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Found 12 results

  1. I filed BK13 back in 2010. DriveTime was included in that. I had the BK dismissed in 2011 because I couldn't maintain the high payments. Since then, they had been reporting an outstanding balance of $8,494.37, even though I originally owed $15K+ on the car that I voluntarily surrendered right before the BK13. This leads me to believe they re-sold the car and this is the outstanding balance. I never actually got any paperwork saying they did that, though. In January 2013 DriveTime sent me a letter offering to settle with me for 10% of the $8,494.37 balance, so they were willing to take
  2. Hello All, I am new to the boards. I have 3 charge offs (First Premier, Macys and Victorias Secret) that are less than $1000 and my credit score is about a 570. On my credit report they are not listed under collections; but as the original creditor. I'm confused, I've been really researching, should I send a debt validation letter or a pay for delete? Because they are charged off, who should I call or write?... The CC company or collection agency? Also do you think I should get a secured Capital One credit card in the mean time to help build my credit back up? I'm trying to app
  3. Hello All, I am new to this forum. I need some help, I've had Lexington Law for a couple months and seen no improvements on my charge offs...Time to take matters in my own hands. I have 3 charge offs that are less than $1000 and my credit score is about a 530. People with car repossessions and bankruptcies probably have a higher score than me. Why are three little things destroying my score?????? I need help on what to do about the charge offs and also if I should get a secured Capital One credit card in the mean time to help build my credit back up. I appreciate your help!
  4. Hi Guys, I've been working on my credit and so far Transunion has been the best at deleting items the fastest. I just received a letter from Calvary portfolio offeing a settlement because they legally can not sue me anymore. My account was orginally with BOA and the balance is about $850 DOFF: 11/2009 I know that this account is the reason i was denied credit with Barclays ( receive the denial yesterday) and would really like to have it removed. Any thoughts? Need more info? By the way Calvary was sold the account back in 2012. If this is removed i will have 3 new medi
  5. Has anyone had experience negotiating a PFD with Old Navy or anyone under GECRB. If so was it settlement, or full balance paid and did you have to deal with any specific department. Please share experiences.
  6. Hi, n00b here. A few years ago I had a Sprint phone and wanted to cancel my account, so I talked to a customer service rep and asked if he could set it up to close my account at the end of the billing period, when my account balance would be zero. He said yes, I'll set that up for you... Well I didn't stay on top of it (my fault), junked the old phone, and proceeded to use my new phone. A few months later I get a bill for $170 for three more months of service I never used. My credit was already shot at that point, so I said screw that. Bill went in the trash. Now of course it's in
  7. Midland is reporting to the Credit Bureas on an alleged Citibank account. I have disputed this with the Credit Bureas and it has come back verified. Today I called Citibank to see if they could provide me with an account number of this alleged account. After speaking with Customer Service and explaining that I was lookoing for an account number so that I could verify this alleged debt I was forwarded to the Asset Department. After being put on hold for 10 minutes I was told that they are unable to find any records showing I ever has an account. My question is what would be the best way to d
  8. Anyone try slippin a twenty in their dispute for a CRA deletion?
  9. I posted a few weeks ago about our house buying dilemma... the main issue is, my husband has an old charge off from a car he co-signed on with his ex that was repo'd in 2008, for about $6000. I was asking if anyone thought we could qualify with that charge off and got several responses that we may be able to get through underwriting without paying the balance, as it's past SOL and cannot affect the title. So, we have our pre-qualification and are now looking at houses. There are several we are interested in, and are hoping we will be making an offer within a week or so.... but. I'm SO wor
  10. I've been working in my credit for the last 6 months and the only things that I have in front of me right now are to collection items (medical bills) lingering around for another 2 years. I've disputed them and they came back valid. I offered PFD for the full balance a few months ago, but they won't even take a payment in full to delete. The total for both items is no more than $650 altogether. Will these 2 items hinder me from getting a great interest rate on a mortgage if my UTL is only 6%, no late payments, AAOA is 8yrs, and only 3 INQs?
  11. My Verizon account was sold to a Collection Agency but Verizon is the only company to report to the credit bureaus about the account. I called Verizon (I was careful not to give any information) only my name. They stated that they don’t actually handle the account there and transferred me over to the Collection Agency. Now, the CA sent me a letter about a month ago offering a settlement. I actually want to settle with the amount they offered, but I want to ensure that Verizon updates my account with the credit bureaus. If it were the actual CA reporting the bureaus, I would have done a Pay fo
  12. The 30 days I allowed for a response to a PFD letter that I sent has passed without a response. Is the next step to give them a call? I am nervous about messing up and accidentally doing something stupid. What should I do?
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