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  1. Hello friends. My question involves a checking account closed in 2010 that is being reported by Early Warning. The bank, BOA, is reporting a negative balance of about $150 and they're also reporting an address that I've never lived at. I was never notified of my accounts poor standing, likely due to the incorrect address they have on file. Is this good ground for deletion and, if so, what law supports this?
  2. Let me start by saying I've been reading the credit repair threads, psychdocs advice, and WhyChat's advice on medical collections. I'm learning a lot- and I don't want to necessarily sit still while I'm learning, but I don't want to be a bull in a china shop either. I have already opted out as my first step. I *know* I need paper reports (these are next) for the most detailed and sound plan, but here is what I have right now (with report details below): My goal here is to pay down individual balances to respectable util% (First goal: under 50%, second goal: under 30%, etc) using a modified snowball method (1: Quicksilver, 2: Barclays, 3: Platinum, 4: Belk will be paid off by then) and then try to pay them all off (almost, I remember the $2 rule). While doing this I’d like to use WhyChat’s method for dealing with the medical collections (I’m fairly certain that many of these are duplicates and/or should have been paid by insurance anyway) and the other various dispute methods (using psychdocs triage) for trying to clear off some of the other collection accounts. Once my report is cleaned up a bit, util is down and score is up, I’d like to apply for some higher limit cards of my own, possibly through the same card companies my grandmother has set me up as AU on. Is there something specific I’m missing or should research further? Open Accounts: Credit Cards Barclays Rewards (NFL) - CL: $2,000 Bal: $,1934 Util%: 96.7% Capital One Platinum - CL: $1,500 Bal: $1,437 Util%: 95.8% Capital One Quicksilver - CL: $750 Bal: $715 Util%: 95.3% Synchrony/Belk - CL: $500 Bal: $183 Util%: 36.6% Kohls/CapOne (AU) - CL: $1,000 Bal: $0 Util%: 0% Overall Util%: 74.2% (including AU) 89.9% (excluding AU) Side note: My grandmother has added me to two other cards, BB&T and Chase Freedom (she is the cardholder of the Kohls account) both 20+ yr accounts, with $25K and 30K limits, but it has only been a few weeks and I can’t tell yet how they will report. Hoping to bring up my AAOA (3.4-3.9 yrs currently) and bring down overall utilization while I work on paying down individual balances Student Loans FedLoan- Six Student Loan accounts held by totaling just over $30K- no late payments Closed Accounts Auto Loan BB&T- 10K Closed in Jul ’08 (paid off a year early), no late payments Credit Cards Synchrony/ Old Navy (AU) – closed in Jun ’13, no lates Tribute- closed in Apr ’08, 2 lates (This card was a total scam and I want this one GONE!!!!!) Student Loans US Dept of ED- 6 loans, closed in Jun ’13 (transferred to different servicer), lo lates Collection Accounts Closed- Paid CA: Enhanced Recovery Company; OC: Charter Communications Placed for Collection: 2/16/2012 Paid: 3/25/2012 - They were calling my grandmother and hassling her and she paid them. I didn’t even realize I owed them anything. Is there anything I can do at this point for removal? Open CA: Enhanced Recovery Company; OC: Sprint Placed for collection: 3/4/2014 (But I know for a fact it was held by at least two other CA’s beginning as early as 2/2012) CA: National Fitness Financial; OC: Wilmington Lady Fitness Placed for Collection: 4/26/2009 - $877 -Open Medical Collections- I’m going to follow WhyChat’s process for dealing with the medical collections CA: Financial Data Systems; OC: MED1 02 ECEP II PA (I’ve been told this is an ER code?) Showing 6 of these, Dates: 4/22/2013 - $257 11/4/2009 - $227 7/27/2009 - $227 2/9/2009 - $218 3/26/2014 - $635 12/21/2009 - $227 CA: Franklin Collection Service; OC: Solstas Lab Partners Showing 4 of these, Dates: 6/12/2013 - $602 6/12/2013 - $1,204 6/12/2013 - $791 12/12/2013 - $310 CA: Paragon Revenue Group; OC: MED NHRMC (Hospital charges) 6/3/2013 - $442 5/4/2014 - $1,068 CA: KRSLIESTN (anyone know who this is?); OC: Anesthesiologist?? (when did I use one of those??) 2/24/2009 - $384
  3. Hello, I've been reading this forum for some time. I've taken some actions on my own, but I have a few scenarios that I would like advice on from the community. Because I have separate issues, you will notice a few new topics from me. I will try my best to be as concise as possible. Many thanks in advance. You guys are great. The situation: I have late payments on my CR associated with private student loans. I make a single monthly payment which is then distributed across a few separate loans that I began repayments on around 2009. The single monthly payment creates the illusion of a consolidated loan, but they are (unfortunately) separate. Between 2010 and 2011 I experienced some financial hardship and fell up to 90 days behind on payments. Because the loans are not consolidated, I have 30, 60, and 90 day lates on several accounts on my CR. Had I been able to consolidate, this would have been lates on just one account, but of course the lender discontinued their practice of allowing consolidation after the economy tanked. Anyway… My payments have been on time since 2011. I’ve read that lenders often do not have great records of payment history, and if they cannot demonstrate that their reporting of late payments is accurate, there’s grounds to have that information removed from their reporting. My hope was that I’d be able to take this approach in cleaning up my CR. Action taken: *Prior to considering the payment history angle, I wrote a very detailed GW letter to the lender’s CEO. In response I received a very nice letter saying that they have a policy of reporting accurately, yada, yada... No dice. *I called the lender and asked for a full payment history on each loan since origination so that I could reconcile my payment history with my credit report (I did not specify further with the rep). They happily complied with my request, and 1.5 weeks later I received exactly what I asked for. The Question: Based on what I received, I am not sure if I have grounds to challenge the late payments. Input on this matter would be greatly appreciated! I believe that the documents the lender sent accurately reflect how much and when I paid. However, the documents were not as detailed as I expected. *Payment due dates were not listed. It is obvious where the late payments were, because there is nothing recorded for the particular month(s), but there’s nothing that explicitly states that the payment was late or by how long. *The records do not include how much was due on any given month. Only what I paid, how much of that went to interest vs. the principal balance, etc. *There’s a column for each report entitled “late fees,” but it appears I have NEVER been charged a late fee... Not once on any of several account spanning over +6 years. Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s pretty awesome, but… Assuming that I’ve been sent everything that they have, it would appear to me that they could not definitively back up the late payments shown on my CR. Do I have an opportunity here, or do the records they sent imply strongly enough that payments were late simply because there isn’t a payment for every single month? Assuming this was sufficient to defend a reporting of “late,” wouldn’t they have to know exactly how much was owed and on what date to differentiate between 30, 60, and 90 days? As the balance on each account declines, the amount of my monthly payment distributed to specific loans also changes… so there’s only moderate consistency in the monthly amount for each loan. Thoughts? This post is a lot longer than I originally intended. I’m very sorry.
  4. http://www.consumerfinance.gov/newsroom/cfpb-orders-subprime-credit-card-company-to-refund-2-7-million-for-charging-illegal-credit-card-fees/ WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) ordered Continental Finance Company LLC, a subprime credit card company based in Delaware, to refund an estimated $2.7 million to approximately 98,000 consumers who were charged illegal credit card fees. The agency found that the company’s “fee-harvester” subprime credit cards misrepresented certain fees and hit consumers with illegal charges. The order also requires the company to pay a civil penalty of $250,000. Continental offered the following credit cards: the Cerulean Card, the Matrix Card, and the Verve Card. Consumers that signed up for these Continental credit cards typically received a $300 credit limit and were charged an upfront fee of $75 which immediately met the 25 percent fee limit under the CARD Act. During the next twelve months, Continental then charged certain consumers fees that exceeded the fee cap. The CFPB investigation found violations occurred in connection with Continental Cards issued between April 2012 and July 2013.
  5. I was surprised to see my FICO score rise by 5 points on all three CRA(s) with the addition of a new Auto loan, being the second auto loan now reporting open on my credit report. I had had two before, but one was paid off in December and a new one started in January. I had paid this new loan down to 89.5% utilization before it reported. This is a Partners FCU auto loan. I guess the FICO scoring models for TU98, EQ04, and EX08 all consider having a second active/open auto loan a good thing for my bucket. I'm now at TU: 695, EQ: 733, EX: 715 with BK discharged May 2010 and several IIB accounts including WF reporting as IIB in November 2014 on TU and EX.
  6. Hello and thank you in advance for any assistance! I am new here & can be a bit long winded so I pray you forgive me. I am at a point where this wreckage is just absurd and as a grown woman I am ashamed. Though in my defense it occurred during a time when I had lost both my parents to cancer, my brother to an overdose, my grandmother to well, being old & my only child began suffering from severe depression. Plus I battled cancer and an insurance company who didn't want to pay up. I finally beat cancer and Anthem, but believe it or not this was just too much for me to face at the time. Go figure! Here is the back story. I have 2 CO with a DOFD of 7/2010 on both. I live in California so the SOL has run out on the pair, correct? Mid 2017 is when they are set to drop off my reports if I sit here FROZEN like frightened child I would assume? TU reports last payment made as 1/2011 on both as well. Sounds about right. They are: Cap1 with EX showing a WO of 897.00. EQ shows $987.00 as high bal and TU shows $934.00 as original CO amount. What the H it factually is, I do not know. Don't have last statement. The CA that bought it is Portfolio Recovery Associates. From what I gather they are world class (insert cuss word here) and not prone to reason or charitable acts. They say I owe $1042.00 for this debt. Both OC and CA appear on all three CRA reports so to my untrained eye it looks as if I have more than one derog Cap1 account. Especially with all the discrepancies in the $ owed. Shell CO sold to National Credit Adjusters. EX & TU show balance of $1378.00. Does not show on EQ. The OC of Shell was deleted from my report last year after I disputed the amount. Once again no solid records on my end. Feel free to chastise. Here is the kicker. In 2011 I have notes in my old check register with large payments that should have put them close to zero even on these stated balances. So last year I disputed with all 3 CRA's, stated that I had made these large payments to the OC and the above came back 'Verified", however the OC of Shell deleted but not the CA owned by NCA. Perhaps should have approached it differently, but didnt know about you all then. So I am willing to pay what I owe. But I REALLY want to get this stuff removed. If I gathered the gist of this thing perhaps I should send a DV to the CA? What about the CRA? Then perhaps shoot for a PFD on the two collections and a GW letter to Cap1? Or am I totally off base? I am sure you can tell I completely over think everything & I am beyond stuck! Help, please.
  7. Hello, Well the subject says it all. I live in Northern Virginia, and I recall renting a rental car in Atlanta a few years back when I was visiting a sister there, but I do not recall ever getting any parking tickets. This is the first I'm hearing of this. Now that my credit score is over 700 (726 Experian FICO) and I do not have any baddies at all, I am terrified they are gonna start reporting. I think I have a game plan in place but I was wanted to get more input before I pull the trigger. Two heads are always better than one lol... Option 1. Simply ignore them and hope they never report (This is not reporting yet) Option 2. Call them and beg for their mercy, pay it and hope they don't report Option 3. CMRR a DV letter, and ask that they not report this until they validate the debt (Since I had a rental car that adds another layer of obscurity when trying to link the car to me) and hope they can't validate. if they validate I'll probably go with option 2 or Jack Hammer them. I really don't think they'll validate to my satisfaction though Option 4. 1-2 Punch them by sending them a DV letter and also sending the CRA a Verification letter. I am not sure if Moore will verify or not once the CRAs receive their Verification letters. If they do, I am certain they will not have validated with me prior to them verifying with the CRAs. Suggestion fellow Creditboarders? I also might Jack Attack them if nothing else works...
  8. Just past my 2 year discharge and BofA was one of the creditors that lost a lot of money in the BK. I have reestablished myself creit wise and have a really decent checking account with a NOYT so major bank that has given me nothing credit wise.
  9. Hello all. It’s been while! I started out here inquiring about how get a paid state tax lien removed which was placed shortly after my bankruptcy discharge at the end of 2011 (double whammy!) and how to rebound after bankruptcy. After following WC’s methods, my lien was validated. Disappointed, I pulled back and laid low for a bit. I remembered the advice I received here regarding the few credit cards I had acquired then, and, putting fear aside, started using them as instructed - paying in full before statements cut, minus an occasional $2.00. I starting reading CB again, tweaking my credit focus and absorbing all that the great minds here have to offer. Unfortunately, I still have a bankruptcy and a tax lien on my reports (although I was amazed that the lien suddenly disappeared from my Experian report!).   IIB AFNI, Discover, Chase, GMAC, Macy’s(?) PR’s Bankruptcy (9/2011); Tax Lien (1/2012 - Pd) Deleted AFNI - obsolete - used DOFD Sears - disputed late - lost positive trade line in process! Cap 1 (GW- late) GMAC - obsolete - but for Equifax - verified . DOFD: 4/2008 CARDS Barclay Rewards: $9,500 Opened: 1/2013 CLI: 7/2014 $3,500 (recently moved 4,500 from P.L.) Capital Secured: $2,100 Opened: 2/2012 Closed: 1/2014 DCU: $5,500 Opened: 1/2013 CLI: 8/2014 $2,500 Kohls: $2,500 Opened: 1/2013 CLI: 4&10/2014 - $600, $1,000 Logix: $8,000 Opened 1/2014 Macy’s: $3,500 Opened: 12/1997 CLI: 4&10/2014 - $600, $2500 (although listed as IIB, remained opened, but does not report) Price Line: $5,000 Opened: 1/2013 CLI: 7/2014 $3700 (recently moved 4,500 to BR) Quick Silver: $2,500 Opened: 1/2013 CLI: Denied (acct not used enough) (upgraded by Capital One last year) - auto 500 increase US Air: $5,000 Opened: 11/2014 UNFCU: $500 Opened: 2/2014 Checking Account; ($500 LOC app. mistake) Venture: $10,000 Opened: 12/2014 Walmart: $400 Opened 1/2014 CLI: Denied 3x Other Credit Navient - $7,000 Opened: 2004 School - Installment; GAFCU $5,000 Opened: 7/2014 Personal Loan - Installment Denied: AmEx (thought chance since previous member), PenFed (2x), Diner’s Club CURRENT MYFICO SCORES: Equifax-701, TU-675, Experian-699   I thank you all for your amazing leadership and encouragement!
  10. CK now shows EQ report on their site- my first thought was B* ??? I have over 10 inquires with EQ right now-- for some reason Georgia pulls that one heavy. Any experienced B* folks think this could be true?
  11. Hello all, It's been awhile- I've successfully had much of my baddies removed and froze all bureaus until I learn how to manage my spending better. The only two that are left---JUDEMENTs . One has been satisfied and the other im looking into better strategies on how to pay and have it removed.. ANY ADVISE???
  12. Hello Fellow CBers, So, Back in Nov. 2014, AFNI slapped a CA account on my all three CRs for about 400.00 from an old Uverse account we had. I Immediately disputed and it came back verified on EX only. I called ATT directly and tried to pay them. No dice. They gave me AFNIs number and told me to deal with them. I STUPIDLY called AFNI and offered a PFD. They refused and were quite rude. Learned my lesson. A little time went by, and I tried to pay ATT directly again. This time, I went through the automated system. It took my payment. I checked my Credit Card statement and ATT is on it NOT AFNI. I was kind of marinating on how to handle this, and noticed today that Lo and behold these sons of witches (AFNI) have reported the account as if I paid them. I did NOT. I paid ATT according to my CC statement AND conformation number. It also shows as paid in Jan. 2015 and I paid ATT in Dec 2014. I am thinking I should dispute with EX again, sending my proof of payment (CC statement) and conformation number from ATT. What do y'all think?
  13. I'm not sure where to post this. I am currently in the process of moving and just found out today that I have an eviction filing on my credit report. The last credit report I pulled was back in November 2014 and there were no eviction filings on those reports. I am stopping by the leasing office tomorrow to obtain a copy of the adverse action. The eviction notice was served to me back in 2010 by landlord due to a misunderstanding and I am currently still living in the same apartment. The case was withdrawn and I have an email from the landlord stating that the case was withdrawn, I also logged onto to the Municipal Court website tonight as well and on their site it states that the case has been withdrawn without prejudice. The problem now is the eviction filing is on my rental history report. This filing is being held against me by future possible landlords. Is this legal? Can an eviction filing be used against you? If so what methods would you suggest trying to remove it? Can I get the public records sealed?
  14. I'm all yellow! Thank you credit boards. I won't get too deep into my journey but let's just say I subtracted about 12 late payments, 5 collections, and $24k in defaulted private student loan charge offs from my reports in 8 months. My Util is down under 5% and I'm on the verge of applying for a mortgage. My FICO 08s are almost back to OK but my FICO 04s are lagging obnoxiously behind, undoubtedly because of the student loans (only 3 months since settlement). The only cleaning I have left to do are a handful of 2+ year old lates and the zero balance COs. I've hit a wall with both but will keep trying. I tried a couple Psychdoc letters on the settled charge offs but I don't hold out much hope with those. My EQ FICO 04 is about 635 and I would like to give it a little boost. I stumbled across a reply by CashNoCredit in another thread where it was pointed out that FICO 04 abhors seeing only two cards with small limits, which is my situation. 15/1300 Citi BB Card - 20/750 Care One It was mentioned that getting a third card with a decent limit could be seen as positive enough by FICO to offset the INQ and AAOA hit and even provide a nice sized boost to my mortgage scores. Issuer possibilities and considerations thus far: Barclays Walmart Citi Capital One (note I have 2 paid closed accounts with them in the past) Note I did app with discover when I had a TU 693 (month after CO settlement) and was denied. Also I app'd for NFCU cash rewards 3 months ago right after my CO settlements when my EQ 04 was 593 and was also denied. Now that time has passed and my EQ04 is better, I'd be open to trying NFCU again, if I have a realistic chance. Whether I wait on the mortgage app and get the prybar now, or just go with an FHA mortgage and get a prybar afterwards, I need some input from the veterans on moving forward with this and how. Basically I am looking for recommendations on a specific card that I will have the best chance of approval with a good size limit given my unique situation. I'm also looking for input on whether or not this will help or hurt my FICO 04 scores. Thanks for reading and for any help.
  15. So, I finally broke down and bought my credit scores and report from myfico so I could see all of them side by side and have a true credit score. Well worth the 20 dollars. There are some things I need to clean up, I know this; Any thoughts/assistance would be great: 1) I had a chap 7 bankruptcy in August of 2006; I thought it was reporting on all 3 - turns out Experian is not reporting it but Transunion and Equifax are; What's the best way to get these removed since a chap 7 can stick for up to 10 years? I've read the posting about how a bankruptcy was removed - possibly I can dispute that way but what exactly do I need to do there? 2+3) I had a collection go to court in June of 2013; it is paid and showing as such on all 3 credit agencies. It was for a capital one credit card, no medical - 1850. The court case was at my current address listed in my credit reports. Anyway to get that removed? Going along with this, not only is the public record judgment on here but also a separate collection is showing both are for the same thing. Since it also is a public record, can I get the collection removed as a duplicate? 4) I have 2 collections open with Americollect. They are both for medical accounts - I kept disputing with the hospital that my insurance should pay, they told me i was ultimately responsible and therefore I had to pay them thousands of dollars. They sent the two dates of service to this collection agency. After they were sent there, then my insurance finally paid their portion leaving me with a total balance of 250 dollars or so (which i would have paid as that was a more realistic number and would have never had to go to collections); I've tried working with Americollect for a pay for delete (they have had these accounts for about 6 months now), not going to happen. If I pay the original hospital, then the collection agency would have to see a 0 balance and therefore would it get closed? Is it even possible if the hospital is showing me as a 0 balance as they transferred the debt to the collection agency? 5) I have 2 months of late payments for my federal student loans as they were in consolidation process but weren't consolidated quickly. I've tried working with the company to have those removed (Fed Loan) - got no where. This one personally makes me made as I called them multiple times, explained my situation and was told it would be fine by multiple people and it shouldn't report and if it did to simply call and have it removed off as it was in the process of consolidation. I'm hoping taking this a little further will have some results, I've filed a BBB complaint (I kept names of everyone i spoke with and dates)... have little hope it will do anything but would be nice. 6) I have a 3 capital one credit cards that were charged off/collections (2008 and 2011) - tried disputing those to have those removed but didn't have any luck. Anyway to get these removed...? anyone had luck with anything similar?
  16. Hello Everyone, Ive been trying to file a dispute online because I keep having problems getting a human being who speaks english I can understand from inside the 48 states; they keep trying to sell me stuff i dont want, rather than giving me the direct number to the dispute area. Anyways, here is what I am getting when I get to the page where I need to enter my email and then click (and check) the 4 boxes Error: 372-Disclosure is not eligible for dispute. I keep getting this. At this point, Im so damn frustrated and I have no idea what to do. the toll free number is no help at all.
  17. I'm sick of screaming (I don't really scream at them, only in my head and into a pillow! ) at the Indian morons that only answer the phone at Amazon 1-866-634-8379 and at Transunion (tried four different numbers all Indian). I have a Amazon store card through Synchrony Bank. I already called and talked with the Punjab clan 62 days ago and my Amazon Store credit line is still not showing on Transunion or Experian, it does show on Equifax properly. They said it could take up to 60 days and it's past the worse case scenario time period. Is there a better number to call Sync Bank to avoid Indian CSR's and get an actual English speaking person that can get to the bottom of this for me? Would calling the Sync Credit Solutions number be the best way to call them? Also second part I have a baddie that fell off on TU and EX on October 22nd and 28th of 2014. But Equifax still hasn't took it off, if it doesn't fall off by February 1st. What type of letter do I write Equifax to get them to remove it since it's past the 7-7 1/2 years time period and I settled and paid this off 7+ years ago too boot, Thanks for any and all help it's much appreciated.
  18. My DW and I are looking to purchase our first home in about 6 months (Texas). As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, I am here to make sure our reports and scores get up to par in order to make that dream a reality. I’ve been a lurker on these forums since late 2013 but really didn’t start in on credit repair until February 2014. Nearly all of that time spent has been reading and trying to learn from others experiences (more on the actual work I’ve done below though). This is my DWs credit report below, I’m not too worried about mine as my scores will be high enough for a mortgage as is but I DO have some CC late payments, no collections or other negatives though. P.S – I’ve created 3 other topics that have gone unnoticed (which is okay, you’re not getting paid to read this) so I’m HOPING to get some feedback on this but if not, I’ll be posting my updates regardless. Lates [ACS/Wells Fargo] Student Loans 60-120day lates on 2x TLs – when I first pulled my DWs reports there were 12 Wells Fargo TLs and they have all disappeared but these two (which are ACS/WF). Most of them were positive too; it’s funny how that works isn’t it? Anyhow, I have sent goodwill letters to them and have emailed the CEOs of WF on this one. Their response to my letter was “we are reporting accurately” and the email to the CEO received no response. [FedLoan Servicing] Student Loans 60 day lates on 6x TLs – Yup, we were scared to deal with student loans and when we finally faced our fears and applied for consolidation we stupidly waited until the consolidation took hold and paid these off instead of applying for a deferment/forbearance while in the waiting period (what can I say??). I’ve contacted the CEOs office recently requesting goodwill and received the “we are reporting accurately” response. Which sucks, because they are the ones who did our consolidation! Let this be a take-away for anyone reading this though... THERE ARE OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO YOU WITH YOUR STUDENT LOANS, DON’T IGNORE THEM! They are a PAIN to remove when you mess up! [student Loan through a University] 30-120 lates on the one and ONLY TL(which happen to be our most recent lates) – I tried a goodwill and they said “sorry” in a nutshell. Shortly thereafter the loan was PIF through consolidation. I’ve received the “Paid in Full” letter saying we have no more financial obligations to the account, though I’m not sure what good that does. TU shows a COL status AFTER the consolidation took hold? I’m thinking of jack-attacking this bad boy. [Comenity Bank/Victoria Secret] 30-120 day late in ’12 everything else is current. I sent a GW on this before and they sent the ‘we are reporting accurately’ response, however at the time my DWs credit limit had been reduced to 0 because of the lates and they gave her back a $300 CL and left the lates. [Citibank] one 60 day late – Sent a goodwill and they sent the ‘we are reporting accurately’ response [Capital One] 30/60/90 day lates once, everything else is current. Sent a goodwill, and can you guess what they responded with??? [Credit One] 30/60/90 – Sent a goodwill and got a CLI (lol), no lates removed.. [Credit One] 30 days late (AU account) – removed from EX and TU, still remains on EQ C/Os [BOA] $950 C/O, which of course shows all of the associated lates. Last payment was in March ’12. Not sure about this one… [Home Depot/Citibank] All 3 CRAs show “Settled for less than full balance” however TU shows 3 separate 30 day lates only, two in Sept. ‘10 and one in Oct. ‘10 the rest is OK until Sept. 2014 (the date I disputed, account was closed years ago) // EQ shows ok on everything until Jan. ’14 except two 30 day lates in ’08. / EX shows the 30 day lates that TU/EQ show and ‘ND or no data” for the rest [Westlake Financial] A nightmare of a car loan.. Comments on the CRAs show “Redeemed/Repossesed” and “Managed by a credit counseling service” which we did NOT use a credit counseling service– Only two 30 day lates… we actually PAID our account and brought it current and then 2 days later it was repoed (car is in Texas, lender in California). How’s that for a kicker? Collections [CACH] BOA C/O of $950 / DOFD March ’12 / Oh man… I’ve done a great deal of thinking on this one but I haven’t touched it to this day. Because we want a mortgage and because I’d rather not get my DW sued I’m thinking my best approach at this point is going to be a PFD (IN FULL). I know, I know, some of you would never pay a JDB and I understand why. Trust me it pains me too.. but I think if I offer to PIF for a deletion they will be inclined to accept it and I’ll be done with it. This is about the only thing I’ve heard of CACH accepting. [Diversified Consultants] Sprint COL for early termination // I spoke with Sprint and tried to pay them and several different agents agreed on a pay for removal but BEFORE they would put it in writing they kept referring me to their “special” payments department… This “special payments department” happens to be the CA, Diversified Consultants…! I’ve sent a PFD (in full) letter to Diversified since they are collecting for Sprint and have received no response. As I’m writing this post I’ve gone ahead and emailed Sprint CEO Office... we’ll see how it goes. CC Balances / Limits After another $1100 in payments this week we will be at the following: Balance / Credit Limit $0.00 / $3000 [GE CareCredit / Mine] $0.00 / $1200 [Credit One / Mine] $0.00 / $3000 [Cap. 1 QuickSilver / DW is AU] $2900 / $4000 [Cap. 1 / DW is AU] $0.00 / $1800 [Cap. 1 QuickSilver / DW’s, I’m an AU] $1647 / $3000 [bestBuy / DW is AU] $0.00 / $600 [Maurices / DWs] $0.00 / $300 [Victoria Secret / DWs] Scores DWs scores are FICO 610 EQ / 630 TU / 635 EX – when I started in February they were low 500’s. I don’t know mine, but I’m fairly confident they are higher than hers What have I done? I’ve sent a butt-load of goodwill’s, most of them had no effect. However, I did have some success with a Fingerhut card reporting on both of our reports. One goodwill letter to GE resulted in them dropping my $2000 limit to $0 (when they say unintended consequences, they mean this). I’ve paid down a considerable amount of CC debt and I would have the BestBuy paid off if it weren’t for Christmas… ugh, stupid decision I know DW had 5 student loans in default and rehab was completed in November and all 5 were removed from her reports this month. We’ve already applied to have them added to her current consolidation loan. Removed a $300+ collection from Partners Collection for Massage Envy. I paid the OC and the CA removed without anything from me. I DID get it in writing from the OC that they would withdraw the account from collections before payment was made. Removed a $400 Enhanced Recovery Corp collection for AT&T. Same steps as above WELL… I think that’s it, the lates are what I’m struggling with right now. I’d like to use the jack-attack method on them, but I’m afraid I would lose quite a bit of useful AAOA if they remove the TL completely but I’m not seeing much choice. Most of the TLs with lates are also current and open accounts, so I don’t want to screw anything up there (like my GE card above).
  19. Hello All, I am new to Credit Boards, but I have been following this great site and all the amazing Masters of Credit for several months. I now feel that at last I am worthy to be a part of this amazing group. I have recently rebuilt my credit, after years of paying for everything with cash and living within my means. I had some financial problems about 20 years ago, but I have not fully recovered and I am debt free. It took me a while to rebuild, but here I am, ready to make the jump back into the credit card world again, only this time I will be more responsible. My FICO scores are as follows, and rising: Equifax 720 TU: 712 Experian: 726 I only have two active accounts, but I have not had a late payment in three years, I have a zero balance on both accounts, one which is a Visa card with a small line (too embarrassed to say), and an major retail installment account with a $1,000 line of credit. My annual salary is around $85,000. I want to make a move and acquire a few credit cards, but I am afraid of making the move, for fear or rejection, without some good advice from the genius credit managers in this side. My question is this: I would like to acquire up to four cards in a one or two day period, then take a break for a year, and then maybe get 2 - 4 more. My goal is to build my FICO up to 800 across the board, and to also qualify for a mortgage in two years, as I want to buy my two four year old twin sons their own home, which they deserve. The mix I would like to go for is as follows: 1 Visa Black Card (I like the perks and benefits, especially the airport lounges) 1 AMEX card, preferably the Everyday Card, (installment type), and maybe the Gold too. 1 Chase Saphire Card 1 Discover Card After that, I will take a break for a while, after I have spent a year putting small charges on each card, 30% or below, and paying on time and probably in full every month. Should my strategy be to apply for all four cards in the same day, or stagger them out over two days? Can I get 2 AMEX cards of different type the same day? Are my FICO scores and salary strong enough to accomplish such, despite my short credit history of only 3 years? Is it better to apply online or over the phone? Once again, I don't want to make a move until I hear back from some of the fantastic Credit Masters on this site. You folks are my heroes. Please give me some guidance. I am so nervous as I get ready to make those calls. Thanks so much for any and all help and advice that you folks can give me. God bless everyone! Sincerely, Jeraldallen
  20. So, here is my predicament--I am in grad school and desperately need student loans this semester. I am currently appealing my decision. My appeal is regarding two accounts, one of which I took care of as a PFD, and the other is from dreaded Cach who owns the debt now (roughly 2K). I have a Texas DV ready to go out, but am I just better off settling so I can take care of this quickly? Any advice would be great. Struggling with this decision just because of time constraints.
  21. So, first of all, hello! I've been reading up on things here for a while now and just recently decided to join and start posting. You seem like a great bunch and I am excited to get started with using all the knowledge everyone here has provided. My name is Amanda, I am 28 years old and live in New Hampshire. I have been married for 6 years to my husband Jason. Due to being young and niave and overly trusting of my ex my credit was trashed. Prior to meeting me, my husband didn't have any credit. The only thing on his report was an old Cap One card that his mother put him as an Authorized User on. It was stolen shortly after opening. Over the years there have been medical bills that wound up in collections, and aparently an electric bill (though I thought we had it payed off before we moved). Last September I signed us up on Credit Karma and decied to work on improving and building credit. I decided that it would be much easier to focus on his and that is what I have been doing. Until now I have only focused on opening accounts and establishing some good history. This has worked rather well and brought his score up over 100 points on its own. He is now sitting at 624. Now that we have decided we want to go for a USDA loan, I need to deal with the collection accounts. USDA requires that all collection accounts have payment plans set up. Unfortunatly, we are already near the limit for our DTI ratios so I need to get at least some of them removed entirely before proceeding. So, after doing my research here, I have come up with, and tweaked a million times over, a plan of attack. I wanted to create a thread to log my progress, and also to get feedback and answers to a few questions. So here goes. Below I will list the current status of the credit reports, followed by my plan of attack, and lastly my questions and concerns. Current Credit Status Score: 624 Open Accounts: (I am already aware now that I didn't make the best decisions in opening all of these, so please do not lecture) Account: Capital One Platinum Secured (Partially Secured) Limit: $200 Opened: June 2013 Interest Rate: 22.9% Annual Fee: $29 Rewards: None Lates: None Notes: -------- Account: Fingerhut Limit: $500 Opened: Oct 2013 Interest Rate: 24.9% Annual Fee: $0 Rewards: None Lates: N/A Notes: NEVER USED. Every time I look at things I decide the financing charges and outrageous shipping make it not worth it. -------- Account: Capital One Quicksilver One Limit: $500. (Opened at $300, then giving a $200 CLI with the Credit Steps program) Opened: June 2014 Interest Rate: 0% Introductory rate. 12 months I believe, then probably 22.9% Annual Fee: $39 Rewards: 1.5% Cash Back on everything. Lates: None Notes: -------- Account: Credit One Limit: $500 Opened: Sept 2014 Interest Rate: 19.9% Annual Fee: $45 Rewards: 1% on Gas Lates: None Notes: I will probably call a month before the aniversary and ask to waive the annual fee, increase limit to $1000, or lower interest rate, and if none can be done will close the account. -------- Account: Walmart Credit Card Limit: $400 Opened: Dec 2014 Interest Rate: 22.9% Annual Fee: $0 Rewards: Special Financing Available, 5¢ off of their gas pumps (but we dont have any here) Lates: N/A Notes: Closed Accounts: Account: Capital One Limit: $1000 Opened: Feb 2005 Closed: Mar 2005 Lates: None Notes: Listed as Authorized User. Card Stolen. Collections: CA: Marcam Associates OC: Med1 Spear Memorial Hospital Balance: $919 Opened: July 2013 Closed: ---- Last Reported: Sep 2013 Remarks: Placed for Collection Notes: Unknown ER visit. Showing on: Trans Union only ---------- CA: Marcam Associates OC: Med1 Spear Medical Associates Balance: $252 Opened: April 2013 Closed: --- Last Reported: July 2013 Remarks: Placed for collection Notes: probably a lab fee. Showing on: Trans Union only ---------- CA: Marcam Associates OC: Med1 Spear Medical Associates Balance: $125 Opened: Oct 2012 Closed: --- Last Reported: Jan 2013 Remarks: Placed for collection Notes: He is pretty sure this was for the PT consult when he broke his hand. It was supposed to go to insurance but turns out employer lied about when insurance became active and it was not covered. Showing on: Trans Union only ---------- CA: Marcam Associates OC: Med1 Spear Memorial Hospital Balance: $175 Opened: Jan 2011 Closed: --- Last Reported: April 2011 Remarks: Placed for collection Notes: Unknown ER visit. Showing on: Trans Union only ---------- CA: Marcam Associates OC: Med1 Spear Memorial Hospital Balance: $1,311 Opened: Dec 2010 Closed: --- Last Reported: Feb 2011 Remarks: Placed for collection Notes: Unknown ER visit. Showing on: Trans Union only ---------- CA: Marcam Associates OC: Med1 Spear Memorial Hospital Balance: $175 Opened: Dec 2010 Closed: --- Last Reported: Feb 2011 Remarks: Placed for collection Notes: Unknown ER visit. Possible duplicate of other $175 from same CA and OC? Showing on: Trans Union only ---------- CA: NH/NE Credit OC: New Hampshire Electric Coop Balance: $232 Opened: Mar 2013 Closed: --- Last Reported: April 2013 Remarks: Placed for collection Notes: Electric bill from previous residence. I thought it had been payed off before we moved, but I guess not. Showing on: Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian Plan of Attack (possible changes pending answers to questions and suggestions) Opt-Out Get Credit Reports Remove Old Addresses from Credit Reports. (Waiting on SS card. Somehow he managed 29 years without one. Claimed it was never given to him, but his mom said she doesn't know where it is.) Verify the Medical Debts with Trans Union If VerifiedRequest Validation of Spear Memorial Debt from CA.If it IS VALIDATED:Ask OC if they will take back debt in exchange for Payment Plan. (unless the HIPPA program would work here too as we cannot afford to pay in full)If they ACCEPT:Make sure Marcam Associates collections accounts are removed. If they DO NOT ACCEPT:Ask Marcam Associates to consolidate Spear Memorial debts and set up payment plan. If they do, ensure that the consolidated account is not a "NEW" Collections. (This would ruin our chances of the USDA loan. No new in past 12 months) If it IS NOT VALIDATED:Demand the collections be removed from your credit report. If they are not removed, contact the credit reporting agencies for removal. If NOT verified, accounts should be removed and no further action is needed. Verify the NHEC Debt with Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax. If VerifiedRequest Validation of NHEC Collection from CA. If Validated, pay for Delete. If Not Validated, demand removal. If NOT verified, accounts should be removed and no further action is needed. Questions and Concerns Do I have to remove ALL old addresses and only keep my current address or can I leave one of the old ones that has a positive TL attached? Why exactly do I need to deal with the medical collections first? My initial plan was so get rid of the electric first and then tackle the medical bills, but after reading here everything says medical stuff first. Why validate with the CRA first? Do I do all at once or one at a time? Wouldn't it look suspicious if I disputed every collection on the report? When dealing with the CRA, why do we not want delivery confirmation? What benefit is it to be certified without the confirmation? So, that is what I have so far. Thanks again for all the information provided on this website thus far and thank you in advance for any personal advice you provide regarding my case. ~Amanda
  22. My finances took a nose dive during my divorce back in 2008, and for a long time, I was happy to have my head in the sand. But then reality set in. I wanted to be able to buy a new car, own a home, and gain access to credit. So over the last 2 years, I've made sporadic attempts at rebuilding my credit. In that time, I've managed to achieve 7 deletions, have seen a 50-80 point increase in my scores, have refinanced my car at 12% (down from 17.5%), and have obtained 1 AU credit card account, 1 secured credit card account, 3 department store cards, and 1 unsecured Visa. Now that I've regained my footing, I'm ready to dive in to serious repair and restoration mode. I've stashed $3000 away for emergency savings, and I'm in a position to earn an additional $3000/mo in freelance income to supplement my regular salary. This is just my little personal credit restoration journal. Major Goals to Achieve by Dec. 31, 2015: 700+ credit score across all 3 bureaus Credit reports free of collection accounts No late payments within last 18 months Auto loan paid off Qualify for home purchase Stepping Stone Goals to Achieve by Oct. 31, 2014: Pay all existing credit cards down to <50% of credit line Dispute 3 charge-offs (2 First Premier cards and 1 HSBC card) as obsolete Pay off 1 medical collection and initiate HIPAA dispute Follow up on prior dispute of 2 student loan lates from March/April 2014 (loans were in deferment prior to lates being reported). Send Texas DV letters on 4 collection accounts (Sentry Credit, NCO Financial, Enhanced Acquisition & General Revenue Corp) Pull EQ Complete every day to check progress
  23. Hey Everyone, Like a lot of people I have seen on Credit Boards, i am making my own thread to document my own journey, and hopefully receive some excellent advice from all these fine people on the board. I have made multiple threads, mostly in the Canadian section, in regards to questions that pop up, but i will try to ask them here, and hopefully someone will be kind enough to reply. (there is absolutely no action in the Canadian section!) So I began my journey to repair my HORRENDOUS credit at the beginning of july by ordering hard copies of my report. (Canada only has TU and EQ). My starting score was 483. (I KNOW ). On Equifax I have the Following: 2 Charge off CC's combined worth less than $2k, (OC only reporting, but 3rd party CA trying to collect.) 1 Collection $3,723.00 (Negotiated PFD, paid but Equifax being very sticky about removing it after 3 contacts from myself and CA) Numerous 60,90 day lates on Student Loan On Transunion I have the Following: 2 Charge Off CC's (Same as Equifax reporting) 1 Collection $231 (Not mine, have disputed Aug 7,2014) Numerous 60,90 Day lates on Student Loan For the last 2 months I have been removing all old addresses associated with the CO's (One is still in investigation by TU). I Have also been trying to get my Alias removed on both files since i legally changed the spelling of my first name. I was hoping this would help my quest in disputing the CO's when i get to them soon. I have paid one collection and am fighting to actually get it removed, after multiple attempts by the CA and myself, EQ keeps claiming they have not recieved anything. I have signed up for credit monitoring and have also been approved for a secured card which i will put a $500 deposit with People's Trust. I have been added as an AU to my SO's CAP1 credit card, but in Canada its much harder for them to report (but im crossing my fingers they will. Cap1 says they give the info to the bureaus and it's up to them to report it or not?) I am in the process of Rehabing my student loan. Right now i have to be patient and wait for investigations to close and things to be removed, but it is SO HARD. Could I be doing something else in the mean time?
  24. Hello All, It's been a while since I've been on here and unfortunately my credit situation is much worse than it was the last time I was around. FICO scores used to be in the mid to high 700's, but now they are hovering around or just below 600. I went through a rough patch in the income situation and built up ~ $50K in credit card debt. I started working with a non-profit debt management program (Greenpath - very happy with them) to get back on track and get things paid off. I have/had many late payments (30/60/90/120, etc), several charge-offs, and one account that was sold to a collection agency. I secured a great full-time job and over the past 11 months I've paid off around $15K of the credit card debt (plus paid off the rest of my new car loan ($1,500 in payments, plus an early $5,500 lump-sum payoff in Feb. Note: never missed a payment on this loan in the 4 years I had it) and a low-balance student loan. All of the debt that I have remaining is ~$35K in credit card debt. I'm paying consistently through the debt management plan plus adding extra when I can strategically to different cards. I have 8 cards currently in the DMP, 2 that were in the DMP but which I have since paid off, 2 Citi cards that I setup an arrangement with them directly that I'm paying, and 1 that I didn't include in any arrangements and have been paying normally (AmEx Blue). All credit cards are either closed or will be closed at the conclusion of the DMP, except for my AMEX which I didn't include. I'm very pleased with the progress I've made so far because last year I felt very overwhelmed and wasn't sure what to do. Having said all that, I have two questions. One, I'm looking for comments/advice on my situation to see if there is anything else that I could be doing better or that I should be doing. For example, before I ruined my credit, I had success removing my one single late payment from a student loan (using a goodwill letter sent to the lender) and it ended up improving my score greatly. I'm wondering if I should even try to attempt doing that with the vast array of mistakes haunting my credit reports, or if they're past repair at this point (except for just waiting for the negatives to fall off). Two, For my job, I'm going to be doing some traveling pretty soon and I've learned that I'll have to apply for a Corporate credit card through Chase in order to charge travel and expenses. I've done some research and found different stories on trying to get corporate cards with bad credit, but 99% of them have been with AMEX corp cards. I haven't been able to find any information about Chase. Does anyone have any experience with corporate cards with them? I'm not sure if the card will be personally guaranteed and/or if Chase will pull my credit to determine my eligibility. I'm terrified of going through this process only to be denied by Chase and then have to explain it to my employer. In my field and industry of work, having bad credit is not a good thing and I would rather not see what happens if that comes to light. Any comments/advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  25. I have made several attempts to resolve this debt with Macys the original debt amount was $245.00 cant remember the year.. but the debt have been sold the a CA that does not report to the CRA. I sent a letter request a paid for deletion and they never responding, and sent a DV and they never responded. I am frustrated because I don't know what my next option is in order to exonerate negative TL from all three CRA. DOFD: Safe to assume the DOFD = NOV/30/2010 2012 2011 2010 JAN DEC NOV OCT SEP AUG JUL JUN MAY APR MAR FEB JAN DEC NOV CO ND ND ND ND ND ND ND CO 180 150 120 90 60 30 Macy's Address Identification Number: Blank Status: Account charged off. $445 written off. pass due as of Jan 2012 Status details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Aug 2017. This item w as updated from our processing of your dispute in Jul 2006. Date Opened: 10/1998 Last reported: 1/2012 (This information is incorrect) Comment: account closed at credit grantor's request -RealMcKoy
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