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  1. So here is where I am at. I have been lurking CreditBoards since late last year and would love to see if anyone has any advice specific to my situation. My story is like many... didn't understand credit. Maxed out a card or two. Ignored student loans. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. I'd like to think I am a smidgen wiser now that I have been cruising these boards and I have become way more interested in credit than I would have ever expected a year ago. So heres where I am and some of the actions I have taken. *Opted Out *Disputed Old Addresses *Send Cavalry dispute letter and they closed my one collection account *Added as Authorized User on older card *Got a secured card and added two additional revolving accounts. *Kept utilization down. *Settled Navient down from 8k to 2k and they agreed to report as "settled in full" in writing. FICO EQ 636 TU 653 EX 622 Here are the accounts... both good and bad... on my reports right now. The student loans in rehab *should* be new positive trade lines in September. Will these new trade lines retain the original loan dates? This was what I was informed... but I know that I shouldn't believe anything if it isn't in writing. Positive Accounts Revolving Amazon Store Card - 900$ Limit - Opened April 2015 7% utilization. Capital One Platinum (credit steps program) - 500$ limit. Opened March 2015 20% utilization. Capital One Secured Card - 200$ limit. Opened Nov 2014 0% utilization. CitiBank Authorized User Account - 7400$ limit. Opened Sept 2007 5% utilization. Installment Wells Fargo Auto Loan 11489$ Balance / Opened April 2014 Navient $0 / Closed / Settled in Full Negative Accounts Revolving HSBC negatives due to fall off 10/17 0$ Charge Off (Original Balance of $460) Installment American Student Assistance negatives due to fall off 7/16 $2,719 / Collection Account / In Rehab Us Department Of Education negatives due to fall off 8/16 $3,869 / Collection Account / In Rehab U S Department Of Education negatives due to fall off 6/16 $0 / Closed / Collection Account Acs/College Loan Corp $0 / Closed Amer. Student Assistance $4592 / Open / Collection Account / In Rehab Inquiries EQ 4 INQ TU 15 INQ EX 7 INQ Other than the inquiries - which I know are less of an issue where i am at right now in the repair process - is there anything else I should act on immediately? Since HSBC was closed years ago and the CA dropped the account after I disputed the validity - is there anything I can do to help say goodbye to this negative mark? I tried disputing but it came back verified as sold... but still negative and charged off. I know for the negatives in rehab I should probably just ride out the next year for the bad stuff to fall off and enjoy my new positive trade lines come September. So... whats next?!
  2. I really wish all of the items that are negative on my reports are really easy to wipe off like what I disputed last week. As you all know MIDLAND is a pesky CA. I kind of took a break from my credit repair as I had green (CMRR) USPS stubs all over the place...lol. I did a no no and decided I would hound MIDLAND a little more by disputing one tradeline online with all 3 CRA's. I disputed as no knowledge of account and 5 days later that tradeline was gone from all 3 CRA's.. I wish it was all that easy for all negative tradelines. How many of you believe that saying : "We are only looking for the people who are looking for us" in our case meaning........we are just trying to find the CRA agent who is lazy or just tired of the job and just deleting to get thru our file and be done with it?
  3. Hello CB'ers, I have a debt that is beyond SOL for collection, and will be, or already is beyond SOL for reporting on credit reports. I received a settlement offer letter from a JDB for the debt, which includes the following statement: "The law limits how long you can be sued for a debt. Because of the age of your debt, we will not sue you for it, we will not report it to any credit reporting agency, and payment or non-payment of this debt will not affect your credit score". The above statement appears to be false, since this JDB is reporting the debt to EQ, TU, and EX, and has been since they purchased the debt. By my records, the debt should have already been SOL for reporting probably by the end of 2014, as I have a notice from a collection agency that indicates they were assigned the debt in December 2007. I also have a statement from the OC on the original debt that shows it was 4 payments past due in December 2007. Their letter is dated 1 April, 2015 and as of 24 April, 2015 the collection is still on my credit reports. I do not intend to pay it, as it is long past SOL. My question is, what type of leverage (if any) do I have to force them to delete? Do I have a an FDCPA violation for false and misleading statements? Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  4. Hello Everyone, I have been battling cancer since 2012. I am in my 3rd remission. I was told to go find a job. My background is in banking. I recently applied at a bank and was sent a letter with my Credit Bureau Report stating I owed a small debt to a Treatment Facility. I feel because they use their name and location on my credit bureau, the whole world who looks at my credit will know that I went thru inpatient treatment. Do I have any recourse? Substance Abuse treatment is confidential. I feel violated. Even if I had the werewithal to pay the balance (which I don't) It would still show their name. All suggestions and advice would be appreciated. Minniemouse
  5. Hello I recently disputed a few accounts with the CRA's and jusr received a letter from American Express but not sure what it means, please help: "We are writing in response to your recent inquiry to a consumer credit reporting agency regarding our reporting of your AMEX account referenced above. After reviewing your inquiry, we did not receive sufficient information for our fraud department to conduct a reasonable review of your claim. If you have questions please contact Customer Service" ???????
  6. Hey Y'all So, these Aholes appeared on my reports 4/14. I sent them a Texas DV which they recieved CMRR on 4/20. I recieved an alert today from MPM that some info on my report has changed. I logged in and....TADA! They updated the account to Paid status today, 4/24. Correct me if I am wrong, but updating my report AFTER recieving my DV and Before validating is a violation, correct?
  7. I just got accepted into a student loan rehab program with convert -arm ... after 9 months of rehab does this loan become positive on the cr report...... tbey said all payment history would be erased and thesd loans would be picked up by a new bank.... ist there any truth to this or have i been sold a dream. Please help me out guys... i dont post much. But i spend alot of time reading theards here gaing knowledge and. Courage to fight back to credit freedom... thanks everyone.... Here a copy of the loans PO Box 5609 Greenville, TX-754035609 (800) 621-3115 Account Number: 1011XXXX Status: COLLECTION ACCOUNT Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $3,000 Type of Account : Installment Credit Limit: Term Duration: 36 Months Terms Frequency: Single Payment Loan Date Opened: 10/02/2009 Balance: $3,707 Date Reported: 04/11/2015 Amount Past Due: $3,707 Date of Last Payment: 05/2014 Actual Payment Amount: Scheduled Payment Amount: Date of Last Activity: N/A Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 09/2012 Months Reviewed: 31 Creditor Classification: Educational Activity Designator: N/A Charge Off Amount: Deferred Payment Start Date: Balloon Payment Amount: Balloon Payment Date: Date Closed: Type of Loan: Education Loan Date of First Delinquency: 07/2010 Comments: Student loan assigned to government, Collection account 81-Month Payment History Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2015 CA CA CA 2014 CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA 2013 CA CA CA * CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA 2012 * * * * * * * * CA CA CA CA 2011 * * * * * * * * * * * * 2010 * * * * * * * * * * * * 2009 * * * Payment History Key US DEPARTMENT OF EDU Hide Details 1011XXXX 10/02/2009 $1,991 04/11/2015 $1,991 COLLECTION ACCOUNT US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION PO Box 5609 Greenville, TX-754035609 (800) 621-3115 Account Number: 1011XXXX Status: COLLECTION ACCOUNT Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $1,750 Type of Account : Installment Credit Limit: Term Duration: 36 Months Terms Frequency: Single Payment Loan Date Opened: 10/02/2009 Balance: $1,991 Date Reported: 04/11/2015 Amount Past Due: $1,991 Date of Last Payment: 05/2014 Actual Payment Amount: Scheduled Payment Amount: Date of Last Activity: N/A Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 06/2012 Months Reviewed: 34 Creditor Classification: Educational Activity Designator: N/A Charge Off Amount: Deferred Payment Start Date: Balloon Payment Amount: Balloon Payment Date: Date Closed: Type of Loan: Education Loan Date of First Delinquency: 07/2010 Comments: Student loan assigned to government, Collection account 81-Month Payment History Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2015 CA CA CA 2014 CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA 2013 CA CA CA * CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA 2012 * * * * * CA * * CA CA CA CA 2011 * * * * * * * * * * * * 2010 * * * * * * * * * * * * 2009 * * * Payment History Key US DEPT. OF EDUCATIO Hide Details 579XXXX 10/15/2009 $0 10/31/2014 120+ DAYS PAST DUE US DEPT. OF EDUCATION/GLEL PO Box 7860 Madison, WI-537077860 (608) 246-1750 Account Number: 579XXXX Status: 120+ DAYS PAST DUE Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $4,888 Type of Account : Installment Credit Limit: Term Duration: Terms Frequency: Date Opened: 10/15/2009 Balance: $0 Date Reported: 10/31/2014 Amount Past Due: Date of Last Payment: Actual Payment Amount: Scheduled Payment Amount: $55 Date of Last Activity: N/A Date Major Delinquency First Reported: Months Reviewed: 49 Creditor Classification: Activity Designator: Transfer/Sold Charge Off Amount: Deferred Payment Start Date: Balloon Payment Amount: Balloon Payment Date: Date Closed: 07/2011 Type of Loan: Education Loan Date of First Delinquency: 07/2010 Comments: 81-Month Payment History Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2014 * * * * * * * * * 2013 * * * * * * * * * * * * 2012 * * * * * * * * * * * * 2011 120 120 120 180 180 180 * * * * * * 2010 * * * * * * * * * 90 120 120 2009 * * * Payment History Key ©2015 Equifax, Inc., All rights reserved Privacy PolicyUpdated | Terms of Use | FCRA Summary of Rights | Investor Center | Mobile Site | Ad Choices
  8. I am a resident of Texas and sent a DV to Cach invoking TFC, including the 60 day right to cure under BCC--I also made specific demands asking about proof of the transfer from OC to them, the original agreement, and complete payment and service history. Within the 30 days they did respond, but their response was a generic letter saying they are just a "passive" buyer and only showing my name, date they acquired the debt, the amount. However, they never responded, as the code states they must, with either a denial of inaccuracy, admittance of inaccuracy, or asked for more time. And yet after 60 days now, they have still not updated the TL--It still says customer disputes. Has anyone had a similar experience. If so, what were they next steps you took? And advice from someone that has gone through this would be great. It is the only thing I need to clean up and I would like to know my options are.
  9. Hey Guys, Dumb question. I had disputed AFNI back in November 2014, when they first appeared on my reports. They came back verified in Dec 2014 and updated the chargeoff date to 12/2014 as a paid chargeoff (KD)(I paid ATT directly). I redisputed them last month. They came back verified again this month and updated the chargeoff (KD) date 4/2015 (killing my score again). Can they do this?
  10. Hi Everyone, Starting with my wife's credit as it seems simpler, on the road toward a mortgage app. Equifax - 686 (all FICO scores via Mint credit monitor) Length of Credit History 15 Years, 7 Months Average Account Age 7 Years, 5 Months Oldest Account PNC BANK, NA (Opened 08/01/1999) Most Recent Account CAPITAL ONE BANK USA (Opened 05/20/2014) Public Records 0 Negative Accounts 5 Collections 0 Mortgage Goodwill letters sent this week on the 5 negative accounts. 1 is Cap One which I'm reading is unlikely to goodwill. 1 is Chase with 1/2 dozen late at 30, seems pretty deep for a goodwill. The others are one-timers at 30 so fingers crossed they are successful. Experian - 682 TU - 684 Underlying info agrees with all three Per credit karma, utlization is running about 17% on total available of 35k. Through paying off the last card with a small balance (about 2k) and paying the others before the statement date, I think it's reasonable I can get this down to 5% or less within the next 60 days. I just added Barclay and was approved at 5k, so the most recent account will be this month which will also reduce the average account age. Questions: Should I keep trying to add to the overall available credit in an effort to reduce utilization, which would also reduce the average account age? The card with the lowest available credit is Cap One at 3k. It was opened 5/2014. If they won't goodwill, does it make sense to close the account and try to dispute it off? Any other suggestions? It seems there is little negative information on the report, so I'm surprised the scores are so low. Any suggestions for how to improve? It seems reasonable to think this could be improved into the mid 700s -- any thoughts? Thanks to everyone in advance, I'm learning a ton from reading through the various messages.
  11. Hello, I am in desperate need of assistance with repairing my credit. Unfortunately, I CANNOT afford to pay a company $4,000 to clean up my credit, so I need some advice! My credit score is in the low 500's mainly due to late from student loans. I recently decided to consolidate my student loans. However, the OLD student loans with negative history still show on my credit report. How can I request to have the OLD STUDENT LOANS history removed from my credit report? Does anyone have any sample letters they could provide? What wording should I use? Please help I have over $80,000 in student loan debt, and I feel like my life is ruined due to this bad credit history. What is the process?
  12. They are the only ones who left a bankruptcy on public record while the other two bureaus have deleted it. Also they do not have a score for me any longer since they have removed all old accounts. I am trying to obtain credit and can't do so, since they have this on my file. I get denied over and over because of this and not to mention I don't want to get killed with inquiries trying and getting shot down. Also, can they take away my score if there was one there recently? Also I am new to the site and thus far I think it's awesome and I'd like to say thank you in advance to any and everyone for whatever help I can and will receive!
  13. Think I have hit a dead end as to what I can get from reading. Have gotten some amazing advice and info from this forum and have improved my score/credit situation a lot from the info on this forum. A MILLION THANKS!! I have been able to improve my score almost 100 points over the last 8 months. Some SOL and some might still be there if not for you guys. Some I will put in another thread for help handling!! Current situation: Scores: TU--696----5 pulls EX--655----3 pulls EQ--657----3 pulls Question #1: What is the best way to monitor? Don't want to continue to pay for all three monitoring and Credit Karma seems to be only useful for monitoring if something has been added or dropped. Scores are useless. Hey! How do I get my scores to show up at the bottom of my posts? Open TLs: CAP one: CL: 3500--Bal: 173---opened Aug 14--one increase 2 months ago from 500 to 3500 Quick Silver: CL: 1500--Bal: 0-----Opened Oct 14-- just increased from 1,000 to 1500 Credit One: CL: 600--Bal: 172---Opened Nov 14---1 increase from 400 to 600 Barclay Rewards: CL: 1300--Balance 0---Opened March 15 Merrick Bank CL: 700---Balance 0---Opened Dec 14 Should be going up to at least 1400 soon. Overall have been trying to keep the util between 1% and 5%----Have been running all my household bills through the cards and trying to pay in full before the statement Question #2+: What now?? How long to wait to apply for CLI? What is the best place to be in terms of how much goes thru the cards each month. Should I be applying for additional TLs? Is there a sweet spot where you stop? How many inquiries are too many? How many accounts too many? : Question #3+: Going to need some bodywork/paint job for my car estimated at appx 1200.00 (not insurance related). Will need about 3-4 months to pay that off. Should I use the Cap One and leave the balance there or apply for another TL to offset the increased utilization? If so, what to you suggest? Will make another thread for help fixing a few things. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP. MUCH APPRECIATED!
  14. Need help in trying to remove these. Don't want to wait until the end of the year. Information from Equifax 3 bureau report. I apologize if it is TMI. Closed Accounts--ADVANTA/Cardworks ADVANTA/CARDWORKS EquTUifax TransUnion Experian Account Type: Revolving Revolving Revolving Account Number: 54XXXX 54XXXX 54XXXX Payment Responsibility: Individual Individual Individual Date Opened: 11/2002 11/2002 11/2002 Balance Date: 02/2015 01/2011 05/2009 Balance Amount: $14,813 $14,813 $0 Monthly Payment: $0 High/Limit: $14,813 $14,800 $14,813 Account Status: Collection Collection Collection Past Due Amount: $14,813 $10,887 $0 Comments: LAST REPORTED DELINQUENCIES: 03/2011=R9,02/2011=R9 CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY DISMISSED CHARGED OFF ACCOUNT ACCOUNT CHARGED TO PROFIT AND LOSS LAST REPORTED DELINQUENCIES: 05/2009=R9 CHARGE OFF LAST PAID: This was a business account. I tried to dispute these before but I made a mistake in saying that the account was mine but the date of last payment was wrong. They just added Cardworks to the account title and I thought it was the actual Advanta account. I didn't realize that it was a collection account until it was too late. Came back verified Reported DOLA is different for each CRA EX--05/09 EQ--12/08 TU--11/08 As far as I understand now--Advanta went belly up abut the same time my company did in 2008 - 2009 Thinking that the next move is to require method of verification. Is there something else that I should be considering? Hillcrest Collections:---TU only STCOL HILLCRESTCOL Equifax TransUnion Account Type: Open Account Number: 25XXXX Payment Responsibility: Individual Date Opened: 01/2012 Balance Date: 03/2015 Balance Amount: $2,464 Monthly Payment: High/Limit: $2,464 Account Status: Collection Past Due Amount: $0 Comments: COLLECTION ACCOUNT ORIGINAL CREDITOR: 05 SAFEHOME SECURITY COLLECTION ACCOUNT ORIGINAL SAFE HOME SECURITY ACCOUNT Transunion Reported SAFEHOME SEC Equifax TransUnion Experian Account Type: Open Account Number: XXXX Payment Responsibility: Individual Date Opened: 06/2004 Balance Date: 09/2011 Balance Amount: $2,464 Monthly Payment: High/Limit: $2,464 I haven't tried to do anything with this yet. Hadn't been able to determine the SOL on this if 5 years or not. Anyone Know? It will be 5 years after BK7 dismissed 0n Apr 26. Contract was for 3 years and I cancelled in writing but they claimed they never received it and tried to get me to pay for monitoring on a home that I didn't own anymore. I refused. They claim they got payments thru December 2008 but I stopped paying them in 2007. Anything I can do here? Bank of America Equifax TransUnion Experian Account Type: Revolving Revolving Account Number: 480011599106XXXX XXXX Payment Responsibility: Individual Individual Date Opened: 07/2004 07/2004 Balance Date: 10/2012 10/2012 Balance Amount: $0 Monthly Payment: High/Limit: $1,011 $600 Account Status: Collection Collection Past Due Amount: $0 $0 Comments: LAST REPORTED DELINQUENCIES: 01/2011=R5,12/2010=R5,11/2010=R5 CHARGED OFF ACCOUNT ACCOUNT TRANSFERRED OR SOLD CLOSED PURCHASED BY ANOTHER LENDER LAST REPORTED DELINQUENCIES: 03/2012=R9 CHARGE OFF LAST PAID: 06/2010 WHat can I do with this? Have 2 more years on SOL for reporting. SOL expired for lawsuit. Been dormant. Do I want to wake them up. Will be trying for a mortgage at the end of this year. Should I try to make a deal with them? THanks again for indulging me and for your help. MUCH appreciated.
  15. I’m looking for some advice on what to do as I am frustrated and ready to call it quits with all this credit stuff. I have been reading and learning from this board and appreciate and respect much of the advice. I hope someone can share some insight. In 2008 I was slammed with the recession blues. Lost my job that paid well above six figures and my partner became very ill and is still to this day (six back surgeries and can hardly walk or sit). I am their only support now. I lost just about everything and coming within in hair’s width of losing the house. I had exceptional credit at this time. Obviously I defaulted on a lot of debt. Unlike many poor individuals I was able to find a job within six months but it paid a fraction of what I made, had no benefits and long hours. Fast forward to January 2014; I started to pay attention to my credit again. I had lived for six years without it and felt I needed to look at it as my now thirteen year old car was dying and I needed to get another. I started with the free annual report for all three CRAs. Eighteen to twenty pages each and not worth the cheap paper I printed them out on. I knew it was bad but honestly had forgotten about some of the accounts. The old OC’s had not. I then decided to join Credit Sesame and Credit Karma to see what my scores where. I know they are Fako but I needed a barometer to see how much pressure was in the pot before pulling the lid off. I couldn’t pay the forty bucks a pop for a FICO so I figured this was a start. Well, TU=572, EQ=580 and EX=561. I thought to myself that it wasn’t as bad as I had thought; I foresaw 300’s and 400’s. I began to go over the details of each report and like clockwork logged into CS and CK every week. I even bought CS monthly subscription but after three months figured the freebie was enough and canceled it. CK started to add Equifax to their offerings (I was in their beta testing group since I’m IT) making it even better for measuring. In September 2014 I took CK’s advertised card for your credit score offer and applied to Cap1 and was approved for a Platinum MC at $300.00 (currently $800). I was excited since I had not carried a credit card in six years. The feel of that hard plastic in an envelope brought tears to my eyes when it came. I started using it and always PIF. A few months later CK advised applying for a Cap1 QS1. I did and got another $500.00. The same day I got an email to apply for a Kohl’s, also from Cap1. Got it at $300.00. I know this isn’t anything special but it was a start for me. Also in September I bought a car from a buy here pay here place. I figured with my credit I wasn’t going to waste my time and a dealer’s time trying to qualify; each attempt affecting my score as they pull multiple reports each time. I got a decent car, actually the best one on the lot at a payment I can afford but I know it is high in rate. I will keep it a year and then see what I can do later this year with a dealer. The car is paid on time and is reporting on all three CRA’s. Like a bouncing basketball my scores started to come up on CS and CK. I started to look over the defaults and planned my deletion request with TU since, as advised here, they will delete at the 6.5 year mark. I did this online Saturday and asked for them to remove five old collection accounts DOFD 2008 and some old personal data that was obsolete. Sunday evening I got an email saying they had completed their investigation, couldn’t have been much of one in less than a day and a weekend to boot, and they had removed all of my requested items. I checked the corrected TU report and the items were gone. I wanted to see what my score was via FICO with this stuff off TU’s report so I went to EX and paid the $39.00 for their three report/3 FICO score deal. Got data and was depressed to see that even though five collections where removed my TU score was only 610. Way below the 653 CK was claiming the day before the deletions. I have to admit I was expecting less than what CK said but not that much off and especially since old collections were removed. New accounts were reporting and a car loan. The other 2 CRA’s were EX=585 and EQ=631 about what I expected. After all this work I felt it was for nothing. On my TU report I have LVNV, Millennium JDB’s left and 4 Judgments from them as well. They do not report the DOFD as the actual OC’s and that I will handle next. Six OC that will start to fall off later this year and early next year which I will deal with in late summer at the 6.5 mark. My question is is this worth it? All this work and really no advancement that I can see. I really feel this credit score thing is a market ploy to get people to buy information products. I know credit is important as I have had it in the past with extremely high limits. I remember once going to buy an Explorer and pointing to one on the show room floor and saying I’ll take it. I was actually out the door in less than thirty minutes. Those were the days. Am I giving up too soon at the one year mark? Do I continue on or is it a hopeless cause. I probably should have gone bankrupt back in 08 but my pride got in the way and I decided to hide under a rock. Any opinions would be appreciated. Sorry this was so long. I started with the idea of a paragraph of bullet points. Now I have a two page dialog. Thanks
  16. Hello CB, Well, I am floored. I disputed a CA that was collecting for an old Direct TV account back in Jan. It came off of all three CRAs. Fast forward to today, I wake up to a Enhanced*Recovery slapped on my EX credit report.Mortgage score tanked to 551. I am crushed. I am going to call direct TV and try to get them to accept payment. Then I am going to follow the pinned advise about paying the OC process. My question is, since I am in Texas, should I use some Texas Finance code Language? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  17. Back when I was 18, I ruined my credit. I'm now 27, it is now showing everything off my credit. My score is 552, question is, will those closed accounts still hurt me trying to rebuild? Or are they off for good and I can start working to get the score up and everything.
  18. Hey Y'all, So, I go to pull me report this morning off of USAA. My AAOA has dropped quite a bit. Now, learning here that you can't trust USAA, I pulled a copy of my EX report online. I went line item by line item and noticed that FIVE of my Direct loan student accounts that were in good standing are missing from my report! Crap. I pulled myfico, and a there is is, a 24PT DROP in scores. Once again putting me out of range for a mortgage. SMH!!! I have a current dispute on two accounts right now set to end 4/17. AFNI*and*Paypal. So, far, it looks like they haven't responded, and the two accounts are still in dispute. God willing, they will both come off on the 17th. I am hoping that EX didn't just delete my student loan accounts.... I have never disputed those. They are supposed to report until 2021. Do y'all think I should call them now and complain about my good accounts missing? Or just wait until my dispute is over and address it then? Thanks for your help...
  19. I have been searching the different topics but have not been able to determine the following: Are the following reported as Public record on credit report: 1. Short Sale 2. Foreclosure 3. Deed-in-lieu In the case of the foreclosure--is it reported based on the date of the summary judgement, or sale at auction (if auction takes place) If not reported as public record, does it become a notation on the original mortgage credit account and subject to the same FCRA for that account or does it get a brand new account and reports for 7 years? I have a court date for summary judgement on April 7 (it has taken almost exactly 5 years to get to this point). I am wondering if my credit report is going to get a hit on April 8 or if it will not show up until the property is sold at auction if I am not able to negotiate a deed-in-lieu or get a short sale. Have request for modification in for some time and waiting for the investor's response. Have a potential buyer for short sale but waiting for the investor response. There is an HOA lein which I would try to clear up if if would only be a notation and would fall off with the mortgage account but won't be worth it if reported separately. Almost all my baddies fall of this year. Trying my best to negotiate a deed in lieu and wondering if that notation will fall off with the reporting of the mortgage account or if will have a separate public record. NEED HELP ASAP. PLEASE.
  20. Well I went thought a program that put trades on my ein. Now the problem I've been running into is I only have trades on EQ. Everywhere I search wants a personal guarantor as well. How, and where do I apply for credit that doesn't need a PG and pulls EQ? Please help!
  21. Just curious of the average number of inquires in the community. I have 5 from Equifax, 1 from transunion, and idk how many from experian.
  22. I have been working on building my credit up and the last two cards on my list currently are the the Marriott Rewards Signature Visa and Amex Gold. I was turned down in the 2012 for Amex and never applied for the Marriott Card. I am a Platinum Elite Marriott member because a travel for work with over 75 nights per year at their locations. Thought I could really get some benefit out of the rewards Visa. My current scores are EX-718, EQ-730, TU-695. Income $140K. Current Cards, Chase Freedom $5000, Cap One $2500, Barclay $2000, Discover It $1200, Cap One $600. Authorized User on Amex Green, Amex Blue. My payment record is clean with the exception of 3 recent trade lines from Fedloan Servicing that popped up as 120 days which I have since put on deferment for 3 months while I try and get the lates off perhaps through GW. I thought I was still on deferment but didn't realize that the debt was sold to Fedloan. Will my scores and income be enough or will I be rejected for this alone? Please let me know your thoughts.
  23. Hello all, I decided to create an account here seeing as most of the information I've gleaned has come from these forums! I'm currently in the rebuilding phase for my credit and was hoping to get some guidance from everyone. So far I've sent the Pre-Hipaa letter to 2 of the CRA (only 2 are reporting, TU and EX) I've yet to rec. a response from TU (although on their website it shows it's currently being disputer/looked into) and today I rec. a letter from EX stating the accounts are valid. They didn't provide any supporting evidence, only advised me to contact original furnisher. What step is next? This is a medical collection from a Hospital. If any further info is needed I'll be keeping an eye on this threat.
  24. What do I say when I call backdoor? Will they pull hard. 20% interest with Barclay's Have card for 14 months. Perfect pay and lots of use
  25. Reports show closed HSBC Auto Finance auto loan with late payments. Address and phone number of creditor belong to Santander even though the report still says HSBC. EX reports a different Santander address than EQ and TU. EQ: Opened: 9/1/2004 Closed: 12/2009 (Monthly reporting ends 1/2010) 30 days late: 10/2008, 11/2008 DOFD: 12/2009 Status: pays 31-60 days Activity description: Paid and Closed TU: Opened: 9/9/2004 Closed: 12/10/2009 (Monthly reporting ends 11/2009) 30 days late: 10/2008, 11/2008 Report states: >Maximum Delinquency of 30 days in 10/2008 for $201 and in 12/2009< Estimated removal date: 11/2016. Pay status: >Account 30 Days Past Due Date< EX: Opened: 9/2004 Last reported: 12/2009 (Monthly reporting ends 12/2009) 30 days late: 10/2008, 11/2008, 12/2009 Status: Paid, Closed This account is listed with other negative accounts such as charge offs, but I don’t know what impact it has, as the late payments are 6+ years old. I’m not too concerned with auto enhanced scoring at this point. We financed through Santander in 6/2013 (now closed, traded in) and Toyota in 3/2015 and won’t need another auto loan before this falls off in or around 11/2016. Might try to refinance with DCU at some point, but they don’t use an auto enhanced score. This is the second oldest account on the report, and AAOA is becoming an issue as old negatives are removed. Reports would not be clean absent these lates, btw. There are also PRs and a revolving account that reports as a charge off with the OC (also HSBC) and a collection with a JDB. The DOFD for those is still within the SOL for a couple of months. In brief: are a few 30 day lates from 2008 worth addressing at the risk of losing the second oldest account on the report?
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