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  1. Hey guys I really got myself into a BAD situation and was hoping you guys/gals could give me ANY direction....... First of all, I know this was a bad move, I'd never do it again, and I'm not complaining. I know what I signed and I need to get out. Last month my buddy sold me a 2005 Mercedes-Benz S430. The car had... well now it has 121,130 miles when I got it, it had 120,500 mi. The car is in EXCELLENT condition inside and out. The car Blue Books for between $10,400 and $11,400 (private party sale). The dealer told me he could see it going for around $12K because it has the Sport package and Keyless GO. The car was $10K and I only had $3K on me so I needed to come up with $7,000 within a day. My credit union said no bc of credit and most banks won't finance over 100K miles. So what I did, my friend and I went to Title Loan Company and APPROVED. My friend handed them the title, they handed me the cash then we were done. the terms: LOAN AMOUNT: $7,000 APR: 91.13% (DAILY IS AROUND 6%) MIN PAYMENT: $539.00 LENGTH: 42 MONTHS So far I made 2 payments, both a few weeks early and each time I put an extra $150- towards principal only. Today the payoff was around $6,200. My problem is my credit SUCKSSSS EQ: 538 TU: 516 EX: 514 Sorry forgot to add: Age: 32 Location: Southern California Income: $1050.00 month from Social Sec Disability Permanent Income: $1000.00 month from parents "my allowance" Bills: None, just the car payment Rent: Live with parents I need to refi this quick before it depreciates and the loan starts piling on interest. I can afford the payment, I prefer less but it's fine. Also, I want to keep this car. I've been working on Mercedes as a hobby for years so I get my parts from MB @ wholesale and I pay no labor. Anyone????? Where can I go to get a refi.... even 20% would be fine! I'll just pay it off sooner but 91% is outta control. What bank will help me? Any Sub Prime lenders I can go to directly? I don't want to have to refi with another Title Loan Co but if they can really help I'm up for it. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH IN ADVANCE. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!
  2. Hello, first off I would like to thank each and everyone for your help and advice. Today I received an alert from "myfico" on a new Collection Account opened. The CA is CBE, based out of NY. I never received any correspondence from this CA, the Collection Account just listed on my reports from Eq and Ex. I am in the process of sending a DV letter to this CA and a dispute to EQ and EX. Any other suggestions on getting this off? It's for Direct TV which I disputed before from another CA and was successful in removing the negative trade line.
  3. Hello everyone, Been lurking here for the past few months. Learned a ton, fixed a lot, but now I'm reaching the point where I don't seem to achieve any more progress so figured I would post in the hopes I can gain some guidance. I have the following derogatories that I'm trying to remove: AFNI Paid collection of $402. OC is AT&T. Emailed AFNI ~10 times since December asking for a GW removal. Not budging, same general form-letter response regarding their obligations to the CRA's. Phone calls not getting anywhere either, nor did a written request (not sent certified). This was paid to AT&T but apparently not before they engaged AFNI. I have reached out to AT&T as well, who told me they would recall it from AFNI but that was all verbally and it has yet to happen. CapitalOne Auto 30 day late 10/13. Missed my first payment on this car; my own bad, and we brought it current as soon as we realized the initial payment was late. No lates since, loan paid in full and vehicle subsequently sold in 9/14 so account is now closed. Joint account, this is dinging myself and my wife (her only derogatory). Calls to CapOne have been unsuccessful. FedLoan servicing, 6 student loans all showing 90 days late 8/13. This is 6 loans that were in forebearance but FedLoan erroneously listed them as late. I called them 2x a week for 2 months without any success in them fixing it (CSR constantly saying there is nothing they can do) before I reached out to the ombudsman office. They gave me a better phone # to FedLoan servicing, and I spoke with a woman who researched the accounts and has confirmed that they should have never been late. She has provided me payment history documentation that lists each of the loans and the payments, but I'm not sure if a payment history would be adequate. I have been told all 3 CRA's have been updated to reflect the accounts have never been late, however I have yet to see these update. She has confirmed this multiple times, and indicates it may be 90 days before it reflects. Thank you!
  4. I want to pay a non-reporting OC, then deal with the CA after, if necessary. After doing some reading, I think it’s fine, but I want to make sure I’m not missing anything. This debt was not reported when I checked our reports in May 2013, but it was present (reported by Credit Collection Services) when I checked again in December 2014. It was gone when I checked on March 9, 2015, but it reappeared, reported by I.C. Systems, on March 25, 2015. It has never been reported by the OC. I don’t think I.C. Systems is a JDB. The amount of the debt doesn’t seem to have been inflated at all. The OC has changed names since the DOFD. Is this a potential complication? (Re: the OC name discrepancy below, Western Mass Electric was a division of Northeast Utilities, and now the whole thing is called Eversource.) This is how it was/is being reported: Originally reported by Credit Collection Services: Placed for collection: 06/03/2014 Responsibility: Individual Account Account Type: Open Account Loan Type: COLLECTION AGENCY/ATTORNEY Balance: $242 Date Updated: 08/15/2014 Original Amount: $242 Original Creditor: NORTHEAST UTILITIES SERVICE CO (Utilities) Past Due: $242 Remarks: PLACED FOR COLLECTION Now reported by I.C. SYSTEMS INC: Date Reported: 03/2015 Date Assigned: 01/2015 Creditor Classification: Utilities Creditor Name: WESTERN MASS ELECTRIC Accounts Number: (present but omitted here) Account Owner: Individual Account Original Amount Owed: $242 Date of 1st Delinquency: 10/2013 Balance Date: 03/2015 Balance Owed: $242 Last Payment Date: N/A Status Date: 03/2015 Status: D - Unpaid
  5. Hi Friends, I had taken an AMEX credit card from Selfscore.com which basically acts as the primary card holder and issues addon cards for international students without credit score. And since our SSN's are linked to the credit card the whole account affects our Credit Report. But unfortunately this card which I have taken in January has been affecting my credit report very badly as all the other addon holders are using it to the maximum limit. Would closing this card help me repair my credit score ? I'm worried because it has been only 3 months since I opened the card and I'm not sure how it would affect my report. Just FYI I have a discover card which is solely on my name and always used 30% or less and is active since November 2014. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks AJ
  6. Ran into a huge snag in my finances a few months ago. I paid my mortgage 30 days late. I also had 4 cc accounts pay 30 days late and 1 cc charge off and go into collections. Before this happened my credit scores were in the low 700's. Now I'm in the high 5's, 580-598. Since all this happened, I have regained my footing in my finances. But, I will not lie. It is still a struggle. Here's my plan. I have over 60% equity in my home. I would like to refinance with cash out (directly to creditors if needed), in order to pay off all debt possible. I should be able to do this while still staying under 80% (for PMI purposes) of the home value. It is now almost 6 months since the marks were placed on my credit reports, back in October. My question is: Score wise, when should I pull the trigger on the app. My first inclination was to wait till my avg was 620 or more. By doing this I would virtually have no debt outside of my mortgage and remaining student loans.
  7. GiftCardLabs is offer $2.00 off the $5.95 fee for under $250 Visa with Free shipping. Is that a Visa I can use at Walmart for MO
  8. Greetings all, Just found this site, and am amazed at all of the available information and helpful community. I have learned a lot from reading these forums, but need a little help understanding the 7 year clock. I have an auto loan with the following. 11-2004 - Opened 06-2006 - 30 Day Late 10-2009 - Paid off All payments after the 06-2006 payment were either on time or early. The loan was paid off a month ahead of schedule. I understand the 7 year clock starts from the first time that the debt was 30 days late, but am confused with things I have read that say the clock gets reset when you make a payment. The 30 day late is still on my Credit report, should'nt this fall off since it has been over 7 years, or is it 7 years since the account was closed? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, I have been receiving calls and finally received a letter from FBCS. FBCS is collection agency from Hatboro PA. They are trying to collect a debt that charged off in 2007 here in Tennessee. The item has been off my bureau for over a year now. In 2007 i was being treated for a "terminal cancer" I am still here!!!, and could not not work. The debt was with Merrick Bank. I am on Social Security Disabilty currently, Hopefully can go back to work in a year or so. I really need to find a good SOL letter to send to them but i didnt really see one that i could modify. Any suggestions. I have cleaned up my credit, i have only one medical collection on my bureau and will have it paid off soon and they agreed to remove. Since my health is improving so fast i dont want any stress to mess my recovery. I read this forum at least 4 days a week. Very informed and i advise to alot of my friends to use this site.
  10. https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2015/03/ftcs-request-court-shuts-down-credit-repair-scam-impersonates-ftc?utm_source=govdelivery Credit and Finance Credit and Loans Credit & Loan Offers Debt Relief Imposter At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a federal court has halted the operations of a company that calls itself “FTC Credit Solutions.” The company allegedly used false affiliation with the Commission to market bogus credit repair services to Spanish-speaking consumers. In a complaint filed with the court, the FTC alleges that defendants deceived consumers by claiming to be affiliated with or licensed by the Federal Trade Commission, falsely promising that they could remove negative information from consumers’ credit reports, and guaranteeing consumers a credit score of 700 or above within six months or less. “Peddling lies under the name of the Federal Trade Commission to target consumers who are in difficult financial situations is appalling,” said Jessica Rich, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “This scam used the promise of a fresh start to hurt consumers when they most needed help, so we are pleased the court has taken a first step to ending it for good.” The FTC’s complaint quotes a radio advertisement hosted by defendant Guillermo Leyes, in which he falsely stated that FTC Credit Solutions had a license from the FTC. Defendant Leyes misrepresented that the purported license allowed FTC Credit Solutions to guarantee any consumer a credit score of 700 or higher within 120 days or less. According to the FTC’s filings, in undercover calls placed to the company by FTC investigators posing as consumers seeking debt repair services, defendant Maria Bernal, an employee of the company, said that the company “works under the Federal Trade Commission, which is a law that was signed by the President in 2010.” She also falsely promised that the company could “delete” and “get [the investigator] a pardon” for $19,000 in debt.
  11. Hello Let me start off by saying thanks to everybody here @ CB. I started reading here maybe a month ago, I have accomplish so much from CB. I was lost, but now I am found. Really I'm lost for words.Being here has change my family, and my life in a good, and positive way. Can any one please help me to understand the terms of verified. I got a dispute back from EQ today saying We verified that this item belongs to you. A debt buyer account, I sent them a Dispute Verification letter three weeks ago. Report states 0 balance, chardge off. Is that all EQ has to do is say that they verified? Even with my IQs
  12. I was hoping for some assistance!! I have way too many credit cards and I do not plan on closing any of them but I have four that are using over 60% of their limits and two that are using 90%. I am using 51% of my cards if I pay it down to about 1% would my score jump? According to credit karma my scores for TU and EQ are 620-621 with nothing negative just short account age averaged at 2.5 years and lots of injuries but hoping it's true they don't count after a year! Help! thank you
  13. There's a tax lien from the state of MD on my CR. I have never lived in MD. I called them, they told me send my state income tax for that year and that should clear up the lien. I did that the other day, and called yesterday to confirm they received it. The woman was very nice and said she'd review the doc's and send me something today. Today I received this: Dear Mr. Baby Joe: Per our conversation, we have further reviewed your account and determined that you were not required to file a Maryland tax return for tax year 2007. Your 2007 tax lien has been released and our Annapolis branch office will mail your lien release notice. Within the next week to ten days you will be receiving a letter confirming that your account has been closed. This e-mail serves as confirmation that your account has been closed for tax year 2007. If we can be of further assistance, please contact us at the e-mail address or phone numbers listed below. ### So, what's the next step? Wait to receive the letter she mentions and then dispute the lien w/ the CRA's, including a copy of said letter? Will they automatically stop reporting the lien to the CRA's now that the account has been closed? I have read about how there's a difference between having a lien "released" vs. "withdrawn"… I asked the woman about this when I had her on the phone and she said she wasn't exactly sure how it would be characterized in the official letter, even though she does state "released" in her email. She said that is handled by a separate dept. and I would have to call them if I had any issues w/ the language used.
  14. I have an AES student loan that went into default in 2012. The original delinquency date was Oct 2008 (60 day late). I made regular payments for a bit and there were a couple more delinquencies in 2010. I made regular payments again and in 2012 it was delinquent and then went into default. I contacted Experian about the removal of the account in Oct of this year (2015) due to the original delinquency being in Oct 2008. They said that they can remove the period before 2012 but the 7 years starts at the most recent delinquencies that year (2102). So the account would fall off in 2019 instead of this year, 7 years from the true original date. What can I do. Is this in accordance to FCRA? Is this the same for the rest of the credit bureaus? Can I bring them to court for the removal of said account?
  15. Hello everyone, I have a couple questions! 1) I have a couple accounts that are on my credit report that are paid and showing paid as agreed and I either need to know how to get them remove (i.e. who i send the letter to) 2) Second question. I was in the military and got a line of credit to the exchange well when i did not reenlist i didnt make payments as necessary so account went to collections and the government garnished my tax return this year. It is now paid in pull and I owe them no more money, what is the process for them to remove or at least change to paid Collection on my credit report. I went to get a home loan and it was the one thing that stopped me from instant approval so I am really trying to get it taken Care of ASAP Thank you so much and I want to thank you in advance for all help received!!
  16. Hello everyone - I am new to this board as I stumbled on this site searching for help. I hope that you can give me some guidance. I have a portfolio recovery account that was from HSBC credit card. PRA is the collection and HSBC is charged off. Before I landed on this site I had previously requested validation and they sent me some generic letter on their letter head with the amount and account and that's about it. My free annual credit report states it was placed in collections with PRA on 11/18/2011 - last payment made was 09/15/2010 with HSBC. Long story short I ended up finding inaccuracies on my credit report - : This is how it appears on my report Collection account. $500 past due as of Jul 2014. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Aug 2017. Date Opened: 11/2011 Reported Since: 02/2014 Date of Status: 02/2014 Last Reported: 07/2014 Type: Debt Buyer Terms: 1 Months Monthly Payment: $0 Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit/Original Amount: $600 High Balance: NA Recent Balance: $500 as of 07/2014 Recent Payment: $100 Your Statement: Completed investigation of FCRA dispute - consumer disagrees. Payment History: Account History: Collection as of Feb 2014 to Jul 2014 Balance History - The following data will appear in the following format: account balance / date payment received / scheduled payment amount / actual amount paid Jun 2014: $500 / February 29, 2012 / no data / $100 May 2014: $500 / February 29, 2012 / no data / $100 Apr 2014: $500 / February 29, 2012 / no data / $100 Mar 2014: $500 / February 29, 2012 / no data / $100 Feb 2014: $500 / February 29, 2012 / no data / $100 Jan 2014: $500 / February 29, 2012 / no data / $100 and s on Long story short after their "validation", I found these inaccuracies and filed a complaint with CFPB and they refused to remove and this is their response: In response to your complaint, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC ("PRA") investigated and verified the PRA account ending in **** and the accuracy of the information we furnished to the consumer reporting agencies in regard to the account. We believe that no further steps in response to your complaint or follow-up actions are required at this time Please help. I want be done with these guys for once and for all asap!!
  17. I am new to your land but have been reading for the past 2 weeks like crazy. I'm hopeful that a fresh set of eyes on my situation will get me some clarity. Thanks in advance tl;dr I actually have a pretty fantastic report with one really ugly glaring pimple (Cap1 OC owned unpaid CO) that's due to fall off in 2016. As of now I have 3 open revolvers, 2 student loans, 1 mortgage, 1 paid car note, and 1 personal loan all in good standing. Those positives add together with my one remaining negative TL to a EQ Fico8 of 686. I decided to test the waters by applying for the Chase Amazon card last month and was declined even after calling recon. They specifically said it was due to the CO. Now, I'm not sure where to go from here. Do I garden for a while? Do I try for someone that pulls TU (my cleanest report)? As of now my plan is to wait out the CO and dispute as obsolete with TU in 1/2016 and EX in 2/2016. My goals are modest: get a couple of decent limit rewards cards (I'm considering a PC on my current Citi to a Citi DC and the BOA to a rewards) and eventually refi the mortgage (our rate is crap because we bought at the tail end of our original rebuild). Backstory: I was stupid in college with money (apparently that's part of the college experience) and spent the early oughts getting things right. Cleaned up my reports, rebuilt with some subprime cards, bought a house in 2006 and a car in 2008. Was also approved for relatively grown up cards in 2008, Citi and BOA. Yippee! Everything from college has long fallen off my reports. Then, 2009-2011 sucked. My dad had a massive stroke in early 2009, I was laid off in 8/2009 (and remained unemployed until 8/2010) and my spouse had 2 back surgeries in 2010 and was on short term at 60% pay for 3 months. Spouse was laid off in 2011, got a new job after a month (lucky blue shirt!), and proceeded to break his ankle 2 weeks before his insurance kicked in, and the break required surgery. GAH! I managed to keep our heads above water for the most part; it could certainly have been MUCH worse that it is. I know that. We emerged with a boatload of debt but almost all of it was kept current during "the bad times". The ankle surgery was paid off last year, and this month the back surgeries and my student loans will join the ranks of PIF. The Ugly Unpaid Cap1 CO, still owned by the OC. DOFD reported as 8/2009. Orig limit $500, CO amount $1010, reporting amount $1586 I'm in SC so the SOL has passed They send the CRAs an updated report every month like clockwork They do a soft pull on my EQ only every 6 months (they're actually due to pull again this week) TU report shows a fall off date of 7/2016, EX shows 5/2016 The Bad (ish, maybe not "bad" but not necessarily great things when viewed by an UW): SST/Synovus opened 2005 (during my original rebuild) current limit 1k Current Util 15% (will be avalanched out by this summer) Current APR 8.99% no lates reporting I had First Premier during my original rebuild as well. Opened 2005 closed 3/2008 and still on my reports as a positive TL. No lates. I got a Prosper loan (36mo term) last summer to consolidate some of the CC debt. It was a good choice but I don't know how it's viewed by UW. The APR is higher than the BOA card so this is the debt I'm tackling now, and it will be paid off in May. The Good: AAOA currently 11+ (thank you student loans!) 1 paid auto loan opened 2008 closed 2012, no lates reporting 1 current mortgage opened in 2006, no lates reporting 2 student loans opened 1996/98, closing this month with final payment, no lates reporting NO medical items ever hit the report. Everything was setup on payment arrangements through the hospitals at some pretty fantastic interest rates, so we took advantage of it. Total revolving Util 18% BOA opened 2008 current limit 6.5k (was originally 9k but got chased down to the balance during "the bad times") Current Util 34% (will be paid off by summer) Current APR is a fantastic 7.24%, hence focusing on other items. no lates reporting Citi opened in 2008 current limit 7k (was originally 12k but got chased down to the balance during "the bad times") Current Util 0.5% (PIF every month after statement cuts) Current APR is 29.99% due to 1 payment past the due date (but not 30 days late). APR is why I paid this card off FIRST. no lates reporting Hard pulls reporting: TU 0 , EX 2 (7/14, 2/15), EQ 1 (2/15)
  18. Meet Project LH-73: E. Norma Stitz. That's not energy drink in that can. That's booze, baby! Booze! E. Norma Stitz enjoys a good time, not spreadsheets. She's made of bluster and pomp and circumstance and rubber checks. Hey, she's only got time for work, play, and avoiding work. Got it, Sunshine? Vital Statistics*: EQ: 550 TU: 575 EX: 589 PR: 1 COL: 15 60+: 7 BtoRB: 119% Risk Rate: 45% Income: 60k Cup Size: DD E. Norma has recently decided to fix her credit, and I'm the guy she's looking to (for help). I know, it's not looking good for the old bird, but we shall carry forward! She will get her credit fixed and take that trip to Thailand before she dies! Thailand, baby! This is essentially going to be a credit makeover thread. I've never had to manage a complete credit repair, so I'm asking you guys to help. Any feedback is appreciated, even if you just wanna bust nuts. * MyFICO from September `14. I'm going to get paper reports and also pop for a new triple report, so we can triage together in the short time. I love this old bag, and she's agreed to stop bouncing checks. She's a 'creative accountant', and she's agreed to stop that also. When I get the triple reports I'll triage with E Norma and then we'll attack when the paper comes.
  19. Hello, I am looking for opinions on plans of attack for an account in collections. The CA is IC System Inc. and the recent balance is $690 and has been that amount since I first started looking at my reports in September/October 2014 (and apparently since 10/2013). The OC is Puget Sound Energy. I have copied the data from my Experian report below for reference, and the information is the same on all three reports. I sent a pay for delete letter to the OC in mid-January, but have not received any response and at this point do not expect to. I am thinking of trying a PFD with the CA as I have heard at least one report of that working with IC System, Inc. I do not recall ever having received communication from the CA or the OC on this debt as I moved from my previous residence around the time of the alleged debt. This debt was news to me upon pulling my reports for the first time, but I have been using Why Chat's medical collections tactics for some old medical collections, and the recommendation is to not dispute anything else with the CRAs during that process. I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks! I C SYSTEM INC Address: PO BOX 64378 SAINT PAUL, MN 55164 (800) 2799048 Account Number: xxxxxx Original Creditor: PUGET SOUND ENERGY Address Identification Number: xxxxxx Status: Collection account. $690 past due as of Oct 2013. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Jan 2018. Date Opened:10/2012 Reported Since:12/2012 Date of Status:12/2012 Last Reported:10/2013 Type: Collection Terms: 1 Months Monthly Payment: $0 Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit/Original Amount: $690 High Balance: NA Recent Balance: $690 as of 10/2013 Recent Payment: $0 Payment History: Account History: 2013: OCT - C; SEP - ND; AUG - C; JUL - C; JUN - ND; MAY - ND; APR - ND; MAR - ND; FEB - ND; JAN - ND; 2012: DEC - C Collection as of Oct 2013, Aug 2013, Jul 2013, Dec 2012
  20. So I'm a student who fell a few thousand dollars into debt, I've been working non stop, paying off debt. However, as I'm paying things off I'm noticing strange things and errors. For example: Accounts only being updated with certain credit companies. I paid almost 1k to Citi cards in November. It's almost March and only 1/3 credit companies shows an updated report. TransUnion actually is still showing it as in collection. Experian only shows that the account was closed with a deregtory mark. Other strange things: the same debt being listed 2-3 times because it was transferred to a new agency. For example I had a Victorias Secret Card. It's listed twice, once under Commenity Bank and once more under the name of the debt collector working for them. The commenity Bank account was reported as charged off in December while I was making scheduled payments to the debt collector. My last payment is scheduled for tomorrow. The only good thing about this all is that they've been updating my balance on my credit report as I've been paying it, but if it's listed twice with two different statuses I'm questioning if it'll help me much. Someone Help... I'm paying things off and nothing is updating What's next ? Background Story: 1,500 worth of credit. Maxed out 1 credit card, owed a 30-40 dollar payment on another card. However, I moved and that 30-40 payment turned into $400 because of monthly $50 late charges. I didn't figure it out until someone finally started forwarding my mail to me. I also lost my job (s) in the midstof this all. Which I kept telling the card companies but they would literally call every 20 minutes. Each time I would talk to a diffent person, I would tell them someone just called me from the same company, they'd apologize and ask again, " so when are you planning to start payments again" I eventually stopped answering.
  21. All, I received an application for a Capital One Spark Cash Select card. It doesn't say pre-approved. 1. It has a Reservation Number 2. Access Code I already have a Business Credit Card with them. Although, the interest rate is very high. I have a small business that is considered a "START UP" until I get my website fully optimized. Therefore, I really don't have any clients at the moment. Although, I do work full time and would never want to utilize my Social Security number for anything related to my business. It asks for both, but I will only provide my EIN number and list my sales as my gross income. What do you think? Is this application worth any weight? Please let me know.
  22. Hi, Well after a long journey of cleaning my reports, I have finally arrived! I have clean reports, no CO, no Derog, no Lates. Last CO fell off last week but as of yet I did not see a score bump. Prior to CO falling off, I was standing at; EQ 648 TU 768 EX 663 Please not that TU scores were at this point even with CO updating monthly. I have heard that when a last CO falls of, it trigger the biggest SCORE jump. Am I missing something or is it too early to expect something?
  23. Hello i am having trouble trying to write a dv letter for BOA . i found sample letters and posts but no replies what info to put in. i wasn't sure if was suppose to copy the template and just put account number only or if i was suppose to put my address, ssn, date info i had receive notice of debt on credit report , etc.. can someone pls tell me what necessary info i am suppose to put. This we will be of great help before i start doing any dv letters i have also. thank you much, Rithee
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