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Found 783 results

  1. Sorry if it's been posted but I searched in the search bar and didn't come up with anything. I recently got a secured cc to start repairing my credit. My question is, if I make my first payment early will that affect me positively or negatively? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello- I haven't posted in a while, thanks to the help I received from this outstanding community. Currently I am involved in a CR dispute with my car loan company, and I need some advice. A few months ago I received a call from the loan company notifying me that they've discontinued my automatic drafts from my checking account, due the fact that they didn't have my current address on file. I thought that this was strange, but arranged to pay the amount in arrears immediately. It was then when I inquired and was told that they reported me to the collection agencies. So they unilaterally ended my automatic payment plan because they didn't have a correct address, and because of they didn't get in contact with me they reported me to the agencies. They said that they attempted to contact me, but I have no record of that. And honestly if they did, I was really busy with building a house (I had to assume construction control - another story lol) in addition to my regular job and family concerns. I did not have the time, and did not think that I would have to concern myself with my automatic car loan drafts. This reporting by my car loan company has reduced my score over 40 points. They did this solely due to their ridiculous rule (which the agent mentioned to me on the phone that they are trying to change) - not because of my ability and intent to pay (I can prove the funds were in my account at the time). I need some advice on correspondence to send to the agencies to get this removed from my reports. Thank you in advance.
  3. Is a lease considered an open account or written contract? Logic is telling me written but I’ve here due to how leases are paid, it could be open. I’m in Virginia so it’s 3 vs 5 yrs difference. thanks!
  4. Hello all! My statement period ends on the 20th of the month, the company reports to the bureaus on the 20th of the month, and my payments are due on the 17th of the month. What date of the month should I actually pay my statement so as to achieve the max credit boost? Thanks in advance ladies and gents!!
  5. I have been informed by all 3 credit bureaus that due to a lack of activity, they cannot generate a score for me. For years, I believed that I had toilet-bow bad credit because I've always been turned down for credit. I have had a lot of medical collections on my reports over the past 9 years or so and about 2 student loans (at 2 seperate times and one of which I paid off completely in about the year 2012 or so). Currently, I have less than $3,000 in debt, about 7 medical collections, 1 or 2 student loans, and about 17 hard inquiries total between all 3 bureaus. All collections on my credit report is at least 5 years old. About 3 of those hard inquries are within the last 2 months, the other ones are at least 6 months old (Had I known Carmax would pull my credit multiple times, I wouldnt've have used them to try and purchase a vehicle; this is where a lot of those hard pulls came from!). I currently have a decent income and have very few monthly expenses (no rent/mortgage, daycare, car note, etc.- just my phone bill, groceries (for 1), and very minimal budget for clothes, entertainment and misc. My question is, is there a non-secured credit card that I am likely to be approved for/is geared for people like me with old collections, a moderate number of inquiries, no credit score, but a decent income? I just recieved an OpenSky Secured card ($200 deposit and $200 limit) and I am waiting on my Capital One Secured card ($250 deposit and $350 limit) to come in the mail. Thanks in advance, everyone!
  6. Hi gurus here, I got a collection on my 3 CRA reports, for a utility late bill on an apartment which I moved out since 2015. My previous roommate continued using my utility account without my knowledge. Once I saw the collection, I contacted the roommate and he paid off the debt. But as you expected, since he paid off the debt already, i don't have much to argue with collectors. My credit score dropped 100 points (This is the only collection I had in my life) Before i found out this site, I've started with lexington laws service (yeah i might be very wrong) roughly a month ago, and they mentioned they sent out letters to all 3 CRAs already. But nothing changed on my scores yet. After reading valuable posts here, I want to dispute with CRAs myself this way: I have evidences to show I weren't living at that apartment since 2015. (I can provide my new apartment lease / utility bills during 2015 to 2019. I even moved to another state since 2017, and started a new job here), and my identity is used by somebody else. Is this a valid dispute strategy to go? Any advice will be appreciated!
  7. I am preparing to refinance my student loans, and want to ensure my credit is in the best shape possible before applying. My credit utilization is between 10-15%; however, I have late payments on my account that I feel may be unjust, and I'm seeking advice from individuals who have gotten negative items removed to see if you think I am eligible to do the same. In July of 2017, one of my small student loan services changed carriers to Heartland ECSI. The payment was roughly $35 per month, but when the loan changed hands my automatic payments stopped as well. This resulted in my payment being 3 months late (the first 3 months the new loan went into effect). I did not actively change the loan to another company, this was done between the two companies. To put this in perspective, I pay roughly $2000 per month in student loans and my annual income is between $120,000-$130,000; so it's frustrating that such a small payment is making such a negative impact. I'd like to hear if anyone has similar experiences and if you think I have a chance to get this removed. I greatly appreciate any input!
  8. I had a rental property that was part of a business dealing that went bad. The property was on the brink of foreclosure when we were finally able to settle and sell. Bank (and taxes, HOA, etc) all were paid in full. This was not a short sale, or settlement of debt. Realistically, when would I start to see my credit score increase? This house was the only negative on my credit report (unfortunately a large one) and was nearly 2-years behind when everything was resolved. Score dropped about 150 points when the payments were falling behind. Other debt is minimal. Just primary residence ($200k and 5 years of on-time payments) and a school loan ($6k remaining). Credit cards are used for daily transactions, but are always paid in full. No other late payments, collections, or anything of the sort for 15 years plus. Bank is showing the mortgage account as closed, but it doesn't appear that it was marked as "Paid in Full." Related question, I see that typically late payments fall off of the credit report 7 years after "first notice." Does that mean at the 7 year mark, that all vanishes, or is it a rolling 7-year (as the last late payment filing was 2 years after the first, so it would be 2 years from now?). Thank you.
  9. Credit One Bank - in January, they reported this account was charged off in June 2016. Now they're reporting a failed to pay (FP) in February 2018 on Experian. On Equifax they report OK in payment history every month from Dec2016 - Apr2018 with payment status: Bad debt & placed for collection & skip. On TransUnion it's reported with balance $0 and payment status: Charged off as bad debt. No payment history on TU. This debt has been paid in full to Midland Funding. How can they report failed to pay 2 years after charge-off? Can I dispute or sue them for this? I also have these collections on my reports: Convergent (OC Sprint) $1660 Original DOFD: Nov 2014 Date opened: Jan 2017 Account Status: EX - CLOSED. Payment Status: EX - Paid, was a collection account, insurance claim or government claim or was terminated for default. Balance: EX - Blank. Payment History: EX - FP from Feb2018 - May2018. Comments: EX - Account in dispute-reported by subscriber (they "verified" in April or May 2018). Portfolio Recovery (OC Capital One) $855 Original DOFD: 2015 (I think November - that was the time I had financial trouble and stopped paying CCs) Date opened: Jul 2017 Account Status: EX - CLOSED. EQ - CLOSED. Payment Status: EX - Paid, was a collection account, insurance claim or government claim or was terminated for default. EQ - Blank. Balance: - EX - Blank. EQ - $0. Payment History: EX - FP in Apr2018. EQ - OK from Feb2014 - Apr2018 Comments: EX - Blank. EQ - PAID COLLECTION. On TU this is reported as 08 Capital One Bank as Closed status, $0 balance, Paid Collection comment. Portfolio Recovery (OC Capital One) $605 Original DOFD: 2015 (I think November - that was the time I had financial trouble and stopped paying CCs) Date opened: Jul 2017 Account Status: EX - CLOSED. EQ - CLOSED. Payment Status: EX - Paid, was a collection account, insurance claim or government claim or was terminated for default. EQ - Blank. Balance: - EX - Blank. EQ - $0. Payment History: EX - FP in Apr2018. EQ - OK from Feb2014 - Apr2018 Comments: EX - Blank. EQ - PAID COLLECTION. On TU this is reported as 08 Capital One Bank as Closed status, $0 balance, Paid Collection comment. TU collections: 10 Centurylink Quest Corp $240 (CA was EOS CCA) DOFD: 2011 (account closed Dec 2011) Date Opened: Oct 2014 Account Status: Closed Payment Status: Blank Balance: $0 Payment History: Blank Comments: Account information disputed by consumer 11 Cox Communications $113 (CA was AFNI) DOFD: 2013 Date Opened: Feb 2018 Account Status: Closed Payment Status: Blank Balance: $0 Payment History: Blank Comments: Dispute resolved reported by grantor 11 Sprint $1660 (CA was Convergent) DOFD: Nov 2014 Date Opened: Jan 2017 Account Status: Closed Payment Status: Blank Balance: $0 Payment History: Blank Comments: Account information disputed by consumer Why do these TLs show as the OC on TU report even though they were all collection agencies and paid to collection agencies? The contact info on the TU report is for the collections agencies, not the OC. It looks like the Centurylink bill has been re-aged. CA shows open date 2014 but the OC account was closed Dec 2011. ALL of these collections have been paid in full to the collection agencies. What is the best path to get some or all of these things deleted?
  10. Hi Guys! I need help with a collection account that recently reported to my Experian report on 2/5/19, “Enhanced Recovery” purchased an old Sprint debt from May 2013. In California our SOL is 4 years. What can I possibly to get this account removed from my report ASAP! Account Name ENHANCED RECOVERY CO L,202752XXX Original Creditor SPRINT Open Date Invalid date Balance $1,302 Debt $1,302 Contact Information 8014 BAYBERRY RD,JACKSONVILLE, FL 32256,(800) 496-8941
  11. This is a 'continuation' of my original post in the medical billing forum for Wakefield & Associates that is not medically related - and mostly intended for WhyChat: So I received my Equifax report today and only have two tradelines on it. A current credit card, which is never late, etc etc. However, there is an entry from Jefferson Capital for an old debt from Verizon (not sure how it got to be $561 but that's not relevant here). I need your opinion on the following: I was able to retrieve my old credit reports from 2014 off of an old external hard drive. My most recent Equifax report dated 12/10 shows: (Jefferson Capital) DOFD: 01/2013 DMD 1st Rptd: 12/2015 BOTH of these are clearly and undeniably incorrect. The actual dates - from reports from 2014 are: (Verizon - OC) DOFD: 02/2013 DMD 1st Rptd: 08/2013 One is off by a month and the other is off by 2 yrs, 4 months. The most important one being the date of first major del. My questions are: 1) Should I do a regular DV with Eq asking for: "Please advise me as to the name and address of the original creditor, the name of the account holder, and the reported date of first delinquency,as any account I might have had at one time would be obsolete. Please advise me as to the correct name and current address of this creditor, the name of the account holder, and the reported date of first delinquency,as any account I might have had at one time would be obsolete. If you can obtain this information, I also would need the name of the person providing this data, and the manner in which it was provided in order that I may pursue additional legal remedies." https://whychat.me/initdispltrsol.html (With blue background/blue handwritten ink) (The above is what I sent to TU & Exp and am awaiting on their response.) 2) Or should I do a "jack attack" that I have seen on here where you dispute each and every entry? 3) What is the difference in sending by priority mail vs. certified. Both can be tracked and neither has to be signed for. About a $3 difference in cost of mailing. Just curious. Other info on this TL from Jefferson: From Verizon in 2014 Months Revd: 35 1 Creditor Calssification: Financial Blank Status: Collection Account Collection Account Type of Account: Open Open Type of Loan: Debt Buyer Account Telecommunication/Cellular Whose Account: Individual Account Individual Account Additional Information: Collection Account. Collection Your thoughts please as I plan on sending this out tomorrow if I can get to the Post Office before they close. I have to get either the Priority/certified numbers before I can send it. I would encourage anyone reading this to also read your link to Attorney Lawrence Rubin. I have read it, but need to go back and read it 'more slower' without any interruptions. Thanks again for your help and the Creditboards forum.
  12. Hi all. I have been lurking for a while. After reading another thread Im having a big old I KNEW it!! moment. I recently started trying to fix my credit and paid a few small old collections. Then suddenly more collections appeared out of nowhere, all for stuff around 4 years old. I suspected the CAs were somehow seeing I was paying old bills and thats why more magically appeared on my CRs almost immediately after the first ones were reported paid. Ugh. I had some ID theft and some bad debt a long time ago and tried fighting it, but TLs kept reappearing so I finally just gave up and lived with bad credit for years. As a result of that and simply never using much credit, I have very little credit but a few newer (current) TLs, a couple positive old TLs, and a few paid collections. Im in Nevada so I believe the SOL is 7 years. Of course all the CAs say they wont do pay for delete. So Ive paid the bastards. All of them. Ive been getting some bad addresses removed but the CRAs wont remove a couple; they just update them. Even though they are bad addresses. How do I prove this?? They also have multiple misspellings of my name. How do I remove this?? What now? I think Ive paid every possible old bill that could be out there. There are about 2-5 paid collections per report. Is it even possible to get them removed? Sorry if some of these questions are redundant. There is so much info on this site, one cannot possibly sift through it all, and to be honest, I find it hard to locate specific instructions without a lot of muddling the waters. Lol Oh. I also paid a small amount to a credit repair company who got a couple TLs deleted, then those TLs were reinserted. Its enough to make one just continue giving up and living without credit forever. Pfffft.
  13. The first dunning letter is for an alleged old medical bill for $900 Collection Agency is Dynamic Recovery Solutions. They give me three payment options but down on the bottom it says they cannot sue me for this debt nor report it to my credit reports. How should i handle this one? Just ignore them? The second one is not a medical collection but from the same CA. It's for an old cell phone bill for 200. Again down at the bottom it says they cannot sue me for this debt but they can report it to my reports. I have a feeling this comes from filling a complaint with the BBB against Jefferson Capital Systems last week. I filed on the 16th and these letters are dated for the 15th. Coincidence? Just an fyi the phone bill lists JCS as the "current creditor". May i also add that after complaning to the BBB then disputing JCS to the bureaus they did remove JCS from all 3CRA's. How should i proceed? Thoughts
  14. I have a TD second mortgage. My first is in foreclosure and I am nearing a deal with the 1st mortgage holder. I have been trying to contact TD to work out the second, which would be extinguished should the 1st mortgage holder foreclose (and TD would get nothing as they've already defaulted on the foreclosure complaint.) but am having no success getting anybody to speak to me. Does anybody have any numbers for a live loss mit person or any suggestions on how to proceed? T.I.A
  15. Hello CB Team, My cousin was Delinquent (90 days) on his AMEX PRG charge-card (total of $2700) and right before paying his AMEX PRG balance off using his tax refund received from the IRS, Amex cancelled it on 2/22/2018 along with his BCE (good status). On 3/5/2018 he received an invitation letter by mail from AMEX saying that they're giving him a second chance if he paid his balance in full by offering him an AMEX Optima application. The problem is .. before he got AMEX Optima invitation letter he already made payment arrangement plan the day before to pay-off his balance IN FULL by March 21, 2018. So, when he called AMEX Optima number they told him yes we see your payment arrangement plan and once the balance is paid in full we will send you an application and the Optima card will be around $1100 (Limit) and you will be on 12 months (kinda like probation) before you can apply for any other AMEX Plan. Now is this AMEX Optima Program (Regain Card Membership) worth it. Also, when he made the payment arrangement over the phone (The day before he received the Optima Invitation letter) the AMEX account manager informed him that she will submit a request with positive notes to RE-INSTATE his cancelled AMEX PRG & cancelled BCE and they will mail him a decision within 7-10 days (which he personally think it will never happen because once the Account is cancelled it will never be reopened). Anyone here have recent experience with this AMEX Optima (Regain Card Membership) Program? Will Amex EVER re-instate these cancelled accounts?? if NOT, will they ever send him an Optima Card once his Balance is paid in full? Thank you All.
  16. Hi, there was a wells fargo account credit card account that was charged off years ago in 2011 but the accounts last payment is showing 2013. here are some more details: Account Status Closed Payment Status Charge-off Status Updated Oct 1, 2013 Usage 125% Balance $1,498 Balance Updated Jan 2, 2019 Last Year I received an IRS letter stating that I didn't report the charged off amount as income for my 2016 taxes. Wells Fargo cancelled the debt and sent it to the IRS on the last day of the year in 2016. As soon as i received the letter i paid the debt in full. Here's where I'm stuck on how to proceed. My credit report still shows the full charged off amount even though I paid it to the IRS when requested and i cant get it removed no matter how many times a dispute it. According to experian the account will be removed from my credit report at the end of this year in 12/2019. I need some more information because I don't want to do anything have the clock be reset on when the account will be removed. ( I'm afraid of a situation where if any new information is inputted resulting to a reset of the 7 year rule) Should I give up and wait for the account to be removed? Or should I press further and keep trying to have it corrected. And if I were to do so, what is the best way of going about it? Thank you so much for the help.
  17. Hello! The day after Christmas, I checked my EQ report and found that a particularly scummy CA that's known for this practice dropped a collection on my previously clean report. It's an alleged payday loan from 7/2012. The CA has never contacted me in any way. I see from my research that reporting a collection on a report is considered to be first contact. Since then, it's been added to TU too. As I craft my dispute, I wanted to confirm a few things and how to word and prioritize the items on my dispute letter. 1. The date it was assigned was 12/19/18. 2. The date it was reported was 12/24/18 (obviously, this doesn't allow for the 30-day dispute process, but if reporting on a report is first contact, that may be moot...?) 3. Since that first contact, including allowances for the holidays, I have not received the required dunning letter within 5 days of first contact. 4. In reading the April 22, 2017, post from ICanHasMuny? on this thread (link at the end of the post), this type of account shouldn't even be reported: "EX TU an EQ won't accept the following information from furnishers effective june 2016 - so if you have this type of information still on your reports, DISPUTE IT OFF ... check cashing companies payday loan companies" I'm pretty hacked off about this... the DOFD is 7/2012. I don't have an exact date yet. I appreciate any guidance on disputing this, especially regarding the wording and citations. I haven't had to deal with any negatives in a few years, and this was a shock. Thanks very much!
  18. I'll keep this brief and to the point, but PLEASE FEEL FREE to ask for more details! I just purchased a home at the end of October, so I'd been holding off on any unnecessary activity until that was done. I currently have no credit cards, store or otherwise. What are some good card options with good approval odds? Currently sitting at 617 (TU) and 623(EQ). These are CK numbers. Thanks!!
  19. I wanted to provide an update as it’s been quite some time. Let’s just say that Creditboard changed my life. You can look at my profile to see were I was when I started. I was looking at mid 500 scores. I pulled up my credit report today and let’s just say that I’ve been able to successfully remove EVERY negative thing on my credit. As I write this, I have a 710 FICO score, no negative trade lines and 2 credit cards. 1 with First progress for $300 that I’ve kept because it’s my longest one (4 years) and a CHASE card with $20,000 limit that I don’t think I’ve used more than $1000 at a time. Let’s just say that when I started this journey, things were not looking good and next week my wife and I are about to close on a house! For those on this path, stay the course and keep your head up, the advice on here works
  20. Hello I wanted some clarification on when NFCU does their Annual Reviews? Also I wanted to verify if you applied for a CLI after they pulled your report they wouldn't pull again? I have added some quality cards and refinances and the inquiries are moving higher than I would like. Thanks
  21. Hello I have a Collection Account on Transunion from Plaza Services and apparently they only report to TU. I have never recieved a dunning letter from them or any letters. I have lived in the same address 15 years. I sent Plaza Services a letter for proof etc with no word back and disputed with TU. TU came back as verified today with no other explanation etc. I could use help from here as I haven't had this happen before with a dispute. Thanks
  22. Hello all, I am new here and hope I can get help understanding more about credit repair and scores. I am in the process of cleaning up my credit file in order to get a better credit score. I have collections accounts and charge off showing on my reports. I have a total of 5 collections showing on Exp, Tru, and 4 on Eq. I have send a pay for deletion offer and I am waiting for the response. I would like to know how many points I should expect to see increased if and once deleted. Right now i have a 610 Equ, 578 Trans, and 560 Exp. All 5 collections are 1 year or less old. The charged off account show 0 balances on Equ, but still show a balance on Truns, and Exp. Can i get some insight on how I can get my reports cleaned up. Trying to refinance my mortgage Thanks in advance
  23. Good Morning/Afternoon!! I am a newbie so please be kind.... LOL.. I was reading a post from a couple of years ago and it said that we can call the credit agencies and have them remove our old addresses and other information. All we have to say is the information is incorrect? Is it really that easy??? I know it may take some time. I have also read that we should mostly write our inquires down - should I write them this or would it be better calling? Will I get new credit reports after they have taken the incorrect information off?
  24. So I’m back again repairing and rebuilding. I confirmed that I applied for a Capitalone 360 Checking account over 2 months ago and they denied me because of Chex. I do have a few negative credit union accounts on there. I froze Chex last night and re applied. I was immediately approved but said I had to call before account was officially open even though I received an email saying approved with last four digits of new account number. They just asked if I was a previous victim of identity theft and I agreed because I have. I have no default history with any major banks that use EWS btw.
  25. Hello all, I filed bankruptcy last year and was discharged 7/20/17. Good news I guess - but my scores still suck, currently my TU and EQ scores are in the low 500s. My EX score was at 600 last time I checked. I have floated in and out of this forum and other websites looking on how to start the rebuilding process and just end up feeling overwhelmed. I aspire to have better credit, just don’t know where to start and feel kind of hopeless. I thought perhaps I should start a thread for advice and to even maybe motivate me. I have done some online disputes here and there but, haven’t been very diligent about the whole process. Also, online disputes seem to be a miss for me unless I am having addresses removed (EX excluded). Since the discharge, I have been approved for a few store cards which I don’t use...but that doesn’t help my score at all. So here is an overview of what’s left on my credit files: 1st off - I have two bk reporting on my reports. One was dismissed, which is from last year because my attorney had an issue getting the fee in on time (negligence on her end). The court had to open another case, which is the case that is discharged. 2nd - All of the accounts included in bk are reporting correctly except for DCU and a CapOne acct - I disputed and the CRAs said these accounts are valid! I should add that I did it online, which was probably a big no no. Can I redispute by mail along with my discharge papers? I should add that I burned CapOne, NFCU, Credit One, Chase, Penfed, and DCU. Not sure what options that leaves me with for the secured/bk friendly card route. Discover did approve me shortly after the discharge for a secured card but, I never gave the security deposit. I think I wasn’t really ready and didn’t want to get the card without knowing how to use it to benefit my scores. 3rd - I have some accounts that were not included in the bk that have lates, along with a student loan (Perkins loan being handled by ESCI )that has lates. These lates are a drag and I am trying to figure out how I can have them removed. I also have a paid charge off on my account. I tried consolidating the Perkins loan which is defaulted, the consolidation fell through. What else can I do? 4th - I have tons of inquiries on my reports, because I go on random app sprees hoping for a break that will never happen. Should I bother to have these removed? I am starting from scratch now and have ordered my TU and EQ report by mail today. Trying to also order EX, they said I need to mail information to them when I called the auto system. I suppose my overall issue and question is - How can I increase my scores when I have two bankruptcies reporting and a bunch of lates, plus one paid charge off? Do I need to wait until these things fall off before even working on my reports? My credit files suck and I am stuck, any help is appreciated. I wasn’t sure if I should put more detailed info on my accounts but, if I need to - I can (minus my personal info of course)

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