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  1. My mission to repair my credit! I made poor choices with my credit because I was too young to understand the importance of it. Any valuable information garner will be greatly appreciated! How can I go about having this negative TL deleted. there seem to be so many erroneous information about this debt on my CR. I have yet to be contacted by a CA or JDB over this debt. I have reached out to Bloomingdales and they say they don't have any record on file for me... Which throw me into a loop, because they are reporting negative TL on all three CRA.... HELP! Visa/Dept Stores National Bank (Bloomingdales visa I think) Status: Account charged off. $4,143 written off. $4,143 past due as of Mar 2012. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Dec 2016. Date Opened: 05/2003 Reported since: 03/2010 Last reported: 3/2012 DOFD: 3/2010 I noticed there is two CO dates, 9/2010 and 3/2012 (I wonder if I can dispute that for erroneous CO date?) Credit Limit/ Original Amount: $4,600 Recent Balance: $4,143 as of 03/2012 Comment: Account closed at credit grantor's request. -RealMkoy
  2. I paid this debt off in settlement before I knew about the wonderful creditboards. I was bullied by Rubin & Rothman LLC associate that they will sue blah bah blah, that kept calling my phone, and eventually I agreed to pay $10,000 on $20.000/50% debt over a 6 months term. I paid the debt off as agreed. but Citi Card still reporting negative on CRA account... To add insult to injury I was hit with a Forgive Fed. Debt by the IRS ($7,600) for both NYC Federal ($1,212.58 paid) & NYC State ($1,000.3 still pending just received it last week). Collectively I paid more than half. If I knew what I knew now I would have just negotiated a deal with Citi Bank and paid for deletion... Any input will be greatly appreciated.... DOFD: 2008 SEP 80 Citi Card/CitiBank Address Identification number: Blank Status: Piad in Settlement. $20,339 written off. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until June 2015. Date Opened: 06/2004 Reported Since 06/204 Last Reported: 03/2010 Credit Limit/Original Amount: $18,210 High Balance: $20,339 Status Details: This account to continue or record until June 2015 Comment: Account paid in full or less than full balance -RealMcKoy
  3. So after 8 months of following repair advice from this board, I've gotten about 50% of my baddies deleted which is good but not great. Today, MYFICO states I've got a 555 which started in the pits at 493. I thought after all of the deletions I've gotten, it would be closer to 600, maybe even 650, given that I've opened up 3 secured cards in the past 4 months with util under 20%. I'm guessing I need to wait until at least the 6 month mark for these secureds to make any real impact? I've got a private student loan with a $42,000 balance which has been paid on time ($350 a month) for over 24 months. I've also got 7 different federal loans that are currently being rehabbed. After the 10th on-time payment (I'm currently on my 4th) those will convert into positive lines. I reached out to a credit repair company (Blue Sky if that matters) to have them analyze and told them what I've been doing. They stated on the phone today that I've pretty much exhausted my disputing and only time will heal the wounds (I'm looking at mid 2017 for the last baddie to fall off if I wait for SOL). Essentially they didn't want my business so for a repair company to not want my money must mean I'm screwed. I only reached out to them to get a fresh pair of eyes and to see if they can take me down any other roads that I haven't travelled but alas... They did say, however, to let my disputing rest and to call them back in 6 months because things might change. I know that repair is a patience game, but I am trying to be proactive and fix sh*t today not 3 years from now. Any advice? Thanks
  4. hello everyone, I've been a longtime fan of this site and have used its advice to progress my credit repair over the years. I guess I should describe my situation because where I'm at now will be my second time (unfortunately) in the rodeo.... I fixed my credit back in 06-07 and applied/ got approved for numerous lines of credit. I guess this was at the peak when they were just handing out anyone without income a CC. At one point I had a: Audi Visa- $2G, BofA Visa $5G, Macys store-$3G, Discover $2G, 2 HSBC MCs at $2G each, a Carecredit at $3G, a PayPal $2G, a Home Depot $1G, and a couple of other smaller lines. I had a job, I paid on time and then the recession hit and I lost said job and stopped paying because there was no way to keep up. It was either pay rent in Manhattan and eat or pay the minimums on all of these cards that had high balances due to the fact I had to buy my food/other survival items on them. Fast forward a year (2010/11) and everything was charged off. My credit went from a 785 to a 490 with numerous collections (F U Midland ) I have worked steadily over the past year trying to get these items removed and have been quite successful without the help of any outside companies. It takes time and patience but it works for the most part. My question for the experts is this. I have been very strategic and had every collection deleted, I have had all inquiries purged, I even had a judgement vacated (which I heard was nearly impossible). I now need to know how to get the OC's off because they are fighting. I have sent DV letters to all of them and they have sent me bills with my name but no signature or anything else that I would think would be needed in a court of law. Some of the items show a $0 balance/ charged off and are under the negative section of my report. If they are $0 balance then why are they being reported? All of the collections accounts tied to these have agreed to delete because I assume they are just lazy. These companies have already written off my bad debt and there is nothing benefiting them by continuously reporting these accounts right? I have even gotten the CFPB involved (their site is great) and it produces tangible results. But not always... What would you guys recommend? If I continue to dispute the OC with them directly and the CRA will they just call it frivolous and throw my dispute in the trash? Is there a way to offer a pay for deletion on these old accounts if they are written off? (I dont think the OC will even accept the monies owed at this stage). I just hate that some of these old accounts are still lingering and mucking up my reports when Ive made phenomenal progress by getting the Collections removed... Do I just have to suck it up and wait for them to drop off? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated
  5. Hi I am a newbie to the site and very early on, but extremely encouraged by what I have seen so far! I have seen a few posts about applying for a mortgage to pull all of the collectors out of the woodwork. Is there any validity to that assertion? I don't have much to clear, but I prefer to rip off the band aid so to speak... Thanks
  6. Good evening CB'ers! It's been years since I've been on the forum - going thru life's changes and experiences that have placed me back to where I began when I first found this site. Started re-reading through the forum, getting re-acclimated, and have my reports. My credit is trashed yet again...most of it my own fault; I let things go after the divorce proceedings started. I ended up walking away, losing everything except for my car (another story). I figured that instead of being disgusted, I would roll up my sleeves and start the repair. I've opted out, and am in the process of deleting my old addresses, bad numbers, etc from all three reports. After reviewing them I decided to create a spreadsheet that contained all of my "baddies", amounts owed, DOFD, calculated SOL (based on DOFD), and what the status is showing on each of the three bureaus. All of my delinquient CC's have been CO - majority of them sold. One secured a judgement and they garnished my wages before I got laid off so it's a paid CO. Summary of CC Status (as reported): 4 CO-Sold - SOLs range from 12/12 to 1/14 5 CO - SOLs range from 5/13 to 5/14 2 FC - SOLs 11/14 and 6/15 I also have 11 CA accounts reporting as well, all except 3 are within SOL. My question is that if a debt per OC reporting is currently outside the SOL (I'm in IL, SOL=5yrs), but was sold before the SOL - JDB/CA in most instances report same DOFD as OC - does the SOL clock 'restart' with the JDB/CA since they purchased the debt? I'm kinda confused on that since I didn't have that issue before. I've been combing the boards and couldn't find that particular answer so I figured I would ask I want to be able to go in with guns blazing after the address disputes come back. I'm sure I will have more questions, but I figured I'd start somewhere. Any response would be greatly appreciated. You guys have always been AWESOME
  7. I pulled my reports two months ago and they were a diasaster. After my first round of disputes, I successfully had two of three collections accounts deleted from all three reports. The two that were deleted were from a power company and cable company. I have three 30 day lates on a Capital One card that is now in good standing, (out of about 40 payments total) and 3 lates over the course of two accounts with American Honda Finance, one of which was closed in good standing, the other is in good standing as well, since it is my current vehicle. (also around 40 payments between the two accounts) Was recently approved for a Credit One Bank Visa with a $300 limit and a Chase Slate Visa with a $500 limit. Current FICO Experian Score is 642. (Up from 558 about a month ago) I tried a GW deletion letter on Capital One, and they merely initiated a dispute, and then rejected it. I'm going to try the same with American Honda Finance. Finally, my major probem is a charge off from 2011 in the amount of $2400 from a Bank of America CC that went into collections. I've disputed ALL of these things, with no success. What do I do now to get rid of the BofA account and the late payments on the Capital One ($1500 limit) and the two American Honda Finance accounts? Also sent a DV letter to the collection agency owning my BofA debt about 30 days ago, and haven't heard from them yet. To clarify, I have already disputed ALL of these items with both the creditors (cap1 and honda), OC's (BofA) AND the bureaus to no avail.
  8. Hello CB!! This is my very first post here on CB and looking for help! I started my journey by going through Sky Blue Credit Repair and to be completely honest They were great, but now after looking through this forums for many months I feel it is now my turn to finish the Job. 05/2013- exp- 560 5 derogs eq- 535 5 derogs tu-590 5 derogs 12/ 2013- exp- 675 2 derogs eq-643 3 derogs tu-708 1 derog The main derogs were collections which I paid and had deleted, but the one aspect of my credit report I cannot seem to get handled is my CO from wells fargo when I was 18 and didnt realize that their supposed "over draft protection" was BS. That $ 300 credit line turned into me paying 857 3 years later So now its time to really boost my credit and heres my plan: 1. Get my previous address deleted 2. Jack attack the infractions, one that I will attack is the fact that the CRA did not follow the 30-60-90-120-150 progression with wells fargo In the mean time credit app spree Goal is 3 new cards! Currently I have: Premiere- 300 CL 2 years perfect payments Credit One- 500 CL 5 months perfect payment HFCU 20,000 @4.5% 2 years perfect payment Current UTIL 4% Please I need additional advice, comments and concerns. The only drawback is I do leave for the NAVY 2/5/2014 Goals! Exp 725 Eq 700 Tu 750
  9. I have been reading for a while, still confused. I made a screen name so I can ask questions. Geez, I don't even know where to start, dispute or validate, opt out, etc. I want to do a 1-2 punch but I feel like I would mess it up. There is an address on my EX and EQ that NEVER belonged to me! I can't get my free report from TU, i don't know why. I feel overwhelmed! If I dispute the prior and false address on my report would they have 45 days (because) to fix as opposed to 30? Also, a collection from midland is being disputed (as said on both reports) and IDK why, i didn't initiate it on EX but I did dispute on EQ and it came back verified. BOGUS!!!! . However, the information is wrong. Its an EXTREMELY inflated collection from TMOBILE (I owed them in the ball park of $800-1000) but somehow it became $1,900+! And reporting as open or gone to collections in 2011. I had Tmobile from march 2008-2009(november of 2009 is when I was about 60 days overdue and never paid them ,I got sprint. They started sending me collections in 2010 but I know I Can't find them. I'm not sure if midland sent the collections or not but it was a collector.). So the latest it should report delinquent is mid 2010? Did Midland reage my account? When I dispute to a CRA, should I write in blue ink on legal paper or what? Is that out? Should I only dispute after I validate? I feel like I had a plan before I saw my credit report, and now Im baffled for some reason. Can anyone help? Post links, anything, I feel lost.E XPERIAN has Account in dispute under Fair Credit Billing Act. EQ has MIDLAND CREDIT MGMT INC 8875 Aero Dr Ste 200 San Diego, CA-921232255 (800) 825-8131 Account Number: XXXX Status: Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $1,936 Type of Account : Open Credit Limit: Term Duration: Terms Frequency: Date Opened: 09/30/2011 Balance: $1,936 Date Reported: 09/26/2013 Amount Past Due: $1,936 Date of Last Payment: Actual Payment Amount: Scheduled Payment Amount: Date of Last Activity: N/A Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 11/2011 Months Reviewed: 21 Creditor Classification: Activity Designator: N/A Charge Off Amount: Deferred Payment Start Date: Balloon Payment Amount: Balloon Payment Date: Date Closed: Type of Loan: Factoring Company Account (debt buyer) Date of First Delinquency: 09/2009 Comments: Consumer disputes this account information, Collection account 81-Month Payment History No 81-Month Payment Data available for display.
  10. Hello - in 2008 I started filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but never went through with it because I found a job (was unemployed due to economny downturn for a year). it now shows up on my credit report, not really with any information but still under public record. And it shows up as 2010. How do I get this removed from my credit report earlier than the 7-10 years that a normal bankruptcy would take? I read articles saying write letters to the credit agencies, also write letters to the bankruptcy court for information sent to the credit agencies, but wasn't sure if if this was true, or what specifics to include? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. I am trying to buy a house and clean up my credit. KD
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