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  1. Hey everyone, I just received this letter below from First National Collection Bureau. It is in reference to a very old First Premier Card. There is only about 1 year left on the reporting statues and is well past the 4 year SOL of Texas. First National is not reporting because First Premier has not transfered the account to them, they just hired them to collect, First Premier still reports the balance of the charge-off. Since this is so old I just want to keep it off my reports, or any potential of it getting on my reports. Also in the letter, FNCB never represents the alledge debt as past the SOL, that is a miss-representation of the debt. Also in the right upper area it seems like they are using a scare tactic in the amounts due section. They have a court cost section listed as a zero balance and also attourny fees listed as a zero balance. This seems like a veiled threat of court action on an inactionable account, is this legal? Should I go FOAD or DV in this situation? Here is the letter. Thanks so much! D
  2. Quick question perhaps one of you with more knowledge may be able to answer. Ok lets say I was living in a state that had a 3 year SOL. Had some debt that expired under this statute. Then a say a year later I move to a state that has a 6 year SOL. My question is, once the debt hits the SOL of the first state, since I was living there at the time, is that the end of it? Or does it now get extended due to the new state I live in?
  3. Good Morning, Newbie here.. Found this site last night, and have been reading for hours trying to gather all the information I need. Lot's of good info, very overwhelming I may add. lol Here's my situation, hoping someone can help. I've got two CC that are CO. One being with Capital one, who still holds the account. And the other with FFBUSA who have since sold it to a Debt Collector. I'm in the process of rebuiling my credit. Both account show that they will be removed from my credit in Dec 2015.. (almost there) I originally convinced myself I would just wait and wait and wait until they disappear, but now that i'm older it's a lot harder to deal with. (buying cars, homes, being approved to rent, being approved for CC, etc) So I get fed up.. For months I've been disputing some of my accounts, and have successfully been able to delete or update certain items. BUT decided to pay some of my bad debt, starting off with dilenquent accounts and starting with the lowest account of $25. I spoke with a Debt collector about a pay for delete on this account but they wouldn't do it. They told me if i paid it would show paid satified, and I thought that would be a positive outcome.. Little did I know it surely wasn't. I paid this $25 account and my score dropped 11 pts. With that being said I'm nervous to start paying other delinquent accounts because I don't want my score to drop.. My main question is - The account I have with Capital one is what i'm working on currently. I spoke to them on the phone, again asking for a pay for delete and they denied, but I was able ot get a settlement from $3265 down to $1399 for 3 payments, and then even $1200 if paid in full. Now (1) will paying this account have a negative effect on my credit report because it will show PAID/CLOSED? (2) Because I already spoke about a settlement, and demanded them to mail me the settlement offer, does that restart the SOL (It's a Florida account that became delinquent in June 2008, however I now live in CA)? (3) Will I be able to go back on my word to settle the debt, now knowing about SOL and it being after the 4 years, or does SOL restart, and then they have the ability to sue If I don't pay?? (4) And finally, Do i have the upper hand here if I explain to them that I no longer am entitled to pay them since it's after the SOL. And try and settle at the $1200 ONLY if they all for a Pay to Delete?? Sorry so many questions... I'm supposed to call them today.. Someone PLEASE shed light on this for me.. I have no idea what to do, and I don't want to screw this up anymore.. Thanks in advance....
  4. Hi folks, I'm looking for thoughts on what to do with baddies when SOL falls within 4-6 months. I know SOL and length of time on CR's are separate issues, but was wondering if anyone has had experience/success with using GW letters to get the OC or CA to remove/stop reporting? (Yes, wishful thinking maybe ). In one case, I have the OC (Cap One) w/SOL 7/2013 and CA (LVNV) also reporting. I figure since it's been transferred to CA and they haven't provided validation, I would attempt to focus on removing the line with the OC (but figure they wouldn't PFD since they sold it to the CA). I'm in California. LVNV being one of them with 1 expired SOL and one to expire in July 2013. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hey all, So I have a really old charge off with First Premier that is still showing a balance due. This debt is well beyond the SOL and has only about 8 months left to report. So out of the blue Istart to get phone calls from First National Collection Bureau out of Nevada. I received two phone calls initially, they were both automated messages, not a real person. The first call I just hung up, the second call I waited to see if I can get someone on the line ( I know not advised ) I found it funny that they have been trying to get a hold of me forever as the recording stated. I finally get someone on the line, they state the debt, I say nothing, then they verify my address, then I say you are not allowed to contact me via any phone number listed and that you need to send any correspondence through US Mail. That was the extent of the phone call. Now I need to say that I have never received any dunning letter or any other form of communication except via the automated calls. It has been 10 days since the initial contact. Here are my questions on violations. Are the automated phone calls a violation? I though I read that somewhere. ( calls were made to my cell ) Don't they have to provide a dunning letter 5 days after initial contact? It's been 10. Since that initial phone call there have been no letters or other attempted phone calls I also I live in Texas. Thanks, D
  6. We were waiting for the time were everything will start falling off the report after the SOL and 7.5 years of first date reported. However, instead of falling off, it is being renewed with new dates, new CAs, and some are even new amounts ( difference of a dollar) We are in Los Angeles. How do we dispute due to the 7.5 years fall? We want to do it quick so we can buy a house. Thanks
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