of Education. They where automatically transferred to Sallie Mae. She initiated a deferment, but Sallie Mae is reporting her as 120 days late. Dept of Ed is still reporting as well so it looks like she has twice as many loans (11 to be exact). She has lates on those before Sallie Mae picked them up. So i have a few questions. First is Dept of Ed still supposed to be reporting even tho Sallie Mae has them? Should she contact Dept of Ed about removing the lates and/or tradelines or dispute them with the CRAs? With Sallie Mae, she's supposed to be in forbearance. Should she talk to Sallie Mae about removing the lates or dispute with the CRAs? and finally, should she apply for IBR? thanks guys
  17. I settled my student loan debt with the collection agency that was handling my account after it was delinquent for a few years … I paid them what they were willing to settle for back in march … Now my credit reports shows this as it is described below SALLIE MAE has flagged your account as SETTLEMENT REPORTED. But it also says underneath that I Failed to pay for the last 2 years … Does any one know how i can take care of this .. or dispute it with Sallie Mae or Experian?
  18. I have about $7500 in deferred student loans with Sallie and don't plan on taking out anymore. Will paying on those deferred loans help to increase my credit score?
  19. My wife and i have been paying on our daughters student loans for a few years now as she does not have a job yet to support the high monthly payments. We have the bulk of her loans are deferred except the two that are private Excel loans. These are the two we are paying. Recently, we started getting phone calls from Sallie Mae stating there was a problem. So I got on the phone and spoke with the lady and she informed me that the loan was 45 days past due. Well, I blew a gasket as I know abosolutely that every payment has been made. In fact, of the four payments that I send each month one of them is a automated payment by them. The other 3 are generated automatically by my bank. So four payments are sent each and every month. After fighting with some issues with their website we finally got access this past weekend. First, I got a complete account history from my bank from 1/1/2013 up until 8/25/2013. I noted each of the dates and the amounts that were paid. Second, I listed the history of both of the loans in a spreadsheet and this is where it went wonkers. I placed my payments into this new spreadsheet next to the payments they had recorded for the account. Not only did they not post half of my payments, but they apparently posted some other poor soles low payments to our loans. I am going to have my daughter check her credit report tonight to see if Sallie Mae has placed negative postings to her report. If they have I want to do something...but what. I am drafting a letter to our Congressman to get some help from his office. BUT if they have file postings to her report it was done intentionally in my opinion. Ignorance is not an excuse with me when technology is being blamed as I am in this business. There should be greater oversight when dealing loans no matter who the lender is. I realize I am preaching to the choir but I am sick and tired of dealing with these quacks and their questionable tactics. Granted, I have been 8 months straight at paying on my daughters acct but I also have my son's acct that we have been badgered with. I would almost rather have ObamaCare and see SallieMae defunded but then again the two go hand in hand when it comes to Washington's greatest ideas. lol Thanks in advance! B
  20. So, after reading this forum for awhile, I looked up my loans on the NSLD to make sure it matched what was on my credit reports...it did. Here's where I am: - 8 Original Student Loans (TL: Dept of Ed/Sallie Mae) - 4 Student Loans "transferred" combined (TL: Sallie Mae) - 2 Officially Consolidated Student Loans (TL: US Department of Ed) - 1 Current Student Loan that is in deferment until AUG 2015 (TL: Dept of Ed NELNET) I called the Dept of Ed Sallie Mae Student Loan Office and had a great conversation with the rep. She basically told me that within the Dept of Ed, there were different offices or divisions (i.e. Sallie Mae, Nelnet, Sallie Mae, etc), but all were under Dept of Ed, though they don't really interact with one another except by exception. She basically told me that from what she could see, for Sallie Mae, she had no data on my account other than the open and close date and the account number. I asked her specifically about each item reported under the Sallie Mae TL and she said she could not see that information. So, my wheels are turning and I ask her, "So, if I dispute the information, how do you verify or validate it?" She flat out said that from her office, she couldn't; only the the office that currently has the loan has the historical data from the transferred loans. She said that in my case, NELNET would be the only ones that could verify any account information. She happily gave me their contact info and walked me through what I should put in a letter to them to have them "look into" getting rid of duplicate accounts. She basically told me to lay out all the factors: military, address changes, non-receipt of statements, forbearances, and deferments as well as any communication I had with any Dept of Educ offices. She told me to include proof of full time school status, DD-214, etc that back up my case. Now, I think I am going to try to have the lates removed first before I try to get the TLs removed. What I would like to know from the board members is if you have had success removing duplicate/transferred student loans (with lates or without) and how you went about doing so (what was your argument/dispute) and who you routed it through (addresses and phone numbers and names would be great). Thanks!
  21. Has anyone had any experience with this CA? My sister unknowingly gave these people information so that they could consolidate her Sallie Mae loans. Isn't it possible that my sister can still consolidate these loans on her own directly with Sallie Mae if FH Cann wants to do it for her ? I am pretty sure my sister's account is in default or near default since she is unemployed at the moment. I am pissed off that she gave them my information and her boyfriend's information for the consolidation paperwork as references.. Does this now mean that they can contact me to get money? Can anyone recommend what she might be able to do or what her best option is at this point? Thanks in advance.
  22. Good day! My son attended the Art Institute in Philadelphia which he took out a loan for with the help of my mother; she cosigned for him. During his time in school (which he took longer to graduate than anticipated) we never received any notices regarding repayment and interest; not sure why, but because I am a student with loans and don't receive notices it didn't seem odd. Right before it was time for him to complete his internship we began to get notices that he was going into default for nonpayment. Again, I am a student and have been for the past 10 years (working on my PhD) and have never been asked to repay loans as long as I was in school. We had no clue he was supposed to be paying on these loans. Needless to say there were late fees and so forth added to the loan. Moving forward we learn that he had approximately $40,000 loans to cover an education that was supposed to cost about $15-20,000; and on top of that, to date the principle balance is approximately $40,000. My son never did graduate because of the current loans which made it difficult to even want to borrow anymore; nothing but internship left and he was unable to proceed. When speaking to Sallie Mae they stated that my mother forwarded her electronic signature for the loans; she would not have approved the amounts exceeding the cost of the program....and only signed for three to both our reollection. Also, we found out that the school charged my son for two programs....one that he changed after realizing he was in the wrong field. Since school he's help odd jobs but have not been able to really begin his career; my mother with her own responsibilities and student loans did all she could to help him make the payments he has made thus far; and my having financial difficultties also participated in trying to keep the loan from going into default we have gotten very little help from Sallie Mae. They have harrassed my mother to no end, and they are extremely rude. The payments continue to get higher, and the late fees continue to pile on, and regardless of how cooperative we are we cannot get a break. The enitre family has gotten involved, they have everyone's information and harrass us all; calls from sun up to sun set and beyond, and with all the harrassment no one is willing to help. So, to my main question....my mother is now retired and my son just finished up a temporary position and looking for work again. Today a payment is due and we do not have it; my mother was told that if this payment was not made the loan will go into default and Sallie Mae will be after her hom, her income tax, and her retirement income. My mother shares a home with my father who's name is also on the mortgage so she is very worried; in fact borderline depressed. We cannot keep up with this loan at the monthly rates they are asking...it is going to default. Please, someone tell me what happens when this loan defaults? What should we expect to happen and in approximately what time frame? I cannot tell my mother not to worry and it will be okay when I hear Sallie Mae make such threats. What if anything can I or she do to protect her home and income, especially considering that her husband shares in ownership? Thank you in advance for your help! Smiles32070
  23. Hello, I'm new here and I hope I'm posting in the right section. I graduated college in 2009 and starting making payments like normal after 6 months on my private loan through Sallie Mae. I paid $280 every month until I lost my job in May 2012 and was found ineligible to collect unemployment compensation. It took me about 6 months to find a new job. During my period of unemployment, I could not pay Sallie anything whatsoever. I was living on my savings only. I'm so glad I was able to find a new job in December. Shortly after I lost my job in May '12, Sallie Mae upped my monthly payments to $480 a month. I couldn't afford to pay them a dime. They would not negotiate a thing with me whatsoever. Then the repetitive, harassing phone calls began around September, while I was still unemployed. When I got a job in December, I was planning on making normal payments to Sallie Mae again, but they were still unwilling to budge from their $480/mo, so I paid them what I could. Then on January 10, 2013, my roommate committed suicide and I found him. (This is not a joke post whatsoever. I'm very serious about this.) I won't get too into the details. He was my only roommate, and also a good friend. Within a week or so of that, I informed Sallie Mae about what happened and I had to go back to paying them nothing because my bills doubled and I had to find a new place to live, which I did in mid-February. They did not offer me ANY options during that time. I was forced to continue missing my monthly payments of $480. I am now living in a new apartment with my girlfriend and also a mutual friend (which is what we wanted anyway, but not under these particular circumstances). Before moving, I had to use almost ALL my remaining money to pay for moving, a new security deposit + 1st month rent, etc. By the time I was done moving, I only had about $100 in my bank account. I'm just about to start repaying Sallie Mae, now that I have more money and a "decent" safety net. Over the past 2 months, I've been getting voicemessages from a company called Allied Interstate. I never answer because they never say who they represent in their voicemessages. However, I googled their phone number recently and they are a debt collections agency who represents Sallie Mae. The strangest thing happened today. This Allied Interstate place called one of my friends (from 8664530229) and disguised themselves as a potential employer who is looking to hire me. They told my friend that I used him as a reference, and that they had an incorrect phone number for me. I guess this is one of their tactics to track down people? I wish my friend could have recorded it. He said they've been calling him for a month and he's going to try to record it next time. This can not be legal at all! Any opinions? I think I'm just going to ignore this Allied Interstate and go back to making normal payments through Sallie Mae. Thanks, ScarsUnseen
  24. I have four TL appearing on my credit due to Student Loans. Two are from Sallie Mae (original loans) (#1 opened 8/01, updated 12/09, last payment 8/05, closed 12/09, high balance $2,625, balance $0) (#2 opened 8/01, updated 12/09, last payment 8/05, closed 12/09, high balance $4,000, balance $0) and two are from USA Funds (CA) (#3 opened 12/09, updated 3/10, last payment 2/12, closed 3/10, high balance $3,685, balance $0) (#4 opened 12/09, updated 3/10, last payment 2/12, closed 3/10, high balance $5,616, balance $0) According to my credit reports these are all scheduled to drop Oct or Nov of 2015. I did not understand the ramifications from not paying off student loans at the time. I don’t know why I was so stupid. My pay was garnished and then they took offset for the balance in 02/12. In hindsight I wish I would have read CB in 2011 and found out about REHAB! Ultimately these are paid off. They ended up taking too much and had to refund me a couple hundred dollars. Anyway, I am trying to repair my credit anyway I can. Is there anything I can do to get these to go away or look better since they will report for a couple more years. I would really like to buy a house in the near future but with these my credit looks horrible. I did not have any credit cards until last year so if these TL are deleted it will make my age of accounts very young. In my opinion, it would be better to have these gone and have a very young age of accounts.
  25. No negative tradelines OK but lets check out wonderful Sallie Mae: See under "Creditor's Statement"? It says "Debt being paid through insurance." I have TWO accounts form Sallie Mae that turned positive this month. One did automatically but the other I ended up having to dispute the Payment Status because it said "Claim filed with governement". Well the disputes came back on it and they did in fact update the payment status to "Transferred/Never Late" BUT under creditor's statemnt it clearly still says that I defaulted and the government paid. So even though it may be a "Positive" tradeline, a smart person who has seen a lot of credit reports would instantly know that I defaulted and that the accounts just aged into good tradelines. These two are from 2003 so if I disputed them and lost them completely, that would be a major bummer. I have fought so much and so hard with Sallie Mae though I find it hard to just leave it be LOL. I want if completely spotless! I guess I'll hav to phone in another round of disputes :/ Anyways, just wanted to give yall a heads up..check those reports closely because they are finding new ways to keep this crap bothering you!
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