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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I have an account open with Portfolio Recovery Associates from 2012 that I have been disputing and I just noticed it's reporting as a revolving account but says it's collection in the comments with Equifax- is this allowed? The report says I have 0 accounts in collection so I know it's not registering as a collection but I didn't think CA could identify as a revolving account? It's a small amount from Capital One that quite honestly, I don't remember being associated with. They offered me a settlement but I turned it down. I was going to attempt for a PFD but wanted to check if this is grounds for a dispute first. PORTFOLIO RECOVERY A Company/Account Name: PORTFOLIO RECOVERY A Company Address/Phone: Riverside Commerce Center 120 Corporate Blvd Ste 100 Norfolk, VA 235024962 Account Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Date Opened: 06/20/2014 Last Activity: N/A First Delinquency: 09/2012 Type: Revolving Rate/Status: High Credit: $581 Terms: N/A Balance: $581 Past Due: $581 Most Recent Date Reported: 11/06/2014 Comments on Account: Consumer disputes after resolution, Collection account Thanks all!
  2. Being a newbie, I first want to say how helpful this board has been to me. I've spent the last year repairing my credit, and I thought I knew all I needed to know, until I came to Credit Boards. In the last 2 days I have made progress on issues I've previously tried to resolve but to no avail, so thank you everyone! That being said, I have one pesky collection left on my credit report, and it's Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA). This is from a $250 limit credit card that was closed in 2008. PRA purchased it in 2012. The total amount owed is $863 (where they came up with that number I'll never know, as they will not verify how they got to $863). I have tried several times to have the item removed for failure to verify, but the credit bureaus come back telling me that PRA verified the info, without ever showing them proof or evidence, because that's how the relationships with PRA and the credit bureaus seem to work. My credit reports show that the debts will be removed from my reports in July and September of 2015, but I don't want to wait until then. As recently as last week, PRA called me to collect on the debt, and I again very calmly tried to negotiate with them. I have repeatedly offered to settle the debt if they agree to remove it from my credit report. I've explained that it is in no interest to me to pay any of the debt unless they can agree to do so, as it will benefit me in no way at all otherwise. They refuse to offer any settlement that involves removal of the debt reporting from my credit reports, as it is against their company policy. Being as how I want to buy a house in the spring, I really need to figure out a way to get them removed from my credit report. I've tried to have the debt validated, but that did not work. I also tried to negotiate, including paying the full amount, if they agreed to remove it from my credit report, but that didn't work either. If anyone has ANY advice, please let me know, thanks!!
  3. I bought a mobile home through Greentree/Conseco back in the 90s. In 2002 I had to do a voluntary repossession. I owed $28,500 at that time. In 2012 Portfolio Recovery contacted me, things were going a little better financially and I set up a payment plan with them for a balance of $10,000. Medical issues rose to the forefront and I was unable to continue paying. For a short time I received letters from PRA and right on the back it says "Because of the age of this debt we will never sue you" - they are now calling again every day and saying I owe $50,000! The first call I said that had already made about a year's worth of payments and might be able to finish out payments up to $5,000. The girl said she couldn't accept that and slammed the phone down. Got a call at work yesterday and the woman kept pushing for a payment plan on $50,000. As I have started researching it seems that PRA is a no good dishonest group. Since their own documents say they will never sue and it hasn't been on my credit report for about 10 years is there anything I can do to get them to close my file once and for all?
  4. http://www.insidearm.com/daily/debt-buying-topics/debt-buying/two-huge-debt-buyers-to-vacate-16-million-in-judgments-in-ny-ag-action/
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