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Found 12 results

  1. art

    Repo question

    I voluntarily turned in a vehicle in October. My question is what would be a reasonable counter offer on a $15000 deficiency balance. I don't have the cash to pay them, but I would offer the amount and pay in installments for delete if they accept. This is for Toyo finance by the way.
  2. Hello everyone, I thought I would start one big thread to put my journey on paper like so many others here. I have a dream and wish that one day I will have CREDIT, CREDIT CARDS, will be able to buy a home of my own and walk in an buy a car without the haggle of "bad" credit and HIGH rates out the whoohaaaaa.... I am starting at ground zero. I had a tiny bit of credit when I was 18-20 and then let it go to crap town when I met a very abuvsive true sociopath that controlled me for many many years. I am finally free of that relationship, just exited out of a battered shelter into an apartment, and that is when I realized how important credit really IS! Now I have a couple questions that I need to add here that I have not already asked. First reminder - I am waiting on paper reports to come so I can analyze those and I am disptuing old addresses on my reports. BUT WHILE I WAIT here is one tricky question: I let the jerk do a title pawn on a Honda Accord with TitleMax back in 2011 - the car finally went into Repo status in June 2013 and they found the car and repo'd it Nov 4th 2013. I was not around when they got the car. Actually I was in hiding but he had tracked us down and had them repo the car. I was unaware he was not paying the bill on the car for months until 3 days prior to when they picked up the car. They are showing NO WHERE on my reports. I have not heard a PEEP out of them since they got the car. Not a letter, call, nothing. What do I do?????? I maybe looking to file BK based off the amount I owed in collections that are newer in medical bills etc...I am just trying to weigh my options. IF I DO FILE BK - how do I make sure this sucker is in there???? I do not wont this to come back to haunt me later...... Advice??!?? My mail forwards to my new address and has been since the day I left before the car was taken. My number is the same, but they never called me on this and yes, it was titled to me - and I signed it for him but he paid the bill. Yes stupid, trust me - cant change the stupid tax I have paid in the past Thank you all for any help and for advice as I start out. Right now I am at rock bottom but I will be there in the club with hard work, patience, and dedication.
  3. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice with my husband's credit report... He had a repossession for a little over $7K the loan was through Cap 1 Auto 8/2007. Seven years should have been last month 8/2014. This is showing on all 3 of his reports EX, EQ and TU. However, we just pulled all three of his reports and it looks like it was sold two years ago to Portfolio Recovery. By the way we are in PA. Questions: 1) Because it was re-sold, does it restart the 7 years SOL? 2) How should we go about disputing this? 3) Who should we address the letter to? The bureau's, Cap 1, or Portfolio Recovery? Thanks for all the help!
  4. HI everyone, I’m new here (been reading the boards for a while but just now getting around to actually posting a question). Back at the end of 2009 I had some bad luck with my credit. I was working full-time and I also had a small business on the side. I lost my job & my business pretty much went belly up & I ended up having to move back home with my parents for about a year - quite a blow to my ego at 39 years old! 2009 was NOT a good year. Luckily, I’ve never carried “too” much credit but during this time what little credit I did have all went bad. I had several small balance credit cards that I defaulted on, I had a medical bill & electric bill go to collections, I was evicted and I lost my truck due to a repossession. The medical bill I’m not too worried with. It was only reported to two credit agencies. I disputed it and it’s been dropped from one and I’m waiting to hear on the other. The credit cards I’m disputing one at a time and I worked out a deal with the collection agency for the electric bill and paid it off. It’s still on my credit but it’s marked as paid. That didn’t seem to help my credit score any but I suppose being paid is better than not and at least I know it will eventually drop off now & I won't have to worry about hearing from them again. Also, the credit cards are all pretty small balances & I'm guessing because of that I've never heard from any collection agencies about them. What I’m concerned about is the eviction & the repossession on my truck. The eviction is listed with all three bureaus. The balance is $3489 & was “opened” in March of 2010 (this was actually the date it was reported, I moved out in Dec. 2009). With Experian it says the account status is “Closed” & the payment status is “ Seriously past due / Assigned to attorney, collection agency or credit grantor’s internal collection dept”. With Experian it says the status is “closed” & the payment status is “unpaid”. With TransUnion it says the Account status os “Open” & the payment status is “collection account”. With the repossession account, it says the account was opened in June 2005. They repossessed the truck in February (or March) 2010. It lists a past due with all three agencies of $4290. All three bureaus says the account is closed & the payment status is listed as “charge-off” for Experian, “Bad debt & placed for collection” with Equifax & “charged off as bad debt” for TransUnion. What I’m wondering is what (if anything) I should do about these? I’ve NEVER heard from my landlord about the eviction or the finance company about the repossession. I just moved out & they came and got the truck and they’ve never made ANY attempt to contact me or collect either of these. Should I try & dispute these with the hopes that they might get deleted (as much as I’d like to say otherwise I have to admit they’re legit)? If I contact the bureaus now, they’ll have my current contact information and maybe they’ll try to collect. Should I just “lay low” with the hopes that they will fall off (of my reports) in March 2017? Does anyone have any advice on how I should proceed with these? Things are (finally) looking up for me financially and I'd very much like to get my credit somewhat back in decent shape, but right now it's a MESS. Sorry for the LONG post! Thanks so much in advance for any help, Joey
  5. Question on a repo, Gm financial repo 11/2011 so beyond the 2 year, but all bureaus state only c/o - no repo notes. Definitely not timely or organized with notices. No CA involved yet. How shall I proceed. 26000 loan they auctioned for 9,000 2010 Lincoln MKZ? Commercially reasonable? I think not.
  6. ok- All I have a quick question regarding redeemed repossessions. I have reviewed most of the repossession documents on this forum and I cannot locate anything that would suggest whether or not a reporting agency can list a automobile a being as a redeemed repossession for the entire loan. For example one of the CA is reporting a redeemed repossession from the date that my automobile was repossessed until the end of the loan. I am sure that his may be ok, but I am looking to see if this can be consider inaccurate reporting. Please advise or share your thoughts.
  7. Hi, I had a repossession in 2007 that is going to drop from my CR on January 2015. I did nothing when the CU sued me and there was a judgment against me in May, 2008. The judgment is no longer in my CR but the interest is still accumulating. I am saving and plan to negotiate a settlement sometime during 2014 or after the CO is deleted. I live in Texas and the attorneys could renew the judgment after 10 years, so paying is not an option. I have some questions: 1) If I pay a settlement before the item is deleted, could the account be reaged? If so, will the negative information damage my credit for 7 more years? 2) If I pay the settlement after the item is deleted, could the CO reappear? 3) Who do I talk to, the attorneys or the CU? Thank you, any help will be appreciated!
  8. I need help please. I financed a car approx 6 years ago with a finance company that "specializes" in helping those with unfavorable credit. So I have a high interest rate but I needed a ride. Fast forward until last year. I had some financial setbacks and a couple of slow payments, then towards then end of the year I missed a payment or two. I looked into refinancing with a credit union, and was informed that I could, but they were showing that I had made all but one payment to the finance company. So I contacted the finance company and asked how was my balance approx still at $10,000 and I've made all but one payment. The rep said, oh, well you had some slow payments, and you missed a payment. I asked if they could send me my payment history and how they calculated the amount. I didn't get anything. I emailed them twice requesting it, didn't get it. Well, I didn't make any more payments. They started repossession. They have been unable to obtain the vehicle. Now I have received a letter from a lawyer's office stating they are attempting to collect the debt. I sent them a validation request. They sent me another letter just stating what the amount was, the name of the finance company, and a partial account number. I responded requesting once again validation- in bold, requesting a breakdown of how the amount was calculated. I also requested in the letters to cease repossession and collection attempts until that was provided. I haven't received anything else from the lawyers office, it's been 30 days. A couple of days ago I received an envelope with a card that said contact this person urgently, it had a phone number, but no company name or any other identifying information. I researched the address on the envelope, it was a repossession company. What can I do? All I want to know is how they came up with their amount. I have my contract, I can't figure it out. Is there any hope? Do they not have to provide that information to me? Any suggestions or advice on what my next steps should be?
  9. So I have done a lot of reading, to include state statutes, and can't seem to find an answer to my question. for Arizona regarding repossession, Administrative code 17, chapter 5 section 407, it states "A lienholder may sell a repossessed vehicle" but nowhere states that it must be resold. DriveTime repossessed my vehicle through a voluntary repossession but I never received a notice of sale and according to the law since I payed over $500 there would have to be a public notice of resale right? The amount reported on my cr's are identical to the amount owed at the time of repossession, not a dime more or less. This happened back in 2010 and I don't know how to see if they resold it. Any and all info/feedback is appreciated as always
  10. Hey all, I have been lurking for short while and have just recently jumped into the wonderful world of credit repair. While reviewing both DW and my own reports, I noticed that a vehicle loan through DT Credit Corp, (DriveTime) shows as pays as agreed and is current although it also lists as a voluntary repossession. We turned the car in voluntarily in 2010 and have never made a payment so not sure why it is listed as such. Anyone else have similar situations? essentially it is being reported as positive credit, no lates but that is way false. How should I approach this if at all?
  11. Ok, so I sent in the Whychat repo letter well over a year ago - nothing ever came of it. The credit bureaus respond "verified" every time. Sent letters to the FTC, AG, BBB, etc. Nothing. Is there ANYTHING that some of you have used to send in after all this? I am looking for some case laws, etc. SOmething I can use against them. Saw this thread: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=506456&hl=repossession&do=findComment&comment=4800082 I would love to know what nlocker used!!! Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!! It is a Ford Motor Credit repo - only baddie on my report
  12. Hi, I hope I am posting in the correct area, this is my first day on this site! My situation: My father co-signed a credit union car loan for me in 2003, in 2004 I began to be late making payments and the car was repo'd late that year. I filed BK in 2005 and the car was included. Haven't heard anything since.....Until...... 6 months ago my poor mother got an intimidating phone call from some collection agency saying that if they didn't send them a payment they were going to start garnishing my father's wages. Unknowing and being intimidated, she sent them $100. and she has continued to pay $100 when she can. My question is, other than how is that legal for them to misrepresent and intimidate someone, were the SOL up on that debt?? How can they being collection again after so many years? My parents live in Colorado, that is where the loan was originated. This collection company is in Wyoming. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again.
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