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  1. I did a quick search on the forum... Didn't see that anyone had mentioned this yet. https://www.navyfederal.org/coast-guard.php
  2. Hey guys, I have 3 credit cards with Navy Fed. Sig. Cash Rewards Platinum goRewards All three had a total Limit of about $70,000 Today I tried to used my Sig. Cash card for a purchase and it was denied!! I called Navy who said that ALL my credit card accounts have been CLOSED effective Immediately! I asked why?? They said that my accounts were flagged and went under a "AR" review process.... The result, they found that I have requested too many Credit Lines Increases within the last 12 months... Are you freaking kidding me!! I told them this is Ridiculous! IF you have granted me too much credit then why not do a CLD rather than just Close all my accounts. They said, that this is there new policy and same would happen to anyone who abuses their credit card products. I check to see if I have an increase available once every 2 months or 90 days. I guess that was way too much for them. So, I was completely livid and asked for my accounts to be reopened and escalated my call to the NFCU Security dept. I was on hold for 20min for them only tell me that they Refuse to reopen my accounts. They would only say, that I would receive a letter in the mail which would contain instructions to formally appeal in writing. Appeals over the phone would not be accepted!!! What a Joke! Are they freaking out because of the Gov. shutdown or something. OMG! Has this every happened to anyone else... What can I do?? Help!! Rod
  3. I thought I've seen here where Navy had a three-card limit with combined maximum exposure at $50k unless one of your cards was the Flagship Rewards and then it was $80k. Can anybody confirm or deny that?
  4. Hi all - just curious to see when your Navcheck (I guess it's called CLOC these days) reports. Mine seems to have a statement date that matches my regular checking and savings statement date, but MPM shows the last reported date 8 days prior to that. Thanks.
  5. Like the title says. It expires Feb 28. Check your email. I can't find a link on the website and all that was provided was a form to submit electronically.
  6. Hello all, I was approved in January for Navy's Cash Rewards card. At that time, their website advertised a rebate. The rebate involved spending a certain amount within 90 days, and receiving a rebate of $200. I called Navy this afternoon to be sure I qualify to receive this rebate. The representative says that my card does not have on record a five digit code that I would have had to give them when I opened the card, to take advantage of the rebate. I know there are a lot of NFCUers out there -- anyone taking advantage of this rebate and if so, can anyone lend a hand with the five digit code? Thank you!
  7. Looking to help a friend refinance a high balance mortgage at $550K 80% LTV in a county that goes up to $625K. Time horizon is about ten years before property is sold. May need non-occupying owner to sign the note also to get DTI ratios acceptable. Current note is presently in the non-occupying owner's name (brother of home occupant). I'm looking at PenFed and NFCU so far. PenFed offers a 5/5 at 2.875% and no origination fees with a 2% cap on adjustment and 43% DTI only needing a 680+ FICO score, however, all borrowers must reside in the house. I don't know as much about the NFCU rates, so far it appears they offer a 5/5 at 2.5% and 0.25% origination fee but the rate varies with your FICO score, still getting more info on this one. Other Credit Unions to consider? What about USAA, how good are their mortgage rates?
  8. Does anyone have any "outside of the box" ways to attain membership at NFCU as I am to become a member as no one in my immediate family has served in the armed forces? P.S. - I apologize for the typo in the subject line(I must have been typing to fast).
  9. Trying to build DW's credit file, she able to join this weekend based on my membership. I've been a member for about 5 years. Currently, her credit report is thin. The pulled Equifax and TU for membership, then TU the next business day for CC approval. (all entered in the credit pulls database) She was given a $10K Flagship Rewards card. Her FICO scores: Exp : 789 TU : 798 Eq : 806 I know it's not a "great" limit for Navy, but once her Amex $28K limit posts to the CRA's, you can bet we'll be getting out the "prybar".
  10. Didn't find much info on prior mortgage experience through NFCU so I figured I would start a thread about my experience with the mortgage application/process. 7/3/2014 - Applied for primary residence FHA mortgage over the phone. Took about 25 minutes to complete. CS rep very nice (as usual) - Paid $11 application fee (this is per applicant) - Was informed I would be assigned a loan officer within 48 hrs. - Received an email from my assigned loan officer within 4 hours of completing application - Call LO and we went over everything. Told she should hear back from UW in 3-4 days (figured Monday since tomorrow they are closed) Hoping everything goes smooth with this process. Been 9 years since I did a home loan and a lot has changed (positive thing is interest is 1/2 what it use to be) Will update the thread as the process moves forward.
  11. Hi Marv, Marv Question because your the only one that came to mind while i been car shopping recently. i recently applied and was approved by nfcu for 56k over 6 months at 4% but the car is really for my soon to be wife. and insurance has been under her name for the longest. so question is would i be able to proceed to finance and insure and register under my wife, using NFCU ?
  12. NFCU gave me a CLI from $19,000 to $25,000 on my Flagship Visa today!!! :yahoo: My goal had been to get it up to $25K so I can request a huge CLI when my reports are clean. Now I have a pretty good pry bar moving forward. All I can say is I love NFCU!
  13. Been putting in work and just got approved for NCFU CashRewards with an unsecured 5k limit! Highest limit since working on my credit.
  14. Is there any way to see soft pulls on EQ without buying a report? I want to see if NFCU has sp'd me recently before hitting CLI button. I have several monitoring services that let me pull reports but only shows hards. TIA
  15. I have been a NFCU member for over 5 years. I opened just a share account. I opened a credit card a month later. Every time I log it, it asks me to open a flagship checking account. Will they do a HP if I open the checking account??? I know they pull for membership, but Im already a member. Should have opened the account then, but I was dumb then.
  16. I am the newest girl in navy blue! Totally giddy. I read so many great things about NFCU here. Just got off the phone with the recruiter's office which is open 24/7. My mom is a DoD civilian at Vandenburg. How long to wait until I should apply for a CC or CLOC? And which one(s)? Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance!
  17. Today, NFCU just started reporting my NavCheck LOC (opened 2011) on my DW's Equifax and TransUnion reports (no sign yet on Experian) in addition to her own NavCheck LOC (also opened 2011). Each NavCheck is a personal LOC, although she is added on my checking account (back in 2010), and thus she does have AU like access to my LOC, and it has always shown in her online access, but I've never seen it report before, until today. On TransUnion it is annotated as an AU account, don't know about Equifax annotations since I've only got it on a CCT like report that omits those details, but I expect it is showing as AU there too.
  18. Equifax is frozen, applied for Credit Line and was told unfreeze Equifax. I said pull Experian or TransUnion, and they said only Equifax. Every time I apply for anything with NFCU, all 3 credit reports get dinged. Should I ask for reconsideration
  19. Hi! I opened a NFCU account today and applied over the phone for a personal loc / overdraft line. I read that under 10k is no docs but when I asked the rep if I asked for 10k and was approved for a lesser amount i I would be given that option. She wasn't very reassuring so I only applied for 5k and was approved. I was told if i apply or another loan product withn the next 30 days another hard pull wont be needed. Does nyone have experience asking for ine increases and how long you should wait. Do you think if I call back and ask for a line increase before the 30 days are up it will be silly to think that the might request this. I just didn't want to be turned down originally and thought a foot in the door to prove myself was smarter than asking for to much. I have a decent tu score over 700.
  20. Yesterday purchased my 3 score at MYFICO and decided now was the time. I've been member of NFCU since June 2011 and have a Plat Visa 2200 and a 5k LOC. Decided to request a cashRewards Visa and requested the full 15k on my LOC. Did receive a call yesterday to verify my request since I still have a fraud alert on file ( had an issue with ID theft last year, quickly nipped in the bud due to monitoring here!!) and was told they would process. As of this morning (8/2) both applications are still showing "Review in Process". Additionally I applied for an account with Tobyhanna, this morning recieved email request for upload of DL and certificate from Consumers Council, and took the liberty of uploading my last two pay stubs. I have an overall utilization of about 26% and my scores here are EQ 739, EX 737 & TU 731. I have 1 inq on my EQ and Ex and 4 on my Tu however three on the TU are from Oct 2013. I have two vehichles financed with Chase (2013 CRV & 2012 SLK) I just reinanced my mortgage previously financed through Chase, but not reporting since my Chapter 13 was filed in 2008, (this is where my recent inq came from) just purchased by WellFarco, but not reporting yet (1rst payment this month) My income is just over 150K.....chances.....anyone..anyone?? I'll update as things move along
  21. So, I decided to try for a CLI on my NFCU Visa Platinum last week and was a little shy about asking for much so I just asked for a CLI from $13k to $15k. I clicked on the Increase My Credit Limit link inside my Visa account details screen, input my info in the the first screen, put how much I wanted and hit the submit button. It came back instant approval, so I was like GREAT! That's the first CLI I've received from them on the card I've had since 2008. After I did that I was searching the interwebs about CLI from NFCU since I couldn't find specifics on the forum here. I found a master thread on the MyFico forums, and their theory is that you can click on the link, fill in the info and if it immediately comes back with an approval or a counteroffer, then it's a soft pull. If it takes you to a second screen where you have to submit it's most likely going to be a hard pull. Their theory is that you should always ask for $25k at first and if you are already pre-approved for an amount between what you currently have and $25k it will counteroffer with that amount or give you the full $25k with a soft pull. If you ask for anything beyond $25k it will go for manual review, i.e. hard pull. Others on that thread have been successful in their CLI's with a soft using this method. If you don't get an instant approval or counteroffer after the first screen, you can cancel your request and no hard is pulled. Anyone tried this here? *Side Note* - This is only for credit cards through NFCU, the Navcheck is apparently always a hard pull.
  22. I opened my Navy checking in January, on April 15th applied and got a Navy cash rewards for a low limit 500, but happy just the same. A few weeks later my credit score had gone up another 15 points, so I app'ed for a cli on 5/2, but denied. Haven't received the letter yet, but rep thought it was because the card was too new, and i should wait six months. Today, May 8th I got an invitation to apply for the go rewards in the mail, saying "members like you deserve to be rewarded" and giving me an acceptance code. Should I apply for this? It would be my third inquiry this year from NAVY. I wonder if this offer just crossed in the mail with my first app, and if I apply again they will deny because I already have a card. Am I expressing my question clearly? Advice welcome. Would love another NAVY card but willing to wait. Edited for salamanderic spelling error
  23. Experian does not listen, we asked for a security freeze for my DW and they added a fraud alert in November. Then after 90 days and the the other bureaus removing the alert, it was still there, we asked them to remove it and they removed the security freeze, wrote again, and the reinstated both the security freeze and the fraud alert for another 90 days. We wanted to apply for the JCB discover 3% card, but after speaking to them by phone they made it sound like that would be a denial and a wasted Experian inquiry. Now I'm wondering if we can request CLI increase with NFCU on a CC with the fraud alert showing and not have the fraud alert be an issue. Also, wondering about doing a Capital One Executive Office CLI request since it has been six months since the last increase. Should we wait for the next 90 days (which does not seem to be sufficient time for Experian to remove anyway) or go ahead and apply for CLIs?
  24. I joined nfcu about three months ago. I check my offers regularly, but it has always been generic "offers" like mobile banking and such. My credit score has been going up to just recently 602 on eq. I also just yesterday signed up for OOOPS overdraft protection. Today I see an offer on offer page for cash rewards. However it is not the banner ad but one of the text ads underneath it. Is this real? Should I bite? I have no lates at all for the last 5 years, but lots of baddies from before then. Thank you for your advice.
  25. Yo peeps... Anyone got a good way of paying their NFCU credit card bill? I went online and it seems the only way to pay the bill is to transfer from the NFCU checking or savings... Haven't received my first statement yet... Is there a coupon to mail in if I want to go that route? or to use at the ATM? Seems a little antiquated for me to first deposit then transfer money to pay the bill.. no ACH?
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