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Found 4 results

  1. Well after trying to freeze my EX report online I finally broke down and called them. Only took a couple of minutes but I just despise talking on the phone to "credit people". Maybe not "credit people" but it just amps my blood pressure up, LOL. Anyway, after I got my EXP frozen I applied online for a Bank of America credit limit increase. Had it over a year in June of 2013 and they started me off at $10,000. I left the amount I wanted out an applied, but it came back stating I had to put an amount in the CLI box so I put $25K. Came back with it increased to $18,000. I'll take that. Then called into USAA (they have always been super nice btw) and asked for an increase on my AMEX CASH card that they issued me at $13,000. I also had a Visa with them that was at $3,000 that I never use, but they said they would have to pull 2 reports seeing that one was AMEX and one was Visa. So I opted for the AMEX increase. Came back doubled to $26,000. HAPPY, I'll take that too. Then went to my PNC which is my main bank besides NAVY. Started at $10,800 and they raised me to $25,000. I'm happy with that also. Decided to try CHASE which was about 20 months old. Started at $12,000 and asked for $25,000. Had to call in for that one and the lady said that a underwriter had to look at it and I would be getting a letter in 7-10 days. BUMMER...............My CLI high was shot down So I said WTH and applied online for a CLI on my USAA Visa at $3,000 and it came back approved for $9,000 So I can go to bed HAPPY and content that I'm still in Garden mode with CLI's of $41,200.
  2. Hello all, has anyone recently signed up for checking with PNC (say last 6 mos to a year or so)? Just curious if they pulled Chex, EWS, and/or credit for new checking accounts or if there was any account closings weeks in. Thanks in advance.
  3. Argh! I wanted to be out of this house by now, but our particular situation is complicated and we are stuck for the moment. We filed bk7 on this house, stayed and paid. Had a very temporary bump, asked for a mod, was told we had to be late on our payments to qualify. Stopped making payments, but it took them TWO years of non payment to agree to modification. Plus, they started foreclosure proceedings. Finally got through trial mod, started making mod payments, even got a release for the foreclosure. We had a lawyer look at the mod papers, and he said that there is no way they can say we owe this because it was discharged in bk7 over 7 years ago. We can just go back to the original agreement of paying and staying. The mortgage had fallen off this year. Dh gets an alert. We check and we see that they started reporting the mortgage (as a positive) to our credit reports again?!?!?!?!? Is that even legal?
  4. Hi everyone! I have been lurking here for a little while and thank everyone so much for all expertise and help. Before I found this forum I wasn't doing things in order. I did have some initial deletes and fixes but I stopped trying to repair for a couple of months so that I could start over and start with address deletes. I just sent out letters yesterday to all 3 CB's for personal info deletes. This brings me to an account that I need help with after I get the initial personal info fixed. My husband and I both had a secured cc through PNC that we opened in June of 2011. My husband was in the military at the time and we were in the process of getting reassigned somewhere else. We had hit our 12 month mark of on time payments and were told that we could get the $500 deposit back. We went in to our local branch (this was also our bank) and talked to one of the loan officers who stated they had never heard of giving the money back. So she made a call and was told that we could close the account and have it applied to the account. The balance was $322. She said we would get a check in the mail for the $178. We moved from Ohio to Myrtle Beach and didn't think anything of it. In January of 2013 I decided I was going to do our free credit report pulls and see how our credit looked. We were shocked to see that PNC had charged our account off for the $322. We didn't receive one single statement, bill...nada, and here it was reporting on both of us. I have tried talking with PNC and the credit bureaus...I've sent letters out to everyone. The CB's come back as verified every single time. PNC sent me some information and it looks like they waited until it charged off and applied the $500 to FC's and late fees so that we would be stuck with the $322. I don't know what to do from here...they clearly owe us $178 because we closed it in July of 2012. Any advice? Sorry to be so wordy lol. Thanks!!
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