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  1. Hi Everyone, I requested hard copy reports from all 3. I just received my Trans report in the mail. To my surprise my report does not include date of 1st delinquency nor does it show any address identification numbers . Has anyone else had this happen to them? Do I need to request another report? Im so butt hurt, I was eager to get things rolling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. My credit score right now is 650 according to chase. I want I know if it would be better to pay off closed accounts first, which I negotiated low interest rates for a few years ago, or pay down the active ones first, some of which are near max end have higher rates. Does having these unpaid closed accounts worsen my credit, or does the fact that I am paying them monthly improve my credit?
  3. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had some advice regarding the following: I recently pulled our credit and Ally Financial is showing a charge off (CO) in the amount of $997.77 for a Chevy Volt lease we had back in 2013. The amount was written off sometime in 2020 and we were sent a Form 1099-C. I spoke with Ally Financial today and was told the charges were for excess wear and tear - it was our understanding that when we returned the car this was being taken care of by the dealer - we turned the car in a month or two early with low miles and some equity in it and lease
  4. Hey there everyone! I've been a lurker for way to long and decided it's time to get to rebuilding my credit. Thank you to everyone who has contributed on this forum! It has been a help to many and will to me also. So here are my details....🤕 Background About May 2014 I lost my job of 5 years and my apartment all in a 30 day span because life happens of course. I had some savings to stay afloat but it ran out and I couldn't run to a well paying job like the one I had fast enough. Hence, my credit went down the drain over the next year. Baddies I sucked it up and went
  5. Due to a serious lapse in judgment I acted on the "spend $45 on a new Sam's Club membership/get $45 back" Amex offer, and we joined when I was among the mud people last week. The store was awful. The selection is much smaller than Costco's, and the merchandise itself (aside from national/known brands) is largely lower-end/riffraff stuff. One entire aisle of refrigerated/frozen items was empty. Merchandise displays were messy. We bought two bags of frozen berries and left. Then the email for using the Amex offer never arrived. I looked at my receipt, and the membership was pro
  6. A "backdoor number" is one that gets you past frontline CSR's directly to Credit Analysts / Credit Departments / Account Managers / Account Specialists (different lenders call 'em different things) - these people/departments have decision-making abilities far beyond frontline CSR's; they can take and review requests for reconsideration of denied CC apps or CLI requests, APR reductions, etc. and implement their decisions. I can continuously update this first post with the latest information if everyone will post to this thread. I'll make the change and acknowledge. We deeply appre
  7. I had another topic on the this subject a while back but I felt it was getting too far off the mark, so I wanted to start fresh. I'll keep it super simple though, because my current goal is to repair my credit: TL;DR - What do I do with my charge offs/things that have been sent to collection and are well within the SOL? Pay them off ASAP? Pay in Full or go for the discounted settlements? What will let me start building up my score the quickest and allow me to distance myself from my troubled history? I have 2 chase accounts, one is $5k+ and one is $600+, both have been cha
  8. Hi All - I am new here. We are looking for help on how we can move our high APR CCs to 0% with a BT to new cards. We have the following CCs with CL info. We are looking to do BTs to 0%. We opened a couple cards but got low CL, asked for a higher CL but were denied. We opened up US Bank cards to do BTs but got CL of $500 - 600. I tried asking US Bank to increase our CL to no avail. I thought we can leverage our open CL's on other CC, meaning I can lower the CL on a Citi card with 0% util and they would give me more but the CCC said it would not help. One thin
  9. Heya, found this forum through a Reddit recommendation and have been thumbing through it for the past few days, and wanted to thank you all for the information you all post! I'm still kind of new to this, so I'm trying to best figure out how to handle my situation and could use some advice. The wife and I are thinking of home ownership in the next year or two so i'm trying to fix my side of the credit now. I THOUGHT I had several things in collections (frankly I should), but according to my credit reports from the big 3, I don't. Hell, I had 7 negative accounts back in january, but
  10. Almost 40 days ago I sent in 3 dispute letters to all 3 CRA's. I received nothing back from EQ, EX sent me a copy of my report with no changes or notes, and TU deleted 4 accounts. Is there any way to leverage TU to help with the other CRA's? Thank You for any help!
  11. I have another topic I made on here detailing my journey so far, but I felt this warranted it's own topic. I'll start with the TL;DR - I got invited to the Optima program, so I paid off my balance in full, still have yet to receive a letter or optima credit application (I do have an e-mail and reference number at least), and just now my Chase Journey and Experien accounts told me I got a large derogatory mark, specifically that my AMEX was charged off. The long version: Back in 2019 I was on a payment plan with AMEX and I tried to switch bank accounts (my main one
  12. Hi Can I get some guidance on how to remove some old paid off charge offs from my CRs? -CAP 1 paid charge off in 2016 -CAP 1 paid charge off closed in 2015 -Santander paid charge off in 2017 -An old student loan that was 120 days late that was closed to transfer in 12/17 Covid hit me hard so I have tons of charge offs and collections for other accounts that are recent that I know I won't be able to do anything with Any advise would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  13. Hello CB Team, My cousin was Delinquent (90 days) on his AMEX PRG charge-card (total of $2700) and right before paying his AMEX PRG balance off using his tax refund received from the IRS, Amex cancelled it on 2/22/2018 along with his BCE (good status). On 3/5/2018 he received an invitation letter by mail from AMEX saying that they're giving him a second chance if he paid his balance in full by offering him an AMEX Optima application. The problem is .. before he got AMEX Optima invitation letter he already made payment arrangement plan the day before to pay-off his balance IN FUL
  14. Hello All, I have been a member here since 2003 (lost old username) and I cant tell you how many times I have used this forum to learn and I rarely post when something good happens. Well I have something to share. I recently decided to write a letter to the CEO's office at American Express Executive offices asking for removals of late payments on 3 cards, Gold, Platinum and Plum. I had 5 120+ late payments showing on Gold and Plum and the Platinum was a business trade line that wasn't reporting on my personal CR but had 7 years of fantastic perfect payment history. When Mr Chen
  15. Early during 2019 I stopped paying all of my credit debt which consisted of credit cards and loans. I started off in 2017 with good credit-- scores in the 700s. I helped my boyfriend and got very much overwhelmed. Now in addition to working with a company named Peace of Mind whose brand is about forcing a creditor to prove that the creditor owns the debt in question, I want to do some of my own cleanups. I'm familiar with the Universal Data Form relative to how it is utilized. Question: Can I use the form to submit credit challenges to the three credit bureaus. I'm so ready to achieve th
  16. I finally decided to attack my credit issue rather than pretend they don't exist. Here is the situation Here is my CreditKarma information... TransUnion and Equifax (both show the same items Credit Cards $0 I have a $500 secured Discover IT card that I used for YouTube TV payment and that is it. Between 10% and 30% utilization opened May 2020. My mother added me as an authorized user to her Costco Capital One card that has perfect payment history, 8 years open and a $15,000 limit. Collections $5,317 Armada Corp Total Accounts 6 (medi
  17. Since my first store credit card in the summer of 1992 (JC Penney), Experian has used some form of subterfuge to decimate my credit rating with them. Their latest attempt to hornswoggle my credit report is actually frustrating me to the point of driving to their nearest corporate office (Schaumburg, IL). I have disputed items that are both obviously incorrect to the human eye and to the CRA. They verify the items and finish my dispute at 4:09AM. I request a reinvestigation. They verify it and finish the reinvestigation at 6:12AM. My report is in Special
  18. Basically, below are the baddies on my reports. I know I can't do much for the lates, but I'm hoping I can work on the other ones. I’ve been lurking and researching, but not sure what to start with. Any help is appreciated. Equifax Lates: Auto loan – 10x in past 2 yrs. 8 Navient Accounts – 7x in past 2yrs. (although was in forbearance) 2 Utah Higher Edu Accounts – 6x in past 2 yrs. (must verify if was in forbearance or deferment) 1 ACS Group Account – Sold in 2016, shows as closed and current status of 120 days past d
  19. I have an AMEX charge off from 2017 its paid but I want it off my reports I've called them but the guy on the phone just kept saying nope can't take it off even if paid. I've even tried disputing them because they were reporting the wrong info but they just update with the right info. I was able to get approved for a different AMEx card two months ago so I know I'm not blacklisted I was wondering has anyone had any luck with something like this.
  20. I am pretty proactive on MyFico, so I thought I'd come here and get a different perspective on credit repair. I have read through Why Chat's Credit Confusion, and it's pretty robust. But one question I have that I cannot see addressed (other than a vague NYT article) is why "opting-out" is the first step toward credit repair? I understand the dispute process, but can you actually force the creditors to stop reporting information to credit bureaus this way?
  21. I am working on cleaning up a few items on my credit reports and not sure which way to start. There are two Paid Collection medical bills showing on my reports, which is hurting my ability to rebuild my credit after divorce. They both are being reported by the same medical collection agency that is a local company where I live. They are both old, but still have a couple years to fall off my reports. One for $73 has a delinquency date of 3/2015, assigned to collections 1/2016, paid in full 7/2016. Last reported to credit bureaus on 6/2017, The other one for $164 has a delinquency date o
  22. Anyone have experience pulling medical collections back from the credit agency and start a payment plan with your HC provider? Or negotiating with a HC provider for items already in collections and paying the HC a negotiated monthly amount or a one time negotiated payment then doing WhyChats system if the items are not removed from collections? The reason I ask is I have over 9 open accounts with Armada Corp (CA) totally over $15,000 and I am looking for the most efficient way to get this removed from my credit report. Thanks, BFee
  23. I have 6 trade lines reporting from Ascendium collections with notation of student loan and various amounts. After reviewing my credit report it shows US Bank as the original creditor. I called the student loan servicing phone number and asked where these tradelines are coming from & the rep states my student loans were consolidated. So of course I asked how because I don’t recall and never signed any docs. I requested her to send me the consolidation signature docs and any reference documentation. She only sent the original loan dating back 24yrs. Can someone offer advice how
  24. Lovely Navient is posting 4, yes 4 charge-offs on my credit report. I'm starting with Equifax. Round 1: Disputed because there was still a past due balance showing on the charged off accounts (all of them). One Navient Account deleted, the rest were "verified." Equifax "updated" the "date of last payment" to literally June 2020 ... on charged off accounts. They still show a past due balance, even though the debts were sold to a collection agency. Round 2: Sent a method of verification letter to Equifax. Equifax responded with a "We don't have a credit file for you" le
  25. I am going to help my SO repair their credit, it is a mess, 99% compounded by medical bills but other trade lines got caught up from reduced income and everything that comes from major medical events. In the past I was successful with a Jack attack letter addressing all trade lines. Whatever was left I would move onto doing the 1-2 punch using DV letters and asking the CRA to validate. I never claimed or denied validation of the debts in my Jack attack letters. Do you think this can still work? Any other suggestions? I was never 100% and had to let a couple things age off, but I was able
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