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Found 6 results

  1. Good afternoon, I have just posted my current situation and plan of attack over in the credit section [HERE]. Being as all but one of my collections is medical, it was suggested that I make a post over here for your advice on the situation. I have read your plan for dealing with medical debt, but being as from what I see, it involves paying the full amount owed, my plan did not include your method. Although I know for many people $3000 isn't much to be able to clean up your report but for us it simply isn't possible, at least not in a lump sum. Since I became unable to work 3 years ago, we are on a single income of less than $20,000 take home. So, hence my plan that if the debt was in fact proved as valid, a relationship exists, etc, etc, I would be looking at a payment plan. Preferably with the OC, but if they will not, then with the CA. Please let me know if you have any suggestions as far as how to deal with these debts. Thank you for your time. ~Amanda
  2. Just trying to get opinions regarding New Accounts. After recently completing an App Spree for DW, she now has 14 new accounts (Yes I know, I am watching for AA!). We always PIF with exceptions of 0% Special Financing Options on large Purchases. However, since these are all new accounts, that have yet to close on a statement period, my question is should we PIF even though there are no min payments due or should I allow those balances to report, then PIF before close of next billing cycle? Any and all experiences and opinions are appreciated. Thanks
  3. I have 5 baddies remaining on my credit report. All 5 are PIF, and all are going to fall off within the next 10-15 months. 2 of these are from OC's and from what I can tell are VERY unlikely to be removed early (Amex and BOA). The other 3 accounts are all Midland Credit Management. They are all CO's that were PIF before I discovered that you can negotiate for a pay for delete with the collection agencies (boo...). I have done some research online and it seems that MCM is one of the worst CA's that can hold your account. I have called MCM 4-5 different times and spoken with 3 levels of supervisors attempting to get a goodwill deletion and they have all told me the same story: MCM does not delete any accounts, even PIF. I submitted a dispute to TU this past Monday with a request to verify all information in hopes that MCM will not bother, but am looking for any other ideas or strategies I can use. I have not yet tried sending any letters or emails to MCM. Has anyone had success bombarding executives / managers at MCM with emails? If so, who should I be emailing? Also, strangely, MCM is only reporting on EX and TU, not on EQ. Is there any way I can use this to my advantage? Any help would be appreciated. Need to see these baddies gone!
  4. Perhaps they consider it acceptable, but my bank does not. The wording in the first half is so mealy-mouthed, it makes my account which was paid in full (Not settled) well over a year ago look as if there's still payment pending. After a long phone conversation that ended up with a legal rep on the phone with me, this is the ONLY letter they send, they refuse to provide a payment date or date satisfied, and won't budge on it. Just an FYI, if you're looking for a PIF from Verizon now, this is as close as you will get. Oh, and it will take 24-48 hours.
  5. So I'm wondering because Im coming up on the two year mark if I can PIF the remaining balance and if this will give me a nice little boost in my credit?? Before I pick out a new SUV for me and the family during summer. 15,000 left on auto loan- 2 years perfect payments 1st premiere card $300CL- 2 years perfect payments Credit One $500CL-5 months perfect payments 1% uti TU 708 EX 675 EQ 650 Just want to get an idea of how much it's going to help, hope this enough info
  6. Hi all, Before I found this wonderful site, I found information on PIF letters and sent them to some CA's. I got no response from any, must not have been a very good letter I sent the letters back in February. Now that I found this wonderful site, I learned that a PIF is the last resort. If I send DV's to the same CA's will they have any way of knowing about the PIF's I sent 4 mos ago? Don't know what kind of records they retaion. And if so, does it really matter or have I shot myself in the foot for any further correspondence? Thanks!
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