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  1. Hello friends. I'm so glad to be here! Thanks for having me. My Creditkarma score is 555. I know that's not FICO, but it's going to be terrible regardless. I'm 28. So my credit right now is a mess. I've dabbled in trying to fix it, but I really want to make some serious progress now. I'll try to be succinct yet thorough. Credit utilization, payment history, age of credit history, and credit inquiries receive "A" marks on the report card thing. Total accounts (3 accounts) is D. Derogatory remarks (1 + 1 in collection) is B. Overall grade is F, obviously. The following 5 are my baddies. 3
  2. I filed BK13 back in 2010. DriveTime was included in that. I had the BK dismissed in 2011 because I couldn't maintain the high payments. Since then, they had been reporting an outstanding balance of $8,494.37, even though I originally owed $15K+ on the car that I voluntarily surrendered right before the BK13. This leads me to believe they re-sold the car and this is the outstanding balance. I never actually got any paperwork saying they did that, though. In January 2013 DriveTime sent me a letter offering to settle with me for 10% of the $8,494.37 balance, so they were willing to take
  3. Hi there. I plan on buying a car within the next 6-9 months and need to get my credit cleaned up. I have plans to send a few goodwill letters, as well as 1-2 pay for delete letters. I'm having trouble debating on how to handle the 3 medical bills I have on my report (from one ER visit). They aren't due to fall off until 2016 & 2017. The amounts owed are $133, $233, and $489. I was applying for their uninsured discount plans (or covered 100% due to being unemployed) and trying to get the visit covered. I faxed all of my tax info, etc, didn't hear any "denial" back & figured it
  4. Hi, all. I've been following CB for a few months now and have made some major cleanups to all my reports thanks to the awesome advice here. Now I have just two baddies in each report, which I'd like to tackle somehow. One is a series of ten 30-day-lates in 2012 and 2013 on my American Honda Finance auto loan, and I've read many people say goodwill letters won't work with them, but here's the situation I feel sure I can clean up somehow, with your advice: I left an apartment in late 2009 to move to another complex from the same owners and ended up owing them $1443 for carpet replacement
  5. Hi all - I've been trying to clean up my credit & like many people have some bad marks from years past..unfortunately, two of them relate to Portfolio Recovery Associates which is seeming to be IMPOSSIBLE to deal with. 1. I had a store credit card that I fell late on and it went to collections in Feb. 2013. I called and for someone to agree to a Pay for Delete so I paid the entire balance in Dec. 2013. I later found out this was the worst idea ever because they didn't delete anything and seeing I trusted their word, I have no proof that that was the agreement. So now I have this ac
  6. Hi all, After I graduated college I began consolidating all of my student loans. However, I somehow missed a loan from the university totaling around $8,0000, and received no notice about payments until the loan went into collections. I have sent a debt validation to the collection agency, and they responded with a copy of the signed promisory note and balance. Can I try to negotiate a pay for delete even though the debt is a student loan? Or do I have to try to set up a payment plan with the collection agency? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, TJ
  7. For all to know, Unifund Pilot Receivables just posted a CA for an account from CITI that had been settled with prejudice for no listing due to the precarious legal basis of the claim (Citi had knowledge of CARD ACT violations). This agreement was prepared by a top credit attorney in NYC with notarized signatures on both ends. Had I not had alerts, I would not have known about this. My scores are plummeting and I am hopping mad. Is this a $1000 violation? I paid the attorney and he is on it but I would love to sock it to them...deliberate misrepresentation of a legal agreement and fraudulant i
  8. Here is my story. I have a Amex Premium Gold Card, about 5 months ago I lost my job and had to decide what neglect and what to pay. I neglected the Amex but now have the money to pay it off. My account is canceled but its not in collections yet, and I was just sent a letter saying I would be approved for a Optima card if I pay balance in full. What are my options? Should I pay Amex or is there a way to get the lates off my CR. Thanks for any help! My Score was 776 before all this now it is around 640.
  9. Working on a that $95 baddie for my pal. Original creditor is WOW! Cable. Collector is Credit Management. Called them and asked them about a PFD. I was told that if I FAX a PFD letter they will send me something back as a FAX in 48 hours. Then if I (or rather, my pal) signs it, then it gets removed. Let's say that the request comes before the payment. I'd hate to have to sign anything that you send to a CA, though. It all sounds legit on the phone. I asked point blank if they would remove their report from all three credit reports and they said yes. Has anyone been through this wit
  10. I recently obtained validation information from Midland Funding regarding an account in collections. I CM-RRR'ed the DV letter to them last month. I am with-in SOL in Louisiana. SOL ends around 03/2015. I want to try to have them delete the TL off my CRs. I want to send a PFD letter for a settlement amount. I won't lowball since I know I'm inside SOL, somewheres around 55%-70% of total. I know its a touchy area sending PFD Settlement letter within SOL. My question is, lets say I send the letter, they do not accept the settlement. Will they send something back stated so
  11. Please Help! I have a GE Capital Brooks Card which was recently closed - can anyone provide advice on how to best negotiate and minimize the impact this will do to my bureaus? Last Payment was made November 2013, with the next payment due Dec 2014 I received a letter with GE Capital Retail Bank letter head today offering to settle for 50% of the original balance of $1800, in three installments - and the account would be marked 'Account Paid in full than less than the full balance' (which is worth little) Is there a way to negotiate that I pay the FULL Original amount, in exc
  12. Hello all, New to the boards here, but I have to say the amount of knowledge that's shared is pretty amazing. I think that is awesome that everyone takes the time to help each other out as much as they can. I ruined my credit years back, and I'm finally on the road to redemption. I do plan on posting my trade lines here on the boards for some insight, but I'm running short on time. So it will have to wait until another day. I do however have a question regarding the collection agency, National Account Systems. I have a dental bill in the amount of $131.00 that was overlooked. My D
  13. Hello, Does anyone know if amex pfd? if so how do you go about it? From what date does the acct drop off- Date reported? Date opened? Last Reported? thanks
  14. Hello All, I am new to this forum. I have been working on trying to repair my credit. I made mistakes, I was bad, I've grown up and realized the damage that I have done- time to fix. I am struggling to understand the relationship between a charge off from an original creditor, and the same account once it is sold to a collection agency. Goal- Obtain a mortgage Stumbling Block- From everything I've read, there is no way you'll get a mortgage with charge offs on your credit report I have two charge offs on my credit report, one from Orchard Bank, the other from Credit One Bank
  15. I have a $677 charge off from Discover that has been updating every month on my reports as a charge off. It always shows on experian as a "late payment". Two weeks ago I sent them a PFD letter. I know typically that doesn't work for OC, but thought I'd see if some magic happened. I'm two years before the SOL. Discover owns the debt, they've sent me a few settlement offers. The letter I recieved back from them states: "We researched the dispute of liability for the above refrenced account. We found the account and balances to be valid. Enclosed please find (copy of statements). Pa
  16. I had a Capital one charge off in 2010 and it was sold to Portfolio Recovery Services recently (resulted into nearly a 20pt drop in my score since they are reporting, too) The SoL for this account is (I believe) in about 4 months . I am in Florida, and the last payment on the account was 06/2010. If the SoL is actually 5 years instead of 4, then I have another year left ;\ I do want to try PFD with Portfolio, but I don't want to risk getting sued and rocking the boat anymore. They call once every few days and I don't respond. I have received nothing in the mail. The amount owed is $988
  17. Has anyone had experience negotiating a PFD with Old Navy or anyone under GECRB. If so was it settlement, or full balance paid and did you have to deal with any specific department. Please share experiences.
  18. I just got a response to a PFD that is a settlement offer, but with no indication of agreement to delete. The letter reads This letter is to formally advise you that our client XXX has agreed to a one time Settlement Offer of $180.00 on this bill. We will allow 45 calendar days for the payment to arrive in our office. If payment is not received by 2/18/2014 this offer will be considered null and void and full balance will be due. The way I'm reading this, it seems they're not accepting the PFD offer and are trying to collect without agreeing to delete. Just want to be sure there's
  19. hello, im new here, trying to clean up my credit because i want to buy a house soon. the only really bad mark i have on my reports is an unpaid utility bill that i stopped paying on in 2009. this was with an electric company serving in the chicagoland area known as ComEd, short for Commonwealth Edison. this showed up years ago on my reports as owned by a different collection agency (i cant remember their name now) and is now (or at least as of April of this year when i last got my reports) is showing up as being held by "Contract Callers Inc." it is not scheduled to drop off the repo
  20. Hi All. This forum has been extremely helpful over the last six months and has helped me clean up my credit. I do need some advice on handling my Wells repo.. I have read Why Chat's repo program and I want to make sure that's the route I should take in my situation. I'll try to keep it short. Bought and Repo in Washington State, now live in Illinois Deficiency bal reported on reports: 6700 Original loan around 10500 before junk fees and ext warranty Had it for 16 months before repo, $279 mo/payments Still reporting CO monthly on all 3 reports by Wells Never reported
  21. I sent a DV letter to Convergent Outsourcing for an old Comcast bill (dated June 2009). They replied with a copy of the bill with my name and old address on it. What is my next step here? Send a PFD letter? FOAD letter? My state is Pennsylvania if that helps. my goal is to have it totally removed from my report, even if it means paying up. Thanks!
  22. hello, im very confused as i read different things as to "the right way" to go about this process. i have a utility bill in collections. ?#1 - do i pfd the oc or the ca? ?#2 - should i tell them to validate it? ?#3 - if i pay the oc, will the ca have to delete the report entry, or do they just have to reflect a $0 balance? any comments, preferably people with their own sucess stories doing this, are more than welcome.
  23. I had a credit card through 1st Financial Bank USA that I opened in 2004. My last payment was in 2010 and it was charged off in June of 2010. The SOL in my state, Maryland is 3 years. Legally they cannot sue me for the debt. In addition, they have stopped calling me (THANK GOD). But they are updating faithfully every month that it is charged off, which is very annoying. I would like to offer them a PFD but am afraid that it will somehow start the SOL over. Any suggestions on how I could word this? I don't want it totally deleted, because it is my oldest account, I really just want the charge o
  24. Any advice that you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated. I have a Daimler Chrysler Charge Off on all three bureaus that is due to fall off in August 2014. The Charge off resulted in a Judgment that appears on my Equifax and my Trans Union credit reports. The Judgment is scheduled to keep reporting until 4/2016. These are the only negative items that remain on my reports, and I’d like to have them removed if possible. I sent the following PFD letter to Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis: Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis, P.C. 136 Gaither Drive Suite 100 Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 RE: TD Auto Fi
  25. Hi everyone, Recently, a collection item popped up on my credit report for a dental bill from 6 years ago. I called up the number of the agency from my credit report and immediately paid the bill in full. I did receive an email and a pdf attachment from the collection manager saying this: "This letter shall confirm that the above-mentioned account has been paid in full as of date YYYYMMDD. Payment of $XXX has been received and posted to the account referenced above. We have also requested that it be deleted from the credit bureaus. Note that we can only request that it be deleted and you
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