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Found 64 results

  1. OMG!! I just asked for a cli for nfcu mc for $10000 online and was approved.... SHOCKED...
  2. After reading around the forum for a bit, I realize I've been very conservative in my timetable to improve my credit. So I decided to try for a couple of cards, either Visa or MC. This past Wednesday, i joined credit sesame and was recommended to go for a couple of cards, but chose the Capital One for Newcomers MC and got an instant $1000 approval. Yay! Then I read more on here only to learn that my husband does not need to be an NFCU member in order for me to join. He is an Army reservist currently, but has refused to join NFCU (can't get past the Navy name, I guess). I've wanted to join a while ago since I am a USAA member and wanted to compare being a member of both since I want to buy a car some time next year. Anyway, after reading here, I called in to NFCU on Friday morning and was indeed able to join without him being a member. I also applied for the goRewards Visa card while on the same phone call. I was told that they would need to review and it could take 3-5 days. Well, I log in the account Saturday and see a new account next to the savings I opened (did not open checking), and I see an nRewards Visa card. I click on it and it shows a limit of $5000... Whoo hooo! Thing is, I asked for a different card, so I'm wondering if it was a mistake and if I should give a call in to see what the reason is for the different card. At the very least, I would want the Cash rewards card. Additionally, I didn't open a checking account with them since I just opened an account with PNC recently and also have a checking,savings, and CD with USAA. Now that NFCU has given me so much love, I am thinking of moving much the money I have in USAA to NFCU. I am also considering going to USAA and asking them what the deal is with not giving me more than secured card offers since other companies are seeing me as a good risk now. I have a Ch 7 BK discharged Jan 09 so this could possibly be seen as a negative despite scores being in the 663-690 range and utilization is 13% (before the new approvals). So my questions: 1) Should I keep the CapOne card for utilization, if nothing else? Or simply say thanks, but I got a better offer and close it. 2) I plan on calling NFCU tomorrow to ask why I didn't get the card I asked for. I will also see about opening a checking account and at the same time ask if it will make a difference in the card I get and if a better initial limit goes along with it. Is there any way to approach this conversation or do I simply speak matter-of-factly in the manner of which I opened the account? Is this considered a recon? 3) Would it be worth it to ask USAA what's going on with being moved out of a secured card into a regular card? I know there will be a pull on the credit and I don't think I want another now unless a benefit came out of it. Any other thoughts here? Again, thanks for the help!
  3. Dh and I are new to NFCU. Didn't know if we were going to get in, but they have told us that membership says we are good to go. Dh has a 662 EQ Fico, and we need to get a loan or a credit card that will give us a credit line of about $12-$15k so we can consolidate our debts into one smaller payment. Dh will be the only applicant, and he makes about 32k per year. We are trying to figure out what his chances are. We checked the credit pulls database, but there aren't enough recent reports from our state that give us an idea whether it's a possibility or not. I have read all about their generous credit lines, but I am wondering what kind of income most of you have who are getting $15k-$20k credit lines. I would love to know what product you recommend, and what the best and fastest way to apply is. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello Everyone, I've been lurking here for a while and have benefited greatly from the knowledge shared here. I've mainly concentrated on my husband's credit because he is the bread winner. The starting score was in the low 500's about a year ago. We received the credit score from NFCU yesterday and his score is now 703! It was quite a shock because I'd just checked Equifax and they had his score at 665. I don't know what made the difference but I thank God for it. Well, we were pre-qualified and our file was sent to a loan officer. The LO requested a LOX for the baddies on the report.... the LO seemed a bit cavalier about the letter and didn't give very many details of what they were looking for. I don't know if this is because it is no big deal or because they didn't really have any intentions on qualifying us (lol). At any rate, the file is in UW now so I am hoping and praying for an approval! Just wanted to share my story with you all.
  5. Greetings All, Well, I had a nice suprise from NFCU the other day. They automaticly unsecured my nReweards Secured Visa after exactly 1 year. I opened this account with a $2000 deposit, at 6 months, I upped it to $5000, and at 9 months, I upped it to $10,000. When they unsecured it they left the full $10,000 credit line in tact. To add to it I called and asked if there was any way I could convert it to the Flagship Rewards Visa Signature card as I travel internationally a great deal and it was done right on the spot with nothing but a soft pull (verified) to determine the interest rate, in my case it stayed at the 17.9% I had on my nRewards card, but that really does not matter to me as I pay it in full every month. I did inquire if a limit increase was possible but was told that would require a hard pull so I declined. The represenative seemed very aware of the difference between soft and hard pulls and did an excellent job of describing each one correctly. This is now officially my hightest limit card by a long shot, and has made me a true beliver in NFCU.
  6. I have both a Cash Rewards and a NRewards card at NFCU. I was thinking of converting one of my cards to the Flagship Rewards card to get the perks of the cards. What are the pros and cons on converting either card? I know the obvious reasons but I wanted get people's experiences who have converted their cards.
  7. I just closed on my house last week using NFCU VA loan! Before starting my search, I submitted a pre-approval app. My FICO was 659 at the time (climbed to 699 by closing). I have a couple of charge offs and a late payment, all of which are at least 5 years old. They asked me to provide statements for each of the baddies on the report. After submitting that, I was pre-approved for the amount I requested ($300k) @ 3.125%. They sent me a letter with my preapproval amount for my Realtor to use. I believe this letter is good for 30 days. A few weeks later I found a house that was 10K over my pre-approval amount. I simply contacted NFCU and requested a higher amount. They approved it within 24 hours and sent me a new letter with the updated amount that I could use with my offer to the seller. Unfortunately, I am in a really competitive sellers market right now and that house had several other offers that I lost against. However, I ended up finding something I loved even more for $285K a few weeks later. Someone else submitted an offer at the same time but the seller needed rent back so I offered them the full 60 days allowed and my offer was accepted. By that time, interest rates had climbed to 3.5% before I could lock it in (pre-approval is floating rate). By closing it had already passed 4% so I am happy with my rate. The process was really smooth. I electronically signed most of the mortgage documents and printed/signed/faxed the others. I handled everything online, even though I have a local branch. They applied a $2500 credit to my closing cost (current promotion). That combined with the sellers rent back payment, I ended up receiving a $500 credit at closing. I did have $3000 in escrow at the start of the contract. At closing, they informed me that NFCU will be mailing me a $200 Visa gift card as a "thank you". I expected this whole process to be very stressful but I had an amazing realtor, sellers that were easy to work with and an awesome lender. I encountered very little stress during the whole process. I am now a landlord while I patiently wait for the end of August to get here so I can get moved in
  8. Back in mid-January, my DW did a NFCU balance transfer at 0% to pay down her three student PLUS loans at MOHELA. In the payments, the account number and sequence number for the three loans were given. MOHELA returned two of the payments because they want just the account number, not account number plus loan sequence number. The third payment was not returned and not credited to the account either. We notified NFCU of our dispute through their online message system in mid-February. NFCU says the payment went through and that they contacted MOHELA to investigate. MOHELA states it can take 60 business days to answer such an inquiry. However, calling MOHELA myself, they state that there is no money to return because they never received any and they would have attached it to our account since the account number is at the beginning. Do rules regarding credit card purchases apply to balance transfers? How can I dispute this charge to protect ourselves here? NFCU refused to provide a provisional credit and said MOHELA must return the money before they will do anything. How can I track where the money has gone? I just asked NFCU to provide copies of any cancelled checks, hopefully it was not electronic.
  9. Hi CBers! I was wondering if anyone knows if USAA gives initial cc limits like NFCU? I'm developing my strategy to get my white whales in 2014 and beyond. I'm not a full member yet as I'm trying to convince my father who is retired military to join.
  10. I've had my husband as an AU on my Navy Signature card for a while now. His BK13 is finally discharged so I'm having him go into a branch and apply for a credit card (hoping to get an unsecured via in-person schmooze). Because of various balance transfers, my Navy card has a shamefully high utilization. The Navy site specifically says that being an AU on someone's card won't affect your credit because you aren't responsible for the charges (of course we know this isn't accurate). But if the only thing he's trying for right now is a Navy card, should I remove him as an AU on mine first, or since it's all in-house does it really matter? His myfico EQ score is 660, and he has a good income. I just feel weird booting him from my card, especially since I think I will have to explain to a CSR and do some of the elaborate paperwork typical of Navy.
  11. Presently, I am getting monthly FICO from my Wal-Mart card due to electronic billing. I tried to add electronic billing at NFCU since Wal-Mart is in the dark ages and does not allow setting up auto-pay of statement balance so I'm concerned about missing a payment and getting electronic billing at NFCU could fix this. However, the electronic billing was rejected due to being already electronic at Wal-Mart website and I was told to cancel it there before adding it at NFCU. So my question is if I cancel it there and set it up at NFCU instead, will I lose the monthly FICO score? Anyone done this? How do others deal with no auto pay feature? I would never put up with no auto pay were it not for the TU FICO each month.
  12. A few weeks ago I applied online for a motorcycle loan with Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU). At first, all was well with the online rep. He said to call back in a few hours for an answer on the APR, Terms, etc... When I called back, DENIED! When the denial letter came in, it said the reason was: current late charges, and a current collection, credit score = 588. I went into an actual NFCU branch with the denial letter, and with a letter stating the collection account had been previously removed (db ca added back on after the OC deleted), and a letter from WFHM stating the late charges were erroneous (they added after they failed to post payment to my acct, which I called them out and they typed me up the letter for me). NFCU then redid the application, submitted my 2 letters with the new app, and 10 minutes later, APPROVED! She handed me a check for the entire amount of the motorcycle! The kicker is, she then asked me if I wanted to apply for a cash rewards credit card. She stated they wouldn't even have to pull my credit either. I figured WTH, go for it, and 3 minutes later, APPROVED again, a LOW APR, and a $7,000 limit! IMHO, NFCU's the best Credit Union out there! If at first you don't succeed, go into an actual branch office and ask them to reconsider. The outcome may suprise you!
  13. Finally, my first unsecure NFCU product. cashRewards Visa @ $2500. Do they recon the CL, or should I just wait until the summer? Happy either way!
  14. My history is in my siggy... Had my Nrewards Secured since day of discharge (roughly 8 months). Secured Loan the same amount of time, the balance is 422 out of 1K with NFCU. So my history has been good, PIF the secured monthly after running it up almost every month. Apple Finance Visa is at 1200 out of 2200 all others are 0. So my util is at 28.5%, I do not see the need to pay it off since I am on my 0% promo for 12 months for my intro Apple Purchase. My scores are 130+ from when they gave me the Nrewards Secured. Now I want to app for the CashRewards card or ask Apple FCU to unsecure my card and convert it to the new My X Rewards Visa. 1.) Should I wait on Navy, not based on util but based on 8 months with Secured not being enough time for them? not looking to unsecure it, since they state it will be reviewed at the 13th statement, I just want the CashRewards. 2.) Would this spook the infamous Barclay if I do just this one app since my approval with them? I have no INQs on EQ and none recent before or after the Barclay on EX who they softed last month...and only 2 on TU (Barclay being one, and Walmart on the same day). Which would you do? Try unsecuring Apple, try for CashRewards with Navy or leave them both alone so not to spook Barclay? I heard Barclay is spooked by the excess inquiries and account openings, this is all I want for now and the concensus seems to be to open 1, maybe two after them within the first 6 months seems to be OK to them,

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